Krypted CBD E-Juice (500mg)

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Product Description

A perfect starter product for someone who is interested in trying CBD. This product is meant to be an additive. It can be combined with any nicotine, CBD, or 0MG juice. It is flavorless so it’s guaranteed to give that CBD boost without mixing any unwanted flavors.

3ml Bottle.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, PURE hemp isolate

Reviewing the Krypted CBD Vape Juice 

The Krypted CBD Booster is a vape additive that can be used to add extra strength to your e-liquid. This product is infused with 500mg of non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD). It brings benefits to your endocannabinoid system (ECS) as a natural, plant-derived remedy. Krypted is an established brand in the hemp-based CBD market, and they make a selection of high-quality products.


In this review, we will explore the advantages offered by the type of hemp extract that Krypted uses. And we’ll give you a few ideas on how to take the Booster effectively. This is a very versatile product that could be helpful for anybody who vaporizes CBD.

Made with hemp-derived CBD isolate

The extract used in this CBD additive is made from the industrial hemp plant. The CBD has been removed from the rest of the extract. This leaves an isolated CBD which has then been mixed into a carrier oil called propylene glycol (PG). Many vape juices, whether they contain CBD or nicotine, are made with PG as this ingredient helps to form a smoother vapor, so you can enjoy bigger draws.


As a CBD-isolate product, Krypted CBD Booster contains no THC. This is an important benefit for such a potent CBD additive. It ensures the user will be safe if they have to take a drugs test. Furthermore, many people have an aversion to taking THC in any quantity, even though it cannot produce a psychoactive effect in CBD-rich products.

How to use this CBD vape additive

Vape additives can be used in many ways, because the CBD is therapeutically activated and can be consumed right away. Those looking for a really powerful CBD vaping experience could even take this vape additive as a standalone e-liquid.

For extra strength

However, most people will probably use this product to make their favorite vape juice just that little bit stronger. Because the extract in the Booster is highly concentrated, just a few drops of it can increase the strength of an e-liquid by several milligrams. Moreover, the vape additive is flavorless, so will not affect the taste of the vape juice you may already have.

Mix with a nicotine e-liquid

Others may want to use the Krypted CBD Booster as a way of giving their preferred nicotine e-liquid a CBD kick. A growing number of vapers are finding benefits by combining these two substances, especially for improving concentration. Nicotine vaping has become very popular among those who are trying to give up smoking for good. CBD also possesses some anti-addictive traits that could theoretically help in this area.

As a potent tincture

It’s well-known that regular e-liquids can be taken as tincture oils under the tongue. This is a stealthy trick to take CBD in situations where vaping is not allowed. You can do exactly the same with the Krypted CBD Booster. But just remember, because of the high potency of this additive, you will likely only need a really small dose.

500mg of CBD packed into a 3ml e-liquid

The beauty of this product is that it is much stronger than many vape additives that you will find. If you want to make your e-juice mix more potent, but have a vaporizer with a small tank, then this is the perfect product for doing so.


But why would somebody want to take higher doses of CBD? Larger amounts, particularly when consumed in a vapor, deliver a strong hit of relaxation and sedation. Please be aware that because of the strong calming effects, CBD in such quantities may leave you feeling a little sleepy. It is therefore easiest to enjoy this product at home, and you should avoid using if operating heavy machinery.


We are now going to highlight some potential benefits of taking CBD oil by vaping it. We must clarify that this is not medical advice. You should consult a physician if you need help with a medical condition. This CBD product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Extra pain relief

Are you getting some pain relief with your CBD product, but not as much as you would like? Then this CBD Booster could be just what you need. A hefty dose of CBD is more effective at relieving severe pain symptoms, whether they be chronic or neuropathic. Having a vape juice on hand that can ease your discomfort quickly and efficiently will have a positive impact on your quality of life.

Combat inflammatory conditions

Research is showing that CBD could be extremely useful for combatting inflammation. This reaction occurs when there is excessive activity in the immune system. Some inflammation is beneficial. But too much essentially has a backfiring effect, as the body starts to attack itself.


There are pharmaceutical options to lower inflammation which have varying success. But CBD has risen in popularity thanks to the lack of side effects. Studies suggest that CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory because of the regulatory impact it has on the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Rapidly relieve stress

This is the best CBD additive for reducing stress, simply because of the potency. Stress can manifest in the body for a number of reasons. It’s key that we do not let cortisol levels get too high for short and long-term wellbeing. Relaxation and recovery are vital for our all-round health. A blast of CBD when we get chance to unwind helps ensure that we get the full benefit from our time off. Vaping is the best way to deliver those effects instantly.

Final thoughts

This product offers superb value, with 500 mg of CBD available at a fantastic low price. You may wish to mix this product with any of the regular Krypted CBD oils sold on our store. We stock a range of flavors, including Blue Dream and Purple Haze.


18 reviews for Krypted CBD E-Juice (500mg)

  1. Joseph

    Shipping was super quick. Added it to my Hemp Bombs 250mg non flavored, and it really helped me for my anxiety. Keeps me calm at night and I would recommend it to anyone who is skeptical of CBD working. Honestly happy with this one. Flavor is smooth too.

  2. Franangelico

    Actually works and surprised I still have a lot left!

  3. Edward

    This is the second bottle I have purchased, and am still liking it.

  4. Tom MacMillan

    very good works well mixes well to be honest every product i have ttied on your site has been great no complaints at all

  5. Brian

    Love it

  6. Brian

    The CBD is high quality. It was very potent. Helped with my arthritis in my neck.

  7. Mike Miller

    Love this stuff😁😁😍😁😁 And wow two day delivery time your company rocks!!!!!! Will be ordering again in a month or two!!

  8. Edward Michel

    I like Krypted CBD Boost because it let me set my own strength for the session I’m vaping at the time. If I want to weaker, fewer drops, if I need it stronger a few more drops. It doesn’t change the taste of my vape juice. I’ll be buy another bottle when this one runs out.

  9. david marquez

    Fantastic product doesnt change taste at all strong enough to relieve my back pain.

  10. Mike Miller

    I sent order and messed up my address and they sent a second order and refund,ed $50.57 , to my bank , which I will send back my fault not there’s , I will also send them the $ 63.57 for the second order they sent !!!!!!😀 This company went above and beyond the call of customer service said I can only give them five stars as they should get 10 stars Thanks for the great service!!!!

  11. Tom MacMillan

    it works good esy to fill in my vape tank and does not change flavor i use grape soda e juice for mixing

  12. Candy

    This does change the flavor of my vape juice. I was really disappointed. I don’t know if it works as I couldn’t stand the taste.

  13. Peter

    Great stuff

  14. Cara

    Exceeded my expertations!
    It does have a harsh taste, and is strong, just be mindful of this. Otherwise I good product.

  15. fjacob118

    Mixes very well with flavors and gives a good dose of CBD. Definitely good results

  16. Kalam

    Doesn’t change the flavor or quality of the vape at all while delivering a good dose of CBD

  17. Leilla Bae

    I added this to the Krypted CBD Vape Juice (Purple Haze) and ACTIVATE INTENSITY!!!!! That’s the only way I can describe the effects….crazy strong…..”A REAL GAME CHANGER”.

  18. Gary Sprecken

    I used this and added terpenes from a “Wellness Pack” made by SauceTerps and it created a great tasting blend of flavors and effects of 5 different combinations of Terpenes. These blends were THC free yet gave many of the effects that different vaping e-liquids give with THC in it. I am very pleased with the results.

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