The Helping Friendly Herbal Extract Tincture – Strawberry 1000MG (30mL)

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MCT oil & Hemp Oil Extract & Flavorings.


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Product Description

The Helping Friendly Tincture has done it again with their Herbal Extract Strawberry CBD Oil Tincture. Cannabidiol can help manage a variety of troubling health symptoms which include difficulty falling and staying asleep or nagging anxiety and excessive worries. Ease the mind and spirit while nourishing your body with the health supplement your body craves, and with a fruit flavor sweet enough to make it go down easier. Oil tinctures are discrete, and with 500 mg in every 15mL bottle, it is a relatively simple way to enjoy the many potential benefits all day long. Simply drop the dose you need beneath your tongue, and you’ll soon be cruising through your day or drifting off to sleep at night with ease. With simple, natural ingredients, this is the product you’ve been searching for to add to your daily health regimen.


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