Pinnacle CBD Cartridge (500mg)

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This cartridge is a day time saver for me.. I just use a couple puffs here and there and it doesn’t get me sleepy, but helps with my anxiety and also helps me focus.. - Amy 

Product Description

One pre-filled 1ml cartridge containing 500mg full spectrum Pinnacle CBD with a rich blend of terpenes, 3 different terpene profiles available, Trainwreck, Granddaddy Purple, and Blue Dream. Each one with its own unique flavor and benefits. Simply screw cartridge on to a 510 threaded battery (sold separately).

8 things to know about the Pinnacle CBD Cartridge

Pinnacle CBD cartridges are made with a high-quality hemp extract. This makes for one of the purest ways of taking cannabidiol (CBD). The compound from hemp is non-intoxicating, and provides mental and physical benefits. CBD also has a broader job of improving functioning in the endocannabinoid system (ECS).


These CBD vape cartridges contain 500mg of full-spectrum Pinnacle CBD. They are available in three different terpene profiles, which all have unique flavor and benefits. This post will cover eight things that you need to know about this product.

Made with full-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD offers a wider and more potent range of therapeutic properties than a basic CBD-isolate extract. The entire hemp plant comes together in this product. All of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and other compounds work in tandem to enhance the effects of Pinnacle CBD oil.


A whole-plant extract also produces synergistic effects – this makes CBD more effective than if taken separately. The hemp plant material used to make Pinnacle CBD cartridges may have traces of THC. But the cartridges will always have less than 0.3% THC overall. This is so they conform with the limit set by the US federal government.

Available with different terpene profiles

There are three types of Pinnacle CBD cartridge available, each with special terpene profiles. These are named ‘Trainwreck’, ‘Granddaddy Purple’, and ‘Blue Dream’ – all are taken from famous strains of cannabis. However, the product is still centered around the CBD, and none of these cartridges will get you high.


Trainwreck: Sativa. This strain improves mood, so may be helpful for those with depression. Trainwreck also provides relief from chronic pain and migraines. This CBD cartridge has a lemony, piney taste.


Granddaddy Purple: Indica. These terpenes also favor an indica experience, and works to ease many types of pain. Fibromyalgia patients in particular may benefit from taking this cartridge. Granddaddy Purple can also make a difference for those affected by anxiety, nausea and insomnia.


Blue Dream: Hybrid. A classic, the Blue Dream cartridge gives the user a lovely energy boost, just when you need it most. These terpenes are great for reducing stress, and can also help if you’re feeling sluggish and fatigued. This cartridge is very fruity, with hints of mango and blueberry, as well as a touch of vanilla.

It’s 510-threaded for universal use

All of these Pinnacle full-spectrum CBD cartridge are 510-threaded. This means that they can be attached to pretty much any vape pen on the market. The portability of vape pens is perfect for on-the-go users who don’t want to be carrying around a clunky device.

It’s an efficient way of taking CBD

Vaping is known for delivering the effects of a substance rapidly into the body – and vaping CBD is no exception. With cartridges especially, your CBD e-liquid will always be ready to go, with devices typically operable by single-button operation. Sometimes, you just need to inhale, and don’t need to press a button at all.  


When you’re vaping with CBD cartridges, you don’t have any equipment to clean, and nor do you have to spend time fiddling around putting vape juice into the tank. Just pick up the device, vape and dispose of the cartridge when it’s empty!

Great at managing anxiety

CBD has been talked about as a good natural remedy for anxiety, and the science backs it up. These Pinnacle cartridges are really good at treating symptoms, because of the speed in which they take effect. The key to any anxiety remedy is that the relief comes as soon as possible. E-liquids do that better than any other CBD product.


Not to mention, you can take the vape pen that these CBD cartridges will be screwed onto just about anywhere. This allows you to get relief wherever you are, in any situation that may trigger your condition.

Helps to relieve pain

Researchers are still working out all the reasons that we feel pain. But ECS science has filled in another piece of the puzzle.


Pain perception is just one of many variables controlled by CB1 receptors in the ECS. CBD helps to regulate this receptor. This helps to ease pain by suppressing pain signals. A draw on this CBD cartridge, and preferably one with indica terpenes, will bring a soothing, analgesic effect to the entire body, quelling pain in the most affected areas.

Can enhance your sleep quality

CBD is good for regulating the body’s circadian rhythm, or sleep-wake cycle. This system controls the hormones that influence when we feel awake and tired. Vaping CBD a few minutes before going to bed will help to put you in a mental and physical state conducive to sleep. Experts suggest that we should all get a minimum of seven hours sleep per night, and CBD also ensures that we get more deep sleep, which has a powerful neuroprotective effect.

Brilliant for relaxing with and relieving stress

We’ve focussed so far on the medical conditions that you can naturally manage by vaping CBD. However, this Pinnacle product can just as easily be used to simply help you relax when you’re stressed out. Vaping CBD from a cartridge efficiently brings down cortisol levels in the blood, a chemical change that is vital for reducing stress. Granddaddy Purple and Trainwreck cartridges are the most effective for managing stress, thanks to their indica slant.

Final thoughts

The Pinnacle CBD cartridges for sale at have all been lab tested. This independently confirms that these cartridges are made with safe ingredients, and that they contain the specified amount of CBD. The CBD cartridge reviews for this product are very positive, and it’s clear that Pinnacle are onto a winner by infusing the CBD with a rich blend of terpenes. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


16 reviews for Pinnacle CBD Cartridge (500mg)

  1. Chris

    Great product. Eased my knees. Fast delivery and impressive boxing. Loved all the info as well

  2. Amy

    This cartridge is a day time saver for me.. I just use a couple puffs here and there and it doesn’t get me sleepy, but helps with my anxiety and also helps me focus..

  3. Amy

    I love this for right after work!! It seems to just chill me out very quickly, and doesn\’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

  4. David

    I felt the product was very harsh. The vape really burned my throat and lungs. Overall, the delivery was good and the product was ok.

  5. Phoebe

    Granddaddy purple was very relaxing and allowing me to sleep well. Very refreshing and not too heavy.

  6. kalliseniff

    Amazing company!! Love their products! Their customer service is the truly the best!! They fixed my issue fast and we’re extremely generous. Don’t waste your time looking anywhere else!

  7. Barbara

    this one is hard to smoke – maybe its my pen but its hard to get a really good puff but I do love it!

  8. Sandra

    GDP is pretty great!

  9. Linda

    I bought Granddaddy Purple in this brand and find it very relaxing. It’s a bit more potent than others I have tried and worth the higher price.

  10. Sandra

    First, they have an awesome turn around time on shipping the product. Second, when my cartridge broke and I contacted their customer service, they responded almost immediately and mailed a replacement within an hours time. It’s better customer service than places like Amazon. I will be using this company for all future purchases. Thank you guys again for your help!

  11. Lmia Michelle

    I am very satisfied with your products, and will continue to order.

  12. Laura

    Fast delivery, good quality! Helps me fall back to sleep when I wake up during the night.

  13. Uriah Jay Johnson

    A Very disappointing product. I have tried two cartridges and both produce little vapor. I am not new to 510 threaded prefilled cartridges, I have tried more than half of them available on this site and these are by far the worst functioning. The GDP juice in another cartridge is good, however for $60 bucks you should not have to modify anything. Do not bother with one of these get a CBDistillery or Veedverks cartridge. for the price you can get 2 or 3 carts instead of 1 POS! Keep in mind my review is of the Pinnacle GDP Cartridge not

  14. Cookie

    OMG!!!!! I wish I would of known about this brand a long time ago! The best cartridge I’ve ever used! Thx customer service for pointing me in the right direction….you guys definitely aim to please! Much Love!

  15. Amanda Vradenburg

    I got the train wreck one saying because i have enough sense to say which one i got ??>>??!! lmao it was horrible it spit oil and burned my tongue then the taste was awful for hours !! spent 40 $ and now what i opened it cut it down with some sweet Blue dream vape 1000 no tolerable

  16. Jake

    I just got my 500mg Prefilled cartridge and it’s honestly the best CBD I’ve ever had! It’s definitely the most powerful die to the fact that there is 500mg packed in one little cartridge. Thank you for such a great product! I’ll definitely be buying this again!

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