OVNS JC01 Replacement Cartridge (3 Pack)

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Product Description

OVNS JC01 Replacement Cartridge Coil Heads Overview

The OVNS JC01 Replacement Cartridge was not only designed for the OVNS JC01 Ultra Portable Kit but it can also be used with the Juul Ultra Portable Pod System. This versatile cartridge has a TPD compliant 0.7mL reservoir that is refillable through a convenient top-filling method. The type of cartridge has a 1.5 ohm coil for e-liquid for CBD oil. This cartridge utilize Ceramic coils for longevity and 100% Organic Fiber Cotton for optimal wicking. A side airflow slot brings air into the cartridge to deliver a Mouth to Lung vape that beginners and seasoned users can both appreciate. The OVNS JC01 has a built-in 400mAh battery that provides a low wattage direct voltage based output through draw activation. Made of environmentally friendly PEI material, the OVNS JC01 Replacement Cartridge exhibits top of the line technology to revolutionize pod systems.

OVNS JC01 Replacement Cartridge Coil Head Features

  • Pure Flavors
  • Organic Cotton
  • Pod Capacity: 0.7ml
  • Resistance: 1.5 ohm for Ceramic Pod
  • Sold as Pack of 3

Buy replacement JC01 CBD cartridge pods for the OVNS

The replacement JC01 vape pod for the OVNS device is a simple and great value product, but one that could transform your vape sessions – especially if vaping pods is your preferred method of enjoying CBD, nicotine or any other type of e-liquid. Each purchase comes with a pack of three empty pods that hold up to 0.7ml of vape juice and have a 1.5-ohm resistance.


In this CBD cartridge review, we’ll show you all the ways in which you can use this replacement cartridge for CBD products and more. If you have the OVNS, JUUL or both, you won’t want to go without these cartridges moving forward.

How to use the JC01 cartridge

It really could not be easier to use the JC01 cartridge, as they have been designed to work just like a normal JUUL vape pod. But let’s run you through the basics.

For the OVNS

The OVNS is a classy little portable vaporizer that has been made to function with vape pods, but it’s a little bigger and more stylish than the JUUL. This vape will work with any compatible pod of your choosing, including the JC01.


While some vape tanks can be fiddly, the JC01 pod cartridge is remarkably easy to fill with vape juice, thanks to the super convenient top-filling design. These vape pods have also been built to last, as they are made with ceramic coils. Organic fiber cotton is the premium material used for the wick.


We have a huge selection of e-liquids here at CBDVapeJuice.net, all of which would go well with the JC01 cartridge, whether they are made with propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) or any other carrier oil. You will get a fantastic industrial hemp CBD vaping experience with the OVNS, an ultra portable piece of kit that provides awesome flavor, with plenty of discretion.


What’s more, the JC01 cartridge has been put together with environmentally-friendly materials. Not only is vaping safer and healthier with these pods, it’s more sustainable too.

For the JUUL

Have you ever wanted to use your own e-liquid with the JUUL? Well, now you can with the JC01 replacement cartridge that is JUUL-compatible! You could use this pod as a CBD vape cartridge, and enjoy CBD relief wherever you are. Or maybe you want to combine your favorite nicotine and CBD e-liquids together.


With JUUL sticking to nicotine vape juices only for now, the JC01 replacement cartridge is the perfect way to take matters into your own hands and vape a high quality e-liquid of your choice. And rest assured, these fit precisely and snugly onto the JUUL, so you won’t experience any compatibility issues or dreaded leaks.

Why the OVNS is a fantastic portable vaporizer

As this refillable replacement cartridge has been made primarily for use with the OVNS, it’s only right that we tell you a little bit more about this device. You can purchase this vape here at CBDVapeJuice.net, and can learn even more about it by heading to the product page.


This vaporizer comes with a smart airflow control chip that helps to improve the inhalation process. There are also LED lights on the device which show you just how much battery you have remaining, something you don’t always get with portable vape pens. The OVNS is compact and ergonomic, with dimensions of 65mm x 8mm x 40mm.

Use official JUUL cartridges

We should also point out that as well as functioning with JC01 cartridges, you can use official prefilled JUUL cartridges with the OVNS, too. If, for any reason, you love the e-liquids made for the JUUL, but are not a fan of the device itself, then why not try them in the OVNS instead.

Exploring CBD cartridges effects

In this section, we are going to outline a few of the benefits that you may get from vaping CBD pods. However, while this content is intended to be educational, we stress that it is not medical advice and you should consult with a health care professional if you have a condition that needs treatment. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration – CBD is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Vaping is great for pain relief

CBD has acquired a reputation for delivering potent pain relief from a number of illnesses, without the downsides that many other painkillers are associated with. There are a few reasons why you should choose vaping as your method of getting quality CBD oil into your system.  


Firstly, the bioavailability of CBD is higher when vaporized, with the cannabinoid taken into the bloodstream almost immediately after inhaling, via the lungs. This intake method also means that the effects can be felt more rapidly. For conditions where pain is mainly debilitating due to its severity and sudden intensity, the near-instant relief that you get from CBD vape pods helps more than products which take effect more slowly.

Enjoy a cognitive boost with CBD vaping

If you are finding yourself in a mental haze all too often, then you may be in need of a cognitive boost to get your brain back in full working order. The neuroprotective and antioxidant traits of CBD are really, really good for the health of your brain, and many CBD users are claiming impressive benefits from using vaping products to help with their concentration.


In this sense, CBD is the safer and more effective alternative to nicotine. Vaping small doses is the most efficient way of enjoying the wakefulness and natural nootropic properties of CBD.

Use CBD vape pen cartridges to combat anxiety

Make anxiety a thing of the past by vaping CBD e-liquid infused into JC01 cartridges. A few draws will quickly melt away any anxiety and mental troubles you may be facing. We have a variety of CBD cartridges for sale – either individually or wholesale – that would work great with the OVNS. VB


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  1. Robyn

    Easy to use. Would buy again.

  2. Rob

    Great so far, no leaks. Perfect fit

  3. Barbara

    Nice to have replacements. came quick.

  4. Domenic

    Worked with some oils but hard to hit

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