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100% Pure CBD Oil blended with Grapefruit reinvigorates you with natural citrus extracts to help you reconnect and regain energy.


CBD Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil

Reviewing the Select CBD Vape Pen

We have six different Select CBD pens at, all of which are designed to provide unique experiences with cannabidiol (CBD). This therapeutic, non-psychoactive substance is being used all over America to relieve pain, banish stress, treat anxiety, tackle inflammation and more.


Select CBD disposable vape pens are made with a pure CBD blend, and contain 0.5ml of oil. The total CBD content in a pen is 250mg. Therefore, it’s a great introduction to CBD vape pens for first-time users, who will want shorter draws and lower doses. But it’s packed with enough CBD for those who want to really bring their pain under control or enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep.


Without further ado, let’s get stuck into the ingredients list, the benefits of disposable CBD oil vape pens, and the Select CBD pen review.


Select CBD are at the top of their game with these vape pens, which are made with only the finest ingredients. Each pen has a special blend of essential oils which provide the distinct flavor and effects. But first, let’s study the CBD extract and the fractionated coconut oil that they use.

Hemp-derived CBD extract with no THC  

Hemp is the source of all legal CBD products in the United States – this is because of its low THC content. Not that it matters so much with Select CBD, as they remove all THC from the extract anyway, through their high-tech extraction process.


The result is a clean and pure hemp extract that’s rich in CBD. This is immediately a sign of a great product, as hemp can accumulate metals and toxins while growing, so must be thoroughly cleansed before it can be used in CBD products.

Fractionated coconut oil (MCT)

Our understanding of the pharmacology of CBD has improved a lot over the past few years. Cannabinoid science is enjoying a renaissance, which has led to huge and profound scientific breakthroughs.


Researchers have learned that, on its own, CBD has a low bioavailability and is not efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. This is because CBD molecules are very big and not water soluble – unfortunately, this causes a lot of the CBD to remain inactive.


But an effective solution has been found in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are found in large quantities in fractionated coconut oil – and it’s the reason why Select CBD uses it as the carrier oil in their products. These are fatty acids which enhance the bioavailability of each CBD molecule. The effect is that the user can enjoy the same CBD relief with a weaker dose, which makes their product go much further.

The advantages of taking CBD in a vape pen

Disposable vape pens are an excellent way of consuming CBD because they require no maintenance. The pen comes in the package ready to vape with the CBD oil already infused into a tank, and there isn’t even a battery that needs charging.


This makes for the ultimate efficiency when using CBD, which is important for many conditions, but even more so for those with severe symptoms. The fast-acting effects of vaping CBD in a pen means that the user still has their quality of life. Furthermore, with the pens being so compact and sleek, they are extremely portable, too.

The best CBD vape pens from Select CBD

Select CBD puts an emphasis on relax, focus and revive with their vape pens, and have two of each flavor to provide those effects. Let’s find out more.

Lavender and Cinnamon for relaxation

CBD delivers wonderful relaxation in a safe and non-addictive way. Products infused with the cannabinoid are taken for enhancing sleep quality and relieving pain, with the benefits most noticeable from higher doses.


But the effects of CBD can be boosted further with the presence of other natural ingredients. Take lavender for example – this flowering plant has a high concentration of linalool, a terpene with analgesic and anxiolytic properties. Combined with the CBD, the lavender pen is perfect for when you want to unwind and feel calm in both mind and body.


Cinnamon, meanwhile, is a potent anti-inflammatory, a quality also shared by CBD. The Cinnamon pen, therefore, may be more helpful than a traditional CBD product for people affected by arthritis.

Spearmint and Peppermint for focus

In today’s world, there is a high priority on productivity. Those who want to get ahead of the rest need to be able to give maximum effort to each day – the benefits of which might not be immediate, but compound over time. Some people are able to do this without any aids, but CBD, and the likes of spearmint and peppermint, can help to nudge you in the right direction.

CBD is a biphasic substance, and although it is sedative in high concentrations, lower amounts appear to work in the opposite way, elevating concentration and focus. Just a couple of hits at a time on this Select CBD pen may be all you need to become more alert. You could harness these brain-boosting properties at work, during study periods and to help with your personal projects.

Lemon and Grapefruit for revival

CBD is also brilliant when you’re seeking rejuvenation. Low-dosing is associated with being more alert and wakeful. And generally, taking CBD can help to improve your mood, whether you’re just feeling sluggish or going through a more prolonged slump.


The citrus fruits lemon and grapefruit can also be of assistance when you need more energy. Select CBD blends combine CBD and citrus to reduce inflammation and even protect the health of your brain – both happen to be antioxidants.

Final thoughts

Select CBD has put a lot of thought into their vape pens, and have used the ideal ingredients from the plant world to develop these specialized pens. If you haven’t used a CBD vape pen before, at 250 mg of CBD, this is a good place to start.


10 reviews for Select CBD Vape Pens (250 MGS)

  1. Kim

    My go to pen for on the go pain relief. Fits nice in the pocket for easy transport and discreet usage. Minty flavor is nice and refreshing and not overpowering.

  2. Nassim


  3. Canek

    flavor of the pens are wonderful , I use it often

  4. Garrett Swenson

    Would no longer pull after day 2 and only got about 4 puffs (as described by their serving size). Also the pen over heated the vapor so it basically had this horrible burnt smell and taste and was very rough on the lungs. Must’ve just been a defective pen but it’s pretty unfortunate because this is not a cheap product

  5. john

    does not take any pain away but its excellent in anxiety and panic attacks and depression.. just vape a 6 second inhalation every 2 hours.. a total of 9 sessions per day… i will buy again tastes good too.. at first till i got used to it ,, my throat was burning but few hits later it went away… also lowered my blood pressure

  6. John

    I though this product is good for my pain and its not.. It does help me a lot with anxiety and stress… I vape it every 2 hours, from 6 am until 10pm so a total of 9 vape sessions, a one 6 second inhalation. At first i felt it in my throat.. but then got used to it, the taste is good. … ..i will buy again… my daughter and wife uses it for stress and they love it.. pain no affect at all. Hopefully with less stress , pain reduction will come and help the body to heal faster and better

  7. Kamie

    snot strong enough but very easy to use. great for beginners.

  8. Lucy from Fl

    I had ordered 3 pens each a different flavor. The products are exactly as advertised. The pens taste great and the vap is mild yet powerful.
    I love these products

  9. laskeely48

    I purchased a lavender pen. Without a doubt this is a fine product for me.
    It is just what I.was looking to purchase. It is sleek and no.large in size.
    I will purchase many more.
    Thanks guys

  10. Kamie

    not strong enough but I love the flavor

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