Terp 8 – Delta-8 Dab Pen

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Note: Do not use Delta 8 if you are subject to a drug test of any kind. Delta 8 will cause you to fail a drug test because they do not differentiate between d8-THC and d9-THC (illegal).

Product Description

Dominant Terpenes
α- and β- pinenes
+36 others

About Δ8 thc
Derived from hemp and federally legal, Delta-8 THC offers a soothing effect which does not trigger anxiety or confusion, making users feel less altered and more in tune with themselves than when using traditional Δ9 THC. Users have reported a deep feeling of relaxation, increased appetite, and a sense of well being as the primary effects produced by Delta 8 THC.

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  1. Mike

    That strawberry cough is 🔥

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