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CBD oil: understanding the revolution, and how to choose a great product

Since CBD is an unregulated industry, there’s little way of knowing which CBD products are high-quality and which ones are not without doing some proper research. But it’s important to know whether the CBD you’re consuming or selling is good quality and pure, for various reasons – most notably, safety.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been paying a close eye to CBD as it has gained a presence online and even in TV documentaries over the past few years. In America and all over the world, stories (some miracle-like) about the possibilities of this non-psychoactive cannabis compound have been emerging, and so has overall usage of the compound. But not all CBD oil is the same. Due to differing medical marijuana laws from state to state, there’s always confusion about which products are legal and prohibited.

Not only is CBD a non-psychoactive compound, its antipsychotic properties even reduce the psychoactive high caused by THC. The interactions between these two cannabinoids and others in the marijuana herb enhance its medicinal effects in a multiplier effect – or, as the industry refers to it, an “entourage effect”.

Because of the DEA’s focus on CBD products, companies have often been hesitant to make too many claims or recommendations about the qualities of CBD and how to utilize it best, in fear of attracting attention from the federal agency, which has never exactly been a friend to cannabis.

This lack of clarity has made matters more complicated for consumers, who cannot always tell whether their CBD products are legal in the state they reside. In regard to quality, unless a manufactured has provide laboratory tests – conducted either by the company itself or a third party – customers can be left choosing products on brand name alone.

When looking at lab test results, the extraction method is vital – CO2 extraction is preferable as this is cleaner, purer and is manufactured petroleum-free. Also check for the source of the CBD oil, and confirm that the THC level is below the 0.3 percent nationwide legal limit.

Why switch to CBD oil?

Fed up with the side effects from pharmaceutical drugs (perhaps they are opiate-based), or finding them ineffective altogether? Making the switch to CBD oils could bring you substantial relief. The anecdotal stories from medical marijuana users all over the world are astonishing for two reasons: the number of them and the stories themselves. We’re learning all the time about the full potential of CBD, but here are a few medicinal benefits of the compound when administered in an oil:

  • Anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties promote natural relief from anxiety and depression
  • Anti-inflammatory properties offer relief from painful conditions such as arthritis
  • Anticonvulsant qualities help to treat seizures
  • CBD reduces the likelihood of diabetes
  • Reduces nausea, making it popular among chemotherapy patients

What makes a CBD oil legal or prohibited?

In states which have fully legalized marijuana or have developed medical programs, you can be confident that your CBD oil is perfectly legal. However, in states that are yet to legalize or just have ‘CBD-only’ laws, confusion often reigns. This usually has little to do with the CBD compound, but whether psychoactive THC is also present in the final product. CBD oils made using industrial hemp are legal in all 50 states, providing they have less than 0.3% THC – at such low levels, you simply cannot achieve a psychoactive THC high. Hemp is botanically similar to marijuana, but the two have vastly different cannabinoid profiles.

Unfortunately, some brands will try to sell you “CBD oil” that actually just contains hemp oil, and none of the crucial, medicating cannabinoids. To avoid getting caught out, only purchase from reputable brands, and if you are in doubt, look for reviews or, at the very least, laboratory test results for the product in question from a third-party source.

You can escape these uncertainties by buying from us, right here at Products sold here are all from reputable brands which comply to state and federal requirements. The full-spectrum options and array of potencies sold here are good for those experimenting with CBD to learn which cannabinoid makeup and dosages best suit them.

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