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Product Description

Get your daily dose of CBD with out that “Hempy” taste. These capsules are and easy way to dose and take your Full Spectrum Pinnacle CBD.

300mg contains 30 capsules
600mg contains 60 capsules

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Pinnacle CBD Capsules are recommended for people who want their cannabidiol (CBD) to last. Perfect for those who already take a stack of supplements, CBD is an excellent addition because of the benefits it has for the endocannabinoid system (ECS). These capsules are available in a pack of 30 or 60, with each capsule containing 10mg of full-spectrum CBD.


In this CBD capsules review, we will detail why full-spectrum CBD can be better than CBD-isolate for some users. Then, we’ll shift our focus to why capsules are a great CBD product, and the benefits that they can bring to your health.

Made with full-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is, as the name gives away, an extract that is made with the whole extract of the industrial hemp plant. The compound profile of hemp is extremely complex, with cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes and more contributing to the plant’s effects.


A Pinnacle CBD full-spectrum extract makes uses of all of these compounds, which is particularly important with the cannabinoids. The ‘entourage effect’ of hemp and cannabis is yet to be fully studied. But scientists have discovered that CBD is more beneficial when complemented by other cannabinoids, as opposed to when taken in isolated form.


The terpenes in hemp vary a lot from strain to strain. These compounds are also present in other herbs and flowers, and have a distinct aroma. However, terpenes also amp up the benefits of a full-spectrum extract. For instance, they can bring extra anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits.

Benefits of CBD capsules

Capsules are the CBD product that have most in common with other health supplements. This makes them the preferred option of many new CBD users. They tend to be excited to get the benefits of CBD, but want to do so in a traditional and familiar way. Let’s look at the advantages that CBD capsules have over other types of CBD.

No hempy taste

The first thing to note with capsules is the absence of flavor, which is key with hemp-derived CBD. One criticism that some people have with tincture oils is the dominant, earthy hemp taste, which makes it a chore to use them. However, there is no taste to a full-spectrum extract when it is contained within a capsule. This alone can make it more pleasant to use them.

Easy to get the dosage right

With Pinnacle CBD oil capsules, you know that each one will always have 10mg of CBD. You just cannot get this level of accuracy when smoking CBD-rich flower, or even when vaping (apart from with a few special types of cartridge). As expected, for a lot of CBD users, getting the right amount of CBD is really important. This is a hassle-free process when taking capsules.

Lack of aroma provides ultimate discretion

Full-spectrum CBD extracts may be loaded with terpenes, but as these are infused into the capsule, there’s no aroma. This can matter a lot, as terpenes are pungent, and the smell will be picked up on by anyone who knows what cannabis smells like.


Obviously CBD is not the same as cannabis, but this potential problem is totally negated with capsules. With no odor, you can be confident about dosing with Pinnacle CBD capsules wherever you are.

Last longer than tincture oils and e-liquids

The cannabinoids from CBD capsules get into the bloodstream via absorption through the stomach. This is in stark contrast to tincture oils and e-liquids. These are taken in by the blood vessels under the tongue and the lungs respectively.


The outcome is that capsules don’t provide the same instant CBD benefits. But as the cannabinoids are absorbed more slowly, the effects last for a lot longer. This is great if you want CBD to help you during sleep, or need all-day relief from chronic symptoms.

Therapeutic uses of Pinnacle CBD capsules

CBD capsules may be good for treating conditions that affect both mental and physical health. However, bear in mind that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. CBD products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. This article has been written to inform, and should not be taken as medical advice.

Treat sleep disorders

Sleep disorders cause fatigue, which has an adverse effect on peak performance levels, and even make general functioning more difficult. Out of all the phases of sleep, it is deep sleep which really has a restorative effect, on the brain, muscles and the entire body.


CBD is an intriguing new treatment for sleep disorders, and is already proving helpful for insomnia, sleep apnea and more. The benefits likely come down to the effect CBD has on the ECS, which is known to influence the sleep-wake cycle. In a nutshell, CBD can help with getting to sleep, staying asleep and receiving the full benefit of sleep.

Natural study aid

A single 10mg Pinnacle CBD capsule can help to deliver sustained improvements in concentration levels. Over time, CBD can positively impact memory by protecting the hippocampus. CBD’s promotion of GABA also has a relaxing effect on the mind, which perhaps makes it easier to focus. Looking for a natural study aid to help you revise? Give CBD a go.

Great for headaches and other pain

The relief CBD offers from pain is helpful for those with chronic, inflammatory and neuropathic conditions. Studies on the ECS also suggest that regulating the system may ease symptoms of migraines. ECS research on migraines suggests that CBD’s modulating effects may help to tackle the mysterious and notorious ‘aura’ symptoms of migraines.

Final thoughts

Pinnacle CBD capsules are for sale in two different size tubs – one with 30 capsules, the other with 60. If you like this product, or simply if you prefer higher doses, then the 60-pack will work out better value for you in the long run.


2 reviews for Pinnacle CBD Capsules

  1. bertha

    Very good product. This Brand I heard was very good, so i gave it a try and one twice a day has improved my quality of life…helping my pain, anxiety, and normally in a bad mood. But taking these have changed all that. I’ll be buying again and I now know where to buy quality CBD products. Thanks!!!

  2. Tiffany Hathaway

    Really disappointed in the quality of these capsules. They are cheaply made, I wish I could post a picture to illustrate.
    It’s like a clear capsule shell, the kind that are supposed to be filled with solids (powder) not liquids. The shells are filled with the CBD oil, then closed. The CBD oil leaks out of the seam of the two capsule halves. Half my pills have almost no oil left in them, many are discolored with brown blobs in them, others are golden oil.
    I have tried many CBD products, but these are by far the worst! Don’t waste your money on them.

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