Kind Pen v2 (Blue)

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  • Durable Matte Finish
  • Includes Skillet/Packing Tool and Silicon Storing Jar
  • Dual Ceramic Rod with Titanium Coil Atomizer
  • Ground Material “Burner” with Ceramic Chamber
  • E-Liquid Atomizer
  • 5 Click Power On/Off (Safety Feature)
  • Snap in Atomizer
  • Universal Micro-USB Charging Port

Product Description

You may have heard of dual-use vaporizers, but what about tri-use? That’s right; the V2 Vape Pen is a portable vaporizer that’s compatible with concentrates, dry herbs, and even e-liquids! This is made possible through the use of interchangeable adapters. There are 3 different adapters, each one compatible with a different material. Just switch out one adapter for another-and voi la!- it’s that simple.

The V2 vape pen is a super versatile handheld vaporizer. It even features a 5-Click On/Off power system, preventing you from accidentally controlling the power (ie. inside your pocket). Included within this vape kit are various accessories: a micro USB charger, a skillet tool, cleaning brush, and a silicone jar for storage.

If you ever have an issue with your V2, take advantage of its lifetime warranty. Offered by The Kind Pen, the V2’s lifetime warranty is valid via the warranty card inside. This card has the serial number, along with directions on how to proceed on The Kind Pen’s website.

3-1 vaporizers are vapes designed for use with legal concentrates, e-liquids, legal waxes and ground materials. 3-1 vaporizers contain a metal coil that heats up to vaporize your substances and turn them into tasty vapor ready for inhalation.

Kind Pen v2 – use with CBD concentrates, e-liquids and herb

Usually, if you want a vaporizer that can handle concentrates, e-liquids and dry herb, you have to be prepared to pay a fortune. But the Kind Pen v2 is changing the game – this 3-in-1 device is fantastic value, allowing all vapers to get in on the act. The sleek and professional blue design is neither exaggerating nor too discreet, and the matte finish is a sign that this vape pen has been built to last and can withstand some wear and tear.


In this CBD concentrate review, we’ll go over the advantages of using various waxes, crystals and pure CBD shatters with the Kind Pen v2, and also discuss how you can use this device to vape e-liquids and dry herbs, and anticipate the experience that you may get from them. We’ll also outline why vaping could be the most suitable way of enjoying CBD products for you, and some other benefits of the Kind Pen v2.

Is vaping right for you?

Vaping may be the best way for you to take CBD if you want a consumption method that helps you quit smoking. The smoking habit is notorious for being highly addictive, but with vaping you’re still getting that pleasurable inhale, and the anti-addictive effects of CBD may help if you’re trying to stop your nicotine intake. Vaping is also recommended if getting rapid benefits from CBD is paramount, as it often is with conditions like multiple sclerosis and anxiety. Not even sublingual tincture oils can match vaporizing for speed of effects.

General benefits of the Kind Pen v2

We know that the Kind Pen v2 can be used to vaporize all kinds of CBD-isolate products, including CBD wax without the need for a dabbing rig. But what else makes this vape device so appealing for CBD users?

5-click safety mechanism

You are right to be wary about your device accidentally turning on and heating up unnoticed while in your pocket. This is potentially extremely dangerous, and it’s why the top vape manufacturers have built in a 5-click safety mechanism to prevent it. To use the Kind Pen v2, you have to press the on button five times in quick succession to activate the device. This safety mechanism is also helpful if you have inquisitive children.

Micro-USB charging

The micro-USB charging feature on this vape pen is pretty much standard in the industry nowadays, but it sure makes things easier if you want to enjoy CBD from the Kind Pen v2 while on the move. USB ports can be found on so many appliances, and if you don’t have one to hand, then just get a portable charger, and you’ll always be able to give your pen a new lease of life.

Titanium coil atomizer and ceramic chamber

Using high-quality materials is essential for ensuring that vaping is safe, and that the experience itself is tasty and not metallic. This explains why the Kind Pen v2 comes with a ceramic chamber to heat dry herb – ceramic doesn’t oxidize, so is durable and does not affect the taste of the vapor. Titanium also has a long lifespan and does not oxidize unless heated well over 1000 Celsius, so is perfectly safe to use in vaping equipment.

A versatile, multi-purpose vaporizer

Concentrates, e-liquids and dry herb all produce somewhat different effects, which explains why CBD vapers may want to rotate between the three. If you are unsure about which CBD vaping product will be most effective for you, then it makes even more sense to choose a vape pen which you can experiment with. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Treat all content as informational and educational only.

CBD concentrate effects and benefits

Waxes, crumbles, shatters and crystals are the strongest CBD products, with the latter the most potent of all. These are recommended for users who know they can only benefit from really high doses of CBD, and that fast-acting treatments provide maximum therapeutic value. This applies to people with nerve pain and disorders such as multiple sclerosis. For mental health, anxiety patients are often best-suited to a strong CBD dose that really calms the brain down.

CBD e-liquid effects and benefits

With e-liquids, you can change between a strong form of CBD and a lower dose, to get the full array of benefits that the cannabinoid is known for. We’ve already covered what higher doses work well for, but lower doses are renowned for boosting concentration and alertness, which can help a lot if you’re suffering from fatigue.


E-liquids are generally available in CBD-isolate and full-spectrum CBD, whereas concentrates are mostly made from the former – both types of product are derived from the hemp plant, but isolates are pure CBD, while full-spectrum products give you a whole-plant extract.

CBD herb effects and benefits

Dry herb is ideal for vapers who really want to taste their vapor. Hemp nugs are teeming with terpenes and there are so many strains to pick from – just like there are in the cannabis industry. High-quality herb is typically very potent, and regularly contains 15 to 20% of CBD.

Buy CBD concentrates wholesale

Would you like to buy concentrates in bulk? We have so many varieties of CBD concentrate for sale on our site, and invite you to make a wholesale purchase for your business? Register for a wholesale account today, and we will contact you promptly with a full list of prices. Click on the ‘Wholesale’ tab for more information.

Final thoughts

Looking for a new CBD concentrate vape pen, or a vaporizer that can handle e-liquids, dry herb, or perhaps all three? Then why not give the Kind Pen v2 a whirl? You’ll be glad that you did!

12 reviews for Kind Pen v2 (Blue)

  1. Mary Rose

    Arrived with dab attachment chipped, metal contact broke off after one use. Warranty replacement was fast and easy.

  2. Some guy

    I like this for use with the concentrate. The chamber for the dry herb is WAY too small. The price isn’t bad if you get it on sale. I am still searching for something capable of holding enough dry herb.

  3. Corben

    The burner for the flower is too small. Gotta load it 4 times for cbd. Havent tried the other methods. Great delivery by

  4. Mason

    It’s pretty functional – the vape extension is good but, kind of fragile. The dry herb extension is picky – the amount is minimal.

  5. Lary

    awsome stuff!

  6. Steven

    Great Pen. Has 3 type of Attachments. Just Remember that, except for E-Juice Attachment, the other two are combustion attachments with coils.

  7. Amy L.

    Good quality but does do the dry flowers well or I need to see why it’s not but I will always be a loyal customer and appreciate the great customer support!

  8. Danielle

    It’s ok but hard to clean when using concentration and the herb burn completely stop burning as well.

  9. Kimra

    Excellent little device! Very discreet and powerful. Extremely low odor for those around you with sensitive noses, and since you can use almost anything in it, it’s probably the only device you’ll ever need.

  10. Amy

    There’s a little bit of a learning curve to the pen but it is a good value this store is the best prices and quality can’t beat them!!

  11. Su Su

    Just what I was looking for to smoke the Hemp Buds in. It’s incognito and much better than lighting up. You hardly smell like you’ve been smoking buds. Perfect for me.

  12. SuSu

    This vaporizer is perfect. It comes with 3 attachments for vaping liquids, dabs, and dry herb! I would rather smoke the hemp buds in this because it’s more incognito. I don’t like others smelling me smoke using a lighter. Perfect for me!!!!!

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