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CBD and terpenes combine to produce powerful “entourage effect”

In the early days of medical marijuana, it was the THC compound that was thought to be responsible for the majority of the plant’s medical abilities. It was only in the 1990s that the full – and more impressive – potential of CBD started to be realized.

Scientists also have an improved understanding of terpenes, oils found in marijuana which are known for giving cannabis its distinct range of aromas. But terpenes also have therapeutic qualities of their own.

When the compounds in marijuana interact, an “entourage effect” occurs which essentially multiplies the overall medical qualities of CBD.

Green Roads CBD, whose products are sold right here at, is one of the leading full-spectrum companies in the United States. They manufacture a highly popular CBD-imbued terpene oil product that users find deliver more relief than traditional CBD oils.

Furthermore, Green Roads are completely transparent about their production processes, using third-party testing to confirm that their products are free of metals, toxins and pesticides.

The advantages of Green Roads’ terpene oils

The awesome thing about the terpene strain products developed by Green Roads is that each is tailored to help with specific ailments. Sour Diesel is perfect for headache relief and mood boosts, while Pineapple Express acts as an excellent stress reliever and anti-depressant.

Another strain called Strawberry AK is bursting with fruity aromas and flavors, and is the CBD terpene oil of choice for patients who lead hectic lifestyles and like to medicate on the go. As CBD and terpenes aren’t psychoactive, your cognitive functions are not impaired after taking them – so there are no barriers to daytime use.

All of the tinctures from Green Roads can be enjoyed sublingually – just drip it under the tongue, leave for 60 to 90 seconds and then swallow. The effects should kick in after a few minutes.

The terpene oils have different effects so you may need to experiment more than with traditional CBD oils to find the right product and optimum medicating pattern.

Head over to the Green Roads section here at and check out the entire range of CBD-infused terpene oils.


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  1. CBD Oil has helped my arthritis. I was diagnosed with Accelerated Degenerative Arthritis in my late twenty’s. I suffered from back, neck, hands, knees, feet, whole body mainly arthritis pain. It got worse as I aged and as I was active. My fiancé researched the market of natural healing and found CBD Oil. I had gone to the Dr. for pain in my knees, got X-rays, showed nothing, went to orthopedic Dr. , got MRI, showed nothing, declared it was arthritis, got steroid shot , no relief and a script for physical therapy. Did the CBD Oil paste under tongue twice on 1st day… never again had pain in my knee until I was in a car accident involving knee damage 2 yrs later. When I finally got to PT about a month later, when they asked what my pain level was I said ,”0”!!!! The CBD Oil has taken the pain away. After a few weeks of using CBD Oil I noticed my hands didn’t hurt n weren’t crippled up in claw like fashion! I had surgery on 3 fingers for trigger finger (painful) and bunion on my foot. Surgery relieved my fingers but not my foot. Dr. said I had too much arthritis. I had gotten very painful trigger finger in both my middle fingers and holding out till I had surgery for them, but after using CBD Oil faithfully for a few weeks all the pain was gone in my hands! MIRACLE!!! It’s taken a bit longer for my foot… maybe 6 months. CDB Oil has helped me tremendously!
    From car accidents I have 17 herniated discs in my neck and back. CBD Oil does not help that pain and I am on a medical program for those issues.
    I have found that Krotom for energy does take away the pain in very small doses as does edible THC in small doses. I’m lookin forward to seeing what the terpenes can do to help my pain.