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Product Description

Royal: Lets talk about a love that will never fade. Fall hard for this Kentucky bourbon and toasted marcona almond blended with just the right amount of Cavendish!

Gold: Struggling to find your favorite flavor? a bend of barian cream wildflower honey, and grecian tobacco will make you see the light. After trying gold you’ll never want to put down your vape again.

Humps: Oh that sneaky camel. Like a ninja he sneaks into the dojo where sweet cream and madagascar vanilla train tirelessly, but he’s not here to do battle, he just came to share his secret: Perique pipe tobacco blended with rich caramel. Now this flavor is stronger than ever & tastes like it means business.

Jackpot: It’s packed full of sugar cookies, the butterscotch, pistachio, and vanilla can barely be contained! in fact, there’s so much goodness in this flavor we considered developing titanium bottle for safety!


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