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CBD now classified as medicine in the United Kingdom

Progress on CBD may be slow in Washington, but our friends in the United Kingdom are having no such trouble, with the cannabinoid now officially being classified as having medical uses.

Britain’s Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) were the body that took the decision, making it after the string of credible, scientifically-backed up claims that CBD is effective in treating serious diseases.

This breakthrough is huge for patients and the British public, who are now able to legally purchase CBD products anywhere in the country.

A statement on the MHRA website confirmed that the agency believes that CBD-infused products used for medical reasons is a legitimate form of medicine. It’s now the MHRA’s ambition to ensure CBD medicine products reach the standards set by the Human Medicines Regulations 2012. This acceptance of CBD products will undoubtedly improve their quality over time, thereby raising the positive profile of medical marijuana.

There’s been a recent drive to sort out Britain’s drugs laws, which many of the country’s lawmakers argue have “failed”. They were predominantly in favour of an “evidence-based approach,” and the new stance toward CBD shows the government may just be taking heed.

Director of inspection and enforcement at MHRA, Gerald Heddell told Sky News that the move would help to eliminate “stark claims” made about CBD and its ability to treat “serious diseases” by offering clarity on its medical potential.

It’s a rapid turnaround from the MHRA, which was sending cease and desist orders to manufacturers and distributors of CBD just a few months ago, demanding CBD products be “removed from sale in the UK”.

The UK has no medical marijuana legislation yet, nor has its government recognized the plant as having medical properties, but CBD-only legislation is a great start, and a chance to promote medical marijuana-derived products, which aren’t psychoactive as safe, natural medication.

Paramount to the UK’s changed attitude toward CBD products like Epidiolex from GW Pharmaceuticals. Intended for patients with uncommon epileptic conditions resistant to traditional medication, Epidiolex makes cannabis medicating a reality, and the MHRA an agency keeping up with the times.

Yet America lags behind, even with the glut of scientific research available and demand for it from groups such as the American Epilepsy Society.

And a recent study from the University of Alabama confirmed the power of CBD oil in treating seizures. Eighty-one participated in the research, with two-thirds reporting a 50 percent or greater reduction in seizures.

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