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CBD Oil for Dogs: Does Your Canine Need It In 2020?

Dogs are man’s best friend, so it’s only right that we look after them well! And after all the talk about CBD’s benefits for humans recently, it was just a matter of time before its qualities for our four-legged pals was put into the spotlight. 

Hemp-based CBD products have enjoyed an extraordinary rise in the United States, and now tincture oils and CBD dog treats are getting popular, too. And it’s not just a marketing ploy. There’s some interesting research backing up CBD’s benefits, which has led some of the big CBD names to get in on the acts.

We’ve got a ton of information to share with you in this guide to CBD for canines. We’ll be talking about different product types, our collection, current scientific research and much, much more. 

We’ve got something for everybody, whether it’s your first time learning about CBD, or you’re familiar with the substance. To make your reading experience as convenient as possible, we’ve attached a Table of Contents so you can skip to the bits most relevant to you! 

Introducing CBD for canines 

What is CBD and what use does it have for dogs? Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of many cannabinoids produced by hemp and cannabis plants. But CBD has plenty going for it as opposed to standard marijuana – it doesn’t cause intoxication, psychoactive effects or addiction, yet appears to have remarkable and unique therapeutic value. 

CBD is effective in humans and dogs because both have endocannabinoid systems (ECS). This system, first unearthed in the 1990s, is important for all-round wellbeing according to nearly three decades of research. And since 2014, CBD supplements have emerged for both humans and pets alike. 

Is CBD for dogs legal?

Yes, CBD dog treats and other products are legal in the United States! However, these products must only come from industrial hemp plants, and have a total THC concentration lower than 0.3% THC. However, high-quality CBD products for dogs typically have no THC whatsoever, as it’s unclear whether even tiny amounts have harmful effects.

Types of CBD products for dogs

CBD tincture oils and CBD dog treats are the most common CBD products available for dogs. Tinctures work by applying the oil into a dog’s mouth, or combining it with their water or wet food. Flavored treats are often an easier way to give CBD to dogs, providing they contain a delicious formula! 

CBD-isolate: Products containing isolate extracts are exclusively CBD. Separating the CBD from other compounds in the hemp arguably delivers a more predictable experience. CBD-isolate pet products usually come in at a few dollars less, too. 

Broad or full-spectrum: In the pet scene, these terms are sometimes interchangeable. Strictly speaking, broad-spectrum refers to an extract with a full hemp extract but no THC, while full-spectrum describes a whole-plant hemp extract which has a little – but less than 0.3% – THC. 

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Our CBD collection for dogs is expanding all the time! The growing CBD market means new brands are always getting involved, and pushing the industry forward through innovation. We’re very selective about which pet products we stock at 

It’s perhaps even more important that companies use the correct manufacturing processes and show transparency with CBD products for pets, because their bodies are more sensitive than ours. The seven products featured here all meet our lofty criteria. And the independent lab reports for these tinctures and treats are easily accessible if you need more information.

CBD Dog Treats from CBD Genesis

Looking for a high-strength CBD product for your dog? Our CBD Genesis dog treats are fantastic, with a mighty 25 or 40mg per serving and a choice between bacon and cheddar. 

These organic, lab-tested, THC-free treats come in two forms: get 20 treats with 25mg each in a 500mg tub, or go large with a 25-pack of 40mg treats in a 1000mg smell-proof tub. 

These extra-potent CBD treats are great if you have a big dog, and simply if low-strength products haven’t had much of an impact. We’re sure your dog will love our veterinarian-formulated treats, which could aid with both mental and physical ailments. 

Koi CBd Soft ChewsKoi CBD Dog Treats Soft Chews

Few brands are as well-known in the world of CBD as Koi CBD. And we’re excited to share these CBD-rich soft chews with you. Formulated with Koi’s special, full-spectrum, THC extract, these organic non-GMO treats are great for boosting your dog’s endocannabinoid system. 

Each pack of these low-dose chews contains 25 chicken or bacon-flavored treats, each with 2.5mg of hemp extract. This is a fairly small serving, although at an affordable price, you can easily give your dog two or three at a time if needed! And with a resealable pack, Koi’s treats are great for both daily and occasional use. 

Independent analysis from CannaSafe shows Koi has gone the extra mile to make these soft chews as safe as possible. The report shows no THC, no foreign matter or nasty solvents and pesticides. Quality assurances are vital in the unregulated CBD scene – with Koi, you can have full peace of mind when giving CBD to your furry mate.

hemp for dogsHemp for Dogs (Bacon Flavor)

This hemp tincture contains 50mg of CBD extract, a blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, as well as organic flavorings. Your dog will love the bacon flavoring, whether you’re giving it to them directly, combining it with their wet food, or adding it to their water bowl.

Hemp for Dogs is manufactured by the well-known and trusted CBD brand Diamond CBD. This company develops a large selection of CBD products for humans, and also has an impressive range of products for cats and dogs.  

Product guidelines suggest administering eight to 10 drops of this tincture once or twice a day, depending on the severity of your canine’s symptoms. 

CBD for Cats and Dogs by Select CBD

Select CBD (or Social CBD) was set up with the intention of making excellent and affordable CBD in a transparent fashion, and highlighting how products may improve general wellness. This 750mg tincture for canines and felines is pure CBD, with THC nowhere to be seen! This is one of the best organic CBD oil for dogs, with independent lab tests to prove it.

Fractionated coconut oil makes Select CBD’s pet tincture more effective than others, with fatty MCTs helping increase absorption of CBD and bioavailability. This vegan-friendly and veterinarian-formulated oil has beneficial natural essences, but no unnecessary spices or herbs. 

We currently have five Select CBD pet tinctures available at Unflavored, Bacon, Chicken, Salmon and Peanut Butter.  

CBD pet tinctureCBDistillery Full-Spectrum Pet Tincture

When it comes to full-spectrum CBD oils for dogs, there’s simply no more trustworthy option than the tincture oil from CBDistillery. This Colorado brand has made some big waves since setting up in 2016, with its products featured in several leading US media outlets, such as Forbes and the New York Times. 

This pet tincture packs a punch at 600mg, and offers your dog all the benefits of second-tier cannabinoids – cannabigerol (CBG) for instance – along with flavonoids and terpenes. Yet this remains a perfectly safe, organic hemp supplement. In addition to a full-spectrum hemp extract, the tincture also consists of cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

CBD DOG TREATSCBD Dog Treats from Blue Moon Hemp

Let your dog dine out on salmon and sweet potato and a dash of CBD, with these terrific treats from Blue Moon Hemp. Each pack comes with 100mg of CBD and not a trace of THC. The manufacturer notes the savory salmon brings omega-3 fatty acids into the mix, which promote a healthy coat and skin. These all-American treats are also rich in protein.

These treats make for ideal training rewards. Many owners will be happy to give their canine a full treat, but feel free to break the servings up for smaller pups. Blue Moon Hemp recommends storing in a cool space away from direct sunlight to maintain product quality. The lab purity test from Green Scientific Labs shows this is a pure CBD-isolate product with no detectable THC.

TruBlu CBD Bacon Tincture 

TruBlu’s bacon tinctures are among the best organic CBD oils for dogs on the market today. Created in the United States with novel high-speed emulsion and micro-encapsulation approaches, this CBD oil is purer and more potent than many of its rivals. These techniques optimize the absorption and bioavailability of CBD, making each dose go further, while speeding up the onset of effects. currently stocks three TruBlu dog tinctures: 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg. Dogs new to CBD should be started on the 250mg oil to gauge the response. Owners may then want to consider the 500mg and 1000mg, depending on how much of a boost they need. 

The TruBlu tincture contains pure CBD extract, cold-pressed virgin hemp seed oil and flavorings. Administer in the same way as you would any other pet tinctures, and tweak the serving as required. 

How CBD might help your dog

We’ve shown you seven of the most exciting pet products in our CBD oil for dogs review. But just how can oils and chewy treats help your dog? We’ve looked briefly at how a healthy ECS is key to enhancing overall health, and CBD is certainly a new and promising supplement. 

However, there is hope CBD could become a fully-fledged medicine for dogs in the coming years. We stress it’s too early to say at this point, and the lack of studies hasn’t helped matters. But with CBD riding the crest of a wave in terms of public opinion and user numbers, there has never been a better time for research.

And indeed, over the past few years, a handful of breakthroughs have been made. We’ll touch on these as we explore CBD’s possible health benefits for dogs. Just a quick disclaimer first: none of this information is medical advice and should be viewed as educational and for entertainment purposes only. Contact a vet if your dog is struggling with illness, as opposed to going online and taking things into your own hands. 

CBD for dogs with pain

Nobody likes to see their dog suffering in pain, although this sadly becomes more regular as they get into old age. Pain is a common symptom of so many illnesses, and is difficult to remedy. Sadly, a dog in pain experiences a lower quality of life, because of the intense discomfort and reduced mobility. So, could CBD transform how we treat dogs in pain?

Right now, the chronic pain problem is as dire for dogs as it is humans. Opioids rule the painkiller roost, despite the horrible side effects and risk of dependency. Not to mention, evidence suggests that, as a chronic pain treatment, opioids decline in effectiveness over time. 

CBD is an attractive natural painkiller for many dog owners. Importantly, it’s not addictive and has far fewer side effects. However, studies are yet to produce solid evidence that CBD works for pain, despite the rave reviews from hemp-minded dog parents. 

Studies have revealed that the ECS affects how pain is perceived via CB1 receptors. Unfortunately, no link between CBD and pain relief has been found so far. Although going by the now widespread use of CBD for pain, it’s possible that it’s just a matter of time before products are proven effective for dogs in pain. And CBD may perhaps work in mechanisms beyond the ECS.

CBD for dogs with anxiety

An anxious dog is a sad sight. Fireworks, loud children running around and other unusual circumstances that are scary for the senses can all trigger anxious responses, such as intense grooming, aggressiveness, drooling and isolation. While these triggers are short-lived, losing an owner or moving to a new home can set off a more severe and prolonged anxiety in canines. 

Anyone who has suffered from anxiety knows how detrimental it is for quality of life, and the same applies to dogs. There’s good news though: CBD’s anti-anxiety benefits in humans may extend to our furry pals! The substance has calming mental effects which help to slow a worried brain down. 

Researchers believe CBD’s anxiolytic properties come from increasing GABA levels. This inhibitory neurotransmitter plays an important role in reducing electrical activity in the brain. Excessive neuronal activity can set off an anxiety attack, hence why CBD products may be of assistance.

CBD oil for dogs with seizures

Nowhere has CBD made more research progress than with epileptic seizures. In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first ever cannabinoid drug – a CBD spray called Epidiolex – to treat seizures from two rare epileptic conditions. 

CBD’s therapeutic value for seizures is complex and still a bit of a mystery, but importantly, we have clinical evidence that it works in humans. And researchers are hopeful that it’s just as effective for dogs! 

The first big breakthrough came in 2019, when Colorado State University published a study demonstrating that CBD oil reduces seizure frequency in dogs over a 12-week period. A clinical trial found that 89% (eight of nine) dogs given CBD experienced fewer seizures compared to the placebo group. This was the first study of its kind, and described as “really exciting” by study leader Dr. Stephanie McGrath. 

This is just the start, though. More extensive studies are needed if CBD is to become available on prescription for dogs suffering from seizures. Thankfully, McGrath is already on the case, undertaking a new study which hopes to trial up to 60 dogs. Future research will also help dial in on the most effective CBD dosage for seizures, and determine whether other cannabinoids could be brought into the mix.

CBD oil for dogs with allergies

CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects make it an interesting solution for allergies. And indeed, several people have shared stories about how CBD has helped them combat allergies – but could this work the same for dogs?

There’s no reason why not although we lack the evidence to say conclusively. CBD reduces inflammation via the same mechanism in canines as in humans. And a quick browse through online anecdotes about CBD for dogs suggests some owners are having success with products for allergies. With CBD’s impressive safety profile, it’s undoubtedly worth a shot.

CBD oil for dogs with lymphoma

Canine lymphoma is one of the most common forms of cancer that affects dogs. While there is no evidence that CBD helps with cancer, the cannabinoid may help ease symptoms, and improve your pet’s quality of life. Notorious lymphoma symptoms include neuropathic pain, diarrhea, vomiting, inflammation and lethargy.

Research shows CBD may work to reduce inflammation and pain sensation. CBD also has anti-nausea properties which may ease vomiting. Many owners also report that CBD combats lethargy and improves energy levels, although there are no specific studies on this. 

From our current understanding of CBD, it’s more than possible that hemp-based products could make life easier for dogs with lymphoma. Although, we stress, CBD has not been shown to be effective for lymphoma itself. 

CBD for dogs with arthritis 

Many dogs suffer from arthritis, a painful inflammatory condition that describes inflammation in the joints. Arthritic dogs typically have damaged and degraded joint cartilage, and exposed bones which rub together causing pain.

CBD is already a popular remedy for arthritis in humans, and perhaps has benefits for dogs, too. The cannabinoid’s potent anti-inflammatory properties are key to soothing pain and swelling. In humans, there’s even evidence that CBD could reverse damage to joint cartilage. A 2018 study featured in Frontiers in Veterinary Science found that CBD could reduce discomfort in dogs with osteoarthritis. 

The best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis is likely a full-spectrum product, as these incorporate other crucial cannabinoids and terpenes that are known to have anti-inflammatory effects. For example, studies suggest that cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabichromene (CBC) both tackle inflammation via CB2 receptors in the ECS.

The best CBD dosage for dogs

How much CBD should your dog be getting? This all depends on the size of your dog and the ailment they are suffering with. As a rule, the bigger the dog, the higher the dosage. Some brands even provide some dosage tips with tincture oils and treats. Although there are no firm instructions – don’t fret about adjusting the dosage if needed.

Like with humans, it’s recommended to begin with a small dose, and see whether it has the intended effect before increasing. This has two benefits. Firstly, you don’t risk making your dog sleepy with more CBD than required. And secondly, it’s much cheaper if you’re conservative with the dosage to begin with!  

Typically, a CBD dose takes around half an hour to kick in with dogs, with effects lasting for up to six hours. Once you see the benefits start to wear off, feel free to top up your dog’s dose. But avoid re-dosing within two hours after the first dose – CBD sometimes takes effect slowly, and there’s no point in double dosing your dog!

Can I give my dog a CBD gummy?

No, you should never give dogs CBD gummies or any other CBD products that have been manufactured for humans. We have CBD products for pets for a reason. Pet products contain ingredients we know are safe for dogs, and aren’t going to cause any serious adverse consequences. Think of it this way: if you’re trying to improve your dog’s health with CBD, why give them the wrong product that risks making them worse?

However, there are plenty of CBD dog treats and soft chews available if you want your dog to get their CBD in a delicious way. We recommend our own CBD Genesis dog treats, and Koi CBD’s soft chews! 

Will CBD help my dog sleep?

CBD could potentially help your dog to sleep, as medium to large doses promote relaxing and sleep-inducing effects. Humans are increasingly taking CBD as a natural sleep solution, and research shows the ECS manages our body clock (or circadian rhythm). There’s no evidence at present, but it’s feasible the same could happen when giving CBD to dogs. 

In addition, sometimes your dog may be struggling to sleep due to pain or other forms of discomfort. In these cases, CBD could help with sleep by tackling the ailment directly. For example, giving CBD to dogs with joint pain and arthritis could have an anti-inflammatory effect.

How long does CBD stay in a dog’s system?

Research in humans shows it can take more than a week for CBD to be fully removed from the body. There are no studies on this issue with canines. However, the length of time CBD stays in a dog’s system is affected by multiple factors, including diet, body weight, activity level and how regularly CBD is administered. 

Can you give CBD oil to dogs everyday?

Yes, there’s no problem with giving CBD oil to dogs on a daily basis. In fact, as a supplement, CBD is often more effective if administered over a period of time. Getting your dog on a medium to long-term CBD dosage plan encourages ECS regulation, which may ward off an array of physical and mental symptoms. 

Do vets recommend CBD oil?

As of early 2020, CBD products have not received medical approval for any conditions in dogs. So don’t expect your vet to be officially recommending CBD oil or treats anytime soon! However, your vet may have a personal opinion depending on how familiar they are with CBD and cannabis.

Vets knowledgeable about CBD may speak positively about various products, and may be aware of stories about dog owners who have successfully used CBD. However, vets less acquainted with CBD may not be as open to considering its potential. We see a similar pattern when people ask their doctors about CBD! 

There are plenty of vets out there getting up to speed with CBD, and recognizing its viability as a supplement and perhaps future medicine. Maybe you can find one to offer advice on your situation!

Can CBD oil for dogs be used with other medications?

As with humans, this depends entirely on the type of medication. We know that CBD interacts with and affects certain prescription meds in humans, and can imagine the same happens in dogs – although we have even less information in canines. 

When not sure, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. If your dog is already taking medication, definitely ask a vet before whipping out the CBD. Or just wait until they are completely off their meds before trying them on some CBD tinctures or treats.

Does CBD oil help dogs with hip dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is an inflammatory condition, and vets usually prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to treat it in dogs. Hip dysplasia is a very painful illness for canines, and has an adverse knock-on effect on mobility and overall activity. 

Strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories may be common, but the heavy side effects are far from ideal, hence the appeal of CBD. Without clinical studies specifically looking at CBD and hip dysplasia, we can’t make any solid claims. But the research showing that CBD reduces pain and inflammation suggests hemp-derived products could aid with hip dysplasia. 

If you want to get your canine off opioids or NSAIDs and onto a more natural solution, CBD oils or soft chews may do the trick. Consulting with a vet is the best way forward if you’re keen to experiment with CBD, but your dog is already taking medication. 

Is CBD oil good for a dog’s itchy skin?

CBD’s beneficial effects for the skin are increasingly in the spotlight. In humans, CBD topicals and other creams may help with inflammatory skin conditions, aging, infections and more. A 2012 study in the American Journal of Veterinary Research found that healthy dogs also express cannabinoid receptors (both CB1 and CB2) in the skin.

Therefore, it’s possible that rubbing CBD oil into your dog’s itchy skin could have a therapeutic effect. And because of the benign nature of CBD, it’s extremely unlikely that a high-quality product would have an adverse effect. Judging by what we know about cannabinoid receptors, CBD oil likely helps with skin inflammation in dogs. But until we have some specific studies, we can’t say for definite.

Can humans take CBD for dogs?

Unlike the other way around, there are no signs that humans taking CBD products for dogs would be dangerous, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense. For one, CBD pet products are a little more expensive than regular CBD products, as they’re formulated with a special set of ingredients that are suitable for dogs and their sensitive systems.

And secondly, with such an expansive selection of high-quality CBD for humans on the market, why would you want to take a pet product? Although, we guess if you are in a situation where you’ve got a CBD pet tincture but no CBD for yourself, it’s okay to make an exception! 

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The CBD for pets market is exploding, and we’re expecting further growth in the 2020s as more research dollars are directed for important studies! And we’ll be sure to bring you all the updates on CBD’s benefits for dogs right here at the blog! This section of the site aims to provide you with all the latest and essential news and reviews in the CBD scene, along with some tips about how to get more from your CBD product. 

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Summing up

We hope this extensive guide has brought you up to speed with what CBD is, how it may help dogs and the different types of products available. We’re proud to stock CBD products for dogs from some of the most recognizable names in the CBD industry, such as CBDistillery, Hempzilla and Blue Moon Hemp. And rest assured, we’re always on the look out for new brands to add to our collection! 

Have you had a success story with CBD for your dog, and perhaps even from a product purchased right here at! Why not share your anecdote in the comments? Your insight may just give another doggy a new lease of life!

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