Mustache Mob

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Note: These eliquids are nicotine products and do NOT contain CBD. They are meant to be vaped alone or mixed with another CBD product. Also keep in mind the 0mg contains no nicotine OR CBD. its just flavored e-juice! (for people who want to make their CBD last longer, taste better)

Product Description

Pabst Skinny Jeans: A vintage, hand crafted blend of creareal thats your new favorite vape. Grab your macbook and head to your local coffee shop, its time to blog about it.

Gluten Free Steampunk: Hold onto your v-neck’s because you’re in for a treat! A romantic blend of sweet mirabelle plums and exotic fruit with a candied finish. Legit.

Wifi McFixie: We hear it. Can you? It’s the sound of Cranberries, Sugar Cookies, and White Chocolate playing together in perfect harmony! Totes amazeballs!


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