Treetop Hemp Co – Delta 8 Cartridge (700mg)

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Note: Do not use Delta 8 if you are subject to a drug test of any kind. Delta 8 will cause you to fail a drug test because they do not differentiate between d8-THC and d9-THC (illegal).
Great flavor, great feeling. Have tried the blue and purple so far and both have been enjoyable and last a decent while. Will likely buy more. - Joshua 

Product Description

Delta 8 Vape Cartridges by Treetop Hemp Co. Each vape cartridge contains 700ml of a high quality 1 gram cartridge, with almost 80% Delta 8 THC and less than .3% Delta 9 THC. To download the complete lab results, click here.

Lab results here.

35 reviews for Treetop Hemp Co – Delta 8 Cartridge (700mg)

  1. Mark

    Who do I talk too for a job. Down in my neck of the woods is unknown to delra 8. Look at you sale in ga.went up…Stoner for 40yrs. / Looking for a job (Salesmen) Georgia, east coast. Best product on the market today and legal under 2018 farm Bill. I would fit right in to be train on the product more .. Take a chance . I did ….Thank you

  2. Peter

    I bought the Grape, Gelato, Orange Cookies, and Blue Dream.

    So far, the Grape and Gelato are the only ones with noticeable flavor. The Orange Cookies has a very weak, almost nonexistent flavor. The Blue Dream has literally no flavor at all.

    I’m a bit disappointed to say the least since I spent a decent chunk of money on these four carts. A big part of the experience for me is the flavor/aroma of the terpenes, not just the effect of the Delta-8.

  3. May

    love this product, will definitely be ordering some more!

  4. Steph

    True relaxation and clarity

  5. Jared Buckner

    Treetop never fails to provide quality! I got the Blue dream cart and it tastes very bleu and smooth! One puff is pretty potent! Highly recommended! CBD Genesis never fails with their amazing customer service! IF you have a question ask them! Great Cart! Great Brand, if you like this cart , try theTree Top Delta 8 gummies! Oh and another thing Tree Tops packaging is excellent and nice and smooth!

  6. Reyes.99felix

    Love this product, its smooth and taste great 👍.

  7. Josh Johnson

    Ordered and got it wthin 3 days and quality stuff for sure! A big thanks!

  8. Amanda

    really nice and works great fast shipping

  9. rachlove1549

    I’ve tried all the flavors except cherry pie. So far purple punch is my favorite . These carts will give you a nice buzz without over doing it. Ordering more as I type this

  10. Mark

    Bought 700 mg of delta 8 purple punch and it is just as good as the real thing. I’ve tried some different cbd products but they never felt like they did anything. My thoughts are clear but my body definitely feels relaxed. I am so happy to say that I have found a replacement until my state realises that delta 9 thc is a great product that consumers should have the right to use.

  11. Amanda Barrett

    This is a great cartridge! I ordered gelato the first time, but I can’t wait to try all of the flavors.
    It’s a smooth tasty hit.

  12. Sandra

    Really great for pain treatment, got rid of a migraine when I used it with the genesis 500 mg pain cream!

  13. Sandra

    The grape is the best!!!

  14. Johnny

    I had the Blue Dream. Good effects, but not a great taste. I’d like to try other flavors to see if its the brand or just the specific flavor I got.

  15. Walterene Morrison

    I ordered the Purple punch and Orange cookies about 3 weeks ago and I love them both. The P.P has a great flavor and great effects, but it seems to hit my throat harder than the O.C, which also has great effects and tastes good but hits smoother. Overall I am happy and still puffing almost a month later!

  16. Gregory

    delicious, and strong!

  17. Gregory

    delicious, and strong!

  18. Joshua

    Very good flavor and a nice feeling too.

  19. Kenneth

    Being a legal patient in the State of Florida, there are times that I can’t use Delta 9, and CBD is not cutting it for me; however, enter Delta 8. I get all of the benefits of Delta 9, without the fogginess, paranoia, and munchies. Purple Punch is quite relaxing.

  20. Evan Morris

    just finished off the purple punch which was amazing ! and along with it came a free pack of gummies. great deal great taste, and will for sure keep ordering. thanks CBD genesis!

  21. Deandre

    amazing product

  22. nincure

    These are great. So far I’ve tried purple punch and cherry pie. I like the purple punch better. My only complaint would be the 2 carts I’ve gotten have been about 95% full when I’ve received Delta 8 and CBD carts from other companies that were 100% full. It seems like one puff takes a lot of liquid, so they don’t Las as long as a CBD cart would. The effects are great though!

  23. Kevin

    Great price! Great delivery! Consistent quality!

  24. Thomas W

    This is a quality product in my opinion. I, most likely, will buy this item again.

  25. Amanda Vradenburg

    they are amazing pack a powerful punch thanks CBD Genesis

  26. Amanda Vradenburg

    they all tasted the same to me but the purple punch one was awesome I am soooooooooo happy with these you will be too !!

  27. Krissy

    Work well! Taste and harshness is better than others I’ve tried. Purple punch is my favorite. When I ordered I got sent free delta 8 gummies! Also this company is very responsive to emails and helpful! Will definitely buy again!

  28. Daniel

    Tastes great, and works well!

  29. Chris

    Mellow, very enjoyable. One of my favorites DVD experiences yet. My first time with Delta 8. Won’t be the last.

  30. Thomas

    This is my first time using this product, but I am impressed with the quality.

  31. joshgookins

    Great flavor, great feeling. Have tried the blue and purple so far and both have been enjoyable and last a decent while. Will likely buy more.

  32. Joshua

    Great flavor, great feeling. Have tried the blue and purple so far and both have been enjoyable and last a decent while. Will likely buy more.

  33. Sandra Canfield

    I’ve tried gelato and purple punch. Of the two, I prefered the purple punch but both are good products.

  34. Christa Hall

    It was our first time buying from CBD genesis as we have been previously buying from a different company and they by far exceeded our expectations. We were so stoked With this product and will definitely buy again from here. Their customer service is excellent and can’t beat the fast service. We tried the Purple Punch and loved it.

  35. Donna

    Great product thank you guys!

  36. Donna

    Product was awesome it really helped with my anxiety I highly recommend! Purchasing another now!

  37. Numan

    Love the service and great product thank you guys

  38. Justin

    I’ve bought a few of these Delta 8 Cartridges. I’ve enjoyed them all. I have found, for myself Orange Cookies is a pretty good strain. It’s clean and clear feeling

  39. Justin

    Purple Punch is Awesome. Great for nighttime use for sure. Very relaxing and enjoyable

  40. Evan Morris

    bought the gelato. wasn’t too keen on the taste but overall great product and cant wait to try the purple punch next.

  41. Jessica Baker

    By far exceeded my expectations. I got this just to try (almost 2 weeks ago and still havent finished it), never thought I’d fall in love with it like I have. It’s amazing. I got the blue dream this time. It has a good flavor, kind of earthy notes, to me. Don’t hit it too hard or for to long or it’ll leave you coughing with a burning throat. I will definetly be coming back for the purple punch.

  42. Donny

    Awesome smooth product! My fav so far is the Purple Punch. Will be order more of this for sure. Take it slow at first and enjoy! Superfast delivery here at CDB Genesis and excellent customer service as well!

  43. Don

    Great smooth product! My fav so far is the Purple Punch. Definitely recommended as I will be ordering more! Superfast delivery and excellent customer service here as well!

  44. Christopher

    As always CBD GENESIS amazing! Cust. Service answered all my questions about this product. So I felt comfortable buying it knowing I wouldn’t have any surprises. The Treetop Hemp Co – Delta 8 is potent! It can be a bit of a creeper. For myself 1 puff was good, layed back and chilled. The second time I tried it, 3 puffs. Too much for me! I’m a lightweight, always using the most potent CBD I could get my hands on. Would love it if they had a 2 or 3 to 1 CBD- Treetop Hemp Co. Delta 8!! That would be awesome. However if you are looking for a killer buzz , give Treetop Delta 8 a try. You won’t regret it!

  45. Josh

    Bought both the purple punch and blue dream now I have tried both by far purple punch has the best flavor of them both while I find blue dream having moving intense felling then the purple punch with just less the flavor been using them for days now still not half way though each carts they last a long time and the effects are great last for hours

  46. Degronos

    Exceeded expectations, definitely would recommend

  47. Anna

    I get through my day without 2nd guessing everything. I’m always stuck in my thoughts. Not when I use this.

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