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Note: This product could melt slightly due to high heat during shipping. If your product arrives melted, we are unable to refund or replace it. You can refrigerate to make hard again, CBD will not lose its effects after melting.
Note: Do not use Delta 8 if you are subject to a drug test of any kind. Delta 8 will cause you to fail a drug test because they do not differentiate between d8-THC and d9-THC (illegal).
Amazing flavor and strength! Great gummies! Wish they had larger quantity! Defiantly try this product if you haven't! I love the rainbow bites and peach rings! GREAT FLAVOR!!!!!!!!!! - Jared Buckner 

Product Description

All New Delta 8 THC Gummies from Treetop!

These tasty edibles are available in 4 awesome flavors:

Peach Rings, Watermelon, Sour Snakes or Rainbow Belts!

The classic candies you love with an extra punch of pure, potent Delta 8 THC distillate!

30mg per piece sold in a 10 pack

Please note: Edibles can have a much stronger effect relative to an equal dose of vaporized Delta 8 THC due to increased potency after being processed by the liver. If you are someone with little to no tolerance, start out slowly. You can always take more, but you can never take less!

38 reviews for Treetop Hemp Co – Delta 8 Gummies

  1. Kayla Stuart

    Really liked these! Didn’t expect them to be as strong as they were and ate one whole gummy, I recommend starting with just half. Have a bit of an after taste but not bad. Ate half a gummy when I noticed a migraine coming on and it stopped it in it’s tracks and left me with a very light high.

  2. David

    I got one pack each of the worms and rainbow gummies. They are awesome! I think the worms taste a little better (less of the oil taste probably due to more candy per piece) but I will be ordering the rainbow gummies again because I am a lightweight and those ones can be peeled easily apart to take a more consistent non full full dose (I like to take 1/4 to 1/2). They give me a good body buzz and get me out of a funk and just in general make my day better.

  3. Jesse Merriman

    These were great. Strong hemp taste and effects. Would recommend

  4. Alexandria Spencer

    The rainbow bites are my new obsession!! They are perfect and the high is so nice. <3

  5. Diana

    Good, but I like the peach rings better

  6. Clarissa

    Didn’t work 😞 for me

  7. Kenneth


  8. Kenneth

    the best !!!! packs a mean punch!!! always the best with tree top

  9. Kenneth

    the best !!!! packs a mean punch

  10. C. Meagan

    I am very happy with the Tree Top Gummies. I have purchased them multiple times. They are always excellent!

  11. Sherry

    Love these. My #1 go to. Sleep great too

  12. Louise

    Very nice, calm high with good pain relief …using only about 1/4 of rainbow .

  13. Adam

    I’ve only tried the rainbow but I’ve purchased these a few times. One is strong enough and it’s worth it.

  14. Theresa

    They are very nice and very effective

  15. Benjamin

    These gummies are legit! Delta 8 is really nice.

  16. Amanda P

    Such a great product! I got the rainbow strips , one was perfect for me and it hit after an hour and lasted a couple of hours. I felt very calm and creative, and I definitely got some giggles in there. I always receive this product fast in the mail and it never disappoints! Highly recommend

  17. Bradley

    Great quality and value. Fastest shipping ever.

  18. mandeep


  19. George Lewis

    I can only repeat what the other fans are saying. I can only legally buy cbd but the peach ones give me what I am looking for.

  20. Wanda

    Excellent!!! Just be careful because it will sneak up on you. I ate two and was on cloud 9.

  21. Vaun

    So good!!!! Relaxing and fun:)

  22. A

    I have smoked weed for years and just one of these had me hallucinating. I’m not sure if it’s just how my body reacts to it but man if you wanna be in the stars this is good. And it tastes pretty good too.

  23. Dayron Elias

    I have been suffering from extreme anxiety as of late, but these gummies have helped so much. Thank you so much for the great products your team supplies us with!

  24. Robert R

    I love these!!!! I have Fibromyalgia and deal with pain on a daily basis. Besides opioid type pain killers(morphine like). I have never used anything that works so well for pain. No couch lock that you’d get with delta 9THC and honestly works better for my pain then delta 9 and doesn’t give you munchies either. YOU NEED TO GET THIS PRODUCT.

  25. aleh222

    My husband has a harsh time not being able to just chill away from work , but these gummies definitely give him a relaxing break!!! (He won’t admit it though😊)

  26. Rdh

    Was skeptical about it, holy $#!+ was I wrong. It puts your head in that nice calm space with zero anxiety. Careful, as a whole 30mg gummy might be too strong. Take half, wait then take the other if you can handle it.

  27. Kenneth

    Excellent taste and pack a nice punch!

  28. Jared Buckner

    Amazing flavor and strength! Great gummies! Wish they had larger quantity! Defiantly try this product if you haven’t! I love the rainbow bites and peach rings! GREAT FLAVOR!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Mark Choat

    Top quality and pure! Feel the effects of pain relief and relaxation. I could literally feel my shoulders relax… It was great. My wife has RA, and said it was one brand that really works, because we’ve tried several high-end/unique brands. Highly recommended to anyone needing some relief from their daily stress.

  30. Melissa

    Anyone looking for relief from pain or good night sleep? Look no further. These defenitly work magic. They work withing 30 mins to an hour ..depending on metabolism and food you eat (timing)

  31. Kim

    I just discovered these magical ‘lil nuggets! I will be purchasing this product regularly. I recommend starting with 1/2 a gummy and working your way up. I started with my usual 2 thinking only of the cbd. Then the delta 8 kicked in and lasted over 12 hours.

  32. Tom

    The Delta 8 Gummies were better that I expected, but not great. I will most likely order more in the future.

  33. Amanda Vradenburg

    They leave the worst after taste and feeling on my teeth and mouth a lil oily like I ate a piece of wax lol but the effects are good of you can get past the taste

  34. Gregory

    One is enough for me! Lasts longer than cartridges

  35. Melissa Arriaza

    Excellent and will repurchase now.

  36. Tucker

    I love these. They seemed a bit too strong at first but now they’re just right. They are a bit expensive though, so I may order these in the future only occasionally.

  37. Peter Smith

    Phenomenal product! Suzy turned me on to these and now I’m delta-8 hooked! I’m a huge advocate for the medicinal benefits that CBD has to offer, and this just made it that much better! Never mind the cost, you won’t be disappointed, take the leap!

  38. Barbara


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