Ramune – Pop Berry (Eliquid)

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30ml | 6mg

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Product Description

Take yourself on a whirlwind tour around Tokyo with Pop Berry by Ramune Pop. Based on the Ramune fizzy drink that’s popular throughout Japan, this Berry Pop vape is quirky, and at the same time has the potential to delight the most discerning tastes. Like all classic Japanese delicacies, Pop Berry by Ramune Pop doesn’t go overboard when creating flavors. In fact, the subtle berry tones that underpin the Berry Pop vape are so delicate they have a floral edge.

As the Ramune Pop team paid close attention to detail when creating this recipe, you’ll find it difficult to tell the difference between your vape and the drink itself. The Ramune Pop liquid will leave you feeling as though you’re sipping on a cool, fizzy drink. To complement its delicate nature, it benefits from a low throat impact. If you want to broaden your vaping horizons, Ramune Pop’s Pop Berry is worth your time.


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