Urb – Delta-8 Nano Drops

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Product Description

Urb nano drops by Lifted Made is the first product to introduce Delta 8 THC in a powerful water soluble nano tincture and beverage additive.

Proprietary and exclusive formula packed with delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC (0.3%), and CBN cannabinoids.

Water Soluble / Nano
Highest absorption for the best experience.

1oz Nano Drops per bottle.

Bottle weight: 4oz

8 reviews for Urb – Delta-8 Nano Drops

  1. muziklvngrl

    Out of the Delta 8 products I have tried, this my favorite!!! I take 1/2 a dropper before bed, and have never had such great sleep. One tiny drop gets me through the day with my pain and anxiety!!! Flavor is great (I ordered the grape). This company(Genesis) is also top notch!!!

  2. Michael

    Great taste! Great product

  3. Chris

    Works Great!!! Love it makes me feel so happy and relaxed!!?

  4. Mary

    Definitely relaxing and helpful for anxiety and sleep. Take a smaller dose for daytime anxiety and a larger one for sleep. This has a pleasant, floaty euphoria that’s calming and comforting. I do recommend it.

  5. Luke

    These are AWESOME. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because of the fact it has sucralose. They didn’t list the ingredients on the website and if I had known it had sucralose, I wouldn’t have ordered it. However they messed up my order and I ended up getting 2 bottles of this, so I will use it until it’s gone. It has great effects that last a LONG time, and I have a high tolerance to just about everything. So far out of the delta 8 products I’ve tried, this would be my favorite except for the sucralose. I’ve tried gummies and 2 different vape carts. Highly recommend this if you are ok with artificial sweeteners! Be advised though it will make you drowsy! Put it under your tongue for 30 seconds and you’ll feel it in less than 10 mins.

  6. George

    Rather have cbd

  7. Sandra

    Great stuff, will buy more!

  8. John

    Great product. Absolutely the best sleep I’ve had in years. Love the product.

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