Kush Cake

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This product contains less than 0.3% THC

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Product Description

Chewy & Chocolatey
Kush Cakes™ were developed by a licensed pharmacist and are made with a proprietary formula to support relaxation and sleep.

Legal in all 50 States
Yup, that’s right friends—what we put in Kush Cakes™ is legal in every state. You can buy and sell them around the world too.

Each brownies comes with hemp protein added-in to give you an extra healthy kick!

31 reviews for Kush Cake

  1. Kimberly

    They are ok, the texture was not good to me. I will stick with the gummies.

  2. Lorraine

    I am only giving this product three stars because I needed to eat two cakes to get to sleep. However, a lesser amount might work for someone else.

  3. tammy

    i bought these kush cakes even though the customers love them they have a 1 month expiration date from the time of purchase…really?!!

  4. Tasha

    I had to eat the whole brownie in order for it to work with helping me sleep. It was soft yet it was very dry.
    I feel that the price is too high $11.99 for only one brownie.

  5. Lorraine

    These kush bars taste good, but it took 2 bars for me to be able to sleep. Also, I found them dry and thought they were expensive.

  6. Taeler

    Love these

  7. E

    These are ultimate relaxation brownies I give 3 stars cuz the price I ended up finding these at my local head shop for 5 bucks.

  8. Miranda

    Very relaxing, I would buy it again

  9. Jennifer

    Absolutely love these kush cakes. They taste good and help me relax.

  10. Jerry

    Our Customers Love them!!

  11. Cory

    Actually tastes good.

  12. Raeofsunshine4U

    These brownies are fresh, taste great, and work! I cut a piece at night, and about hour later… nighty-night! Really helps with my insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain. I’ve ordered more, can’t be without these tasty treats!

  13. Debra

    Great taste, very effective for anxiety. CBDVAPEJUICE always helpful.

  14. Daniel

    Thanks enjoy it and glass of milk (go red Sox)

  15. Gregory feulner

    Delicious, soft and had the best restful sleep. Purchasing more this time..

  16. Debra

    Love Kush cakes, they taste great. Really effective for pain and insomnia. CBDVAPEJUICE provides quality products and great service.

  17. Debra

    Love Kush cakes, cut into small pieces and eat a couple at bedtime, really helpful for insomnia. Thanks CBD Vape juice for fast curtious service.

  18. Debra

    Love Kush cakes, really help with insomnia. Usually cut into fourths, and eat before going to bed. Love cbdvapejuice for fast service. CBD has made my life easier, with pain relief and help with sleep.

  19. Debra

    Glad Kush cakes are back, love these cut into piece and eat a couple to help sleep. Thanks for great service.

  20. Danielle

    Love them. Sleep well when I have one of these.

  21. Steve

    A hit with the customers, tast good and really works

  22. Kami

    Loved everything I got, ty!!!!

  23. Danielle

    I really liked this. The taste was decent but it really relaxed me and helped me sleep. Pretty cool little fidget spinner included was a surprise. Would buy again for sure.

  24. Debra

    Love the Kush cake, cut it up into small pieces and eat a couple to help relax and sleep.

  25. Debra

    Very helpful for insomnia.

  26. Rick

    expired old hard and just bad business

  27. Rebecca

    Worked as promised!

  28. fenderbender336

    Tasted pretty good. Helped take the edge off a bit. Worth a try!

  29. Angie

    It is dry but it worked great

  30. Sierra


  31. Timothy

    A little dry but still effective.

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