Kanna CBD E-Liquid 1000MG (30ml)

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This product contains less than 0.3% THC


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Also available in cartridge form.

117 reviews for Kanna CBD E-Liquid 1000MG (30ml)

  1. Dee

    Great Taste and smokes good but i don’t think its 100mg. They sent me a bottle that says 1500mg on accident or purpose who knows. I just don’t feel the effects off it much and that is the downfall. Also can you use this as a tincture?? Make the CBD what it says it is and this product is gold!

  2. rileyj562

    i enjoyed the juice, flavor was nice and it seemed to work just a bit better then the previous cbd’s ive tried, would definately recommend it to anyone who uses cbd.

  3. Tom

    Works well for me

  4. Kevin

    This is the best tasting in the best vape juice that will burn in a sub ohm tank

  5. Tracey

    Pretty good flavor and all. Just not 100% on it being 1000mg, maybe 350-500mg! Still works good tho! Nice and relaxing! 👍

  6. Lisa

    Love this juice. It has a great flavor

  7. Sara

    Great flavor! I’m always skeptical to try new brands but so far this 1 seems to be working great & tastes much better

  8. Kevin

    I love the Canon love the flavor and love the way it babe. It’s only vapor that I found that will work in my mod that is a my smoktech beast Prince King tank and with the other CBD juice same tours in my coils so I had to buy me a a little little wind that you was just a small little puffer Ahmad whatever you call it pod

  9. MARK

    I like the oil it works great for me and a good vape pen. Love it

  10. Alexander

    Not as strong as i hoped

  11. Jervonte

    Flavor could be better but everything else was great!

  12. Buel

    I am a new user of CBD, and trying to determine, which is the best product and in what form. I took the CBD gummies, and find them easy to use, and the watermelon taste is great. The dose I use is 25 mg, twice daily. Based on current results, I believe CBD is helping my leg pain caused by my MS.

  13. Jeff Kirby

    This is a solid e liquid. Great for price. I enjoy this after using genesis nugs.

  14. tarek.gindi

    Great product and affordable

  15. Lisa

    Great berry flavor!! Will be buying this again.

  16. David Harris

    Full flavor vapes real nice, wish this was made in a larger doaage though maybe a 2000 or more would be nice.

  17. Marnie

    Love it!!!!!! Great price!!!! Very affordable compared to the rest of the ridiculous prices!

  18. Julie

    Great taste. Fast shipment

  19. Audrey

    Great product! Berry is the best!

  20. Jake

    Love this stuff! works like a charm for pain. Great flavor from it and amazing service from cbdvapejuice.

  21. Peter

    good product helps my anxiety

  22. Ryan

    Doesn\’t seem to have much of an affect.

  23. Michael


  24. mwoomail

    Great customer service and fast shipping. Excellent for vaping and the 1000 mg is priced very well. Highly recommended.

  25. C

    I tried this product with my vape, and It didn’t work, and I tried put in under my tongue and it didn’t work eaither .. IDK why. In my opinion I don’t recommend this product.

  26. Linda

    Works great and good taste

  27. Lorraine

    Loved it works nice on my arthritis and nerve pain


    love this product

  29. Evan

    Tastes great and very potent!

  30. Audrey

    Try it You won\’t be disappointed Really good product!

  31. Drew

    Love the flavor


    I ordered 2 bottles and they where great I received the wrong flavors but they sent me a free one great site love the product
    Thank you Ryan the customer service guy who helped!!!!

  33. Michael

    This stuff tastes delicious and works like a charm

  34. Frederick

    My customer\’s love it! I will always keep this product on my shelves.

  35. Frederick

    Great tasting and awesome for anxiety and pain relief.

  36. Frederick

    It is so nice when you can appreciate a great Vape Juice after the first pull, tasting all the wonderful flavors and feeling anxiety and pain just leave my body. Outstanding product!

  37. Donna

    Loved it. Tastes great!

  38. Christopher

    Great place to shop a++++++

  39. Audrey

    Don\’t need blood pressure meds anymore!

  40. Audrey

    This CBD oil is very calming for anxiety. The best flavor is Berry!

  41. Taylor

    pretty good, does what it does

  42. Tori

    I have spent a lot of time shopping around and you just can’t beat these folks. Placed order and product shipped same day here the 2nd day!

  43. Anonymous

    I find this product very weak. I doubt there’s 1,000mg of CBD. I’ve tried other products that put me to sleep. This one doesn’t even make me drowsy.

  44. CatLady

    Great quality and smooth flavor! Menthol is very nice and calming.

  45. Audrey

    Really helpful!!

  46. Raven Smith

    Tastes great, work too. Helps with my depression, anxiety, A.D.D, nausea, joint pain, and period cramps.

  47. Joley

    My Son loves this CBD E Liquid. He suffers from chronic pain associated with diabetes. It helps him sleep and makes him comfortable on the days his pain kicks in. Helps his anxiety as well. It is the best product we have tried so far. Do not let the price fool you. Very effective.

  48. James

    It came in quick has a nice taste it helps with my pain just need to get the stronger stuff and I can’t afford that

  49. Ross

    Watermelon tastes great and it vapes good. As far as being CBD, it’s not. Wish I could get my money back for this.

  50. Mike

    This is the second time I\’ve purchased Kanna CBD from this site. The menthol and the mixed berry both have very good taste and work well in my e-cig. I would recommend these products to family and friends.

  51. Holly

    Tastes awful, the watermelon is delicious though. Very good value though.

  52. Amy

    This is one of the best vape juices for the price you can’t beat it and they are the best customer service ever! This is my go to place!

  53. James

    Great tast and price

  54. Samara

    So far this is the best one I have tried. And it tastes good! Will be buying agian.

  55. Samara

    Love the taste! Will be ordering again.

  56. paul

    it tasted good but that’s about it

  57. calperez

    Used the Berry during the summer to substitute some of my pain medication (Tramadol). It did the job, although I got better results with it using it sublingual. Kind of super sweet, but it has a good aftertaste.

  58. Kelly

    It works amazingly well and it tastes awesome. This is the only product I\’ve bought more than once and I found the one that I\’m sticking with! It\’s a wonderful deal as well.

  59. kashman240

    This is the best flavor I’ve had. Works out to help with my pain from various conditions.

  60. Mark

    Great price. Great cbd works well and vapes perfectly thanks alot

  61. Theres

    Great value and we will be ordering from you again.
    Thank you Theresa

  62. James

    Not satisfied I believe this has very Lil or no CBD I have had 600 that was much stronger .wish I could get my money back.

  63. Troy

    Works just fine

  64. James

    It really works

  65. Tamit

    Great product for the price and the taste is awesome



  67. DENITA

    The Mango flavor was much better than I expected, very enjoyable vape experience.

  68. Tamit

    for the price it is great

  69. Mike

    No verified lab test results, hemp oil is what is on the label, there no way this is even CBD oil. Smell is great but that is not going to anything to help me. I would avoid this one

  70. Jessica

    Love! Love! Love! Couldn’t be happier! I’ll be buying again for sure!

  71. Chris

    Awesome CBD vape juice!! Super fast delivery, great price, and it vapes very smooth. Its hard to find high potency CBD that’s not only good, but affordable. This is it!!! I found a new home for my CBD. THANKS!!

  72. Amy

    Best so far light on the taste but it still has stopped me from smoking cigarettes and anxiety issues

  73. Dianna

    Kanna Strawberry happens to be one of my favorite flavored CBD E-Liquids

  74. Martin

    Love it

  75. S. Ipkiss

    Amazing juice, great product for a great price! Does the job right, I got the wango mango flavor! Will recommend to friends!

  76. S. Ipkiss

    Great juice, amazing product for the price. I got the wango mango flavor, will recommend and order again!

  77. Mark

    High concentration is good but seems better for edible than vape. Either way it is the best menthol flavor I have had. Great value.

  78. Matthew

    Great service and extremely fast shipping as always! The Kanna jiice is excellent! Hopefully it stays on sale so I can get more!

  79. Tawni

    More of a honey like consistency. very sweet tast can definitely taste the mango smokes pretty well…

  80. Tamit

    even though the price is cheap it works well

  81. Elissa

    Shipping was very fast and when I received it the label said 1500 mg instead of 1000. Ordered from you guys twice now and will definitely be ordering more in the future

  82. Dianna

    The best flavor and works really great

  83. Sheri

    Very smooth flavor and has helped my pain level become more tolerable.

  84. Dianna

    I absolutely love this product and will be ordering it again. Thank you for all your help and extremely polite staff.

  85. Tamit

    the oil is great for vape and is surprisingly good for the price!!

  86. Tamit

    Another great product for the price

  87. Tamit

    Another great product for the price

  88. harrisjessica37

    Amazing I ordered the watermelon taste like a jolly rancher has been amazing for my back highly recommended

  89. diannava

    I absolutely love this brand and highly recommend it. This is my third flavor from KANNA and the strawberry 🍓 is so good.

  90. GM

    I’ve purchased the Watermelon & Menthol which are both very effective, smooth and have great flavor.

  91. diannava

    I purchased the Mango and Mixed Berry CBD e-liquids and I love them. Really is a great product and highly recommend . They have really strong /smooth flavors and really helped with the pain I suffer with from lupus and fibromyalgia among a few other problems. The company is really great to deal with and very pleasant customer service. This will be the only place I purchase my CBD e-liquid.

  92. Kathryn

    It\’s great no harsh flavors I\’ve tried strawberry mixed berry and mango! All very yummy, great for when I\’m having panic attacks. I can\’t stand the natural taste of some

  93. Monica

    Love it and works perfectly well for pain

  94. Patricia

    Awesome seller. Will be ordering from them again.

  95. Shawn

    Love this brand. The taste is awesome. Great price.

  96. Rachel

    I’ve had CBD with 250 mg that had a stronger affect. This didnt do anything for me. The flavor is good thats about it.

  97. Jordan

    For the price and flavor, its worth it. As for any effects, this is my second CBD vape product that I have tried and haven\’t felt much of the properties on there. Will be trying the other flavors!

  98. gloria

    KEEP THIS COMING PLEASE!!! and esp the watermelon…customers love it and the powerful tastes

  99. Dennis

    Shipping was fast and price was great, but i REALLY doubt there being much CBD in it at all..felt nothing from using it for a lil while now. its much much thinner and more liquidy than past purchases of 500mg cbd bottles. (Usually the higher cbd liquids have a more thick consistancy). The flavor is pleasant but i didnt taste much mixed berry in it…. it ended up tasting like just plain strawberry.
    Overall its an okay juice but its better to just pay a lil more for the CBDgenesis 500-1000mg bottles instead

  100. Dylan

    I received this very quickly and got a really good deal on it. Tastes just like it says too. Good flavor.

  101. Gene

    This was a marvelous find! It\’s so hard to find high dosage CBD at a reasonable price.

  102. Derek

    Can’t beat it for the price. Mixed berry is amazing. 2 thumbs up

  103. Jarek

    it was good great flavor

  104. jjemi1709

    Definitely not as strong as other cbd e liquids I have tried…the taste is good, but other than that I do not think I will be purchasing this brand again.

  105. NAYYER


  106. SETH

    Good taste, not sure about the 1000mg rating.

  107. Kathryn

    Amazing, best tasting vape i have found! I will definitely reorder

  108. Kathryn

    Best tasting vape I have tried EVER!! Will be reordering!! No complaints

  109. Alejandro

    I had previously used the CBD Genesis concentrate 550mg, and was pleased. This is another great product and at 39.99 the price cant be beat for a 1000mg product. I really like the taste of the watermelon but would prefer wild-berry. Also, i ordered 2 wild berry and 1 watermelon but received 3 wild berry instead. i contacted the customer service office and was compensated for the error. Great company and fantastic products.

  110. Steve

    Love taste!!

  111. commerce

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with this as I was not familiar with the brand & it being so cheap. I got the mango and it actually tastes pretty good. It makes pretty big clouds and works well as a calming agent.

  112. Stephanie

    I bought watermelon and I love the flavor. I really enjoy vaping this CBD liquid.

  113. Wade

    Wonderful taste and quality all the way!

  114. mjschrystal.herbal

    I tried the mixed berry and Oh My WOW!!! It tastes amazing. I have definitely found my new favorite. I’m going to try the mango next, I can’t wait to try it.

  115. Steffyday

    Decided to try it since it was on sale… I absolutely love it!! I tried the Watermelon and it has a very pleasing taste. I definitely love this brand.

  116. stlouisshucker

    Great price. Great flavor. I got the watermelon.

  117. L Bolding

    I bought 1 of each flavor and they taste amazing! The watermelon and mango were my favorite. Taste is exactly what it says it is. Great prices for 1000 mg. I may have found my new favorite brand!

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