Peaked CBD Pods 1000mg (4 Pack)

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Contains four CBD pods with 250mg CBD each.

This product contains less than 0.3% THC and does not contain nicotine.

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Product Description

Contains four CBD pods with 250mg CBD each. Available in 6 incredible Flavors.

Choose From:

– Pineapple Express
– Clementine
– Blue Dream
– Gelato
– Zkittles
– Watermelon

What’s Included:

1 x Package Containing 4 Cartridges

Learn more about 1000mg Naturally Peaked Vape Pods

Naturally Peaked are one of a few cannabidiol (CBD) brands out there now making pods to work with vape pod systems such as the JUUL and OVNS. However, recognizing that consumers are seeking more potent relief from their e-liquids, they are now manufacturing a range of extra strength vape pods with 250mg of CBD in each!

With four pods in a pack, this works out to 1000mg of CBD-isolate extract per purchase, with naturally occurring terpenes mixed in good for measure. At present, we have these pods available in four flavors: Watermelon, Clementine, Gelato, Zkittles, Blue Dream and Pineapple Express. This gives users a chance to experience sativa, indica and hybrid effects with CBD.

We’ll get more into the benefits of each product in the post, but first, let’s take a closer look at the extract used by Naturally Peaked, and how these vape pods differ to some of the others you may have come across.

Made with CBD-isolate and natural terpenes

CBD-isolate is a form of extract which exclusively contains the benefits of CBD. The most popular method for making this extract is supercritical CO2 extraction, and it’s the ideal product for people who think they may benefit from CBD, but aren’t convinced about taking a full hemp extract. By adding non-intoxicating terpenes in after, as Naturally Peaked does, the therapeutic value of the e-liquid is boosted, while still keeping it completely free of psychoactive effects.

No nicotine or THC – perfect for drugs tests!

This product is much different to cannabis, since it doesn’t have any THC – you can therefore confidently consume CBD products, and be safe for drug tests. This vape e-liquid is also nicotine-free, so doesn’t cause addiction. Indeed, many find CBD e-liquids to be effective smoking cessation products.

High potency vape juice for a powerful JUUL experience

The Food and Drug Administration has not approved CBD for medical use. CBD is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.

Watermelon (Indica)

A tasty and fruity indica, Watermelon delivers refreshing relaxation, and is a good vape pod if you need stress or anxiety relief. The sedative effects are also great for sleep and managing chronic pain.

Clementine (Sativa)

Enjoy an energetic buzz while still staying in full mental and physical control with Clementine, a sativa-dominant vape juice. This is a peak CBD pod for breaking out of a depressive slump, and may also have benefits for creativity.

Gelato (Indica)

Another calming indica, Gelato is often described as having a “gourmet” taste, and you can pick up plenty of flavors from this vape pod. These include earthiness, orange, mint and citrus. Give it a go and see for yourself!

Zkittles (Indica)

Indica-dominant vape pods are renowned for relieving pain in all forms, and vape juices are extra effective for combatting the acute symptoms of neuropathic pain. If you need fast relief with a delicious pod, then try some of these potent Zkittles pods from Naturally Peaked.

Blue Dream (Hybrid)

Blue Dream is the sole hybrid vape pod in our selection, and gives you the best of both worlds, with a lovely sativa and indica combo. The beauty of hybrids is they are relaxing without leaving you sluggish, which is perfect for during the day. Get the pain relief you’re after, but spare yourself from sleepiness and fatigue by vaping Blue Dream.

Pineapple Express (Sativa)

It’s time to liven things up and savor powerful fruity hits with the sativa-dominant Pineapple Express pod. Sativas are great for putting you in a better state of mind, and enhancing motivation to combat depression and general malaise. While Pineapple Express takes its name from a very famous strain, rest assured that it’s not intoxicating in the slightest!

Can I use a pod vape with CBD liquid?

These CBD vape pods from Naturally Peaked contain e-liquid, and are compatible for use with the JUUL and OVNS vape devices. You can get both of these vaporizers right here at, and both models enjoy huge popularity in the vape industry – partly for convenience, and partly because they are great value.

In addition to Naturally Peaked e-juices, we have pods from a couple of other brands, and also JC01 refillable pods. These are awesome as you can fill them with whatever vape juice – or vape juices! that you like. Want an ultra portable vaping experience? Then CBD pods are the ideal products for you.

Final thoughts

These are the strongest vape pods for sale that we have at present, and will take your vape pen experience to another level. If you don’t have a JUUL yet, we stock a starter kit here at – check it out!



36 reviews for Peaked CBD Pods 1000mg (4 Pack)

  1. Francisco

    Unusable. They leaked straight out of the package. I am surprised they have so many “positive” reviews.

  2. CRAIG


  3. diane

    I loved the pods and that it was 1000mg. and the price was super. It helped my severe restless legs alot. And that is important because I do not like the side effects I get from the medicine I have to use for them. And I have to take it everyday. The peaked was great. I only did not care for the flavor I picked so I plan to pick a different one next week when I order again. Thanks

  4. Maryellen

    Came quickly and pods are awesome, no issues at all

  5. Bryan

    My first time trying cbd pods and I wanted to be careful when trying it. It was definitely worth it being from this site. When I was having trouble getting it delivered the customer service was very helpful. The product was strong and a bit leaky. The flavor is what i would\’ve expected. a mellow flavor, nothing too bold. It helped with my anxiety and relaxed my muscles when i needed to chill out. I\’d recommend this 🙂

  6. Taylor

    Great stuff but mine leaked, 3 out of 4 pods after the first few puffs just started leaking lost about 2 pods. But may try again and see if my luck changes.

  7. Colten

    Works as advertised

  8. Steven

    I liked these very much. It relaxed me and blended well with THC. It made my lower back pain stop. They taste good. It made me less anxious.

  9. Michael

    Great product helped with sleeping issues and anxiety among other things fast shipping and great price will definitely buy again thank you

  10. Paula Eckerson-Mendoza

    The cbd content in these pods are obvious and I am very happy with the results and the price point. I tried the gelato flavor and to me the “earthy” flavor translates to dirt. This may just be me, but it is the one star lost in this rating. The shipping/packaging was well done and fast. The item arived in perfect condition and I have not experienced the leaking issue mentioned by other users. As an fyi, you will need to pull a stronger drag off your juul unit for a proper hit. I intend to purchase 2 more flavors and will update my review based on those products. Perhapse the flavor of gelato is just not for me and again, it is the only reason for a loss of a star. This has nothing to do with the distributor as their service has bee A+.

  11. tricia

    I purchased two packs of juul cbd pods. The first pack was gelato. I wasn’t thrilled with the flavor but it helped with my anxiety. One of the pods had to be thrown out because it wouldn’t work at all. The second pack was Clementine. The effectiveness was great. However, two of the pods leaked terribly. Even when stored upright, when in the actual juul— what a mess…

  12. Michelle

    These ones did not leak! I was not personally a fan of the flavor but they did not leak!

  13. Jennifer Delima

    Absolutely love these products it eases my anxiety and they taste great I would like different flavors though

  14. Michael

    Second order of CBD pods and it’s definitely been helpful with joint pain and insomnia. Will definitely repurchase!

  15. Jennifer Delims

    Absolutely the best products I have ever tried! Very satisfied with the way I feel, people noticed a change in my attitude, very much different person. Yes the cartridges leak a little but not a lot

  16. Tonya

    Loved it! Great product and fast shipping.

  17. Christian

    This product is great. Especially for sore muscles.

  18. Jeannette S Green

    Awful burnt taste. Very disappointing

  19. Cullen

    This is the worst taste I’ve ever had. Blue dream flavor apparently tastes like a pine tree. And they did not relax me at all

  20. Melissa

    Great product and excellent customer service . They have earned a loyal customer.

  21. Mc

    If they didn’t leak before you even used them my review would be higher they do relax me and taste fine it’s just a shame that for what you pay they have a very clear design flaw.

  22. Luis

    Quick and fast delivery great product great tasting the pods do leak But I guess that’s natural I don’t know

  23. Asahel

    Helps a little I think I could use somthing a little stronger in potency

  24. Michelle

    They helped with my anxiety but they leaked after the first time I used it. Such a shame.

  25. Donato DeAngelis

    Waste of $50. I got Pineapple Express. The pods are made of cheap plastic and each puff taste like cheap plastic. They also leak. The packaging is nice but the product itself is not.

  26. Daniel

    Not happy with these pods at all. Sold 3 separate packs to 3 different customers and all were returned because they leaked everywhere, burnt when smoked and tasted horrible.

  27. Noah

    Works very well! However at times the pods can be leaky, but not too drastic

  28. Mazi Blankenship

    I tried the gelato cbd pods and to be honest I’m not a fan, the flavor is really gross and the pods were leaking before i even used them. Also it’s hard to get a good hit, my juul hits fine with regular pods. Maybe the other flavors are better? I’m really disappointed, definitely not worth $50-$60.

  29. Kevin

    These are pretty great. They work quite well, I just wish the pods lasted a bit longer

  30. Kyle Landry

    This is the best brand of CBD PRODUCTS I HAVE FOUND! These pods taste great and I feel relaxed every single puff I take. I have tried lots and this is the best tasting strongest carts out. A++++

  31. Jacob

    Delivery was fast. The product was great, very smooth and fast acting. The flavor was okay. (blue dream) This was my first order so I will try another flavor.

  32. Nancy

    I really like these . They were super potent and effective . So far all of them work . My only complaint is that they are really strong and they taste alot like weed or kind of burnt . Not the best flavor But they definitely do the trick .

  33. Staff

    I am in disbelief there’s no THC in this product. It’s the perfect concoction and it’s my new fav. This product uses ISOLATE CBD., and now my faith in isolate CBD has been restored! It’s an awesome thing when you buy a CBD product and it actually works!!!!

  34. Bill

    Great product, definitely reordering. I enjoyed the blue dream flavor and the dosage was great. Usually i would have to take multiple pulls from my vape to get the desired feeling, but only a few pulls from Peaked makes me feel relaxed!

  35. Christina son

    I bought the Pineapple Express. Yes, they work. But all of them were leaking.

  36. Candie

    I have tried every CBD Pod on the marcket….this is the best brand of pods I’ve ever used, and I’m a believer in CBD Pods now! The Blue Dream is a must have….I won’t be without it….please keep these in stock you wonderful team at!!!!

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