The Helping Friendly Herbal Extract Tincture Mango 500mg (15mL)

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MCT oil & Hemp Oil Extract & Flavorings.

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Product Description

Who doesn’t love the refreshingly tropical taste of a ripe, yellow mango? Whether it’s in the middle of a blistering hot summer or a frozen winter, this delicious fruit can perk you up any time. Similarly, the powerful cannabidiol in The Helping Friendly Hemp Company’s Herbal Extract Mango CBD Oil Tincture can do the same. With 500 mg of expertly extracted and completely natural cannabinoids, this nutrient dense oil feeds your body what it needs while simultaneously soothing the mind and senses. Enjoy sublingually with a few drops under the tongue and soon you’ll be sliding through every day without the chronic pain or anxious feelings that have been plaguing you for weeks, months, or even years. Pharmaceuticals can have unwanted or unintended side effects. The option afforded by The Helping Friendly Hemp Company’s Mango Herbal Extract is definitely worth exploring.


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