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This kush cake is popular. Customers like the taste and how moist it is. This kush cake will relax anyone. - Rebecca 

Product Description

Chewy & Chocolatey
Kush Cakes™ were developed by a licensed pharmacist and are made with a proprietary formula to support relaxation and sleep.

Legal in all 50 States
Yup, that’s right friends—what we put in Kush Cakes™ is legal in every state. You can buy and sell them around the world too.

Each brownies comes with hemp protein added-in to give you an extra healthy kick!

Learn more about Kush Cakes and CBD Edibles

Kush Cakes are non-psychoactive edible treats, made with ingredients that help you to relax. These products have become extremely popular in the United States, and are a great way of getting the benefits of natural extracts without experiencing any harsh side effects.


Kush Cakes are some of the best value edibles available at CBDVapeJuice.net, and can be purchased individually or in a pack of 12. In this review, we will touch on the benefits of some of the ingredients in Kush Cakes. We’ll identify some potential therapeutic uses and clarify how to take them efficiently and responsibly.


Before we get started, please note that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Kush Cakes and the legal CBD edibles for sale here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What’s in Kush Cakes?

Kush Cakes are unique in the edible market thanks to the eclectic mix of ingredients. Historically, these have all been favorites for relaxation, but the extracts work even better when incorporated into a single product.


The most exciting ingredient that has been added to Kush Cakes is the hormone melatonin. Created in the pineal gland, melatonin is key to the sleep-wake cycle, or the circadian rhythm as it’s also known. In normal circumstances, melatonin is released as the body prepares for sleep, providing a delightful relaxing effect.


However, some people have irregular circadian rhythms and a deficiency of melatonin. These Kush Cakes make up for that imbalance, propping up melatonin levels so that you can enjoy a better night’s sleep. If sleeping aids that you have tried in the past haven’t yielded success, then perhaps it’s time to try a more natural option.

Valerian root

Some people say that valerian is the plant version of Valium. Considering the calming effects of valerian root, it’s hard to disagree. This herb is native to Europe and Asia, and is known to have been used in traditional medicine practices for millennia.


Valerian root has potent sedative effects, which contribute to the sleep-inducing and anxiety-relieving properties of Kush Cakes. Valerian root also has antioxidants and helps to boost active amounts of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that is vital for relaxation and anxiety relief.

Hemp protein powder

You can enjoy the benefits of hemp oil in Kush Cakes thanks to the addition of hemp protein powder. This is a really nutritious ingredient that is antioxidant and mineral-rich, and also high in fiber. Amino acids are also present in hemp protein powder.


A great source of protein, this ingredient is easy for the body to digest. Most people could benefit from hemp protein powder, so it’s fantastic to have it in these cakes.

Rose hips extract

Rose hip is the round section of the rose flower, and is found just below the petals. The extract is a wonderful source of vitamin C, and may be helpful for remedying diarrhea, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, immune system issues, chest problems, and more.


in general, rosehip extract is great for reducing damage to joints caused by conditions such as arthritis. Rosehip also has antioxidants and is a brilliant anti-inflammatory.

Passion flower

The final ingredient that we are going to talk about in Kush Cakes is passion flower. A famous herbal anxiety remedy, passion flower is packed with anxiolytic and antidepressant qualities. Extracts of this flower have a slight sedative effect, which add to the indica nature of this product.


The inclusion of passion flower is just another reason why Kush Cakes are so good at managing the likes of insomnia. Flower extracts may also work to lower blood pressure.


Another awesome thing about Kush Cakes is that they don’t have any THC. This is the famous ingredient found in cannabis that makes you high. Those who want to enjoy only the medicinal effects of hemp are in safe hands.

What can you use Kush Cakes for?

Kush Cakes have many of the benefits of CBD oil, and products such as CBD gummies and CBD chocolate bars. While you can simply enjoy these as a tasty treat, they can be used to help with several ailments.


Kush cakes are excellent for insomnia. As we have already shown, many of the ingredients have soothing effects. But crucially, they work with the body naturally to initiate them.


You may be suffering from insomnia due to a specific sleep condition. But a lack of sleep could also be pinned on anxiety or pain. Whatever your issue, this product may go a long way to solving it.


Perhaps the most annoying thing about anxiety is the lack of efficient treatments for the illness. Those who are affected by the condition want relief that kicks in within minutes, not weeks. Kush Cakes are designed to do just that.


You have the benefits of valerian root, and also the lovely effects of passion flower. it makes a lot more sense to use natural ingredients to ease your anxiety then a synthetic option.

Relaxing and chilling out

Maybe you don’t need pain relief, or help with any illness. Kush Cakes are just as good for relaxing with when you want to make the most of the time you get to chill out.


Research suggests that the ingredients in this product can help to ease stress. However, because of the sedative effects, you may be best off eating a cake when you can relax at home, knowing that you don’t have to go anywhere.

Final thoughts

Just like when you are consuming CBD, you may have to wait a little while for the effects of Kush Cakes to take hold. The ingredients must be digested before they can be absorbed. For some, this process is quick, but for others it can take over an hour.


There are many CBD edibles online, but there are few products which resemble Kush Cakes. Give them a try if you haven’t already!

39 reviews for Kush Cake

  1. jmill62788

    Amazing!!! BEST CBD EDIBLE!!!! Makes your whole body and mind feel at peace!!! Perfect 👌

  2. Danielle

    Did not expect it to be a crumbly brownie. Tasted kind of like a stale little Debbie. I was happy to try it but definitely not for me.

  3. Debra

    Helpful with sleep, these were dry and crumbly.

  4. Renea

    It’s very crumbly but it works! And that’s the point …. it works!

  5. ronwjetsfan400

    It took me a long time but finally persuaded myself to buy one and man do I not regret it. It tastes similarly to a homemade brownie. However they are a little dry and I do recommend purchasing more than one at a time for a really good effect, but I’m not sure if getting a dozen is worth the price.

  6. Ashley

    my best seller

  7. Julie

    They did not affect me at all I think I need a higher mg.

  8. Ronald

    One of my best sellers, if it gets a little dry just microwave it for 5 seconds and its amazing!

  9. Clint

    Warning, do not eat this all at once. I cut mine into fourths and eat a piece about thirty minutes before bed. This is definitely a night time brownie!

  10. Abel

    Hit me strong and my clients real good for sleeping

  11. Rebecca

    This kush cake is popular. Customers like the taste and how moist it is. This kush cake will relax anyone.

  12. Kimberly

    They are ok, the texture was not good to me. I will stick with the gummies.

  13. Lorraine

    I am only giving this product three stars because I needed to eat two cakes to get to sleep. However, a lesser amount might work for someone else.

  14. tammy

    i bought these kush cakes even though the customers love them they have a 1 month expiration date from the time of purchase…really?!!

  15. Tasha

    I had to eat the whole brownie in order for it to work with helping me sleep. It was soft yet it was very dry.
    I feel that the price is too high $11.99 for only one brownie.

  16. Lorraine

    These kush bars taste good, but it took 2 bars for me to be able to sleep. Also, I found them dry and thought they were expensive.

  17. Taeler

    Love these

  18. E

    These are ultimate relaxation brownies I give 3 stars cuz the price I ended up finding these at my local head shop for 5 bucks.

  19. Miranda

    Very relaxing, I would buy it again

  20. Jennifer

    Absolutely love these kush cakes. They taste good and help me relax.

  21. Jerry

    Our Customers Love them!!

  22. Cory

    Actually tastes good.

  23. Raeofsunshine4U

    These brownies are fresh, taste great, and work! I cut a piece at night, and about hour later… nighty-night! Really helps with my insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain. I’ve ordered more, can’t be without these tasty treats!

  24. Debra

    Great taste, very effective for anxiety. CBDVAPEJUICE always helpful.

  25. Daniel

    Thanks enjoy it and glass of milk (go red Sox)

  26. Gregory feulner

    Delicious, soft and had the best restful sleep. Purchasing more this time..

  27. Debra

    Love Kush cakes, they taste great. Really effective for pain and insomnia. CBDVAPEJUICE provides quality products and great service.

  28. Debra

    Love Kush cakes, cut into small pieces and eat a couple at bedtime, really helpful for insomnia. Thanks CBD Vape juice for fast curtious service.

  29. Debra

    Love Kush cakes, really help with insomnia. Usually cut into fourths, and eat before going to bed. Love cbdvapejuice for fast service. CBD has made my life easier, with pain relief and help with sleep.

  30. Debra

    Glad Kush cakes are back, love these cut into piece and eat a couple to help sleep. Thanks for great service.

  31. Danielle

    Love them. Sleep well when I have one of these.

  32. Steve

    A hit with the customers, tast good and really works

  33. Kami

    Loved everything I got, ty!!!!

  34. Danielle

    I really liked this. The taste was decent but it really relaxed me and helped me sleep. Pretty cool little fidget spinner included was a surprise. Would buy again for sure.

  35. Debra

    Love the Kush cake, cut it up into small pieces and eat a couple to help relax and sleep.

  36. Debra

    Very helpful for insomnia.

  37. Rick

    expired old hard and just bad business

  38. Rebecca

    Worked as promised!

  39. fenderbender336

    Tasted pretty good. Helped take the edge off a bit. Worth a try!

  40. Angie

    It is dry but it worked great

  41. Sierra


  42. Timothy

    A little dry but still effective.

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