KOI CBD Dog Treats Soft Chews

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Great treats for all dogs. This is a must have if your dog is struggling with his or her quality of life in general. - Brett 

Product Description

The Complete Koi CBD Dog Treats Review

Cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids affect the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Intriguingly, this system is not just present and important in humans, but in other animals, too. This explains why there is a growing market for CBD products for pets, such as these soft chew from Koi CBD.


You may be wondering why you cannot just give any CBD product to your dog. While the CBD is the same in products for humans and pets, the other ingredients found in a pet product are veterinarian-formulated. This ensures that they are safe for consumption by your furry friend.


The biological systems in dogs are different and more sensitive to those in humans. By giving them products made specifically for pets, you’re just acting in their best interests.

Ingredients used in Koi CBD Soft Chews

These chews have a chicken and natural bacon flavor, which has been made entirely with natural ingredients. This product is created with organically-grown hemp, and is non-GMO.

True Spectrum CBD, without THC

The hemp extract used in these Koi CBD Soft Chews is True spectrum, and therefore contains all the beneficial properties found in hemp. This means that as well as getting a dose of CBD, your dog may also get some extra help from cannabinoids such as cannabidivarin (CBDV). CBDV is noted for its anti-seizure and anti-nausea qualities.


However, despite having full-spectrum qualities, there is no THC whatsoever in these chews. Some pet products for humans have trace amounts of THC (up to 0.3% in hemp products). But THC is a potent cannabinoid with brain-altering effects. We have much less research on how dogs respond to THC, even in very small doses. That’s why it’s best not to expose them to any THC at all.

Why Soft Chews are the best way to give CBD to your dog

Giving CBD to your dog doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Most pet owners will know about the difficulties of getting their cat or dog to keep still and take their medication.


With Koi CBD Soft Chews, this problem is taken care of. These pet treats have been designed with only the best ingredients. The chicken and bacon dominates the flavor, and totally covers up the hempy CBD oil. Either add a treat or two in with your pet’s meal, or just give them out separately.

How CBD products can improve your pet’s health

You can give Koi CBD soft chews to your pet as a treat or dietary supplement, and also as a natural, plant-based treatment for ailments and illnesses that they may be suffering with.


Before we get into the details, please remember that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This article is purely informational, and not intended to help diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical conditions. If your pet is ill, please get medical assistance.

CBD dog treats for anxiety

Many dogs endure periods of anxiety at various points in their life. Short bouts of anxiety tend to be due to loud, frightening or unfamiliar noises. Fireworks are notorious with pet owners, and some dogs can get nervous around new people. More serious anxiety can be caused by separation from an owner, or relocating.


Signs of pet distress can manifest themselves in a few ways. Excessive barking and aggression is often indicative of anxiety, particularly in dogs who do not usually exhibit such behavior. An anxious dog may be found pacing around or panting more than normal. However, if your dog is simply not behaving like their natural self, this could signify a problem.


Koi CBD Soft Chews help to calm a dog down by resetting the chemistry in their brain. This has the effect of stopping overfiring in the brain, which can cause anxiety. For short-term anxiety, the occasional chew should suffice. However, for long-term benefits, a more regular treatment plan may be needed.

CBD for dog seizures

Lots of research on CBD’s anti-epileptic and anti-seizure effects has been carried out in humans. It seems that dogs may also benefit from these properties. It is estimated that as many in one and 20 dogs experience seizures. Hence, there is great demand among pet owners for an anti-seizure treatment, and one with few side effects.


CBD fits the bill. However, it’s important that if you are going to use CBD for such a delicate matter, that you use an authentic product. With Koi CBD’s transparent approach to business, they are a brand that you can put your faith in.

CBD benefits for dogs in pain

Many of the conditions that affect humans also affect dogs, with pain one of the most common symptoms experienced. Prolonged pain can have devastating effects on mood and energy levels. Appetite may also decline, and other factors all make for a poorer quality of life.


CBD is an effective pain-reliever in dogs, making them less sensitive to discomfort. This dampening effect comes from the influence of the ECS in the central nervous system. In addition to general pain, CBD can also help to ease inflammatory conditions in dogs, such as arthritis.

Finding the right CBD dosage for dogs

When giving CBD to your dog, exercise the same caution that you did when taking it yourself for the first time. Each chew has 2.5mg of CBD, which is a good dose for a smaller dog. With bigger dogs, you can increase the dosage somewhat, but don’t go overboard. As they are much smaller than humans, dogs don’t need as much CBD to get the therapeutic effects.

Final thoughts

As CBD use becomes more widespread among humans, we can expect the same to happen with our pets. Demand for natural alternatives to pharmaceutical meds is on the increase. And with CBD products like Koi CBD Soft Chews, pet owners have a safe, plant-based solution.

20 reviews for KOI CBD Dog Treats Soft Chews

  1. wendy

    our pet owners love these

  2. Carol

    These are perfect for your fur babies! Among the 4 dogs we have at home, 2 of them are ages 12 and 13 and; these CBD chews are so helpful to them with joint pain, skin issues and anxiety from separation or storms.

  3. Robert

    Great product and great service. An excellent company to work with.

  4. Joey P

    My dog is like a puppy again, this stuff is amazing for his arthritis.

  5. Paul

    My dogs loved them, not sure if they were effective, but I would try them again.

  6. lpearl423

    Really helped the old beagle with pain from movement. Much happier and getting into this again. Lol

  7. Clay

    Helped our dogs tremendously! Highly recommend!

  8. Deniece M

    love the soft treats

  9. Deniece M

    good price

  10. Derek

    Really helped my Pit with sepration anxiety.

  11. Toni

    My jack Russell mix is VERY hyperactive and barks constantly. He has been on the CBD treats for almost 20 days and 5 days ago he stopped barking and Kaye’s on the couch after we had company come! It’s been 3 yrs of pulling our hair out! Thanks CBD Vape!

  12. tomhardy45

    I have a 10 year old Shepard with hip problems. short walks were becoming hard for her and she would be walking slow before she finished the walk. she has been on the cbd for a week now and there is a big improvement. she is now walking with vigor the whole walk and seems more happy. Have tried other supplements for her hips with no noticeable change. I will definitely say using these. Also these seem to be the best price for pet CBD.

  13. Sybil

    The dog enjoyed the treats, she was skittish at first because of something new I guess but after eating the first biscuit, the next 9 days were no problem at all. Thank you and will be ordering more in the near future.

  14. Tamit

    Helped my pup with anxiety

  15. fenderbender336

    My dog loves these treats! He has some anxiety issues and licks a lot. These have calmed him down noticeably!

  16. Morgan weakland

    These work wonderful for my dog. She is a greybull ( greyhound pit mix). She has the skiddishness of the greyhound, and she is also a truck dog. I swear by these for the rough days.

  17. Canek

    my dog love it , he is very hyperactive and this bites help him alot

  18. Brett

    Literally helping my 15 year old dog live longer and be happier . Must have for older dogs or dogs who have nutrient disorders

  19. Brett

    My dog loves these! She feels better every day and it really
    Helps her eat and feel happy since she’s so old (15) now .

  20. Jill

    One of my dogs won’t eat them, but the other two do and it seems to relax them.

  21. Brett

    Great treats for all dogs. This is a must have if your dog is struggling with his or her quality of life in general.

  22. Brett

    My dog loves them , and she seems to be in a better mood and acting like her youthful self again in her old ages if you have a dog that’s older, or with trouble with moods/anxiety . This is ur savior.

  23. Susan

    Only have been using for a short time but I do notice that my 13 year old Lab is more fluid in her movement!

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