TIMBR – Hemp Pre-Roll

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Special Sauce: The Special Sauce CBD taste has an earthy, floral hint that comes with a sweet berry scent that is undeniable. This Special Sauce CBD strain with an average CBD content of 19.66% is optimal for evening usage. Special Sauce CBD brings almost instant relaxation and calming great for a night inside. Welcome, addition to movie night.

Lifter: Lifter CBD hemp flower really lives up to its name. A staple in the hemp game for high CBD percentages averaging about 19%. With resonant notes of spiced earth and citrus, the enlivened calm that Lifter delivers makes it the perfect choice for all-day enjoyment. Great for an active day out and about.

Sour Space Candy: Sour Space Candy also hails from Oregon crossing Sour Tsunami with Early Resin Berry. Dense buds are multicolored, showing purple, orange, and green hues. SSC inherits the various fruits, however is counterbalanced with nice earthy tones. One of our lower CBD yields at an average of 11.6% this flower is perfect for enjoying the moment. Compliments a good movie or book for relaxation.

Suver Haze: Suver Haze is a relatively new strain originating from the Southern Oregon region. With average CBD percentages around 17.59%,a strong flavor, and blend of smells, Suver Haze’s characteristics were a perfect choice for our lineup. Strong genetics and a diverse terpene profile give this flower an earthy flavor with hints of an orange grove. Great for an active day on the go.

Hawaiian Haze: Hawaiian Haze CBD is a sativa dominant strain with a mix of Hawaiian and Haze genetics. With a floral smell and taste of fruits such as pineapple and peaches, Hawaiian Haze CBD manifests both an uplifting and elevating experience.  The perfect companion for any social event or daytime motivation.


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