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This product contains less than 0.3% THC

I absolutely love the white peach 🍑 it’s definitely one of my favorites. Definitely recommend the flavor and the store. - diannava 
THC Free
No Vitamine E
Lab Certified

Product Description

  • Each 30ML bottle comes in 3 strengths for user preference: 250MG, 500MG, & 1000MG
  • Made with 100% Natural CBD Isolate in a 60/40 (VG/PG) Base
  • For use in vape devices or can be dropped under the tongue sublingually


100% Natural Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate, Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, All natural food grade flavoring and all natural terpenes

Reviewing our selection of Krypted CBD Oils

We have a huge choice of Krypted CBD Oils, which come in a variety of flavors and strengths. Some of the oils may have familiar names, such as ‘OG Kush’ and ‘Sour Diesel’, but that is only a reference to the taste. These cannabidiol (CBD) oils are not psychoactive, and are meant for therapeutic use. CBD is an effective remedy for so many ailments, offering unique beneficial effects as a cannabinoid.


This post will concentrate on the ingredients used by Krypted to make this oil. We’ll also explain why it’s safe to use for vaporizing and as a tincture. And we’ll look at the most common reasons for using the 250, 500 and 1000mg products. With CBD, different strengths can translate to a different experience.

How it’s made

Any hemp-based product sold in the United States must have less than 0.3 percent THC. With Krypted CBD Oil, there is no THC whatsoever, because they use a CBD-isolate extract. You can check this out by reading the third-party lab reports of Krypted CBD products. We have helpfully provided them for you on this page.

100% natural CBD-isolate

Depending on your preferences, CBD-isolate can be better than a full-spectrum CBD product. This is the case, even though CBD-isolate extracts are created with CBD only and not the whole extract of the plant. Why? Because CBD users who are new to the industry are happy taking CBD, but not any amount of THC. This can be due to personal reasons for avoiding psychoactive products, or in some cases, because they may get drug tested at work.

PG/VG (60/40) base

Typically, CBD vape juices and tincture oils are made with a carrier oil, that goes with the extract. One reason for this is to dilute the extract, so that it’s easier to get an accurate dose.


Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are ingredients used by the food industry, but they are great for vaping as well. They produce a lot of vapor, and the VG has a sweetening effect on the extract, which helps to mask the hemp. The carrier oil is made with 60% PG and 40% VG, which makes for a nice blend between the runny PG and the thicker VG.

How to take Krypted CBD Oil

Krypted CBD Oil is a versatile product, as the CBD is already in its active state. Therefore, there is no requirement to heat it up before you take it, although clearly, that’s what happens when you’re vaping it. Crucially, though, you can use this oil as an e-liquid and a tincture.

As a vape juice

The blend of PG and VG is ideal, as this consistency means that all e-liquid compatible vaporizers can be used with Krypted CBD. Each product contains 30ml of e-juice – this equates to 8.3mg of CBD per 1ml of the 250mg e-liquid, 16.6mg for the 500mg e-liquid and 33.3mg for the 1000mg e-liquid. Check the size of your vape tank to know much CBD a full tank of e-liquid will hold.

As a tincture

This product can also be used as a CBD oil tincture, and should be taken under the tongue. Ideal for when you haven’t got the opportunity to vape or simply don’t like vaping, CBD tincture effects are comparable to vaporizing, coming more quickly than with capsules, syrups or edibles. You may want to mix this pure CBD tincture with coconut oil to increase the bioavailability of CBD.

Which strength do I need?

The effects of low and high doses of CBD are very contrasting – therefore, don’t expect stronger products to simply have more intense effects. In reality, while high doses do produce the sedative effects that CBD is associated with, smaller doses can actually be rather energizing.


The 250mg Krypted CBD Oil is great for people who have not used CBD before. The product is not too strong, giving you the chance to experiment with smaller doses prior to moving up to higher amounts. Ideal for steady dosing throughout the day, this oil can help to increase concentration and have a positive effect on wakefulness if you don’t take too much.


With longer vape sessions, you can have a more relaxing experience with the 250mg oil, but it’s not the most efficient way to use this product.


The 500mg Krypted oil allows for more potent CBD tincture dosages. The higher strength will provide you with the ideal dose for endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulation. It’s also a good CBD tincture for anxiety as long as your symptoms aren’t too severe.


The 1000mg Krypted CBD oil is the most potent product in their range. Recommended mostly for long-term CBD users, the strength of this oil will provide more calming effects, which makes it an excellent CBD tincture for sleep. CBD helps as a sleep aid not just by relaxing the body, but by easing stress and anxiety. The powerful benefits are also good for relieving pain, and bringing regulation to the body’s immune system.


However, for those who prefer lower CBD doses, this 1000mg e-liquid could still come in handy. Just a single hit on this vape juice will provide a few milligrams of CBD. Let’s do the math – for every four hits on the 250mg e-juice, you could get the same amount of CBD with one hit of the 1000mg.

Final thoughts

We have an extensive range of vape juices and CBD tinctures for sale from the Krypted range at Why not read through the reviews and see what our customers are saying about this CBD product?


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. While many people are finding CBD very helpful for their ailments, this product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

76 reviews for Krypted CBD Oil

  1. Dawn

    Perfect for use with refillable pod vape great product

  2. Joshua Gooden

    This is outstanding juice. Effective and tasty. What more could you want?

  3. Carl

    This stuff is the BEST . Really helps to control the pain and make my life easier . Many thanks for offering it for sale

  4. Robert

    Nice juice

  5. Kathy

    Love this brand! Got OG Kush and Purple Haze to vape throughout the day in my 16w pen with 1.2 ohm coil! Excellent flavor and gives a nice calming effect. I love! Super fast shipping and quality products! I will remain a customer without a doubt! Thank You!

  6. rustic

    So far I have tried OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Purple Haze and Blue Dream. Out of those, the Sour Diesel is definitely my favorite followed closely by OG. Its worth noting that those two have relatively similar flavor profiles, with the Sour being slightly more lemony and the the OG being a little more piney. The Purp and Blue, while not bad by any means, also have a really similar taste and not nearly as flavorful as the Sour and OG. They both have a slight berry taste with a little bit of spice. I drip these in an RDA which really brings out the flavor, also I’ll throw a little wax on the coil and you are good to go. I look forward to trying the Lemon Tangie next. I’ve been vaping cbd juice for several years now and this brand is by far my favorite out of what I tried so far, in regards to taste and the overall relaxing effect.

  7. Jeremy

    Your products are wonderful. Thank you for a great experience.

  8. william

    Good Stuff

  9. Debbie

    Great service but would love for the price to go down.

  10. Vincent

    It doesnt really taste like sour d

  11. carlos9vsix

    Good juice taste like pine sol and lemons

  12. Laura Harris

    Small drop under your tongue and you are good to go. Love it!

  13. spencer

    If you get the chance to try this please do, helps in all ways for me not a let down either.😋

  14. Brandon

    nice flavor and good price

  15. Brandon

    awesome prices and really good selection

  16. Bradley

    Great product with a fruity, yet earthy taste. Gives be a boost and relaxes me at the same time.

  17. Bradley

    Great taste. Helps with my anxiety, focus, clarity, and relaxation without getting tired.

  18. Thomas Jester

    Bought the White Peach. I felt it was better as a sub lingual. As a vape, I personally did not care for the flavor. Fast shipping, no problems.

  19. Jeffery Echols

    I use the Krypted 1000mg white peach for pain relief. (old deteriorating broken back and neck.) It does help. Especially first thing in the morning when the old injuries are really stiff and cranky. I have ordered from this company several times now. Fast service and always in stock unlike the smoke shops here. Price is the same as the retails shops plus a nominal postage fee but I will take that hit because as I said they always have it, fast shipping and I don’t get a lot junk email or messages trying to sell me something I don’t want.

  20. Young

    It helped a lot

  21. spencer

    💯 The best CBD ejuice on the market right now I highly recommend that you at least try it once other brands just don’t compare in my opinion. I have a lot of medical issues and so on I’m not saying this cures anything but it does help huge shoutout to CBDVapeJuice/CBDGenesis great customer service as well.!😀

  22. spencer

    💯 the best CBD Eliquid on the market I’ve tried a lot of other brands and they just don’t compare to this brand. If your looking for a new CBD ejuice I highly recommend this and shoutout to CBDVapeJuice as well.

  23. Kate

    This was my first time using CBD and a close friend of mine recommended this product. She said “Krypted CBD oil is the best and the sunset watermelon flavor is so yummy!” And she was so, so right.

    I have been considering using CBD for a while. I deal with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Since starting to vape CBD, I’ve been sleeping through the night more often than not, my mood has improved, and I have considerably less anxiety. I know it’s not a fix-all, but I am so thankful for it.

    Krypted CBD oil is the way to go, if you’re considering it! The flavors are absolutely fantastic and it is lasting a long time, with me using it consistently each day. If you’re on the fence, buy it! You won’t be sorry 🙂

  24. Brittne

    Best for marijuana smokers

  25. Ginger Doss

    The first time I tried vape juice I wasn’t sure I would like it because I don’t like weed..its nothing like it..tried small bottle 75mg.
    I tried before bed.slept like a baby..was so mind have 1000 mg.sunset hooked

  26. JoeT78

    The new Krypted Purple Haze has a great flavor! And as with other Krypted products it working great for my anxiety, depression and PTSD. I’ve had considerably less attacks since finding Krypted CBD, it’s literally changed my life and everyone around me has noticed. My home and work lives are so much better and I’m a lot less irritable. I’ve been on a few different prescription medications over the years with little to no relief, CBD really works for me. I’ve also noticed less pain associated with the arthritis in my shoulder that’s usually worse this time of year (Spring). If you’re on the fence about trying a vapable CBD product, give Krypted a try it may change your life too. And as always CBD Genesis has great customer service along with the best prices and fastest shipping on the interweb. 😁

  27. JoeT78

    Now that I’ve tried the OG Kush, I can say I like it just as much as the SD maybe even a little more. Krypted has definitely become my favorite CBD and I’m excited about the three new flavors Lemon Tangie, Purple Haze and Blue Dream. I can’t wait to try all three.

  28. billupxangelique

    Best vape juice I ever had will buy more

  29. joeytompkins

    The Sour Diesel 1000mg is my favorite oil so far, their was a minor hiccup with the first bottle I ordered but CBD Genesis took care of the problem immediately. Buy from them with confidence, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with Krypted at all. Im trying the OG Kush next, its already on the way with super fast shipping as well. Thanks, CBD Genesis.

  30. Jason

    I bought the OG Kush…and it did not disappoint. Nice fresh and crisp flavor. It worked miracles.

  31. Rhonda

    Actually just started using this far so good!!

  32. chelsea

    Had the please of trying Krypted Og Kush this week and WOW, I got to say not only did it help with my neck pain but the profile was spot of of OG. Smooth citrus and earthy notes was defiantly a must from now on in my line up. Great work and you have a new supporter

  33. casey hosey

    Low quality bad taste I thought it would be a great product because of the 43 5 star reviews but I guess they dont show the true reviews

  34. Michael

    White peach is great…the rep was helpfull..thumbs up

  35. Mark

    It’s an amazing product! Strongest I’ve tried!

  36. norrismitchell23

    Great ….it work for me (too piney) the next time im. Trying sour diesel …..
    Good quality

  37. Carlos

    Tastes great and good price.

  38. Matt

    Very happy with this, a friend recommended it to me and I cant be happier.

  39. Richard

    Tasty, exotic relaxing additive or stand alone.

  40. Carlos

    good flavor

  41. Carlos

    Great flavor.

  42. Steven

    Has a great flavor and great relaxing effect. As always, shipping was fast and free.

  43. Anthony

    Good juice, worth it

  44. Raymond

    my all time favorite. it has a great flavor that makes it even better

  45. Carlos

    Great purchase. It helped with anxiety and the the watermelon flavor is just right not overly sweet. It’ll be nice more mg for the price.

  46. Jeremy Pait

    The sour diesel tastes the most like the real thing, and at only 250mg in my bottle I was a little worried it wouldn’t be strong enough but take about 8-10 hits and feel your pain and anxiety slowly disappear after each and every puff, then take a few more.

  47. diannava

    I absolutely love the white peach 🍑 it’s definitely one of my favorites. Definitely recommend the flavor and the store.

  48. Kamie

    Great flavor. Next time I will lower strength.

  49. Layla

    Does exactly what I need and the White Peach flavor is yummy.

  50. Raymond

    krypted is my favorite along with cbd genesis

  51. Randall

    I have tried kush and peach. I like it, 1000mg. Will repurchase.

  52. rglauner

    Bought Strawberry Lemonade 500mg from a local Vape shop. It tastes like it’s named. I will likely buy a higher mg next time.

  53. Amanda

    I was really disappointed in the flavor of the “Kush.” My expectations were really high, given that I had seen them at a recent expo, and the hype was great. I wanted to try something outside of my normal brand, and other reviews said they were great. I tried vaping, under the tongue etc. To no avail.

  54. Raymond

    krypted og kush is excelent. good flavor and good price

  55. James

    This works well for my anxiety and has a nice flavor. A little on the sour side if you use as a tincture.

  56. Mark

    Excellent quality CBD juice. Got OG Kush flavor which is hard to describe, somewhere between citrus and a Christmas tree.

  57. Aaron

    So far it works great and taste great as well

  58. Kamie

    great flavor. although I bought the V8 baby pen and its leaking. I think I will enjoy it more with new vape device. i should get a refund for it. do not buy it. this os good though. I ts funny they didnt send me a review opportunity with it.

  59. Canek

    very good

  60. Timmy Timmerson

    I actually bought mine at a head shop and paid quite a bit more. I really like it. Very smooth.

  61. Daniel

    I got the OG Kush. It was very tasty. Kinda piney with citrus. It’s nice you can drop it under your tongue as well as vape. All in all a good product and this is an excellent site to order from

  62. Christopher

    1000 mg sunset melon was very smooth 💦💦💜

  63. Jill

    Always fast shipping and great product. Will continue to buy.

  64. Mark

    Its was great actually you drops under tongue very good arthritis pain and other chronic pain. It’s nice watermelon taste very good . And vaped was smooth watermelon nice I think you would love it.

  65. Mark

    Great flavour with an immediate feeling of calm and tranquility. I am already telling friends and family about this product I pick Sour Melon great choice . My next one I’d like try white peach .

  66. Raffi

    Love this stuff! I just recently learned they have another flavor, I’m ordering that one as well. I use this on my way to work, no odor on my clothes and helps me chill before I head into the chaos that is my job, krypted is a great product…

  67. Mark

    Works well great taste. And very helpful fot my insomnia.

  68. Leslie

    Love Krypted, white peach flavor is very pleasing.,

  69. Stephanie O

    White Peach tastes so bomb, I would recommend this and sunset watermelon. Haven’t tried the other ones yet from Krypted inc. but I can’t wait to purchase more once I run out. I researched online for different CBDs and just coming back to this brand. The price is def right!

  70. jake

    Yo I\’m leaving the 5 stars because I liked it a lot I thought It taste great

  71. Leslie

    Love the flavor, very soothing affect

  72. Michael

    This product is an excellent buy! It is smooth, and as with all of the products at CBD Vape Juice, it\’s quality is great!

  73. Charlene Leah Parker

    Smooth taste. Awesome product. Well, worth the money.

  74. Charlene

    Awesome product. This is the place to shop. This product I would highly recommend.

  75. Jill

    OG Kush tastes like a pine tree (yuck!). Strawberry lemonade is delightful tasting! From a “medicinal” standpoint, CBD levels provide adequate pain relief. Will buy again.

  76. Krysta C.

    Best in the business!!! Best tasting CBD Vape juice EVER!!! Most bang for the buck!!!

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