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Specially formulated blend of natural herb extracts, proprietary ingredients, and essential vitamins. Unlike lean made with scheduled or dangerous ingredients, our product is a dietary supplement made with the customer’s safety in mind. Please drink responsibly.

THC Free

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Got me leaning for sure LOL put an OZ in a seltzer after work nd by the time I was napping I was feeling very relaxed. Next time i'm dropping a deuce lololololololololol lean talk - Alexander 

Product Description

Everything You Need to Know About Legal Lean

Legal Lean Syrup is comparable to lean, a purple, recreational beverage. The difference is that, as the name suggests, Legal Lean is perfectly legal!

Legal Lean is a relaxing syrup product that enjoys popularity in the United States. Legal Lean is available in two flavors – cherry and grape – and contains a myriad of vitamins, natural plant extracts and proprietary ingredients. Legal Lean is available for purchase at in individual bottles, and in packs of 12.

Curious to learn more about what’s in Legal Lean, how to use it and how it may help you. Then you’ve come to the right place!

What’s in Legal Lean?

Crucial to Legal Lean’s sustained popularity is the fact that all of its ingredients have been naturally sourced. The manufacturers have combined some of the most beneficial extracts found in the plant world, and combined them. The result: a powerful relaxation punch to soothe both mind and body. We’ve picked out and described the six most important extracts found in Legal Lean.


The inclusion of melatonin is an exciting one, as the hormone is great for getting the body into a relaxed state. Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland, which is situated near the center of the brain, and is typically released toward the end of the day, as a means of naturally promoting sleep.

The “body clock” is a real thing, although its scientific name is the circadian rhythm. This sleep-wake cycle has evolved over the thousands of years to release and block different hormones at different points. A well-functioning circadian rhythm will emit enough melatonin at the right time to encourage sleep. However, those with a dysfunctional circadian rhythm – which may cause insomnia – could be melatonin deficient. Hence the hormone’s value as an ingredient in Legal Lean.

Kava kava

Kava kava is a plant native to the Pacific Islands and is considered to have calming and mood-enhancing properties. The plant has been used for hundreds of years, remains popular in the Pacific, and is now getting noticed all over the world.

Kava kava extracts are found in Legal Lean, serving to enhance the relaxing concoction. The anti-anxiety and mood-elevating qualities of kava kava are a handy addition to the syrup. It’s no wonder Legal Lean is such a renowned evening de-stresser!

Valerian root

There is plenty of positive research on the benefits of valerian root, another essential ingredient in Legal Lean. This extract is a popular natural sleeping agent and may even aid with insomnia symptoms.

Valerian root may also help with anxiety. Therefore, if you have a poor quality of sleep, and are often kept up at night by intrusive and unwelcome thoughts, a serving of Legal Lean syrup could work wonders.


Lavender extract has a gorgeous, calming aroma, and those qualities are transferred into its effects. Lavender is rich in linalool, a soothing terpene with anti-anxiety and sedative properties. Extracts of lavender may also boost mood and reduce depression.

These properties ensure lavender extract is a wonderful addition to Legal Lean, working with all the other extracts to maximize the syrup’s relaxing effects.


Chamomile is an herb with a long history of use. Extracts from the plant have anti-inflammatory properties and are therefore ideal for tackling symptoms of arthritis. Chamomile is also taken to help manage diabetes. While chamomile often appears in tea, it’s also perfect for Legal Lean.

Chamomile is relaxing and is notably teeming with antioxidants which promote good brain and heart health. In summary, while adding to Legal Lean’s sleep-inducing effects, chamomile is perhaps most attractive here for its health benefits.

St John’s wort

St John’s wort has been used right back into ancient times. While the herb has been recommended for all kinds of illnesses over the years, St John’s wort is perhaps best known for its potential as a natural depression remedy.

Furthermore, the herb possesses anti-anxiety properties, and also has sleep-promoting effects. The combination of mental and physical calm provided by St John’s wort makes it an indispensable ingredient in Legal Lean syrup.

Getting the most out of Legal Lean Syrup

We suggest mixing Legal Lean syrup into a hot or cold beverage of your choice. Diluting the syrup makes it much more drinkable, and should give you more control over your intake.

How much Legal Lean is needed for a good experience? This depends on your tolerance to the product, and what you’re hoping to get out of it. Legal Lean provides some dosage guidelines on the packaging, and recommends that users take a maximum of two servings over 24 hours.

Given Legal Lean is super relaxing, we advise using this product in the evening, when your jobs for the day are done, and you can settle in and relax. Legal Lean induces both physical and mental sedation, and this sleepiness could be quite unpleasant during the day.

However, if taken around an hour before going to bed, the extracts will have chance to kick in, get you into that calm, balanced state that you’ve been looking for. Such relaxation is also vital for a good night’s sleep!


Legal Lean is certainly a unique syrup product, that blends together some of the best relaxing extracts known to the natural wellness scene. Legal Lean promises more potent sedative effects than any individual relaxing agent. You simply won’t find a product boasting a more creative and intelligent list of ingredients.

We’re proud to stock Legal Lean syrup at Just bear in mind that this product does not contain CBD. However, if you are looking for CBD syrups, you’ll be glad to know we have a variety of options in our store!

55 reviews for Legal Lean

  1. Jeff

    I wasn’t a big fan of this. Mixed the entire contents of the bottle with some kool aid and drank it within a few minutes. The only thing it really did was make me tired and I felt groggy in the morning. Save yourself some money and take a Tylenol PM instead.

  2. Anthony

    Great all around service, easy to navigate website and find what you need and products came very quickly. Thank you

  3. Demetris

    It was ok

  4. Shirley

    Legal Lean. No ben fit. Total waste of my money.

  5. Laura

    Loved all the ingredients except the HIGH Fructose Corn Syrup since it has been deemed unhealthy. Other than that I loved it!

  6. Angelica

    Poured half the bottle into about half a cup of lemonade and ice WHOOOO I felt like I needed to lay down within 30 minutes
    And for me that was totally a good thing
    Definitely picking up more bottles

    Taste was meh

  7. Shayna

    CBD Vape Juice offers the quickest delivery and great products at competitive prices. Highly recommend!

  8. Eric

    Good , make or offer larger size

  9. Miranda

    Thick, relaxing, but taste like cough syrup

  10. Shayna

    Legal lean is a great product and CBD Vape Juice offers the best prices. I\’ve noticed quick delivery and excellent customer service!

  11. Alexander

    Got me leaning for sure LOL put an OZ in a seltzer after work nd by the time I was napping I was feeling very relaxed. Next time i\’m dropping a deuce lololololololololol lean talk

  12. Christian

    I didn’t feel much but the taste is on point.

  13. Britt

    I didn’t notice anything. Not sleepy or tired or relaxed. So I took 2 bottles and still nothing. Not worth the $.

  14. Brandon

    Great for relaxation and sleep.

  15. Darnell

    I think I need to be like syrup instead of water

  16. Michelle

    Help me relax . I think it is helping with the pain also.

  17. Taeler

    Gets me super sleepy!

  18. Comeco

    Does the job

  19. Kami


  20. Jakorean

    It was extremely good

  21. George

    Surprisingly good! It destressed me a lot. Would love a for them to come out with a combo pack.

  22. Laurel

    Helped me sleep

  23. Sybil

    Absolutely loved it, mixed it with a Sprite and about 30 minutes later I felt my body start to relax. It made me feel good and I rested rather well…

  24. Jed


  25. lightningholt48

    Small bottle for the price but well worth it for the effects. Im a big dude and this still hit me hard and i slept for about 10 hours feeling completly refreshed. Great way to relax after a long week!

  26. Danielle

    Slept great.

  27. Lavandas

    just like the real thing loved it as well

  28. David


  29. Naquan

    My product took forever to come.

  30. Angie D

    It did make me relax. Didn’t follow instructions and drink all at one serving. But it helped me chill a bit.

  31. Mark


  32. Jacob

    For the price, it’s small. But boy oh boy does it work

  33. Laderrick

    This is legit on babbbbbby

  34. L

    Good product

  35. danthemann19

    Great product helps me relax!

  36. kheythcalhoun

    I like it relaxed me a bit

  37. Justin

    I absolutely love this item , its very rich and it actaully takes effect , def some of the better stop Ive ever bught ofline , I just bought 2 more but u guys should start to send stickers with each purchase 😍

  38. Terrance

    I didn’t believe this was actually something true so I had to order and when I received it Oohhh my very delicious and it really does Calm you using all natural vitamins. I plan on purchasing more and more and informing others of it and also letting people know this is really natural lol. This helps me with my anxiety and PTSD.

  39. Harrison Sagula

    Will be buying again!

  40. MythBard

    I have insomnia and this put me to sleep all night. I will definitely give it another try! Hard to find something that will help me sleep through the night and not feel like a zombie the next day.

  41. Jose

    It was fia🔥

  42. Drew

    It was okay

  43. Keenan

    I love this shh straight up i was relaxed

  44. P.Jack

    was kina skeptical at first when ordering , after using half the bottle with juice it knocked me out for hours , ive never slept that good before . DEF ordering again !!

  45. Jed

    Works good

  46. Jed

    Will be buying again.

  47. Jed

    Good stuff! Will try again.

  48. Deion

    Great for sleep

  49. Garniquea


  50. Shaun

    Great stuff best sleep every

  51. Jed

    Seemed pretty good I’m going to try it again but I’ll give it 4 stars.

  52. Jed

    Gives you a nice relaxing feeling. Going to try again by it’s self.

  53. M.mangual90

    It Was Great It Had me relaxing

  54. Antwane

    I think it’s pretty good I like it a lot.

  55. JRoy

    Awesome Syrup! I was hesitant to ordering this, but then I read this review: and it clarified a lot. Very impressed with the strength. If you have problems falling asleep then get this one because you’ll be asleeeeep after 1 ounce off this.

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