OVNS JC01 Pod System Kit (Juul Pod Compatible)

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Note: There are two things pods do not like: Heat and pressure. Therefore we cannot ship any orders containing pods overnight or two day air, only ground. Once you receive them if they are in the heat too long they will start to leak, so keep them at room temperature or a cooler place. Leaving them in a hot area, such as a car, will ruin them, especially in the summer months.
I love this Vape pen! I love that I can easily swap out cartridges for a variety of flavors, I love how long the battery lasts, and how quick and easy it is to recharge. - Robyn 

Product Description

OVNS JC01 Pod System Kit (Juul Pod Compatible)

The JC01 by OVNS is a super small  sleek pod system, featuring a lightweight and compact design, draw-activated firing, and two different pods for alternative vaping methods and materials. The OVNS is very thin and small in shape, holding the pod right above the LED indicator lights. The draw activated firing means that the device can be designed without a need for buttons and can be used in a convenient on-the-go manner. The JC01 comes with one Pod for various various juice options and nicotine levels.

Battery Parameters:

  • Dimensions: 65mm x 8mm x 40mm
  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh

CBD Pod 1 Parameters:

  • Capacity: 0.8mL
  • Resistance Range: 1.5 Ohm

SMART MCU CHIPSET – The MCU with the smart airflow control chipset brings you a better instant inhale experience.

LED INDICATOR LIGHTS – When the bottom light is on, the JC01 is working. The above three lights will indicate the battery life:

  • 3 LED Lights – 100-70%
  • 2 LED Lights – 70-30%
  • 1 LED Light – Below 30%

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x JC01 Battery
  • 1 x E-Liquid Pod
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Find out more about this Vape Pod System Kit

The OVNS JC01 Pod System Kit is a fantastic Juul-compatible device. Designed to provide an easy and efficient vaping experience, this is an ideal starter kit, whether you like to use refillable pods or disposable pods. This vape device is intended for using CBD vape juices ornicotine e-liquids.


The OVNS vaporizer is available in eight colors: Aurora, Rose Gold, Blue, Gun Metal, Tiffany Blue, Red, Blue and Purple, and Green with Red Spots.


In this review, we will discuss the perks of this vaporizer, and show you a few ways in which you could benefit from it. Some find that Juul pods are excellent smoking cessation products. Please note that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Vaping is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.

Portable design

The standout feature of this vaporizer is its classy portable design. For a small model, it’s somewhat different to the other devices that you may find, with a square shape that is not dissimilar to a credit card – albeit it is slightly thicker. The vape pod is attached to the top of the device and can be removed to save space when you are not using it.


The sleek, ultra portable design is ideal for carrying on your person, as the device has just an 8mm thickness. The OVNS fits nicely in the hand and is a pleasure to vape from. The beautiful skins are another plus.

LED lights show battery level

If you have ever been frustrated by not knowing how much battery life is left on your vaporizer, you will never have that problem again with the OVNS. This model has three LED lights which show you just how much battery life you have remaining. Three lights indicate you have at least 70% left, two lights indicate you have a minimum of 30% left, and one light is a sign that you have less than 30% remaining.

Micro-USB charging

The micro-USB charging feature means that you’ll never be caught short with the OVNS. For every portable vaporizer, it is essential that you can charge up whenever you need to, so that you can get genuine relief from your ailments on demand. USB charging ports are literally everywhere nowadays. It’s brilliant that you can charge the OVNS in this way.

Works with Juul pods and unofficial Juul-compatible pods

The versatility of the OVNS is also in its favor. You can use this device in two different ways, and also harness the equipment to use with the Juul.


The OVNS is compatible with official Juul pods, but also works with unofficial Juul pods for sale that contain CBD. Juul pod mods are increasingly popular, as the brand is yet to release official CBD-infused pods.

Or add your own e-liquid

The kit also comes with an empty, refillable pod. Therefore, you can take your favorite e-liquid and vape juice mixes with the OVNS, and enjoy an optimum experience. Considering that most Juul pod products are single-use disposables, this sets the OVNS package apart from its competitors.

Use JC01 Pods with the Juul

The empty, refillable JC01 pods are also compatible with official Juul devices. This means that whatever e-liquid combination you want to vape with the Juul, you can now do so! For such a fantastic price, there are so many vaping options with this kit. This is the best pod for vape sessions with the Juul.

Draw-activated firing for convenience

Vaping manufacturers know what a high priority vapers place on efficiency and convenience. The OVNS developers have taken that on board and sought to make a device that is easy to use, and hassle-free.


You don’t even need to worry about pressing a button to turn on this device, as it comes with high-tech draw-activated firing. The OVNS recognizes the pressure change when you start to take a draw on the mouthpiece, and turns on automatically, immediately producing delicious vapor. Your e-liquid will always be ready for you whenever you want it, and this technology eliminates the risk of malfunctioning.

Final thoughts

The OVNS is a unique portable vaporizer, and one that really offers a lot for such awesome value. If you want to vape pods but find the Juul slightly too small, then this device has you covered. And with so many colors to choose from, there’s sure to be something that suits your style.


We have lots of Juul pods for prices that are affordable, and a range of products with different concentrations of CBD. Check out the pods that are on offer and you’re bound to find some compatible cartridges that would work perfectly with the OVNS.

16 reviews for OVNS JC01 Pod System Kit (Juul Pod Compatible)

  1. Dana Langdon

    I’m in love with this little device ! I own the kind pen and I won’t be using it anymore after getting this .. hits so easy .. feels great in the hand .. LOVE the refillable pod … love the size… it’s staying charged nicely. My hubby used it a couple times today and said “I need this”. Lol .. I’ll be getting another . This one is mine. A real plus .. this merchant has awesome customer service !

  2. Joel

    This little unit is fantastic – discreet, palm sized, solid/made well and is compatible with all juul cartridges. Battery life is decent but not amazing. Hits pretty well. Killer feature for me is the tiny refillable cartridge it comes with that you can fill with any juice. For the price, it’s a great little kit.

  3. Vickie Brasuell

    I love this device. I also ordered the refillable pods. I Use Genesis 1500mg Unflavored in it. It is super easy to use, has great battery life. I gave away all my other devices. I have bought 3 of these …. so far. Gave one as a gift.


    Hits very nicely, easy to use and smaller than I was expecting. Really fast shipping and customer service helped me get my tracking info. I highly recommend.

  5. Cynthia S

    This tiny vape kit is rather fun. I’m used to the Pico 75W (powerful) so there is quite a difference. It is easy to fill and is a good device for nic salts that needs a low watt, high resistance device. The refillable pods lasts for about three refills but are pretty cheap to buy. It recharges fast and lasts longer than expected. I needed to draw hard several times to get it going and it is a much weaker overall hit. However, it is tiny and a nice device to take on errands and as a change.

  6. Izzy


  7. Barbara

    Enjoy it with my cbd genesis vape.

  8. e_cole

    This is a fantastic device. So easy to use and easy to carry in my purse so I can vape at lunch time to reduce stress and just relax. I have filled the cartridge … easy to do but remember to be sure that the e-liquid is getting on both sides. Right out of the box I was able to test it out … I am in LOVE.

  9. Barry

    It’s a nice product I like it would you send me some information for the juice CBD

  10. Haley Roney

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I just received mine today and it works amazingly well!

  11. Robyn

    I love this Vape pen! I love that I can easily swap out cartridges for a variety of flavors, I love how long the battery lasts, and how quick and easy it is to recharge.

  12. Britnee

    This OVNS Pod System is absolutely amazing. Very compact and super smooth.

  13. J_tronique

    Absolutely the most discreet, attractive vaping device! This is my first experience with a JUUL clone, but I was surprised at the amount of clouds I got.
    Max VG stuff worked well, some items with PG worked well. Battery holds charge better than I expected that it would. I can not vouch for the carts working in name brand JUUL device. it is perfect for your own blends. It’s also perfect for other discreet vaping, of the medical variety. I came here looking for a second unit, but the price went up ;P

  14. Laurence Lubin

    Discreet and simple. Half the size of a business card.
    I can see the battery light while I draw so I know it’s working.
    Usable while charging if you’re on a long enough cord.
    I’m using Genesis 1500mg unflavored, and it’s so mild I’m
    not always sure I’m getting, it, but I am!

  15. Mr. Cakes

    love the discrete size that hides in the palm of your hand and I like to mix my own blend in the refillable pod. I would have given it 5stares if the jules brand pods burned properly in this device but they don’t.

  16. Stephanie

    Cute and tiny

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