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The Vertex Slim Variable Voltage 510 battery is a great product for oil / e-liquid vapers. The Vertex Vape Pen features a 350mah capacity and variable voltage settings (see description). Adjust your settings based on the type of eliquid or oil you are vaping. The Vertex Vape Pen is designed for the beginner who is looking into vape products and wants something affordable, discreet and simple-to-use. This battery is one of the most slim batteries on the market. Perfect for pre-filled cartridges.

Instructions: Simply screw your cartridge onto the Vertex battery, and inhale to activate and a light will indicate that it is working.


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Product Description

The Vertex Slim Variable Voltage 510 battery is a great product for oil / e-liquid vapers. The Vertex Vape Pen features a 350mah capacity and variable voltage settings. Adjust your settings based on the type of eliquid or oil you are vaping. The Vertex Vape Pen is designed for the beginner who is looking into vape products and wants something affordable, discreet and simple-to-use. This battery is one of the most slim batteries on the market. Simply inhale to activate and a light will indicate that it is working. Perfect for pre-filled cartridges. Simply screw your cartridge onto the Vertex battery and you are ready to begin vaping.

Click the fire button 3 times to scroll through 3 voltage settings:

  • Green=3.4V
  • Blue=3.7V
  • Red=4.0V

Package Contents:

  • 1x Vertex Slim Variable Voltage 510 Battery
  • 1x USB Charger

More on the Vertix Slim Variable Voltage 510 CBD Battery

If you want to vape cartridges, then you will need a high quality battery that allows you to do so. This battery and charger from Vertex has some nice features that makes it much better than your average battery.


We are going to look at a few of those in this post, and also cover some general advantages of vaping – and cartridges in particular. Once you’re finished, you will be in no doubt that this is the best battery to have for your CBD pen.

Why this is the best vape battery

You could just go for a normal battery, that provides the same experience no matter what e-liquid you’re using. Or you could invest in the Vertex Slim Variable Voltage battery, which is designed to maximize your vape session.

Variable voltage makes for an improved experience

The coolest feature of this battery is the variable voltage. Have you ever found yourself vaping a cartridge, but wishing you could slightly alter the settings – perhaps to get a little bit more vapor or flavor. With the 350mAH battery charger kit from Vertex, you can do just that.


There are three settings on this device – Green (3.4V), Blue (3.7V) and Red (4.0V). No two e-liquids are the same. Some have more propylene glycol (PG), while others are more dominant in vegetable glycerin (VG). You can adjust the Vertex Slim battery until you are getting the perfect flavor, vapor production and throat hit. Simply press the button on the battery three times to start scrolling through the various voltage settings.

Sleek, portable design

For any CBD vape pen, it’s essential that it has a slender design so that you can take it with you anywhere and everywhere. The worst thing for an on-the-go vapor is to have a device that is clunky and heavy. This device is lightweight, and you can easily activate, it simply by inhaling.


Perhaps you want to keep your vape pen on you at all times. You won’t even know that this pen is in your jacket pocket – it’s that perfect.

510-threaded for your convenience

The vape industry has evolved and essentially now been standardized. As vaping enthusiasts are known for wanting to modify their equipment, it has become commonplace for vape batteries and cartridges to be 510-threaded.


This means that the Vertex Slim battery will work with pretty much any vape cartridge on sale today, and certainly with all of the products that we have at The 510 thread design ensures that your vape pen will not leak, however it is stored. If you are looking for a 510 vape battery, then this is the one you need.

Ideal for pre-filled cartridges

This battery works excellently with pre-filled cartridges, whether they contain CBD or nicotine. Many CBD users put a high value on making the experience as efficient as possible.


While vaping goes a long way to doing that, it’s even better when you have a device where you don’t even need to fill the vape tank, or carry out any maintenance. Disposable cartridges are single-use, and once they are empty you can just chuck them away and fit a new cartridge.

How to charge a vape pen battery

Another brilliant feature of the Vertex Slim is its USB charging function. We don’t need to explain too much about why USB charging is preferable to any other. Just think about how many places you can find a USB port – on your laptop, games console, your TV, on a train or airplane. They are literally everywhere!


And that means you can charge this vape battery just about wherever you are. All you need to do is detach the vape cartridge from the battery, and attach the USB charger that comes with the kit. The battery charges quickly and you’ll be up and running again before you know it.

Vaping is the perfect way to take CBD

With all the CBD products that you can buy, just what is the appeal of vaping? We all know that this method brings lots of flavor, and that the mere act of vaping can bring a lot of pleasure. But the benefits don’t stop there.


Before we look closer at why vaping cannabidiol (CBD) oil is the preferred way of taking the non-psychoactive substance, please note that CBD is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


When you need to get the effects of CBD really quickly, nothing short of vaping will do. Of course, you could choose to smoke hemp that is high in CBD, but this brings with it lots of carcinogenic risks, because you are inhaling the smoke. In contrast, the vapor produced by an e-liquid when heated is nowhere near as harmful, but the onset of effects happens just as speedily.


Consider, for instance, that you want to relieve chronic pain. Perhaps painkillers haven’t worked, or you just want a non-addictive solution that works efficiently. Vaping CBD can ease your discomfort in just a couple of minutes, so that your mobility is not affected. For many patients with pain, the pain itself can be secondary to the devastating effect that it has on quality of life. CBD vaping doesn’t just reduce pain, but allows you to keep living life to the full.


The same concept applies to any condition where symptoms are acute, and a rapidly-acting treatment is needed for meaningful relief.

Final thoughts

Demand for CBD cartridges made from industrial hemp has been going through the roof in recent times. To get the most from your product, it’s vital that you have the appropriate vape battery. With the Vertex Slim, you have a battery that will do justice to all e-liquids.


We invite you to check out our full CBD cartridges range here at We have products from some of America’s favorite brands, including Funky Farms, Pinnacle CBD and Green Roads CBD.


56 reviews for Variable Voltage 510 Battery by Vertex

  1. JR

    Terrible battery. Stopped working after the first use.

  2. Blythe

    These are awful, the first I ordered had issues, so I was sent a replacement at no cost to me, and then the replacement broke, too. If I could give no stars for this I would, but 10/10 customer service from the cbd genesis folks.

  3. Charlotte

    Stopped working after less than a week of use. So disappointing.

  4. Jennifer

    Item didn’t work. 1 star for the item’s review. 5 stars to the customer service team for their handling of the issue.

  5. Tasha

    This battery works great with my liquid CBD cartridges and is easy to use to get some relief. Thank you again🤗💖

  6. Barry

    Battery was defective and shorted out the charger, was sent a Funky Farms as replacement, buy Funky Farms instead…

  7. Karisma

    Great product

  8. Whitney

    I have to charge it a lot and I hardly use it.

  9. Monica

    Great Product

  10. Mena

    The pen doesn’t last long without charge and the charger breaks easily if screwed on tight

  11. Anthony

    Works as stated and it was on sale for a low price

  12. STEVE

    Works great

  13. Jeff

    I will be honest, it’s the worst battery I have ever purchased. I get almost nothing off when I used it. Yes it was on and charged. I even tried the highest temp and that did not work
    I would not recommend the product to anyone.

    Thank you


  14. Evaporated

    This battery lasts about 15-20 puffs from a standard cartridge and then I have to charge it again. I’m charging this battery more than I’m using it. Also, I barely get enough power to produce any visible vapor from any of the 3 voltage settings and that’s using the preheat function. I’m Extremely dissatisfied with this piece of crap. Do not buy this battery.

  15. Anna

    Doesn’t hit very well and also doesn’t hold a charge. If I go out with it fully charged, it dies way before the night’s over

  16. Travis

    Good quality. Adjustable and versatile.

  17. Regina

    I like using vertex slim good for beginners who are learning about vaping. the only con is the battery doesn’t stay charged up for it long!

  18. Gene

    Ok for lite or occasional use. My \”G Pen\” that I bought here a couple of years ago finally gave up the ghost and wouldn\’t charge any more, so I took advantage of a July 4th sale and this item was a \”quick fix\”. The old saying is true: \”you get what you pay for\”. It feels flimsy and cheap, and the battery doesn\’t hold a charge very long. Makes for an ok back up but if you are a daily user then spend a little more and get something better.

  19. Roberta

    1 of my best sellers in my store.

  20. Matthew

    My favorite pen so far, has three modes green blue and red, when you charge it’s either green orange or red, shipment comes for me in three to four days, the only bad thing if you use it as much as I do the screw on charger gets warn down and doesn’t attach good, I thought it was to loose and tightened it to much and it broke so I ordered another one, now I have two pens and one charger, works for me . Takes about a half hour to fully charge and last three hours if you smoke it like a cigarette .

  21. sandy

    working well and good price

  22. Richard

    Excellent battery for low cost. Its easy to use and the charge lasts awhile. The small portable size makes for easy transport. I definitely recommend this battery.

  23. Pamela Hellwig

    I’ve used this pen several times over the past year- my last one lasted about 6 months and worked well.
    For the low cost its a great buy

  24. Kim

    Works like a champ! For the size, it works better than my larger battery.

  25. Carly

    My items arrived super fast!! And after a small mix up on my order, they corrected it immediately and that shipment arrived promptly. Great company and customer service, will be ordering from them again!

  26. Luis

    It was awesome

  27. Pamela Hellwig

    This is a teriffic no frills simple pen to use for anyone who is budget consciousness but wants dependability.
    I bought this as a spare and it works great!
    Would recommend

  28. Derek

    The vertex slim has a nice design and is sized well. I haven’t had good consistent drags with it but that may actually be an issue with the cartridges I’m using.

  29. Cindy

    Easy to use

  30. Anthony

    Excellent product. Performed all of the necessary functions. I love using this pen with the cbd honey oil.

  31. saraaaphan

    used it on one of the cartridges i have! works great! but my cartridge broke lol

  32. Tyler

    Small, discrete, easy.

  33. Eric

    Does quick but does the job

  34. Rebecca

    It was difficult to use. Would barely get any vape even with changing the settings. We used a different pen and it worked fine.

  35. Jerry

    It work okay but i think it the usb charger thst have a defects other than that it work

  36. Lauren

    Could not ask for better customer service.

  37. Matinthammavong86

    The pen work okay but i have to keep charging it everytime i use it. I might just have a defects charger because it go to green after 15min.

  38. bruce

    w0rks great

  39. bruce

    good product and price

  40. Danielle

    Good little battery. It’s easy to carry around and keeps a good charge.

  41. Jay

    Great pen battery. I use it about 6 times/day and it sits on my desk while not in use. After a week it still does not need a charge. I am a firm believer in letting batteries run down before recharging so I’m sure I have a few more days at least. It hits nice and smooth and the lights on bottom are a good sign it is working well. Will prob get a second one for car/jacket/travel. Price is right and convenience is worth it. Enjoy!!!

  42. Bryan

    Totally love this. No button pressing needed.

  43. Sarah

    works great, charges fast.

  44. Shirley

    Works well

  45. Kyle

    At first I thought it was broken, didn’t work at all. However, with some investigating I found that the bottom screw on the cartridge I was using had to be lowered. After that it worked awesome. Not a big deal but the cartridge worked fine on my other pen.

  46. Kate

    It came pre-charged and works well. The battery lasts a long time; I haven\’t had to recharge it yet.

  47. Danielle

    Great product

  48. Danielle

    long lasting and perfect for CBD cartridges

  49. steve

    They work great for the 1ml tanks.

  50. Jed


  51. Jed

    Works great!

  52. Jed

    Works great!

  53. Jed

    Pen works very well no problems so far.

  54. Jed

    Works Good! Would recommend to friends.

  55. tryce_5446

    Works great!

  56. Kay Zee

    Works great! I accidentally washed and dried it andvit still works like a champ! :/ 🙂

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