Select CBD Drops (1000mg)

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This tincture is great! Helps to ease my anxiety at night which allows me to fall asleep faster. Will be buying again. - Jodi 
THC Free
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Product Description

100% Pure CBD Oil blended fractionated coconut oil formulated to provide the exhilarating, clarifying benefits of medicinal CBD with an herbal lift. Our tincture comes with an easy drop applicator for the perfect dose. The product can be used orally as well as topically on the skin.

30ml Bottle.


CBD Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Ashwagandha Herbs, and Rhodiola Herbs

26 reviews for Select CBD Drops (1000mg)

  1. Gene

    If you are looking for consistent effective CBD sublingual drops, this is it! Yes, it is pricey, but all quality high dosage drops are.

  2. Ron

    Love your products and always appreciate when you throw in a free gift.

  3. Gary

    Did not do anything that i noticed ,I still have pain and i was up to 100 mg a day. And it is exspencive

  4. Hollie

    I love the peppermint flavor! Makes taking CBD a little easier

  5. Roberta

    I really like this product. More flavors please.

  6. John

    A good product at a fair price

  7. Roberta

    I use this product myself. I start with the Peppermint then around Noon The Lemon-Ginger, around 5pm I take the Lavender. LOVE. My customers love the flavor.

  8. Kalam

    Incredibly efficient and effective

  9. Angie

    This is hands down the best cbd product I’ve tried. Great for pain and anxiety, just start slowly or it can give you the sweats. Works great and highly recommend, also after a snafu with their text messages waking me up at 2am they were quick to fix the issue and kindly sent me a sample of gummies. Trying a new product this week so look forward to another great review. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  10. Janet

    Select CBD Drops are great! Dropper is marked for easy dosing and great flavors!

  11. drewsefi

    tincture is incrdgble! I love all of the flavors, but unflavored is my favorite, i cant really taste mint, its almost as if it is more unflavored than unflavored. In ’96 i had a coma,3 anoxal TBI, WITH DISLOCATIONS +2 SHATTERD TIBIAS. CBD has taken away most all of the pain. I have aeen using CBD (tincture better than vaping) for about 4 years now, AND I WONT STOP!!!

  12. Canek

    flavors are excellents

  13. John

    This is a good quality product that is delivered quickly.

  14. Canek

    this is my favorite brand , pepermint and lavanda are excellent too

  15. Canek

    best tincture ever

  16. Jodi

    This tincture is great! Helps to ease my anxiety at night which allows me to fall asleep faster. Will be buying again.

  17. Jodi

    This product is fantastic. Takes away my anxiety at night and allows me to fall asleep faster.

  18. John

    Thank you for a good product that is helping in several situations.

  19. Alan

    good stuff

  20. Susan

    1st bottle of this CBD & I must say, it’s fantastic….I get such a great feeling when I use it ! 5+stars !!

  21. Rifat

    This product quality was not as good as expected. There are many other drops @1000mg that are more effective then this product. Not sure why it has almost no pain relief effects like other brands but I would stay away from this one.

  22. Betsy

    These are delicious and work quickly.

  23. Canek

    very good brand , first time using it

  24. roland

    i like it a lot. It helps with my pain and stress

  25. nathan.me25

    Price is not bad! Potentcy not bad. Takes a bit to kick in. I will buy again.

  26. Ariel

    For a tincture, the taste is not bad. Nice and relaxing.

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