Steve’s Hemp – CBD Flower

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Product Description

Prefer to smoke CBD? Our premium Hemp flower is perfect for you!

Drown out your stress, anxiety, and pain with our Hemp Flower. CBD can be used to naturally support mental and physical wellness. Our customers have reported enhanced mood, decreased stress, pain relief, and improved sleep with our products.

Hawaiian Haze is as good as it sounds! With a pineapple and mango aroma, expect to be the life of the party after smoking. Like Sour Space Candy, this offers an uplifting effect that is perfect to start your day with!

✖️ Packed with 18.4% CBD

✖️ May help with pain, stress, and anxiety relief

✖️ May help promote healthy sleep cycles

✖️ Hybrid strain

✖️ 7 grams per jar

Sour Space Candy is a customer favorite! With its sativa dominance, it is the perfect strain to share at parties or before hitting the town. Enjoy a mellow yet uplifting feel after smoking these sweet but sour nugs.

✖️ Packed with 17% CBD

✖️ May help with pain, stress, and anxiety relief

✖️ May help promote healthy sleep cycles

✖️ Sativa dominant strain

✖️ 7 grams per jar

See our 3rd Party Lab Reports for our test results.

How to Use:

Grab your desired amount and favorite grinder. Once ground to perfection, pick your preferred piece to smoke from, pack it, light it, and smoke it!


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