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CBD Tincture: Possible Anti Inflammation aid?


Inflammation has become a hot topic in the medical industry, yet many still don’t understand what inflammation is and why they should be concerned with controlling it. Inflammation is part of the body’s immune system, through which the body attempts to remove harmful stimuli and begin the healing process.

Chronic inflammation has been linked to many issues like cancer, and mental health issues. In fact, inflammation has been deemed a common thread in every type of psychiatric disturbance. Although lifestyle factors such as stress also cause mental health problems, inflammation is a contributing factor and may cause and/or worsen many of these conditions.

The damage inflammation causes is manifested as damage to tissue. Inflammation also increases the production of damaging free radicals, which damage our proteins and even our DNA! Cancer has been seen to develop in areas that have high levels of inflammation.

By now it should be clear that inflammation should be controlled and maintained at low levels. The good news is that inflammation can be controlled and greatly reduced by making smart and consistent daily lifestyle choices.

Is CBD Oil useful for controlling Inflammation?


The question you may be asking yourself right now is ‘how can I manage to control my inflammation levels?’. First, one should be aware of their current inflammation levels and be able to efficiently monitor them correctly and efficiently. One simple method of monitoring your inflammation levels is by checking for pressure marks on your lower legs when you pull your socks down or take them off completely. 

Many of us have gotten used to always seeing these marks and think this is a normal when wearing socks, but that is not the case. Once you manage to control inflammation in your body you will see that these marks will not be present. Which is why it’s important to establish a baseline to hold as a reference.

Lucky for all of us, our lifestyle choices have a great impact on our body’s inflammation levels. 

Exercise, and nutrition have a huge impact on inflammation. Processed foods being one of the main concerns. Consuming fruits, vegetables, and lean meats have helped many not only in losing weight but also in controlling inflammation. 

Processed foods include bread, pasta, and other man-made grains, which have gluten and other inflaming ingredients. Real food comes from nature (grows in the ground, swims or walks) is what we should be eating. Food products’ from boxes or packages with many ingredients and chemicals  are not real food. Regrettably, this is what most people’s diets consist of.

According to several studies, CBD is an anti inflammatory agent. Which could help prevent many health conditions and diseases. People claim to have seen much improvement with this method after using CBD tinctures in as little as a few hours!

Spectrum CBD oil can greatly supplement an already healthy diet and exercise routine. Although eating real food is the best place to start to control inflammation.

CBD products could also be very useful for athletes who need to recover their muscles, and joints quickly as well, since inflammation has been proven to delay recovery. There may be seven additional health benefits that have been backed by scientific studies.

Hemp oil liver damage study controversy


Emerging research shows that CBD may modulate the function of the immune system, limit inflammation, and downstream effects of free radicals. Although studies couldn’t be conducted in the past due to legal issues surrounding CBD, we will continue seeing more studies in the near future. Until then however, one can only be open minded and try things out for themselves to figure out whether or not CBD can help them.

Hemp oil has been attacked by arguably biased studies ,that gave test animals enormous doses. Is CBD disrupting the medical industry to the point that they are threatened by CBD oil and inflammation alternatives? The answer seems to be abundantly clear. 

CBD is being smeared by the medical industry, despite the 12,255 deaths  caused by opioid drugs in 2017 like anti depressants, and pain killers. Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US, and CBD poses a threat to the medical industry. 

In conclusion, I would encourage people to do their own research and make up their own minds in regards to the benefits of CBD oil tinctures. Many of CBD’s benefits cannot be mentioned due to lack of studies and legal issues, but many of these claims will be clarified for the public in the near future once more studies are conducted.

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