CBD Wholesale : Introducing the 13 Best Products and Brands as of December 2019

CBD flower

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CBD flower has much in common with cannabis except, of course, CBD is non-psychoactive. Flower products offer hemp in its raw form, which can be used for smoking, vaping and even as the base for homemade CBD-infused products.

CBD Vap Pen by SAUC

Right now, we have a whopping 16 strains of our very own flower, available to buy wholesale. This hemp flower comes in a smell-proof container, so users can be discreet about their use. We sell our flower in quantities of 3.5 grams (an eighth) and 7 grams (a quarter). Our selection includes sativa strains, indicas and hybrids. Here’s a general gist of the experiences they provide.

1 Lavender Vanilla

These are great strains for getting a much-needed energy boost, or motivational spark. Users love them for their cerebral effects, and many report enjoying improved levels of concentration and focus after taking them. Sativas are ideal for those who suffer regularly from fatigue.

Examples: Green House Electra, Sweet Tooth, Emerald Star, Sour Patch

2 Indicas

These are the opposite to sativas, and deliver a relaxing, and calming effect. Favored by those who are dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and high levels of inflammation, indicas are perfect for using towards the end of the day. For around-the-clock CBD users, sativas are preferred in the mornings, before switching to indicas in the evenings. Examples: Catatonic, Tropic Thunder

Examples: Catatonic, Tropic Thunder

3 Hybrids

Hybrid strains produce a mixture of sativa and indica-like effects. Depending on the exact makeup of cannabinoids or terpenes, users may find these strains slightly more energizing, or a little bit more calming. Indeed, we have a Super Haze strain that’s classed as an energizing hybrid, and Berry Wine, which is categorized as a relaxing hybrid. These strains are brilliant, whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening.

Examples: Tsunami, AC Diesel, DC Hemp, Cool Mint

CBD Joint and

Kief Infused Pre-Roll

We also have a range of pre-rolled CBD joints. These work a treat for people who either cannot roll, or don’t have the desire to. Rolling a joint is a tricky art for those who haven’t learned the skill, and getting a perfect, tight roll that smokes well is even more of a challenge. We add a sprinkling of kief to our pre-rolled joints, as this boosts the overall effects.Who wants to smoke CBD joints? Your target customers may be those who already smoke, that want a less harmful option than smoking tobacco cigarettes, and a non-addictive one, too. CBD smoking is also popular among cannabis smokers seeking a non-psychoactive solution. And anyone who wants their CBD to kick in rapidly may prefer smoking as their mode of consumption.These joints are sold individually, and in packs of 12. Flavors available – as of November 2019 – include our Original Gold Roll, Strawberry, Coconut, Strawberry Lemonade and Grape.

CBD Cigarettes by Plain Jane CBD

Plain Janes are a recent addition to our store, and have already proven a popular choice. These CBD smokes have a unique selling point: they don’t produce a cannabis-like aroma. Instead, the odor is discreet, allowing users to smoke without attracting attention.
If regular flower has one downside, it’s that it looks and smells like pot. Weed isn’t legal everywhere, and even where it is, public use is still not permitted. This makes it difficult to smoke flower whenever and wherever. Plain Jane has solved this problem with their odorless smokes, which contain 72mg of CBD.
These CBD cigarettes are available in packs of 10. Like standard cigarettes, Plain Janes are tightly rolled and have a filter. In addition to the Original Hemp Rolls with no aroma, we also have a Full Flavor offering from Plain Jane. But remind your customers that these do smell like regular hemp and cannabis.