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Inhale… Close your eyes….. Now Imagine being in the middle of the forest, the sound of birds are chirping, the wind gracefully pushes up against your skin, you see animals in the distance within their natural habitat and the crashing of the stream against the limestone rocks echos throughout the endless aesthetic……. Now exhale….. that was a pleasant journey we went on together wasn’t it? Relive this adventure every day with Limitless CBD Pre-rolls and just like the smoke, let your worries diffuse into the atmosphere.

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Product Description

Wedding Cake
Wedding buds are blooming. Contrary to its name, Wedding Cake doesn’t exactly taste like a traditional dessert. Instead, it offers mostly tangy and sour flavor profile with just delicate notes of creaminess.  High in CBG & Terpenes.
Preferred Time of Use: Day Time
Feel: Focus, Energy
Selected for its high CBG content & terpene profile (High Humulene, Nerolidol)

Siskiyou Gold
Named after the mountain range in Southern Oregon and Northern California, Siskiyou gold possesses all the same charm of this region. With golden and bright buds dripping in resin, this strain has a fruity and earthy aroma. The strain may be better for relaxing while maintaining that creative energy!
Preferred Time Of Use: Evening
Feel: Productive

Hemp Flower contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC and is Non-Psychoactive
For Adult Use Only


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