Limitless CBD Bath Bombs 50mg

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Does it feel like the clock is sitting still? Did you just finish your lengthy day to day workout? Let Limitless take you to your relaxation zone. Turn on some music, drop the powder in the tub and wait for it bubble up, let our bath bomb work your body from sun down to sun up. Available in five different blends including Stress, Relief, Relax, Energy and Sleep.

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Product Description

Settle in for a good soak with Limitless’s  CBD bath bomb exploding with essential oils and CBD. Whether you’re looking for the fizz, burst of color or scent there’s a bath bomb waiting for you. Our  bath bombs are made from 100% essential oil blends, hemp oil and CBD. We only use high quality food coloring, so our bath bombs will never stain your tub and are safe for absorption.

Pro Tip:
Don’t have time for a full bath? No problem, try dropping a bath bomb into a foot soaking tub.


How to Use
Fill your tub with warm water, drop in the CBD bath bomb and lie back, so you can enjoy its lovely color and magnificent fragrance!


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