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  • Red  (The “Classic Strawberry Milkshake.”)
  • Gold  (Vanilla Caramel Custard)
  • White  (Flavorless Additive)
  • Jade  (Watermelon Green Apple Sour)
  • Blue  (Blue Raspberry Dragonfruit)
  • Tropical Popsicle (Cherries, Citradelic exotic Lime and savory California Whitebark Raspberries)

Learn more about Koi CBD in our complete guide.

THC Free
No Vitamine E
Lab Certified

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

I purchased the Blue Razz flavor. Very tangy and sweet. I've tried 2 others I thought I would like and they weren't even close. Got this because of the potency. - Dillon 

Product Description

Ingredients: 100% Natural Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate, Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Natural & Artificial Flavorings


  • Red  (The “Classic Strawberry Milkshake.”)
    We realize the market if flooded with strawberry milk flavors, that’s why this had to be special.
    After hours of refinements and hard work the final result is spot on to the “Classic Strawberry Milkshake.”
  • Gold  (Vanilla Caramel Custard)
    We started with 4 different types of vanilla and added a touch of creamy caramel to bring it all together.
  • White  (Flavorless Additive)
    A flavorless CBD additive that can be used: sublingually, added into your favorite e-liquids, added to your food or drinks, or vaped alone.
  • Jade  (Watermelon Green Apple Sour)
    Refreshing watermelon with a splash of green apple sour. Jade Koi is sure to ignite your taste buds!
    Looking for a crisp, refreshing watermelon flavor? You wont be disappointed.
  • Blue  (Blue Raspberry Dragonfruit)
    Blue raspberry mixed with dragonfruit, a fruity blend like nothing you’ve ever tried before.
  • Tropical Popsicle
    Taste the ultimate summer vape with each inhale as you cool off with tropical island flavors like Cherries, Citradelic exotic Lime and savory California Whitebark Raspberries. It’s a brilliant taste for a brighter day.

CBD concentrations:

1000mg CBD – 30mL Bottle
  • 34mg of CBD / 1mL (Full dropper/ Serving size)
  • 102mg of CBD / 3ml tank (average vape tank size)
  • Approx. 1.7mg of CBD / drop (depending on drop size)
500mg CBD – 30mL Bottle
  • 17mg of CBD / 1mL (Full dropper/ Serving size)
  • 51mg of CBD / 3ml tank (average vape tank size)
  • Approx. 0.85mg of CBD / drop (depending on drop size)
250mg CBD – 30mL Bottle
  • 8.5mg of CBD / 1mL (Full dropper/ Serving size)
  • 25.2mg of CBD / 3ml tank (average vape tank size)
  • Approx. 0.42mg of CBD / drop (depending on drop size)
100mg CBD – 30mL Bottle
  • 4.2mg of CBD / 1mL (Full dropper/ Serving size)
  • 12.6mg of CBD / 3ml tank (average vape tank size)
  • Approx. 0.21mg of CBD / drop (depending on drop size)

Suggested use:

For Vape Devices:

  • For even distribution of CBD throughout your day, vape as you would your favorite e-liquid
  • Can also be mixed with your favorite e-liquids
  • No special settings or wattage requirements
  • Can be used in any vape device

As a Tincture:

  • Adults take one full dropper (approx. 20 drops or 1mL) 1-3 times per day, or as needed
  • Drop under tongue, let absorb for 15-20 seconds before swallowing
  • Wait 3 hours after initial (first time) use to see how the level of CBD may affect you
  • Serving Size: 1mL (approx. 1 dropper full)
  • Servings Per Container: 30

Learn more about Koi CBD E-Liquid

Koi CBD E Liquids are some of the most popular products in our store. They manufacture a variety of flavored e-juices, and also a flavorless option known as ‘White Koi’. This e-liquid works great as a vape additive, combined with other vape juice flavors.

Koi CBD products are renowned for being made with pure CBD. They can be used to help with all sorts of conditions. Let’s show you how they do it in this Koi CBD review.

Ingredients used

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive ingredient of hemp and cannabis. Koi CBD makes products from industrial hemp. These plants have high concentrations of CBD, but hardly any THC.

Then, the supercritical CO2 extraction process used filters out any THC that may have been the hemp. This leaves a pure CBD-isolate extract that is THC-free – perfect for adding to Koi CBD E-Liquids.

CBD-isolate extracts are great for a few reasons. Many customers want their CBD product just to be made with CBD. That is so they don’t have to consume any THC. When an isolated extract is made, it’s also easier to sift out unwanted heavy metals and toxins in the plant material.

The carrier oil used in all Koi CBD e-juices is a combination of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). These are often used as ingredients in food products. PG creates a lot of vapor, which makes for an authentic experience. VG helps to sweeten the e-liquid.

Lab reports

Koi CBD products are analyzed at SC Laboratories. They have confirmed that Koi CBD vape juices consist of the stated amount of CBD, and that there is no THC. As these are CBD-isolate products, there was no need to test for terpenes.

How to use Koi CBD E-Liquid

The main method of consumption for e-liquids is by vaporizing. Koi CBD e-liquids are sold in individual bottles, so that you can add the vape juice in yourself. Just about all portable vaporizers and vape pens are compatible with Koi e-liquids, including the Koi Stik.

The flavored vape juices are tasty as they are. The ‘White Koi’ can be enjoyed as it is, but also with other e-liquids.

As a tincture

Taking CBD e-liquid as a tincture is less common. But it’s worth knowing that you can use the product in this way. You may find yourself in a public space where you are unable to vape. But taking a couple drops of this e-juice under the tongue is an efficient and discreet way of relieving symptoms.

How Koi CBD E-Liquid could help you

The 21st century has played host to the emergence of CBD science. We know much more about the benefits – and potential benefits – of CBD than we did 20 years. In this brief overview, we’ll outline how Koi CBD could help you.

Chronic pain

The most detailed survey yet of CBD users listed ‘chronic pain’ as the first-choice reason for taking CBD. This technically covers myriad of conditions, as pain isn’t an illness on its own, but a symptom. Research on pain has shown that receptors in our brain can influence our sensitivity to discomfort. This includes the CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

CBD has wide-ranging responsibilities in the ECS, but most importantly it ensures that the system is regulated. This involves maintaining regulation at the CB1 receptor. It seems that this is one of the mechanisms in which CBD alleviates pain.

Regular doses of Koi CBD E-Liquid will help to keep your ECS in balance, and reduce your perception of pain. What’s more, with vaping, you’ll notice the relief in just minutes.

Improved short and long-term mood

CBD e-liquid can provide a pleasant pick-me-up and energy boost in the mornings and afternoons. These effects are best derived from a small dose, as too much can have a sedative effect. This mood boost may come from CBD increasing availability of anandamide (AEA) in the body. AEA is a natural, mood-enhancing endocannabinoid found in the ECS.

Longer term improvements in mood, and relief from depression, may also be possible with CBD e-liquid. Evidence shows that CBD can encourage positive changes to the brain. This, combined with CBD helping to address chemical imbalances, makes the compound one of the most intriguing around as a supplement for mood.

Dosage guidelines

Koi CBD E-Liquid is available in 100mg, 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg. Flavors available include Red Koi, Gold Koi, Blue Koi and Tropical Popsicle. All of these products have 0% THC (see the lab reports above to confirm this).

The amount of CBD dispensed in each drop of e-liquid varies depending on the potency. The 100mg bottle emits around 0.2mg per drop, while the 1000mg bottle emits closer to 2mg. A full dropper of 100mg and 1000mg Koi CBD E-Liquid contains 4.2 and 34mg of CBD respectively. A full dropper of the 250 and 500mg e-liquids contains 8.5 and 17mg of CBD.

First-time CBD users should get acquainted with the effects of CBD first before moving onto stronger e-juices. Low doses have a reputation for being energizing, while higher doses are more relaxing.

Final thoughts

Hopefully this review of Koi CBD E-Liquid has improved your knowledge of their products. Vaporizing is among the most efficient ways to get relief from CBD. With Koi, you can always expect a consistent and real experience when using their products. They have taken a transparent approach, keeping customers fully informed about how they make their e-juices. Click here to learn more about Koi’s best products.

Please note that all of the content in this article was for informational purposes. Those with medical conditions should consult a physician.

Does Koi CBD get you high?
No, Koi CBD products do not get you high, or otherwise intoxicated. Koi CBD products are made from industrial hemp, which is 100% legal in the United States, providing it has less than 0.3% THC. CBD does not contain the psychoactive properties found in THC, and if anything, studies suggest that CBD influences the body in the opposite way to THC. This means you can consume Koi CBD, even in large quantities, without getting “stoned” or “high”. However, CBD can have a relaxing effect, so bear this in mind if you are taking it in big amounts.
Is Koi CBD oil full-spectrum?
Koi Naturals CBD Tincture Oils contain their special PRIZM broad-spectrum hemp extract, which is not quite the same as a full-spectrum extract. Koi’s extract consists of CBD, a rich cannabinoid profile, and terpenes, but critically, no THC. The broad-spectrum, THC-free blend is ideal if you want to maximize hemp’s effects without having to worry about failing a drug test. However, different Koi CBD products are made with different extracts, so it’s always worth double checking before making a purchase.
Is Koi CBD good for pain?
There is currently no clinical evidence that CBD can help with pain. None of our CBD products are sold as medication or painkillers, and the FDA has not approved CBD as a pain remedy in any circumstances. The present science on the issue is conflicting, although surveys indicate that pain is a common reason for taking CBD. It’s worth doing your own research, and you may wish to consult with a medical expert to get their professional opinion on CBD. Always speak with a doctor if you have concerns about your medication plan, and do not attempt to self-medicate with CBD.
Will Koi CBD show on a drug test?
The vast majority of Koi CBD products either contain CBD-isolate or their unique PRIZM broad-spectrum blend. Neither of these have any THC whatsoever, meaning you won’t be in danger of failing a drug test. However, it’s always worth checking twice, when buying any CBD products. Always read the lab report to confirm a product is THC-free. Avoid full-spectrum CBD products if you are worried about your CBD use showing up on a drug test.
Is Koi CBD FDA-approved?
No, Koi CBD is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As of May 2020, the FDA has not approved any hemp-based CBD products that are available to the general public. But Koi CBD does conform with independent lab-testing expectations. We have third-party reports accessible for all of the Koi CBD products sold at CBDVapeJuice.net
How does Koi CBD Oil make you feel?
Many users report that Koi CBD Oil has a calming and relaxing effect, without affecting their mental state. In small levels, Koi CBD Oil may be slightly stimulating, with the relaxing effects more noticeable from larger amounts. However, this will likely vary from person to person. Not everybody is influenced by CBD in the same way. Your best bet is to try it and see how it works for you!
How long does CBD stay in urine?
This likely depends how much you have taken. For most users, CBD becomes undetectable in urine after about five days, but there have been reports of it staying present for weeks. In addition, CBD appears to become detectable in urine within two hours of consumption. But don’t worry about it too much. CBD is legal, non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive. THC is the compound drug testers are interested in when looking for the presence of cannabis. Providing you’re using a CBD-isolate or broad-spectrum product, there’s no need to fret!

763 reviews for Koi CBD Vape Juice

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    I have been buying this for months now. At first you wonder, “is this helping”
    But then when you skip it for a couple of days, you’re like why am I so sore?
    Then the AH HA MONENT….I am only 55 yrs , and I’ve already had 2 hip replacements, fibromiyalga, degenerate disc disease, and anxiety, depression….this has helped alot

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    I ordered the koi summer flavor fuji apple it’s is amazingly refreshing and fruity. I love it. It arrived very quickly as well

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    Best ever for pain and calm therapy. Have related success to many friends, and we know that referral has worked .

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    Amazing product for my anxiety/panic attacks. This is a much more natural method than the medication I\’m prescribed and it\’s effective. Will definitely be purchasing again!

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    Ordered late Friday night, was in my mailbox Monday morning. Great price Very Happy Customer!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    One of my customer’s sampled some KOI at my Vape Bar. He took a few pulls and just sat there for a while without movement and a smile on his face. I asked “Is everything o.k.?” “what’s wrong?” and then he replied, “Nothing, absolutely nothing” with a big smile on his face!

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    Love the products you offer

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    I got the raspberry/dragonfruit one and it’s very tasty! The beneficial CBD effects (in my case, preventing/calming anxiety attacks) are noticeable after a few drags even at the lower 500mg concentration.
    Thanks very much and keep up the good work! I will probably be ordering more of this stuff before long. I’d like to try the other flavors and maybe step up the % CBD.

  108. Kevinn

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  114. Glenna

    Didn’t know what to expect, but was hoping for a little bit of pain relief. Didn’t get that though, but did get a better view on life, it lifted my spirit’s, which is no easy task, lately. So all in all it is definitely worth the money, but I don’t know how much I can afford. Will take it one day at a time. Thanks for being there…

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  120. Bryce

    I love this company very good customer service that’s also very reliable. Only issue I had was the flavor of the ejuice I bought which was the Jade Koi CBD 250mg the taste is very bitter and isn’t very smooth it’s almost too warm tasting and super bitter. I will be ordering the flavor less one at 500mg to mix with regular ejuice.

  121. Martin

    Not bad flavoron Fuji but with pacamama vape juice fugi apple mixed in its much better. Not much pain/muscle relief but good for anxiety n sleep aid

  122. steve

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    The actual packaging of the liquid that I received was VERY beat up (squished, ripped corners, etc), but it still seemed to be sealed so I used it. Shipping was fast and I like the product.

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    Great product. I pulled a muscle in my back and bought this in hopes of easing the pain and it absolutely did. Nice sense of relaxation and pain relive. I bought the 250mg and plan on trying 500mg next

  125. Willis

    I highly recommend this site, I have tried several different products and I am completly satisfied with all of them. I have shared this site with family and freinds every chance I get. I love the site, the product and the on-time shipping. I plan on being a customer for life.

  126. Willis

    I highly recommend this site, I have tried several different products and I am completly satisfied with all of them. I have shared this site with family and freinds every chance I get. I love the site, the product and the on-time shipping. I plan on being a customer for life.

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    I am very pleased with the results so far. I have already noticed the pain in my joints have decreased and my anxiety is a lot more manageable, after only 1 week. My Mom suffers from joint and back pain she is going to order some for herself as well. It has changed my life Thank you so much Koi.

  129. David

    I really like the taste! I can vape it in a TFV12-V8 at 100-115W. What can I say, I really really like the taste. There is a hint of an aftertaste but it\’s not bothersome. As for the CBD content; I picked up a 1000mg in Fuji Apple. I don\’t know if the CBD helps – Since I\’m aware that CBD at this dose is mostly moderated by the placebo effect, sadly, I\’m not likely to benefit from the supposed helpful effects of the CBD. In any case, I took a gamble and gave it a try. It\’s ok. I now mix it with a 3mg Krankberry (non-colored). Once it\’s gone, I won\’t be purchasing it again unless the price of the 1g bottle comes down some. Thanks

  130. Michael

    Awesome! Tension headaches feel so much better now!

  131. Mike

    Finally, my tension headaches are gone!

  132. Leah

    Love this liquid because it can be vaped or consumed under the tongue. The flavor is strong tho, a very sour raspberry flavor.

  133. Deseri

    Awesome I’ve tried 3flavors so far working towards the rest

  134. Grace

    Did not like the vanilla caramel

  135. Adrian

    Very good product.I got what I paid for and the shipment was very fast!!!

  136. Kel

    I started with the flavorless additive at 250mg, which has worked and overall, I really liked it! I will be trying out different milligram measurements, but I’m very satisfied with the product and can’t wait to try new flavors

  137. mtwtarheel

    I can’t speak for the other flavors, but the green apple is horrible. I would imagine this is what vaping turpentine would taste like. But as long as it’s effective, right? WRONG! I can feel absolutely NO benefit whatsoever. I ordered the 250mg and cannot tell if there is any active cbd in this at all. Total waste of money.

  138. Tamit

    excellent product for vaping ! thank you cbd vape juice
    helps instantly!

  139. Tamit

    excellent product

  140. Lisa

    The juice is great! Fantastic flavor, very effective. Only gripe is the post office losing the shipment for a few days, but I’m the dummy who chose USPS so I have only myself to blame for that one.

  141. Margaret

    I like that I have the option to take it orally or use it in my vape. This definitely helps with my aches & pains.

  142. Mark

    Great taste! Awesome product will definitely be ordering more soon!

  143. Michael

    Great product!

  144. Deseri

    The dragon fruit the blue one is my favorite

  145. Lisa

    Shipped in a timely manner, great flavor, and highly effective.

  146. Mick

    Good quality. No poor grassy / earthy taste.

  147. Cindy

    Taste great

  148. jesse

    Its excellent! I love this. fugi apple is amazing.. This is the medicine!

  149. Debra

    Very happy with my order, came quickly and helps my anxiety. I will definitely order again

  150. Mariah

    Fiji apple is to die for. Amazing. Will definitely be trying more flavors!

  151. Dianna

    I really like the Koi flavorless CBD E-Liquid. It really mixes perfectly with my other flavored 0 nicotine e-liquids. I will definitely be ordering more real soon.

  152. Domenic

    Great product. The Koi juice has great flavor but it’s very thin. Shipping was very fast.

  153. kha_ngo

    Awesome product! Very fast international shipping as well. Thanks!

  154. Kha

    Awesome product! Fast international shipping as well .

  155. Tia

    I love the CBD juice but had a hard time finding a vape pen that lasted without making my high quality juice taste burned. I will purchase again, probably in a higher dosage. I suffer from anxiety and trying to attend school for physical therapy and it calms me but not as much as I\’d like

  156. Joseph

    500mg blue taste good when vaped in aspire breeze 2, helps a bit with pain.

  157. Cortney

    Great prices, great product and super fast shipping

  158. Phoebe

    I got the Red flavor, and it has kind of a bitter aftertaste.
    The effects of it are nice though 🙂

  159. Cristina

    Great product. ordering again!

  160. Arthur

    absolutly love it

  161. Jessica M

    It was okay. I like the genesis brand better

  162. Tamit

    great product

  163. Hayden

    It’s really goid

  164. Wendy

    Gold has a creamy pleasant flavor. I do need to add a few drops of max VG to my Sourin Air to prevent leaks but it does not change the effectiveness. Insomnia is so much better on 250!! Will be ordering again!

  165. Mariah

    Love koi vape juice. Definitely purchasing again!

  166. Mariah

    Love koi vape juice

  167. Lexie

    i love it! i recommend to anyone with depression/insomnia/anxiety. i use 500mg and wow <3

  168. aaron

    Very nice juice. KOI CBD juice is the best I\’ve tried. CBD reduces and even eliminates my joint inflammation.

  169. Tamit

    Great liquid for pain

  170. Dudepool408

    Koi is amazing! I’ve tried Blue and Green. They both taste amazing through my Smok Prince tank, and they do the job! Blue is my favorite! Tastes like a blue raspberry icee. Green is great, but a little too sour. So I mixed the 1000mg with BLVK Unicorn’s FRZNAPPLE 6mg vape juice to soften the sourness with menthol. It’s a great combination!

  171. Gary

    Great product and easy to sell

  172. Sophia

    It arrived broken with barely any protective wrapping. For an expensive glass product they sure cheaped out on packaging.

  173. Claire

    The taste is perfect, the company shipped my package quick and was in perfect condition

  174. antonio

    Like it a lot and will be purchase more very soon. Also try to purchase gummies too but always out of them.

  175. Nicholas

    Great tasting and provided what it says it will do for your you thank you

  176. John

    Great product. Fast shipping. You have yourself a new customer now.

  177. Cole

    Great product. I cant complain. Its hard to find cbd oil that is flavored. Although i wish it had a tad bit more flavoring added. 4 stars!

  178. Tamit

    great oil ! is best for artharitis and acne scars

  179. Tamit

    Best cbd out there

  180. Tamit

    Best cbd out there

  181. Jared McLean

    I have tried 2 different flavors from KOI.
    Both in 500MG. I am vary happy with them. And will be ordering more soon!

  182. Jason

    Great product will use it everyday

  183. mike

    great juice

  184. NICOLE


  185. Tanya

    Only one I will buy now. Seems to be better than hemplebox.

  186. terri

    Very good taste, however didn’t find the “relaxation” effect so many claim nor the pain relief also claimed.

  187. Lenny

    It was to thin, it leaks right out of the coil.

  188. Bobby

    Tastes pretty good under the tongue – not the worst for sure. Tastes great vaping it straight in a Suorin Air. Strongly recommended.

  189. Yumi

    I got the Jade flavor and it’s very tasty. Compared to my other oil which is flavorless, it’s seems to burn easier and get that gross taste. It does cal my anxiety though. And again, Jade tastes reallly good 🙂

  190. Martin

    Thank you so much for my koi cbd. Not only was delivery very prompt. But the juice its self was very flavorful & helped with my nerve pain & anxiety

  191. kerri

    awesome best cbd blend yet!

  192. Mark

    Shipping was quick, product was good. Noticeable difference.

  193. Sherkedrick

    Good juice

  194. Pamela

    I have seen a difference in my pain level but I have only been using it for a couple of weeks

  195. Amanda

    Best CBD oil I have ever tried… I love the blue koi cbd its awesome… it took my gastritis away completely… it started working in the first dose and by the second bottled my gastritis was gone all together it\’s amazing

  196. Kimberly A

    works great

  197. James

    I literally love it so much. Thanks, it is great. It has cured my prostatitis, no antibiotics for 4 yrs now. I have been getting it from E bay, but want to go directly to you now. Thanks for the great product.

  198. Michael

    Awesome, taste great and work wonders.

  199. Steve Bevill

    Great seller

  200. Travers5466

    I am new to CBD Vape juice but so far very happy with my purchase. I did a lot of research before buying and Koi seems to be the to go to brand for quality.

  201. Victoria

    I love Koi cbd oil! I use it all the time. I highly recommend this product! 5stars!!!!

  202. Gary

    Koi vape juice is a very popular item in our store. I just wish it was full spectrum.

  203. terri

    The juice is excellent. Great flavor. And arrived before scheduled! Would buy again.
    5 stars

  204. Kieran

    Works very well for vaping. Under the tongue for me is way too intense. I’ll try a different flavor to see if it’s any different.

  205. chad

    I was a little skeptical about whether or not this would work but it really does aid in calming you down. I don\’t really much the taste when doing drops under then tongue, but vaping is reallyy relaxing

  206. Mindy

    This stuff is good,especially for vape. I started out with 250mg I personally think i should have sent with a higher but wasn’t sure what to expect being new to cbd. I would buy again

  207. Mindy

    This stuff is good,especially for vape. I started out with 250mg I personally think i should have sent with a higher but wasn’t sure what to expect being new to cbd. I would buy again

  208. BLANKA

    I bought Koi CBD e-juice in 500mg to manage my anxiety. I\’ve been vaping it for 1 week – throughout the day as I need it – and so far I am happy to say that it helps a lot.

  209. Charles

    Awesome CBD liquid by koi. I got the strawberry one and it helps a ton.

  210. Michael

    It is still so hard to believe after 25 years of misery and pharmaceuticals when I finally found something in CBD that has eliminated migraines and clusters otherwise known as suicide headaches thank you so much for such good service and friendly staff this is going on the 3rd month and my Texas wife has not had migraine or cluster headache since she started using it thank you so much

  211. Michael

    The koi brand that you sell is a miracle to me and my fiance she has faught with migraines in cluster headaches for 25 years at least pharmaceutical medication did not actually work it helped but since she has been on this CBD five hundred or thousand mg depending on what I can afford to get her she has no I repeat no migraines or clusters it is our miracle and thank you very much

  212. Rebecca

    Slows down my heart rate, relaxes me, and tastes amazing. I will definitely purchase this again.

  213. jarod


  214. jarod

    Amazing product great flavor and helps with my leg pains!

  215. tyler

    i loved it , ill probably go with a higher mg next time but it has helped me so much i try not to use it daily i try to only use it when i have pain , and or a off kinda day or etc

  216. Mitchell

    Great vapour production, flavour is subtle and a bit hempy but overall works amazing and mixes well with other ejuices. Can also be used as a tincture for those without a vape. Would buy again.

  217. Shawn

    Great taste. Works as advertised !

  218. Kathryn

    At 1st i got sent the wrong flavor, the site quickly sent the right one! So pleased with customer i knew I would continue ordering 🙂 the caramel flavor is really strong but still good!

  219. Canek

    no words , this is the brand I always been using

  220. Tamit

    5 star

  221. Tamit

    5stargreatforvapeand excellent for acne

  222. Carl

    Best I\’ve tried so far

  223. Amber

    Great product.

  224. Daniel

    Burns my throat like hell. Immensely painful.

  225. Charlemagne

    I love Koi E-Liquid. I have tried the Blue, Strawbery Milkshake, and Caramel flavors. One just seems tastier than the other which each new one I choose. I use the 500MG to vape and it helps with my anxiety and depression.

  226. Rhonda

    I love cbds E liguid. I use it for pain. My daughter uses it for pain. The taste is good. I have used it for months. If you have not tried it you should.

  227. Connie


  228. James

    It hasn’t helped my pain

  229. James

    It hasn’t helped my pain

  230. Maureen

    I absolutely LOVE the white CBD oil from Koi its flavorless mixes well with my vape flavor. I highly recommend this product to anyone who suffer from pain, anxiety and depression. This stuff is awesome!!! I’m so much more cake, relaxed and even the depression is better!! Great stuff!!

  231. Michael A

    Well I know for a fact that my best glad your friend in the world I struggle with migraines and clusters both since getting koi just the 500mg she has not had one since she got it it’s only been two weeks she has to get them at least every other day and the insurance company didn’t alive at 12 tablets a month it’s a godsend in a miracle the CBD really works

  232. XAVIER

    I ordered Pink, and Jade. Both are great but the jade is the best by far!

  233. Mick

    Great quality, fast shipping.
    White leaves no earthy, grassy taste when mixed with other vape juices.
    Helps fix early onset tremors from Arthritis and Parkinson\’s.

  234. Jeremy

    Ordered Saturday night, got it Wednesday! Helps deal with everyday stress and body fatigue. Only wish flavor was a little stronger.

  235. German

    Excelente producto, me sirvió bastante para mí gastritis ulcerosa,

  236. Jeremy

    This is thee Best product I have ever used! I have been dealing with severe sciatica back since I injured myself and this is truly the only product that I\’ve come across that gave me any relief like this one has. I don\’t even take my Tylenol or celebrex since taking this. I have a 10mm bulge with tear and narrowing of the spine, Im scheduled for surgery to fix the site however this has helped me tremendously.

  237. Susan L

    I love this stuff. The only thing that makes my pain go away. The flavor is outstanding and I love that you can add in a smoothie or drink as well. You won’t be disappointed!

  238. Adex

    Honestly, the product itself is great, the flavor is fantastic… Just wish the packaging were a tad bit… Sturdier? That\’s my only complaint.

  239. Kirsten

    Love this, just wish it was a clear bottle!

  240. jarod

    GREAT PRODUCT taking my pain away and letting me take my life back thabk you so much!!!

  241. Sheyenne

    Overall great product!! I’ve seen a dramatic change in my anxiety will defiantly be buying more. And I use the 500mg bottle

  242. Troy

    Works great

  243. cashdash990

    Blue 250 mg was my first and it was great . i finish bottle fast tbh . 1000 mg is my next 💪💦💦

  244. Ashley

    This is my favorite cbd that I\’ve tried yet! It helps a lot with anxiety, depression, nausea, headaches, as a mood lift, plus more. The blue flavor is delicious but I\’m going to finally try the green one next time.

  245. Michael

    Love it! Helps with pain, nausea, insomnia, appetitie, etc.

  246. Brian

    I love the product, it is great that you have a flavorless form.

  247. nathan.me25

    Not very potent.. tastes good though! Over priced for how little it does… mixes in my tfv8 well.

  248. Daniel

    Very happy with both the product and service of these guys. Bit under 2 weeks shipping to Australia but good prices, definately will be a regular customer here

  249. Tamit

    Best cbd oil
    Thank you for the quick and easy service !!!
    Cbd vape juice are great store

  250. Matt

    Great price great taste

  251. Heather

    Really good product

  252. Heather

    The product is really good. It is helping with my pain and taste great too.

  253. Maritza

    This is the second different CBD oil I purchased. Thus far, I really like this one way better. It taste good and has helped with my pain. I can’t say completely but I have a bit more mobility than before. I also don’t think it burns great while vaping it. That’s why I gave it 4 stars.

  254. Sidney


  255. Francois

    Delicious,I love ❤️ it

  256. Amir

    Gives a subtle relaxing effect. Also high quality vapor. For the price of $99 tho

  257. Canek

    I always use this brand, one of the best in the market

  258. Richard

    The Watermelon Green Apple Sour did not disappoint, with the sour tart green apple watermelon twist, its was worth every drag. 😀

  259. Ryan

    This shit is proper strong man got me wasted thanks a lot cbd stoners

  260. Eli

    Got the Sour Apple Watermelon, and could honestly say I was surprised at how good it tasted. Just a hint of flavour without the common earthy CBD taste you get from these types of juices.

  261. christopher

    This works GREAT

  262. Lisa

    Ordered the “jade” it had a great taste. Recieved my order in a timely fashion.

  263. Conner

    Great tasting and healthy product. Packaging is discreet and professional. Very satisfied with this product

  264. Eric

    Pretty nice stuff got 500mg blue and I was it in my juul pods and vaped it and also just dropped it in my mouth I went to top golf and put a half of dropper in my mouth and I was there for 5 hours and for 3:30ish hours I was completely calm and I have servere anxiety

  265. Tara

    I was very happy with the cbd oil I received. I will definitely be buying more from this website.

  266. kyc2081

    Great product; it reduced my anxiety, I do feel very relaxed.

  267. Rose

    I bought a 250mg bottle and i bought this to help me with my insomnia and my acne and I probably shoudve gotten like a 2000mg version because I dont see much of a difference but the juice tastes great and i even received a Kush Cake that I didnt ordered but i appreciated it for the 420 ! 🙂

  268. Joshua

    I ordered 250mg of the Gold flavor and it works great and tastes great too. Would definitely purchase again.

  269. Haley

    Always 5 star

  270. Anna

    Got the blue one at 250 mg and I love the flavor. Although definitely have to get at least 500 mg next time

  271. miklebud

    Green tastes great! Will definitely purchase again.

  272. Michael

    Green tastes great! Will definitely purchase again!

  273. Kath

    I have been taking the Koi 500 mg for a week now. I take it sub lingually and a small amount mixed into my vape juice. I started off very slow as was a bit apprehensive as of yesterday I am taking 15 drops over the course of the day for anxiety and depression and to help with rheumatoid arthritis. I don’t think my dose is high enough to see any results for the pain but I am definitely more relaxed and think my sleep improved last night.

    I had a very traumatic event almost three years ago and while I am not expecting this to be a miracle cure for my emotional baggage it is most certainly helping, will be buying again. I personally like the natural flavour as I know some fake flavours really can turn me off and as this product is quite expensive I didn’t want to run the risk of getting a flavour I did not like.

  274. spencer J.

    I have stress related trauma seizures and regular epeilpsy and other issues and am on a lot of meds, it has Helped so much so far I hate being controlled by the pharmaceutical company. I will be 100% transitioning to cbd oil and medical marijuana in the future and coming off of all meds. Thankyall so much.!💯

  275. Robert

    tastes great. helped sleep. needed 1000% as it wasnt as effective as hoped

  276. shane

    Pretty great juice. Taste was good but it burned really quickly. Still a good choice as my first cbd juice.

  277. Kenneth

    Very satisfied

  278. Dylan

    I am thoroughly impressed with this purchase. If not for the CBD effects, the flavors are outstanding! I had purchased the lowest content of CBD and it works very subtly on myself, just enough for what i needed though. The blue raspberry dragon fruit is a wonderful flavor in and of itself as well! Shipping/handling speed was very quick as well. I would purchase again, thank you.

  279. Jenny

    The flavor options are amazing and the packaging is beautiful! Will order again!

  280. Brian

    Tastes great and helps with anxiety.

  281. kerri


  282. kerri

    This tasted great, works wonders

  283. Baron

    Planning on ordering again with. Nice flavor will try different flavor next purchase.

  284. Conner

    Quality vape juice that provides smooth pulls and refreshing flavor.

  285. Canek

    Excelente product and all the flavors taste very good, I do use it all the time

  286. Richard

    was wonderful best e-liquid I’ve had the pleasure of tasting and vaping yet. and the free 3 day shipping is awesome. 😀

  287. Amanda

    I have severe chronic gastritis. I was nauseous and vomited just about every morning when I woke up. I also could go all day and eat little to no food at all. Since I’ve been using the Blue Koi I haven\’t vomited at all. I am eating better and feel better. I drip it under my tongue when I wake up and put 20 drops in my vape and add my favorite vape juice to it. I started with the 100mg it lasted me 15 days was suppose to last 30 but it works so well i’m not complaining. I ordered the 250mg next and not having to use as much so it may last 30 days. It came in the mail in 3 days. I had previously tried another brand from another company it did not work well and it took almost 2 weeks before I got it and it was too expensive plus it cost me $12 just for shipping. I love Blue Koi and this company. Product is great, free shipping, and not as expensive. Which is great cause I’m a full-time college student. It also works great for my Attention Deficit Disorder, migraines and my anxiety.

  288. Dale

    I would recommend this for anyone who might be experiencing pain of any kind and especially if you vape. CBD mixes very well with ejuice and IMO helps enhance the vaping experience. I have been using it daily for around a month now and it has helped my cronic head aches that I have been experiencing from youth due to a head injury that I sustained from an auto accident.

  289. David

    The CBD worked and the flavors tasted pretty good.

  290. Paul Veverka

    Pretty good. Red is the favorite flavor here. Definitely will reorder.

  291. Morgan

    Been using koi for over a year. I have used other cbd vapes since than and this is still my favorite. Highly reccomend gold and red koi.

  292. Conner

    The Jade flavor Koi CBD liquid provided a cool and refreshing experience. The watermelon flavor is very noticeable but not overwhelming and there are only hints of sour apple. Because of Koi\’s discreet packaging I was able to take my E-Liquid overseas without any trouble from TSA. Would 10/10 buy again

  293. Juan

    Great flavor could be stronger

  294. Clint

    The koi was really good. Relieved my anxiety and taste great. Loved the fast shipping that was free to. Will definitely reorder.

  295. Patrick

    Great product for a great price!

  296. Stephen

    Thank you. I love the liquid. It relaxes me. And helps me out too

  297. Kristine

    I love it! And it arrived faster than I expected

  298. Oscar

    I am glad I chose CBD vape juice! They have a great service and speedy delivery too! Thanks !

  299. Justin

    I loved it, it mellowed me out and helped me relax. I will be upping the dosage though.

  300. ed

    pretty harsh on the throat if you are a non-smoker and you try and vape it but it is fine using it orally. A good product, not Koi\’s fault that I\’m not a smoker.

  301. Jessica

    Not filled all the way!

  302. Alicia Alexander

    I love it..so far my favorite is jade

  303. Canek

    My favorite flavor is Gold Vainilla, very effective in daily use ,

  304. Matthew

    Great CBD products. Love CBD Vape Juice

  305. Mike

    Love the flavor tastes amazing

  306. Yusef

    Sick vape juice

  307. Samantha

    The juice is nice, it’s a bit thicker then a normal juice. I am not sure if it works for its purpose.

  308. Leslie

    Love cbd juice.

  309. DMontae

    Awesome product really worth the price.

  310. Angela


  311. Joshua

    This product didn’t really help me. I don’t care for the taste either, but it was easy to vape didn’t burn through coils.

  312. Jennifer

    Its a great flavor and brand. Cbd helped with back pain and anxiety. I am going to buy this again.

  313. Daniel

    Absolutely AWESOME!!! I believe it was the quickest shipping I’ve ever had!!!! The cbd juice works really well!! I was honestly surprised how well it helped with my chronic pain!! I did find that using it under my tongue helped my pain more than vaping it. I bought the koi blue raspberry Dragon Fruit and I must say the flavor alone is worth vaping!!! It also doesn’t taste bad when you put it under your tongue. I’m very pleased with my purchase!!

  314. Fischer

    Nice stuff works well

  315. Jason

    ordered the 250mg. 3-4 inhales is perfect. relaxes me. 7-10 is too much. i end up with more anxiety. the relaxing effects arent a high so to speak. if you are looking for that you need the THC. its a mild fuzziness. will purchase again. on the expensive side so doesn\’t get 5 stars.

  316. Kari

    Amazing as always. I have tried 3 flavors now and they’re all so good. Customer for life!

  317. Gleanna Tompkins

    After trying two different flavors from another brand, I decided to go ahead and try Koi. Man, what a difference in flavor! Seems to work as well as the Hemplebox I was using but I don’t get the strong earthy taste of the CBD with the Koi. So much nicer. I tried the Jade and I’m really liking it. Not too sweet and that pop of tartness from the sour is pretty nice. Little more pricey but for the flavor it’s worth it.

  318. Kimberley

    I like the new ” lab results” tab for the products. So glad that us there. Overall, the website is very easy to use. I love all the products offered. Koi is my favorite vape. I like pink and white.

  319. Stan

    no effect from it

  320. CANDACE

    Not bad at all.

  321. Thomas

    Love it

  322. Samuel

    Great stuff but didn’t say what wattage to use at and I had to buy a whole new vape for it after not understanding the problem for many days. Would be good to put in the description for noobs like me

  323. Wesley

    I dont know what I was expecting from CBD oil. It didnt help with my pain,didnt help with anxiety,didnt help with appetite and it didnt help with inflammation. Cant really say much more than its price is to high and the taste is 5 of 10. All around unhappy. Hope this helps someone from wasting there money.

  324. Conner

    Product both tastes great and produces thick clouds. Along with being a healthier alternative to nicotine containing vape juices, Koi CBD provides smooth pulls and a mellow, relaxing effect.

  325. Jeremy

    I enjoy this product

  326. Amy

    Blue is my favorite, I get it everytime. Love the Koi CBD e liquid!

  327. Wassim

    i love it, this is the Best CBD e-Liquid i have ever tried, keep up the good work guys

  328. Canek

    Excellent product , I alway purchase 250 mg for daily vaping

  329. Jeffrey

    It’s the shit guys,everything I needed,legal thanks.

  330. corneliusgunnar1

    My PTSD gets in the way of work also my life also anxiety I been on anti depressants for 8 or 9 months I keep going up in mg and it’s messing with me so I decided to switch to CBD and Koi was the one I saw a lot on and wow am I glad that I bought it I am not taking any anti depressants and the CBD is so so much better. Just bought another bottle as I just wrote this review thanks Koi you’re a life saver hey maybe that should be your next flavor life saver cause you saved so many lives.

  331. Anon Amos

    Ok, So I started out vaping CBD with the KOI products. I went with the pink lemonade. I am so glad I started out with KOI. I’ve tried other CBD E-juices and
    I’ve been nothing but” less than impressed”. Poor flavors, weak clouds, ruined clearimizers and coils. If you are wanting to start vaping CBD. Start with KOI and stay with KOI.
    Everything else is weak and a disappointment. Learn from my mistakes and save the money by sticking with a quality E-liquid.

  332. Jordan

    Not worth the time or money receiving this product. Hopefully there are other products to purchase that’ll prove otherwise to me.

  333. walker

    great flovor and takes the edge off

  334. Ashley

    Before I started using cbd, it got to the point where I was having crippling anxiety and panic attacks on the daily. After using 500mg Green Koi I am able to enjoy my everyday life without the added stress my anxiety would cause. It helps me sleep, and I also struggle with waking up throughout the night and being unable to fall back asleep due to racing thoughts, which a few puffs of this will diminish. Thank you Koi Cbd for giving me my life and happiness back, I dont go without this stuff now and I wont anytime soon. The green and blue are my favorite flavors and the shipping is always less that 3 days for me!

  335. Tyler

    Bought Koi CBD Red, 100mg

    Good tasting. It does take a few vapes for the taste to develop, but once it gets there its good.

    At the lowest concentration I can feel a definite relaxation effect. I tend to get stressed very easily and my body takes it out on my GI tract, a few vapes of CBD helps calm it down.

    The reason I\’m giving it 4 instead of 5 stars is that this is my first CBD product and I have been experiencing mild- moderate nausea and dehydration if I have more than just a few vapes. I can\’t tell if its because of the product or CBD itself.

  336. Joe

    good flavor and it has helped with my anxiety and pain

  337. jylehansen

    I got the 1000 mg white koi and was extremely sceptical. I’m no longer sceptical at all! I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my sleeplessness and anxiety and its improved my wellbeing over all. Thanks heaps will definitely order again

  338. Alexandre

    Very good Product, Very good Service

    A bit Pricey

  339. Michael

    The company is excellent. I messed my address up in the order and they contacted me right away to fix it. The handling time and shipping was quick, although the shipping cost was pricy. First time using CBD. The pink lemonade flavor is tasty and not overpowering. The CBD crystallizes in the glycerin solution so vaping this stuff is similar to inhaling Fiberglas. Would not recommend vaping it. However, using this like a tincture (dropper full under the tongue) works really well. I have moderate anxiety often leading to panic attacks and the CBD has helped. I’ve recommended cbdvapejuice.net to friends and I’ll definitely be placing another order soon. Thanks!

  340. Tina_hall008

    Koi CBS is a great vape. Order three bottles blue gold and white. They were everything I was expecting. My order arrived on time.

  341. Taylor

    It definitely helped me destress, however, I found that if you take too high of a dose, it causes acne so watch out. CBD in general has risks of acne, so its not just exclusively caused by this product.

  342. Mark

    I give it two stars cuz it does tast good but i dont feel jack shit off it and i got the 500mg i would not buy it again to much money.

  343. Thomas

    This works great for me. I’ve been sleeping better, I’m in less pain and my anxiety levels are down. Would buy again..

  344. erica

    Ridiculously sweet!!!! Tried to return but BC I opened it I obviously can’t send it back. Didn’t even use it due to the scent,, no joke. Wasn’t even looking to get my $$$ back,, rather just send me a creme instead. Even if the price is lower. I don’t care. Just take this crap back. BTW,, it was the vanilla custard flavor. Never again.

  345. Tyler

    Great product, truly no flavor in the “White” Koi. Showed up on time and fully in tact.

  346. michael

    The koi vape juice has been my go to for CBD treatment and vape liquid since I started using. The flavor is tasty and it doesnt splatter too much when you puff it. It is also a nice addition to drinks.

  347. Paul

    My first CBD purchase. Koi was highly recommended. As a stroke survivor, I noticed a nearly immediate relief from the nerve pain and anxiety I\’ve been dealing with. Thank you for an avenue for pain relief that doesn\’t include big pharma or require THC. I\’m a customer for life.

  348. Quincyanna

    Very pleased. Although it\’s flavorless, it makes my e-juice taste a bit different, but it\’s not horrible, so I can\’t really complain.

  349. Matthew

    CBDVAPEJUICE are the kings 👑 of providing cbd to somebody like myself who lives in Australia 🇦🇺 where cbd is unavailable. Got the koi red 1000mg within a super quick international shipping time frame. Cbdvapejuice thank you 🙏. I will be buying from you guys again,

  350. Warren Richardson

    Picked up a 1000mg bottle of Koi Gold as well as 3 other CBD extracts from different manufacturers. Best hands down!

  351. Kevis

    I tried this with 100mg not as effective as I hoped. but going to try a higher dosage.

  352. james

    Delicious as always and arrived on time!

  353. Audreyrod654

    Honestly this product is the best my second time buying it. It helps with my anxiety a lot has great flavors to I got the 500 mg

  354. Brenda

    The gold koi is great. Friends have tried and purchased also.

  355. Juan

    Is real good the flavor of the blue koi is delicious.

  356. Dylan

    I love this stuff. I use it often to relieve my anxiety. Relieves me of stress and anxiousness. I will continue buying the 500mg blue.

  357. Franco

    Very good product

  358. Joanne

    Have been using KOI and I feel the medicinal benefits of CBD. Also have used edibles, whichI think it could be a bit less expensive, and at the same time these is a quality products. I use the unflavored white version of Koi. Prompt delivery, a friendly company.

  359. Sonny

    Thanks this company is very reliable and has a good taste in juice

  360. sharon

    Very happy with the packaging shipping and product. Will definitely be coming back to order more in the future.

  361. Brenda

    Love the koi 500mg green and blue, I use the cbd koi in my vaping of and it’s great! Helps me relax and let’s me get a good nights sleep!

  362. Miranda

    This oil makes no difference. Just as if I smoked regular vape oil from the corner smoke shop. Won’t buy again.

  363. David

    Great quality item. Although i personally need a stronger dose, it did work great for my girlfriend and parents. I will be purchasing again, but the 500mg.

  364. Alix

    i enjoy this product very much, great flavor

  365. Odd

    Outstanding product, I got the 500mg gold one. When I first got it and got it set up on my vape I couldnt believe the symptom relief I got from it. My anxiety was all but gone in a couple of puffs and my ibs symptoms have really died down. Highly recommended.

  366. Richard

    The koi was ok it did separate though. Brown ring on top and seemed to taste burnt from time to time.

  367. Canek

    the best CBD for vaping ever tried

  368. Korrin

    Bought it for my husband and he loves it. Thank You

  369. Alan

    Great delivery, great flavor, great results!

  370. Jerry

    Fast Delivery great product

  371. Jerry

    Speedy delivery quality product

  372. Dawn

    I bought White Koi for my husband. This is the second CBD oil I have bought, the first one tasted so bad that he refused to use it. He loves the Koi, he uses it every night before bed. It helps relax him and eases his aches and pains. We will be reordering.

  373. James

    best stuff on the market, great tastes

  374. Keneil

    Favorite flavor is the blueberry!

  375. Sara

    Couldn’t feel the CBD so maybe I need to try a different one with more CBD. Juice tastes nice tho.

  376. karen

    exactly what I ordered.

  377. jodibarker76

    Great flavor whether used as drops or vape juice. This product is a delight.

  378. Jessica

    I really liked the Koi CBD. The Blue Rasberry Dragonfruit has such a great taste. I used this product after my knee surgery so I didn’t have to take Percocet and it worked really really well for pain and inflammation.

  379. Jacob

    Koi is a top choice for anyone looking for some CBD juice.

  380. Canek

    Love the flavors and the tasty , Vanilla gold is my favorite , I buy this brand every month

  381. Samuel

    Amazing taste and feel

  382. Steven

    This juice was pretty good. First time trying this brand or any premixed CBD vape for that matter. Vapor production was good and flavor wasn\’t bad. The green apple and kiwi went well with the CBD taste actually. I tried the Green 250mg bottle and it lasted me a while also. Would recommend if you don\’t like mixing your own. I just add CBD Onyx to whatever flavor nic juice I\’m vaping these days or drip it on my tongue. Happy vaping! – Steve

  383. Connor

    totally helps with my anxiety and insomnia !

  384. Juan

    Great product next ones the 500

  385. paul

    CBD has helped with my chronic back pain in, what to me is the most important way. I’ve been on opioids for the last seven years. Since starting the CBD oil my need for pain medication has reduced. I still need the pain medication, but find myself using them much less. It really taken the edge off my pain.

  386. Ryan

    Great stuff for sure

  387. james

    Incredible product, always satisfied with Genesis

  388. Julio J.

    Definitely mellowed me out a bit.

  389. boilx

    I love this stuff. Got the 500mg this time. I have had a l4/l5 total disc replacement and l5/s1 interbody fusion and been on oxy for years. I thought cbd would be a joke, but it works. No nausea, no high or seeing yet another doctor. Go for a walk on my lunch break and have a vape and come back less stressed and can finish the day 🙂

  390. Amy

    First time trying cbd oil, bought blue. It’s life changing, and it’s getting me off nicotene!

  391. Linda

    I ordered Koi Blue; 500 mg. First off, I live with chronic Lyme disease & there’s nothing more my dr. could do for me. As soon as I started vaping this, I felt an immediate difference in how I felt. It’s not a cure, but this stuff is legit. And I’ve went from feeling like I was dying on some days, to feeling almost normal again. Thanks to this product. Next time I’ll be staying with 1,000 mg. I wouldn’t go without Koi CBD now, and the bottle is lasting me a long time, even with vaping it every day.

  392. Ben

    very high quality product, have recommended to friends

  393. Nathan

    First time using cbd. Seems like a good product

  394. Steve

    I chose the koi white because I had previously gotten gold and felt like the smell and taste was a bit much. I really like the white because there is no flavor at all allowing me to add flavor to my own level. Really love it.

  395. ttrott

    Great oils. I love the vanilla caramel flavor. Good price. Will buy again.

  396. Ryan

    It didn’t seem to help me but I might just need a bigger dosage

  397. Michelle

    Delivery time was good. Jade is a great flavor. First time CBD user, and I definitely recommend it.

  398. Maria

    Let me just say I’ve had extreme neck pain for almost 2 years now. I can’t stand pain pills so I tried 500 mg of CBD Vape and then went up to 1000 mg and it’s working!!!

    I’m sooooo grateful I found this and I thank you guys for being here!

  399. April

    I love the flavor of the Jade vape juice, will be using Koi indefinitely for my CBD needs!

  400. April

    I love the flavor of the Jade vape juice, will be using Koi indefinitely for my CBD needs!

  401. Mardi

    LOVE IT!!! Fast service!!! Tastes wonderful !!!!!

  402. Noriaki

    Ordered the Koi blue 250 mg. Seems to be a perfect fit. Helping in my recovery from back surgery. Highly recommended.

  403. Conor

    Decent flavor and buzz

  404. Jjay

    Awesome service and fair pric d.

  405. Charles

    I loved it!! Fast shipping and awesome customer service. I’ll definitely be buying again.

  406. Sebastian

    Gold koi .. tasty 🙂

  407. Bulmaro

    Really enjoying the stuff but I think I need to step up to the 1000mg, the 500 I bought didn’t seem to help as well as I wanted. Still very satisfied with my purchase. Would recommend for anxiety attacks.

  408. Ben

    Great taste, high quality. Have yet to find the best way to vape, but would highly recommend this product.

  409. Tiffany

    I loved it. Love the awesome flavor and fast shipping. It works

  410. Nicole

    I love the flavor.

  411. Keith

    Only 20 days to arrive in OZ. That is good considering Florida is on the other side of this rock we live on. This stuff works good for my back pain. Flavor is a little intense for me, but for a medication i cant ask for more.

  412. Rhonda

    Love Koi it helps with pain and stress. I like the strawberry a lot. When I order it comes in a few days which is nice. The 500 is great but I want to try the 1000 soon.

  413. Ernest

    Great product and service. The vape we ordered arrived on schedule and in perfect shape. I highly recommend this customer service oriented company! Mac in Longwood Florida.

  414. Bob

    I have just started to appreciate what cod does for pain. Being able to order on line completes the experience. Thanks for timely delivery.

  415. Masanori

    Good taste

  416. KJ

    really like it good stuff

  417. Marnie

    I give it 5 stars.

  418. Marnie

    I liked the one that I tried. I’ll try some different ones, too.

  419. Yarkeim

    This stuff is amazing! But if your trying to buy it go for the higher dosage. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  420. Yarkeim

    this stuff is the bees knees lol. Not gonna lie… You kind of need to order it in its higher dosage but it’s well worth the money! Ordering another bottle TODAY!

  421. Edward

    Great! Perfect for neck and back pain while keeping mental clarity.

  422. Edward

    Great for my neck and back pain, a must have for mental clarity. A+ product and fast delivery!

  423. Carla

    Great Product! Product arrived fast! Will order again soon!

  424. Carla

    Great product! Fast Shipping! Great customer service! I will definitely continue to order!

  425. Amber

    Love these! Great flavor and relaxes me 🙂

  426. Nancy

    Recently new to CBD camping….and found this really did nothing for me, maybe next one will be a higher concentrate. But VERY happy with the customer service! Had my product in a week. Will def order again Thankyou!

  427. Tim

    I’m diggin the flavor and seems to help me to relax. I’ll buy again.

  428. Colin

    Great juice, high quality taste great. Now I have to try all the other flavors! The CBD really helps me with my anxiety too.

  429. Tammy

    I was very satisfied with the product and received my order quickly. I would recommend this product and this company to anyone. Thank you 😊

  430. Susan

    I love the koi vape juice flavors. Gold is my favorite. Looking forward to buying other flavors.

  431. James

    Great for vaping. Great value. Gold flavor was not quite what we expected.

  432. armywife0113

    While I plan to increase to 250mg my next purchase I can say I’ve noticed a difference in my chronic pain, depression and anxiety. Plus the blue and green bottles taste frickin awesome.

  433. Ashley

    Amazing product! Love Koi!!

  434. Mique

    this is a great product. Completely impressed with shipping time. Thank you

  435. Don

    tastes amazing and vapes well too no complaints with this juice

  436. Ben

    Quality juice, great taste, great results.

  437. Susan

    Taste needs a little tweaking on the Jade but it’s still above average. I also need a higher mg than 250. All in all I think this is a quality CBD oil.

  438. Ryan

    This is some of the best stuff I’ve ever used. I’ve looked for a million different ways to treat my anxiety but nothing has ever worked as well as this. Bought 250mg my first time and I think I’ll try 500 next time. Highly recommend for anyone with anxiety!!

  439. Larry C

    This was my first purchase of CBD. I bought the Koi Gold 500. The taste is terrific and I have had noticeable relief from chronic pain, anxiety and I am able to sleep almost completely through the night without awakening from knee, shoulder and hip pain. I am a believer and will be a life long customer!

  440. Joseph

    Amazing! This stuff does as advertised. I bought this to help with my a.d.d , depression, and anger control. So far so good. It has also giving me the first full nights sleep in a long time. It usually takes a hour to fall asleep for me and wake up 2 or 3 times a night. Not as anymore. I take about half a dropper under my tounge and I’m out in 30 mins or less and sleep the night thru. Very happy with the product I will buy as gain.

  441. Kaitlin

    I am so impressed with not only Koi but this site. Everything I ordered came within a few days. It was almost always less than 15 minutes after I placed my order that I got a shipping notification. They are fast and efficient. I’ve tried two of the Koi flavors so far and I have loved them both. These CBD juices have helped tremendously with my anxiety. I have actually been able to sleep. I highly recommend this site and the Koi brand. It’s well worth the money. Thank you for being so fast, guys! You are a life saver!

  442. Derek

    I’ve had noticeable relief from chronic pain, along with my anxiety.

  443. Cam

    Excellent CBD liquid! Best for price!

  444. Grace

    Full disclosure, I’m getting a coupon for this review. BUT, I would give this product a 5 star review regardless. This was my very first cbd purchase and I LOVE IT. I got the Koi 500mg green. I use it in my mini vape pen and it works great. Flavor was nice, not too sweet but not flavorless either. There is finally relief for my anxiety.

  445. Caressa

    This is a very decent brand of CBD vape liquid. Works well for me. Great quality and consistency as I have repurchased this product 4-5 times. Love the Gold flavor Vanilla Caramel. Reasonably priced compared to other brands most of them offering 1000mg dosage products for over $100 almost every one of them.

  446. carlos

    I started off wits a 100 mg not best and not close to the worst I love this thing. It’s helped with my depression as well as anxiety I will get this again thank you for this chance.

  447. Panayiota

    Hi just got my Koi 250mg cdb this morning great flavour. Look all I can say is WOW
    I will be buying this again for sure.

  448. Cal

    Pink lemonade is amazing!! Very smooth to vape 😉

  449. Brandie

    Is fantastic honestly I like it and those I have refer to it like it and enjoy it as well looking forward to the next purchase so thinking about going strawberry the next time or looking at some other products you may have

  450. Diamond

    The koi is a really good oil and I like the flavors just not so much the size of the bottle but a good starting point.

  451. Jodi

    Not only is Koi my go to vape juice because of its high quality but the online store is fast an efficient. My order comes in a timely manner, in “off the shelf” shape. I am and will continue to be a repeat customer. They definitely stand above the other companies with service and product.

  452. Logan

    Really truly helped with the problems I was having, plan to order more in the future.

  453. Masanori

    Good tastes

  454. Angelica

    1000 mg of KOI CBD oil is where it\’s at. Tastes great and works great for what I\’m looking for. Deal with back pain and restlessness and this helps 100%.

  455. Jodi

    Order came quickly and product is excellent as usual. I will continue to be a regular

  456. Leo

    Fast delivery, got the bottle within a week in Canada.
    Good product , definitely help with sleep and anxiety.

  457. Juan

    Amazing product im ready for the 1000

  458. Blaire


  459. Blaire


  460. Karen

    Good service , good product

  461. laurie

    amazing positive results with the KOI CBD!!!!!!!

  462. Steve

    I am extremely pleased with my Koi oil purchase. I have only one small complaint and that is that the taste of the Koi Gold is very strong. I take the oil both sublingual as well as in a PICO stick from Eleaf. I have to add a little vaping oil that I got from a local shop to cut the strong taste. My next purchase will be the unflavored oil or maybe one of the other flavors. I am very new to vaping so I am just learning which one I will end up liking the best.

  463. Tim

    It tastes great but i’m pretty sure this product has some thc in it

  464. Mayuran

    I’m very satisfied with the purchase of my KOI CBD juice from CBD Vape Juice. I received exactly what I ordered without delay. I was provided shipping updates throughout the process. I will definitely purchase from them again!

    Highly recommend!

  465. Chris

    This stuff is awesome, good flavor and strength. This we my first time ordering from this company and it was great, fast shipping and customer service, it was a really good experience. They definitely won my future business.

  466. Laen

    I like my portion strong in all aspects. The Koi product I purchased was okay but it could of been better If I would of texted what I was looking for. I will purchase again.
    Good stuff!!!

  467. Victoria

    I love your CBD oil! I mix it with my vapor juice. This is my third purchase. Thank you so much…very satisfied!! I have Fibromyalgia and it makes a huge difference…again Thank you!

  468. Keturah

    It really helps my husband’s seizures

  469. Javier

    Great product

  470. Kimra

    Love this stuff! The taste is fantastic and doesn’t gum up coils like some other cbd liquids. My favorite

  471. Ethan

    Highly recommended to anyone bought this juice to help my mom with chronic pain ended up being the best thing ever for my anxiety and depression anyone second guessing hope this helps!

  472. Juan

    Great flavor, didnt expect it to be so smooth. Next is 1000mg

  473. Bethany

    Great product with awesome flavour. My first time with CBD and I’m happy with the results.

  474. Andrew

    Was perfect helps me get through long painful days at work

  475. Amari

    Pretty good. Helps with my insomnia

  476. Richard

    The taste takes some getting used to.

  477. John

    Very happy with my order and the Super fast shipping. Will be ordering again from here very soon. Very satisfied customer here!!

  478. Benson

    Works well

  479. JARRETT

    The service is awesome however I’m not getting the benefit from the the juice like I thought I would.

  480. Shannon

    Helps take the pain away like it says!!!

  481. Kari

    Great to vape but I tend to add it to my oatmeal in the morning and it helps me not murder people at work lol

  482. Ryan

    High quality CBD for a great price. 500mg+ for the most benefits. Will continue to order from here. Great service.

  483. Peyton

    works great

  484. Sydnee

    flavorless additive is excellent 👌🏼

  485. Nathanael

    Taste great , not as strong as I would like it to be .

  486. Tricia

    great product! it helps my anxiety disorder and the shipping was pretty fast. will definitely repurchase.

  487. Naigela

    Where to even start? The flavor is superb, the vape itself is so smooth I can take deeper hits, and the relaxing effects of the CBD (I had gotten a 250 mg bottle as it was my first time ever trying it) didn’t take too long to work (after about a good 4-6 mouth to lung). I got the jade/green koi flavor, and as much as I plan to try the other flavors I already know it’s my favorite.

  488. Anna

    Great product! Would buy again!

  489. Kasey

    I love my CBD vape juice!! It helps with my anxiety in a major way. I couldn’t imagine not having it at this point and the flavor is amazing!!

  490. Sean

    This stuff is fantastic. I’m fairly new to CBD oil, having just found out about it in the past month. That said, I’ve been vaping for 2+ years and this flavor is delicious. I mix it with strawberry watermelon vape juice, and the flavor profile is remarkable. To anyone who is on the fence about CBD, I’ll tell you this – every day when I would wake up the first thing I did was think about my day and start getting anxious. I have a very stressful job. CBD has removed that anxiety and allowed me to approach each day as a new challenge. Cannot recommend enough.

  491. Sean

    This stuff is fantastic. I’m fairly new to CBD oil, having just found out about it in the past month. That said, I’ve been vaping for 2+ years and this flavor is delicious. I mix it with strawberry watermelon vape juice, and the flavor profile is remarkable. To anyone who is on the fence about CBD, I’ll tell you this – every day when I would wake up the first thing I did was think about my day and start getting anxious. I have a very stressful job. CBD has removed that anxiety and allowed me to approach each day as a new challenge. Cannot recommend enough.

  492. Echo


  493. c.lab4792

    Great stuff! Vapes well tastes great!

  494. Julia

    Great customer service and great product. Doesn\’t gunk up my coils like other brands and the blue tastes pretty good.

  495. Wilbert

    Excellent quality. Awesome flavor. 5 star customer service!!

  496. Julia

    Couldn’t be happier with my purchase, great product and even better customer service. The post office damaged my order in shipping so I contacted customer service and got an almost immediate response and my replacement order was on its way to me within minutes. Will definitely buy again and will refer all of my friends and family to this site if they decide to try and.
    As for the product, it tastes better than other brands and seems more potent and doesnt gunk up my coils as fast as other brands I’ve tried.

  497. Thomas

    Great product. Taken sublingually for anxiety/ptsd. Really helps with impulse control. Will purchase again.

  498. Danniellea

    The product I ordered was the blueberry Koi, which has an amazing flavor and aroma. Very good quality.

  499. leah

    love love love the oil!

  500. Ashley

    I got the blue and it tastes amazing!

  501. Anna

    Great poduct; lasts a long time, eases my pain, and tastes great!

  502. miguel

    Pushased the green one with 250mg of CBD. Works well for my anxiety and helps me sleep better. Going to try the flavorless 500mg next so i can mix it with other flavors.

  503. leah

    i love the cbd oil i have endometriosis so it helps me a lot as i can not take pain pills for the pain.

  504. Lynn

    I’m enjoying my 500 mg vanilla caramel custard Koi CBD vape juice very much. It is the first kind that I have tried and I will be ordering it again!

  505. Domenic

    Love the taste really good product

  506. Brett

    Excellent taste and quality. The only down side is that it is a bit pricy.

  507. Erika

    Love it.

  508. Marco

    GReat flavor . I haven’t vap it yet but I will be trying soon . Highly recommend it for pain and relaxation!! Looking to buy more flavors soon

  509. GeAnna

    Great flavors and it really helps to ease my pain. I have been struggling with fibromyalgia for 15+ years. I’m 40 years old and have been on various narcotic cocktails for the last 8 years. I’ve only been using Koi for two months and for the first time in years I have pills left over at the end of the month!

  510. saklr1

    The real deal. I’m a believer. Can’t say enough good about this and how good it works. Wish the apple was a litttle more watermelon but it’s still great. And the blue is killer!

  511. lightningholt48

    Amazing product! Amazing customer service! Fast delivery and works great for my anxiety and my dads crippling pain. Will buy this product as long as they keep selling it!

  512. Mary

    Blue is delicious and really helps my pain and anxiety. Would definitely buy again!

  513. Leslie

    Love it

  514. Chaz

    Great taste, fast shipping, and I’ve been getting great sleep thanks to your product.

  515. Tanya

    I have both Gold and Blue, I love that it is clear, that it can be used a tincture as well as a vape. Flavors are great in the vape but a bit strong as a tincture. Fast shipping quick replies. Good job

  516. Allan

    Fast delivery 👍🏾 Sleeping much better now❤️❤️❤️

  517. Jasmin

    Love it! I Will be trying the other flavors

  518. Joseph

    The 500mg pink lemonade works wonders for my wife and her hip pain, The 100mg Strawberry Milk tastes more like cake to me but no complaints.

  519. Audrey

    This CBD E-liquid is good saw great reviews about it thought I should try it out I purchased blue raspberry dragon fruit 500 mg I use cbd for my anxiety and constant headaches which helped very nicely even with my cramps I plan on purchasing this again soon and the shipping was so fast got it within two and a half days fastest shipping ever very happy with my purchase

  520. Kayla

    Love the oil

  521. Danny

    Couldn\’t be happier with the results. I use it for back pain and to help me sleep. Well worth the money.

  522. Heather

    The taste is great. Works great with a vape pen or directly ingested. I liked the pink lemonade flavor. Not too sweet or overwhelming.

  523. Richard

    This stuff is wonderful. Really calms new down from my anxiety. I got the 500mg additive, mixed it in 4ths with my normal vape juice.

  524. Andrew

    I\’ve been using the Koi gold 500mg vanilla caramel custard for the past two weeks and I\’m loving it! My reason for getting this was to help me quit my life long nicotine habit. So far so good, I can\’t believe it. The flavor is amazing and I looking to continue utilizing cbd oil for overall health and wellness.

  525. Andrew

    Amazingly smooth and delicious! I recently purchased the vanilla caramel custard 500mg and couldn’t be more satisfied with the oil!

  526. Cameron

    Tried multiple different coils/volt/watt combinations and the flavor just wasn’t enough. Also, when I order “koi” brand and see a “koi” label on the website, it really threw me off when I received something labeled “genesis.” Had to do a little bit of research to understand why, but the marketing error almost lost a customer.

  527. Cameron

    Awesome! Only took 10 days to arrive in Aus. This is my go-to shop for all CBD

  528. laurie

    Love this product!! works great not only for anxiety but pain reduction. highly recommended

  529. Sheri

    Good stuff. Tastes great. Helps my anxiety to some degree.

  530. Andrew

    this was the best

  531. Alicia

    Absolutely love this site, they have the best selection of CBD products. My order was promptly shipped, I will definitely be ordering yall again.

  532. Tammy

    Process was easy. Your product works and another reason I only order from you is free shipping. Thanks

  533. Tammy

    My son is 22. He has Chronic pain in his back This product has helped him. He won’t take pain pills so we are happy to find something to relive some of his pain.

  534. Stephanie

    I bought the 500 mg variety pack. This stuff is great, definitely helps me with my anxiety and back pain! Recommend.

  535. Andrew

    This is an amazing product it has help me and my girlfriend. It has allowed me to get through work without feeling like I can not walk.

  536. Andrew

    I love it

  537. Dave

    Blue has a great taste and quality product

  538. Donald

    Tastes great

  539. Javier

    Loved it

  540. heidi

    Love it! Purchased the white koi.Clear, no taste and it worked.

  541. Roxane

    Awesome flavor, very happy with my purchase!

  542. Hannah

    I got the Golden Koi 250mg, and its awesome! I got the confirmation that it shipped within 20 minutes of my order, and it arrived even earlier than I expected. Its really smooth, with a great flavor. Next time I think I\’ll get a stronger mg, but all in all, its a great cost and a great company.

  543. Courtney

    Fast shipping and great product!

  544. Courtney

    Shipping was fast, and the product is excellent!

  545. Tamathia

    Awesome stuff works great

  546. Christopher

    Love koi pink and white. Trying the blue today. Great taste and helps my anxiety.

  547. Brian

    Koi CBD is an excellent product with a great flavor and excellent pain releaving and relaxation qualities. Will purchase again.

  548. gonyea.brett

    Bought this stuff from Koi and it’s fantastic. The flavors are real tasty too but I prefer the no flavor

  549. grandmagogo62

    I tried the “blue” – could barley taste the CBD in the juice. I mixed mine with other flavors of nicotine juice and it worked really well with my fibromyalgia. I love it!

  550. Daniel

    Loved the koi gold!!! Just finished my first bottle and made a HUGE difference in my sciatic pain!!

  551. Jeryd

    Tastes good and makes you feel relaxed. The 250mg mildly helped severe pain.

  552. Keturah

    They work wonders for my husband’s seizures

  553. MJPirtle

    Great Product

  554. Blake

    Great taste. Better effects at 500 mg +. Lasts a long time if not used too frequently.

  555. Sam


  556. Janell

    Tried the 250mg gold bottle. I’m new to vaping I wasn’t to fond of it by itself but boyyy when it’s mixed with my favorite e-juice it’s the best. It really helped with my joint aches and anxiety greatly. It also taste pretty good under the tongue for those days you need it right away.

  557. Preston

    I bought the blue label CBD and it tastes amazing! I will definitely be buying more once I\’m out

  558. Malcolm

    First time buying CBD Oil, this was really smooth and I enjoy the flavor a lot. Look forward to trying the different varieties!

  559. Cindy

    I really love this! I can vape it when the kids aren’t around or at bedtime simply drop it under my tongue. I enjoy the taste of this one!

  560. Brian

    excellent products and customer service. I have been a chronic pain patient for years and their products have offered me as much or more relief than my meds. The customer service and speed is the best that I have ever dealt with . Highly Recommend!

  561. Aylin

    Love that it helps with the pain, migraines, anxiety and more … Although I order the vanilla flavor to test out the upgrade in ml I may consider into switching to the blue raspberry next time !

  562. Lisa

    Absolutely love the koi cbd vape juice. Really helps ease my arthritic pain.

  563. Derrick

    It works it really works! U have to take in more with the 250 but it still works just as u would expect it to.

  564. Michael

    ☆☆☆☆☆ love the gold Koi, best ever cbd oil

  565. Michael

    ☆☆☆☆☆ love the gold Koi, best ever cbd oil

  566. Raymond

    While the product did taste good I feel the CBD effects of it we’re very very limited not as high quality as cbdfx

  567. Austin Sitz

    I got the 100mg strawberry milkshake flavor. Ill start off by saying the shipping was super fast. I tried vaping it but didnt feel much so i dripped a dropper full under my tongue and felt the effects within minutes. My only complaint is the flavor. The strawberry milkshake had more of a strawberry medicine taste and it was unbearable. I ordered the koi blue and it should be here tomorrow so im hoping it tastes better. All in all, i like the company and the juice, just not the flavor of the one i got.

  568. Jared

    I love this stuff, great to relax and overall have no negative side effects

  569. Tamathia

    This has really worked for me. I have fibromyalgia and get migraines.

  570. Joanne

    Easy to order, Fast shipping, Discription of product easy to understand and accurate to what you purchase. Will definitely order again.

  571. Peter

    The juice is fantastic especially the blue raspberry. Got the green apple not as big of a fan but still good. Will buy again.

  572. Anthony

    Very clean! Great flavor! Powerful!

  573. George

    Awesome product will buy again

  574. DAVID

    Great for my joint pains,no side effects,will keep on using.

  575. Nathan

    Good stuff

  576. Melissa

    I wasn’t really pleased with the taste of the green juice. I would like to try the blue though!

  577. Nathan

    Good flavor and much easier to use throughout the day than cbd oil. Very helpful

  578. Christopher

    Works great. Worked the first day starting using.. will be ordering more soon!!!

  579. Jose

    Awsome CBD Vape juice!
    The best flavored CBD ejuice I have try. It relaxes, relieves overall pain, and fall asleep fast! Fast delivery. Highly recommended!

  580. Michael

    Really good and flavorful stuff

  581. Kip

    This stuff does work. The flavor will grow on you. Give it a try!

  582. Terence

    Great product. Love the flavour and works great for anxiety relief. Definitely recommend

  583. Jamie

    Great juice, good taste. Has really helped me. Will buy again!

  584. lisa

    The Dropper containers are opaque so you never know when you’re running low until you’re completely out. In addition the outside of the bottle gets extremely oily and you end up wasting expensive CBD

  585. Joel

    ME and my wife enjoy the benefits of this product. it seems to really help

  586. Destiny

    This is a good product. I use it in my vape pen and it’s not bad at all. Smooth flavor and it’s great for not only anxiety but for headaches as well. Bonus points for the quick receipt of my order which is always a good thing. I will be trying other products from this site soon.

  587. Tracy

    Great for my RLS. By using this in a vape I improved greatly.

  588. Stan

    a tiny effect, light on flavor

  589. Sean

    I loved it

  590. Ruth

    I love this oil, it really helps I have fibromyalgia and it helps all the pain not needing so many pain pills, winter is comeing hope it helps when the cold sets in.

  591. Keturah

    It’s really helping with my husband seizures

  592. Kurt

    I was surprised and pleased how well it worked. Good stuff

  593. SHELBIE


  594. Luke

    Great product will be back

  595. Luke

    Great product 10/10 will be back again

  596. James

    Very good product. Good flavor also helps with pain and anxiety.

  597. Tiffani

    I love this Ejuice it’s got a smooth taste and a really helps with my stress.

  598. Grant

    The flavor was great. I think I need to try a higher dosage, I didn\’t notice much using the 250mg. I will definitely be trying this product again, and shipping was extremely fast.

  599. Brian

    Great stuff. I take it before bed, gives me crazy jimmy legs but
    asleep better than have in awhile

  600. pizzonia

    As far as a vape juice in general, the flavor is really good. As far as a CBD product, I’ll honest, I didn’t really notice a difference and I even ordered the 1,000mg. I’m new to CBD, but I have tried other products to compare this one to. Some where better and some where even worse. One thing I know for sure is I have an extremely hard time believing these people who wrote 5 star reviews on how much it helped, but only got 100-250mg. Theirs just no way unless what they thought they were feeling was in their head. In order for me to buy again they would really need to come down a lot on the price. $100.00 a bottle is INSANE after seeing little to no results. Super disappointed after reading all the great reviews and spending that kind of money.

  601. Maria

    I love my vape pens that I purchased and very quick shipment. You surely will not be disappointed! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  602. randyjackson17

    By far the best CBD juice ive had! The flavor is great and I will definitely be buying again!

  603. Jonathan

    love it it helps a lot with my migraines

  604. Jeremy

    Yes. I like. It\’s nice. I like.

  605. Chandra

    Awesome Products! Thank you

  606. Ronnie

    Great product with great results. A must have for every shop.

  607. Ronnie

    Clean CBD juice with great results.

  608. Ryan

    I love koi. Last a good amount of time for the price.

  609. Chandra

    Great product

  610. Carl

    This is the best by far.

  611. Deion

    Favorite cape juice

  612. Richard

    The experience was good, and I would buy again through you

  613. Jenny

    Really really love the flavor. Great for anxiety.

  614. Daniel

    Found propylene Glycol in the ingredients. Not going to use it

  615. James

    Best product on the market. Best flavored stuff there is

  616. Monica

    I love it and it taste amazing

  617. Richard

    great product, can be consumed in multiple ways

  618. Jared

    I love this juice, tastes good and cbd mellows you out.

  619. Wayne

    I got strawberry 500 mg its good stuff my girlfriend love’s it to i use it to flavor some of my stronger products because they can be earthy but it helps my anxiety i was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder it is great i wish i had the 1000 mg but its expensive koi is got best prices

  620. Devyn

    Very smood nice flavour like it i got 250lm I would get a higher one may be 550lm for my next one

  621. Cody

    Great product!

  622. Hubert

    Nice and tasteless but definitely not a full 500mg maybe it was because it came in mail and bottle was hot when i got it but not very strong at all by time i received it. Did the job just had to use more than expected maybe ill upgrade to the 1000mg bottle next time and pick it up locally instead. Received it in 4 days though so good shipping time.

  623. timman88

    Excellent product! Gold flavor is delicious 😋.It relaxes ,sooths pain, it cuts all the noise out of an anxious brain so you can enjoy the moment you are in. Its fantastic!

  624. Camille

    I love it it helps a lot with my migraines

  625. Marco

    Great product, fast shipping and they even threw in a bonus item that I like just as much if not more than what I ordered. Great place to shop for all your cbd needs!

  626. Kaila

    It helps with my hallucinations, my migraines, and my eyes. It’s great.

  627. Kaila

    It was amazing. It helped with my hallucinations and my eye jerking.

  628. Norikazu

    Great taste, fast acting, overall amazing.

  629. Valerie

    Product was meant for my mother Fibromyalgia. She used it the first day and it helped her well enough that she fell asleep a half hour later. Waking up she felt refreshed with low pain. Definitely will buy this again.

  630. radrader2000

    excellent CBD extract.. I personally have a lot of pain due to neuropathy arthritis and other complications and this CBD extract has been a big help for pain and sleeping it’s been a godsend.. this particular CBD extract goes really well with other Vape juices as an additive

  631. KATHY

    Worked amazing for me as a sleep aid. Slept well and woke up refreshed. Other sleep aids make me feel groggy no matter how long I\’ve slept but now with this. I got the 250mg and take 1 dropper under my tongue. Only issue I had was the bottle, the cap leaks like crazy.

  632. Jacob

    Excellent, Great Flavor. Much better than what I used before.

  633. Jacob

    Excellent, Great taste. Much better than what I used better.

  634. Brittany

    Love the product, i suffer from constant headaches everyday that often times turn to massive migraines. I have been able to manage my headaches on a consistant basis within the first couple weeks of use. Hifhly recommended to other family with the same problems!

  635. Leslie

    Feeling great since I\’ve started using Koi, great for my reacurring headaches.

  636. Vaughn

    The CBD lasted a long time compared to some I have bought in stores. I got the gold/yellow one which is caramel vanilla custard and it has the most amazing taste!!! The shipping was completely accurate. My Koi came in 3 days!

  637. Shaun

    Great stuff

  638. Rebecca

    Love the taste!

  639. John

    Good flavor. A bit more runny than the Genesis. My only complaints are that it requires a little effort to get the bottle open and the bottle is dark so you cant really see how much you have left. Overall a good flavor with good results.

  640. PUA HONE

    Got my juice in a couple of days. Awesome

  641. Ronnie

    We have had great success with this product., People rave on the benefits the KOI. CBD Vape Juice has always takin care of our vape shop with friendly people and fast turn around. I recommend this site to everyone.

  642. Jenny

    Love it!

  643. Tiffany

    Love the flavor and it’s definitely effective but the aftertaste was a bit off putting
    I’ll try the strawberry milkshake when I can afford to order again

  644. Christine

    I highly recommend purchasing your CBD vape juice from CBD Genesis. Best prices and excellent quality! I have had multiple fusion surgeries all over spine and foot. Suffer from neuromuscular disease. I haven’t had great results through standard prescription meds. The Koi brand was recommended by someone who knew about the benefits of CBD oil. I love it! Amazing results…Takes a little time to really feel optimum benefits, a week at first then feel almost normal after a month! What a miracle!

  645. JESSICA

    Great juice, helps with muscle aches.

  646. Kimra

    Yum! Great cbd effects too. I’ve tried quite a few cbd liquids and this is my favorite so far. Will definitely order again!

  647. Charles

    Awesome products and outstanding delivery! Only site I order from!

  648. Diana

    As a tincture I am not a fan of the vanilla custard flavor. Works great though! Definitely going back to my favorite blue raspberry passion fruit.

  649. Rachel

    Good price for the potency

  650. Tabbatha

    Never been disappointed! Great service /Great products

  651. Andrea

    This is my first time trying CBD so wasn’t sure what to expect. I got the Koi Red, and it tastes like cough medicine but since I am actively trying to fight cancer I am sticking with it. I have not noticed a difference yet, but I’ve only been doing it a week.
    Just last tried vaping, still no discernable difference.

  652. Ann

    Been using CBD juice for a month now…it truly does help with my chronic pain due to fibromyalgia & arhtritis. It also helps me with fatigue & insomnia. Will definitely keep using!!

  653. Bridger

    Great taste

  654. Jeffrey

    i really liked the product, juice is of pure quality and you can really tell, a good investment for the person who wants to experience a clean cbd feeling

  655. Megan

    An amazing product and the flavors are so good!!

  656. JOSEPH


  657. chuck

    awesome flavor!

  658. Joshua

    Quick efficient and smooth flavor blue koi had a good balance

  659. joshred52

    I purchased the classic strawberry flavor at 509mg and let me just say I love the flavor and make me feel good and relaxed definitely going to buy this product again can’t wait to try the other flavors

  660. Ginger

    Awesome product…

  661. Jensen

    Probably works best at higher dosage, good flavor.

  662. Deion

    Great juice can’t wait o buy more

  663. Sean

    Great product. Just wish the bottle was clear so I could actually see how much juice was left.

  664. Leon

    good to find this Works!

  665. Jeffrey

    Great Tasting as a Vape or sublingual.

  666. Linda

    I received it early, and does help with my shoulder pain. But I think I need a stronger on, I bought the 500 mg.

  667. William

    Flavor was good as both an additive or a straight vape. I experienced a lot of throat hit with this juice, but it was still a good vape.

  668. Mary

    Love it. The taste is smooth and sweet. The shipping is insanely fast. I will be back for more.

  669. Francis

    Love koi such a good product for someone who loves cbd oil!

  670. Kimberly

    Great variety to choose from. Website was very easy to navigate. I tried Koi for the first time & loved it. Will keep coming back for my CBD purchases. Fast shipment also!

  671. Cindy

    I love this product… helps me sleep better. great flavor… will purchase again.

  672. Cindy

    awesome product! will purchase again!

  673. Joe

    Great product I tried Jade and it had good flavor. Definitely will be ordering more want to try the new pink lemonade flavor!

  674. Jeffrey

    Great tasting as a vape or sublingual. My fav is the Pink Lemonade, will buy again.

  675. Meagan

    Amazing customer service

  676. phillip

    Tastes good does the job

  677. Tiffany Baierl

    Nice flavor. I don’t like the aftertaste, but it seems to be effective.

  678. Kimberly

    This was the first time trying CBD & first time using your website. It’s easy to navigate, order, and such a quick delivery! I will be ordering from you again and also told friends about your website.

  679. Carmen

    I like the flavor, but it’s a little sicky-sweet. Works well in my vaporizer.

  680. Emily

    Very good flavors and Shipping will definitely order again!!

  681. Richard

    Ordered blue koi. Taste is great.

  682. Matthew

    Excellent oil will
    Order again soon

  683. Christopher

    I bought the white koi product. This is my first time trying cbd so I have nothing to compare it to. However, I love THIS product so much, I doubt I will ever try a different brand. It calms my anxiety and helps me be more patient throughout the day. Although it’s marketed as tasteless, I have found the taste it does have to be very enjoyable! Definitely will reorder soon.

  684. Carnell

    I tried the ‘no flavor.’ Not bad. I still haven’t found a Cbd product that can top liquid gold.

  685. Randy

    works very well to help with my pain

  686. Brenda

    Wonderful as always. The blue flavor is true to its description and the effect is amazing.

  687. Nathan

    Great experience buying from here. Fast shipping and good selection of products. I ordered 500mg KOI Blue and it’s amazing!

  688. Cindy

    Stress levels are down considerably!!! Thank you!

  689. Drew

    This is my first time trying CBD for anxiety. Within five minutes my negative, racing, and self-critical thoughts receded. I’m mixing the 250mg flavorless Koi with a tobacco-flavored e-juice in a Vision Vapros Spinner II. The taste is smooth and not irritating.

  690. Samuel

    I previously tried the green Koi and found that I’m not a fan of flavored CBD vape. The white is perfect in that it has a mild flavor without that artificial taste. Highly recommend it to those with similar tastes.

  691. Michael

    Awesome flavor, does exactly how it says it will, great for anxiety, great for stopping smoking! I absolutely love KOI cbd oil♡

  692. Brian

    Flavor is pretty strong. This is my first time buying/trying cbd vape juice. I got the gold but I’m going to try pink next. Overall seems good for the price. But I’m new to this

  693. Sara

    I ordered the Red juice in 500 mg. Excellent flavor and it worked quickly on my pain and anxiety. I can\’t wait to try the other Koi flavors! Also, very fast delivery which is always a bonus.

  694. Sara

    I bought the Red at 500mg. Excellent flavor and works quickly on my pain and anxiety. I look forward to trying the other flavors! Also, incredibly fast delivery. I am super pleased!

  695. Daniel

    Obviously the flavor is fantastic! The pull is extra smooth. I can attest to the CBD content. Fantastic product!

  696. Tabbatha

    We have ordered a number of times and I am 100% pleased with the product and the service. They will go above and beyond to see that you are totally satisfied!

  697. Nicholas

    Excellent product delivered in tact and as described. The taste of the blue bottle is not super strong and is pleasant. Four stars because I did not feel as dramatic of an effect as I did with CBD oil delivered through dabs, but I believe this is due to ordering the 250mg product. My next order will be the 1000mg CBD product and I will provide another review at that time.

  698. Jaxson

    Excellent product

  699. sagar


  700. Kathy

    The Koi CBD vape juice is the absolute best! We LOVE the strawberry milkshake, the Red! It works better than any other CBD vape juice we’ve tried. It’s not too thick like others we’ve tried, so it’s super easy to vape through a simple little vape pen, not to mention it works wonders for my anxiety and sleep. We get the 500 mg. Definitely my favorite brand on the market for vaping.

  701. Tracy

    Great product easy to order and fast delivery. Money well spent.

  702. Joseph F

    The Koi Gold is the best! Tastes just like vanilla caramel custard. I mix it with my Ejuice in my vape mod. It makes me feel relaxed, optimistic and relieves my pain. I’m also a cancer survivor. Shipment came quickly. Customer service spent alot of time helping me.

  703. Richard

    Great company!!!

  704. Shane

    Excellent product and flavors. Fast shipping as well.

  705. Jimmy

    Really impressed with the customer service. They were out of what I initially ordered, but called to discuss my choosing something else instead of waiting for my first choice to come in. I received my order the following business day!

    I use Koi brand CBD oil to treat pain, inflammation, and insomnia that stem from RA.

  706. Carrie

    Took away all my pain and kept me relaxed

  707. Rachel

    Great flavor. Great for mild anxiety and minor aches and pains. Delivery didn’t take too long and shopping was a breeze. Just wish it would last longer! I’m accustomed to nicotine oils that are thicker and take longer to burn up. All in all a great product. I will be buying again.

  708. Brenda

    Real, lasting effect from the CBD. Gold flavor comes off a bit burnt in my setup, but Blue was perfect. Will definitely order again.

  709. teejae

    Taste is awewsome, vapes great and no burnt taste. I will purchase again, but will try the 500mg

  710. Tim

    I love this stuff.. great taste and helps me relax

  711. Billie

    The gold tastes great. I hope to try another soon. I am so glad I found this brand. Hope they come out with more flavors. Thank you.

  712. stanley

    A little sweet but still has a good taste and really killed my pain!

  713. Kathy

    Ordered the Strawberry Milkshake 500 mg and absolutely love it! Best CBD vape ever! Definitely the best CBD E Liquid I’ve ever used. The flavor is very mild and delicious. It’s not overpowering like I was afraid it would be. The 500 mg is extremely effective for anxiety and stress. Works wonders. I couldn’t be happier with this product. Will definitely be ordering more.

  714. Leslie

    Love it

  715. seong

    So far so good. Like the taste (green). Very calming.

  716. Tabbatha

    Awesome price and great service.

  717. Dayton


  718. Lauren

    I’m am obsessed with this juice! It takes away the pain from my osteoarthritis and chronic back pain and I use the Koi juice and recommend it to anyone who is dealing with chronic pain issues! I’m so grateful that my husband found this Web site! I can’t imagine life without it! Thanks guys!

  719. Donna

    The packaging was secure, discrete, fast. The product tastes very good. I’ll be taking the 1000 or a 1500 mg on my next purchase. You can feel this one, i just want a touch stronger. I really like it. I got the Koi gold.

  720. Jose

    Juice taste really good and has good vapor production. CBD is very relaxing. I look forward to trying all the flavors.

  721. Lauren

    This is the 2nd and last place I tried on the market. I am completely obsessed with it. Use everyday, because it truly takes away my pain. I would recommend this juice to anyone experiencing chronic pain!

  722. Ian

    Great tasting, quick delivery!

  723. Ian

    Good stuff!

  724. carrie

    Strawberry milkshake taste great and oil keeps me calm and relaxed

  725. Blake

    the speed of shipment was excellent. It came early and in great condition. The smell and overall flavor is also top notch. Strong enough to be delicious but lacking in any overpowering taste or smell that is generally unwanted. Coming back for other flavors for sure!

  726. Madison

    Great product and quick delivery!

  727. Kyle

    Great company with many choices and quick shipping

  728. Marie

    I love my CBD juice it tastes good and smells good. I haven’t had to take pain meds sense I started vaping the oils. Best pain relief !!!!

  729. 01jaysilva

    I got the white one and if you sensitive to sweet smell this is wonderful, or even going out. It will not bother anybody. Before I got the red one and it was too sweet smell….now I’m used to it lol

  730. james

    Items purchased so far have been of superior quality and I am very satisfied

  731. Thomas

    Works great

  732. Jessica

    Service was awesome. The oil leaked a little bit in shipping but nothing too serious. Definitely will be buying more.

  733. Matthew

    I have tried the 1000 mg koi blue. It is a good flavor and product. It is awesome for all the health benefits just a bonus it tastes good too. I will now try other flavors. Thank you CBD vape juice for excellent customer service and very fast shipping.

  734. Eliezer Jimenez

    10/10 stars! Fast shipping and worked great with helping my anxiety and help me sleep better at night . Try the flavorless “white” bottle so you can add it to all your favorite juices it blends really well! Recommend to everyone!

  735. Ronald S


  736. Eliezer

    This was my first time ordering from the Koi company. Now In honest words I really enjoy this product. I purchased the flavorless 250mg additive and it works great. Blends perfect so you can add all of your favorite vape juices for a nice satisfying taste. It helped me a lot with my anxiety and to get better sleep at night. I recommend this company for anyone looking to try out vape additives! Plus the shipping was very fast! Great work guys 5/5 stars!

  737. Kaylee

    I love cbd already but this made me love it even more. This stuff is defenitley worth the money. Especially is you want to buy the 1,000 mg bottle. Tastes great.

  738. Jordan Gibson

    Amazing juice got the 250mg blue koi and i love it. Really helps with stress and anxiety. Just purchased the 1000mg gold and hope it taste great also

  739. James Adams

    I got the Blue 100mg to start. I like the flavor and will buy again but in 250mg. The 100mg works but need stronger for my shoulder pain.

  740. 01jaysilva

    I like it a lot, very fast shipping, it’s very smooth. I have allergy to sweet stuff like perfume gives head aches. And unfortunately for this was no different. I love the taste but the smell is very sweet. Any ideas what I should get next ?

  741. Lia

    I got the strawberry milkshake flavor. Not harsh at all, tasted like sweet strawberries. I got the 250 mg. Would buy again!

  742. Kevin

    It might be because my atomizer is old but I thought the taste was a bit funky. It does help me relax, I bought the 250mg but if I were to buy again I would do the 500mg unflavored.

  743. Neil

    great product will buy again

  744. Robert

    Got my order quick

  745. Queenie Q


  746. Erik

    Koi CBD oil is really good stuff 👍🏻 great flavor and consistency!!

  747. Alika

    Tastes great sort of like strawberry cream. Not sure if the mg is accurate though it’s on the weaker side.

  748. alikarogers

    Ordered the red in 500mg tastes great. It’s a strawberry cream flavor.

  749. Edgar

    Love the taste and very relaxing.

  750. Carlos

    Red and Gold have fantastic flavor, not as big a fan of jade but not bad.

  751. Cody

    Love this stuff!!! keep me com through work and everyday life… Just easy no worrie in the wold. Never want it to stop have no anxiety and with no paranoia and it helps my mental health so much!!! I’m firm beleaver in the stuff!!!

  752. Victor

    Good stuff!

  753. Parker

    Pretty good quality. Not that great of an effect. I would possibly purchase again.

  754. Trent

    Flavor was amazing, but I definitely should’ve gotten a higher mg, could barely feel the effect

  755. Richard

    Great product!!! CBD Vape Juice was cheaper and easy to use.

  756. Lauren

    I absolutely love this juice, my chronic back pain is gone! I honestly don’t know what I would do without it! Please never run out!

  757. Tyler


  758. Jerry

    Just got my blue 250mg 👍 vapes sweet but yet so smooth 🤤 another great flavor!

  759. Stephen Collums

    Just got this today..The taste is great..smooth..Relaxtion ..And it gave me an eriction..Just saying

  760. Jerry

    I bought the jade and it’s super smooth❗only got the 100 mg. This time around. But next it’s gonna be the 250 mg 😁

  761. Budshad1

    I have been exploring different cbd brands and this is one of the best

  762. Alli

    Love it. Love it. Love it. Just what I wanted from a holistic vape.

  763. James

    Koi CBD Gold tastes great and the vape is very smooth. The pricing is a great value.
    Contrary to some reports it contains no nicotine.

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