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CBD for dogs now on sale in the UK

Cannabis users and observers are marvelling at the benefits of the modern marijuana industry, and some are wondering if the plant can also treat ailments in dogs. We know that dogs have endocannabinoid systems, and that they often suffer from pain and stress, particularly with age, so it’s not at all far-fetched.

And now, a hemp company from the United Kingdom is releasing a cannabis-based product specially made for canines. The cannabis extract used in this pet product is non-psychoactive, so no worries about your dog getting high, but it may just provide them with significant relief from their conditions, reducing pain levels and calming feelings of stress and anxiety.

Hemp has medicinal benefits for dogs

The British company selling hemp cannabis products for dogs is recommending that it be used to help reduces stress levels and manage the pain from inflammatory conditions, including arthritis.

‘Canine-Abis’, a creation from Love Hemp is a CBD-rich extract cannabis oil suitable for cats and dogs. As a hemp extract product, Canine-Abis does not contain any psychoactive THC, just plenty of CBD, a therapeutic, non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Take the THC out and you remove the component that can induce a euphoric high, opening up new doors for medical cannabis.

And popular veterinarian and author Dr Robert Silver has voiced his support for CBD oil as a treatment for anxiety, and also commented on the compound’s anti-seizure properties, which are being used to treat epilepsy. Silver penned ‘Medical Marijuana and Your Pet,’ which was released in 2015.

Dr Silver even said that a hemp-based CBD extract was often more effective than conventional pharmaceuticals at treating uncomplicated epilepsy in dogs.

Dr Silver and a group of oncologists also agree that CBD has a therapeutic effect brain tumour-induced seizures and twitches. CBD has also proven an incredibly successful treatment for epilepsy in humans, especially in children.

A cost-effective and natural treatment for dogs

According to Love Hemp, many pet owners are seeking cheaper, natural and more effective alternatives to the traditional medication their dogs and cats are normally prescribed. And Brits are looking across the Atlantic to pot-progressive states where the CBD market for pets is growing fast. There are tons of anecdotal reports, and even a couple of scientific studies, showcasing cannabidiol’s medicinal qualities.

Controlling pain levels in pets with arthritis is one of the most common CBD uses, says Dr Silver. Also high on the list of ailments being treated were sore joints and hip dysplasia. For many dogs, CBD boosts their energy and mobility, which improves other facets of their life, such as fitness.

But CBD’s therapeutic potential in pets also extends to mental disorders. The compound is often a savior for cats and dogs experiencing a spike in anxiety and stress levels. A CBD treatment plan helps to balance out a dog’s emotions, and protect them from “unnecessary stress,” added Silver.

Currently, Love Hemp is selling two types of hemp CBD products – atomizer sprays and liquid drops. They can be given to your pet as they are or mixed into their food or drink. Love Hemp recommends four drops of CBD for every kilo of body weight and administering two to three doses daily.

Do you give your pet CBD? Feel free to share your story!

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