Rift – Delta-8 Cartridge

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Note: Do not use Delta 8 if you are subject to a drug test of any kind. Delta 8 will cause you to fail a drug test because they do not differentiate between d8-THC and d9-THC (illegal).

Product Description

One pre-filled 1ml cartridge containing hemp derived Delta-8 THC distillate and a rich blend of natural terpenes.

62% Δ8 THC

0% Δ9 THC

Green Crack and Gorilla Glue #4 terpene profiles available.

This product is psychoactive.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC chemically differs from Delta-9 THC by only a few atomic bonds and possesses many of the same beneficial qualities of Delta-9 THC, although Delta-8 is only about 70% as psychoactive as Delta-9 THC.

As a minor cannabinoid there’s still a lot about Delta-8 that we don’t know. You should always take a cautious approach when trying anything for the first time. If you’re thinking about consuming Delta-8-THC, you need to be aware of the information we currently have available. Make sure you talk to your doctor before trying Delta-8 and get a professional opinion for your health.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after using this product. Keep out of reach of children. If you are subject to regular or random drug screening it is best not to use this product. Most standard drug tests will not be able to tell the difference between Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC.

1 review for Rift – Delta-8 Cartridge

  1. Annette Watts

    these carts i give a 2 and thats only because the oil is good. The setup sucks you loose all your oil because it has this pinhole to pull through and it gets stopped up. ugh never buy them again.

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