Kanna CBD Cartridges (1000mg)

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Product Description

Also available in Tincture form.

– Propylene Glycol
– Vegetable glycerin
– Hemp Derived CBD

Our product is a 1ML CBD Oil Cartridge, Using our patented flavoring technologies we infuse our CBD with delicious flavors! All of our CBD is imported from the U.K. and Lab tested again when we receive it! Each Cartridge has a total of 1000MG of CBD infused with flavoring. There is no THC this means you do not get the Psyco-Active effects, But you get all the medical benefits of the hemp plant! We use plant only Vegetable Glycerin and Bio Based (Non-GMO Corn) Propylene Glycol.

Your guide to Kanna CBD Cartridges (1000mg)

Kanna CBD cartridges are infused with 1000mg of cannabidiol (CBD), and come in five fantastic flavors. These are: Mango, Menthol, Watermelon, Mixed Berry and Strawberry. This product is available at a superb price, considering the rich CBD content.


In this guide, we’ll take you through the ingredients in this CBD oil cartridge. We’ll also cover the benefits of vaping as a means of taking CBD. The compound comes from the hemp plant, and doesn’t induce any intoxicating effects.

Made with pure CBD

This cartridge is made with a CBD extract derived from industrial hemp. The supercritical CO2 extraction process is very important. This ensures that the extract is pure. And that it does not contain any residues, toxins or metals that may have initially been in the hemp.


When the extract is taken, the process allows for the CBD to be separated from the other plant compounds.


The result is a CBD-isolate extract that contains no THC – not even a single molecule. This is a step further than some CBD products, which may legally have up to 0.3 percent THC.


CBD-isolate products made from hemp oil are ideal if drug tests at work are a constant worry. These tests look for use of cannabis, but only for the THC compound. CBD is not looked for in drug tests as it’s non-psychoactive. Kanna CBD cartridges have been lab tested, to reassure users that they are high in CBD, but have no THC.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin carrier oil

Most CBD cartridges are made with a carrier oil. The propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) mixture used here is standard in the industry. Both ingredients produce plenty of vapor when heated.


As the two are combined, the e-liquid has a nice consistency that isn’t too thick. All vaporizers are capable of handling vape juices with good viscosity, that are neither too runny nor too thick. VG is used in many foodstuffs as a sweetener, and it has the same effect in this CBD cartridge. Add in the delicious flavors, too, and you have an e-juice that’s a delight to vape.

Enjoy potent relief with this CBD vape cartridge

With 1000mg of CBD, you can enjoy this hemp derivative at its most potent. Studies on CBD have highlighted that the effects of the compound are markedly different depending on the dose. Higher concentrations are soothing and relaxing for the body and mind.


But CBD is never psychoactive, and it doesn’t have any addictive properties. This means you can take larger doses without the threat of dependence, increased tolerance or severe side effects.

Great for sleep

Kanna CBD cartridges can be used to help you to get to sleep, and for formulating better sleep patterns. Vaping rapidly delivers the sedative effects of CBD, bringing you into a state conducive for sleep in a matter of minutes. This efficiency is excellent for sleep, as you can just dose up a few minutes before bedtime.


Some investigations indicate that CBD has a regulating effect on the sleep-wake cycle. This comes from how the compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).


CBD regulates the hormones that control when we wake up and go to sleep. This promotes a consistent and healthy sleep pattern. Furthermore, CBD consumption has been linked to increased deep sleep, which is great for the brain.

Superb for pain relief

It is brilliant news that CBD can help to relieve pain, as research is now beginning to show. This confirms what many have thought about CBD, which has become a popular alternative pain treatment. Vaping is effective at managing various types of pain, including neuropathic and chronic conditions.


With the former, fast-acting relief is vital to maintain a high quality of life. As the symptoms often take hold without warning, it’s crucial that CBD can suppress them as quickly as they emerge. Users are comforted, knowing that vaping CBD can ease their pain in minutes. This is really important, as it enables them to stay mobile and independent.


Chronic pain causes discomfort around-the-clock. But with vaping, you can easily manage the pain, taking a hit on your Kanna CBD cartridge whenever you need to.

Treat anxiety

There is huge promise for CBD as a remedy for anxiety. This mental disorder can have negative effects in all areas of life. Without the appropriate treatment, anxiety can take an increasingly stronger hold.


Studies suggest that CBD relieves anxiety by making adjustments to brain chemistry. CBD boosts a calming neurotransmitter called GABA.


If using CBD for anxiety, vaping cartridges is perhaps the most effective way of dealing with symptoms. For the user, they need CBD relief to kick in there and then – and that’s exactly what cartridges offer.

Why vape cartridges?

For starters, vape cartridges are a really easy way of getting your daily intake of CBD. Very little preparation is needed – just screw the cartridge onto your vape pen and you’re all set. Not having to do any cleaning or maintenance is a real advantage. Cartridges are even easier in that sense than regular vaping, where you have a tank to refill and keep clean.


Kanna CBD cartridges have been developed for the CBD user who puts a high value on efficiency. Vape pens are compact and portable, and can deliver instant hits of CBD.

Final thoughts

Kanna have shown their customers that they are brand they can have confidence in, by publishing their lab reports. Desert Valley Testing is one of America’s most-respected hemp and cannabis testing laboratories. Their analysis is extensive, looking for an array of cannabinoids and terpenes. Desert Valley also confirms that Kanna CBD cartridges are free from residuals, and have no THC.


These flavored 1000mg CBD cartridges from Kanna are perfect for CBD users searching for something extra. This product is potent enough to deliver those desired stronger hits.  

110 reviews for Kanna CBD Cartridges (1000mg)

  1. Joseph

    Super smooth, great taste.

  2. Priscilla

    Love the product

  3. Kimberly

    Good. not the menthol flavor I was looking was expecting its actual pretty fruity

  4. Shir 315

    Great product.great price and mostly ship the same day!

  5. Andy

    Amazing company. I received free samples with my product and I was extremely surprised and extremely satisfied. The quality of this CBD cartridge is unbelievable! It has an excellent flavor/taste! I can’t say anything negative about these guys because they are running a great business and I am extremely satisfied with the products! Definitely will be ordering again soon!

  6. Brooke

    This is the first time purchasing this brand. The flavor is fine. The customer service was good and the shipping fast. My only complaint was that the first few uses seemed to leak out rhe mouth piece some. That has seemed to stop though.

  7. John

    Great stuff

  8. Linda

    I use this every day. It’s smooth and I like the taste. Definitely helps me relax.

  9. rajkumar

    Not strong for some reason

  10. Zach

    Very fast shipping. There was also an extra cbd product sent as a gift. I will be buying from you all again.

  11. Maximilian

    Relief in body and mind
    good for weight lifting and anxiety
    cartridges don’t leak
    very happy with my purchase
    A+ 100%

  12. Cassandra

    Awesome but it seemed to leak ..it went super fast

  13. Gregg

    The company, CBD Vape Juice, is great – fast shipping and they threw in a sample cartridge for free! But I am disappointed in the Kanna 1000mg cartridge, in both its lack of effect and questionable quality control. I ordered menthol, it says menthol on the label, but it is definitely strawberry (which means I got a great deal on price). As for effect, it has very little. Even sipping (200 hits/1ml) should yield 5mg CBD per dose – the same amount as a single pipe hit of 16% Lifter flower or a good tug on medicinal 1:1 Shark Shock oil concentrate. Those, I definitely feel. Without the entourage and its effects, the pure Kanna CBD just doesn’t cut it; even after several strong hits, it doesn’t come close to helping like straight CBD flower. As an experiment to find a convenient, clean option other than flower and dispensary oils, this was an utter failure.

  14. Scott

    I enjoy Kanna High Strength cartridges as a convenient means of remaing comfortable when away from my first use products. Juice is clean and clear. Flavor isn’t strong but pleasant.

  15. Nick

    Great value

  16. Jessica

    Like to vape for quicker relief from chronic pain. It is also helpful for severe muscle spasms I get, this usually helps when medications don’t.

  17. Allison

    Great flavor and quality but tend to leak

  18. Derek

    Good stuff

  19. Kyle

    Fast shipping. Felt the effects quickly. Gave a two star review cause one of my carts leaked out and ruined my pen.

  20. Maureen

    Great prices, too 😁😜


    This was my first experience with Kanna CBD oil and I’m impressed. I’ve tried over a dozen different brands with many being much higher priced and this is the best that I’ve found. Great tasting plus effective helping with my chronic pain problem. The shipping speed was fantastic also. Very glad I found this brand.

  22. Brian

    I love this product. I have plantar fasciitis and chronic neck pain. It really helps. It also relieves my anxiety.

  23. Garrett

    Excellent product. Works great to chill out and to sleep. Has a very mild taste which I like. The only thing I wish it came with a break down of what percentage of everything in it. Customer service is way above average and they gave me an extra cartridge because there was an issue with the billing end but was quickly fixed. When you email them they get back to you within minutes. And It wasn’t a bot either. Awesome company with great prices. Can’t go wrong with a purchase thru them. I will definitely be ordering more CBD in the near future.

  24. Linda

    While I love the flavor of this mango vape, I would not buy it again. The cartridges in this brand tend to leak. This is my second one. It was a free item with my last order so I can’t return it.

  25. Anthony

    Great product. Will definitely buy again, keeps me calm and helps me sleep

  26. Glen

    Nice clean taste. After taking a couple draws felt nice and relaxed and I have Arthritis in my right knee

  27. laura

    I love the product but would enjoy more flavor.

  28. Madeline

    We love your Kanba vapes! My husband and adult daughters also enjoy. They’re very smooth, wonderful taste, very nice to sit and relax with!

  29. Madeline

    My whole family loves your cbd vapes. I tried ut and had my 3 adult daughters try and they also love the vapes. Very smooth, very relaxing!😊

  30. Madeline Arce

    In love with your Kanna vape juice, very smooth, all my 3 adult daughters now use

  31. Madeline

    As usual, ypur Kanna vape was awesome & smooth, very relaxing 😊👍

  32. George

    I like it better than thc. I will buy it again.

  33. Benjamin

    Great company great product and if you have any issues with anything they are there to help

  34. Madeline

    My husband and i usr now at leadt 3/4 tomes daily. I notice a difference in my anxiety and moods. My husband likes the relaxing effects!

  35. Jeremy

    I love this product. Will purchase again.

  36. Ashley

    I have got this brand many times and I love it. I keep coming back because I really enjoy the brand.

  37. Madeline

    We love your vapes! Wstermelon and mango ones are amazing, very smooth, nice way to relax!

  38. David

    awesome stuff.

  39. Chris

    I really doubt this has 1000mg but it is potent. My problem is the taste. I got the mixed berry flavor. Tasted very cheap. To be fair, I\’m not a fan of fruit flavors in general but I got it because of the advertised strength, which didn\’t meet expectations either.

  40. Wally

    Kanna product taste like mango

  41. Brian

    got 2, both work well in my Funky Farms vape battery at 2.8 V. Taste good not too strong, good draw every time. Prices are good, I’ve bought more from this brand.

  42. Madeline

    My husband and I have tried both love thr watermelon Kanna vape! Very smooth very relaxing 🖒

  43. Rodney

    Excellent quality, fast shipping, good customer service. I have found my new CBD shop.

  44. mdw75

    I have tried a few different types of oils and vapes ,etc. This one is by far one of the best. I purchased the strawberry for my vape pen to try as I have many others and I’m happy with this product. It has a nice flavor, smooth and easy to use. I suffer from join pain, anxiety, stress and ulcerative colitis. I wanted it see if I could treat these without all the chemical meds the doctors like to throw at you. I take two-three big hits and I’m good for awhile, almost instantly fell relief.. it’s like anything else people try, it has a different effect for each person. works for me.. So far I’m happy with this oil and I will be purchasing again. 1000mg 1ml strawberry pod. I’ll be back for more.

  45. Madeline

    Very smooth, tried my daughters watermelon she just purchased and love that one too!

  46. George

    Kanna CBD is the real thing. And it\’s about $10 cheaper than its online competitors. It leaves me with a nice, mellow feeling, yet still in full control of my faculties. And, it actually tastes like thd flavor it\’s supposed to, which isn\’t always the case with other brands. Highly recommended.

  47. Daniel Stout

    These are great!

  48. Daniel

    Was very smooth and perfect for pain and anxiety!!! Came fast in the mail!

  49. Gregory

    Exactly what I wanted and fast delivery. Excellent.

  50. Lisa

    I really love the CBD, it’s amazing how well it helps my anxiety and my arthritis at times too.

  51. Aaron

    Really good stuff, love it.

  52. Lisa

    I really like this product. The cbd helps a lot with my anxiety and a few other issues. I love it! I’m taking my meds less and just using the CBD…. perfect to me 🙂

  53. Ashley

    This oil is amazing. I buy it all the time. Helps so much with anxiety

  54. sandy

    really enjoying the flavor of this

  55. TARA

    Cbd vape juice is great. Tried a few other cartridges with minimal effects. This 1000 mg cartridge takes my pain away fast and lasts for a few hours!! Better than demolishing bottle after bottle of IBU Profin.

  56. Becky

    Love this CBD & this Flavor. It’s Awesome.
    It helps with my Anxiety & sleep so much better.
    I totally recommend it!

  57. Gabriel

    Pretty good

  58. Daniel Otero

    I would to see lab test results for this product to to find out the true cBd content because to achieve 1000mg in 1 gram (1ml) of extract that’s cut with VG and PG which is a negative in its self would be very difficult or impossible to achieve and if they were successful at doing so it certainliny wouldn’t be less than $100 for the gram. Until then I’ll stick with a reputable brand within the US that uses advanced extraction methods and not cut with VG and PG but rather oils. Honestly I don’t think it’s more than 200mg and that’s me being generous.

  59. Yaya

    This product is a NO for me.
    The oil is thick. It taste very fruity, as if I was doing hookah. I was fooled with the title “ green oil “ Expecting not so good taste.
    I’ve done vape with THC & CBD before .
    Separately, of course. I know the difference.
    Body wise it’s done nothing.
    If anything I’m actually pissed off I spent $30

  60. stan

    What vape pen works, I’m new to this cbd thing. I bought the cartridge not knowing it was for a vape pen

  61. Quinn

    greate quality

  62. Richard

    Excellent service highly recommend!

  63. Brandon

    Fno effects from the CBD felt like I was smoking e-liquid

  64. Shirlee

    Excellent cbd cartridges

  65. Josh

    Great taste, works well. Cheapest option available and still worth it, have repurchased already.

  66. Richard

    This was a great deal. Great price for the amount of mg\’s. Totally worth it.

  67. Arlene

    This is a great product. Very clean taste and thick oil.

  68. Deborah

    Does the trick!

  69. Jimmy

    Outstanding product.

  70. John

    Seemingly better than other inexpensive cartridges at this mg rating

  71. Idian

    I received the bottle of cbd not the vape cartridge. I think it was a mistake..

  72. Renea

    Really love the flavor and also the effect. Very calming.

  73. Kym

    I helped a friend stop using Tylenol and Ibuprofen, they now use your CBD for their pain of a bad hip. It works better at pain relief and no more stomach ache from the pills! Thank you.

  74. John

    These seem to work well but one of them leaked. We were given a replacement at no cost.

  75. Kym

    Recently I noticed my friend limping, she informed me that she was in need of a hip replacement. I asked her what she was doing for pain? She told me that the Ibuprofen and Tylenol was hurting her stomach. I gave her one of your 1000mg mixed berry. six weeks later she informed me that she no longer had to use the Ibuprofen and Tylenol, her stomach is feeling great and finds more relief in your CBD! Thanks for your help.

  76. Sherry

    Didn’t work.

  77. John

    These seem to last longer than other cartridges, but one of ours leaked after a few minutes until it was almost empty.

  78. Dana

    Good product. Horrible shipping time. It took an extra 1.5 weeks longer to arrive.

  79. Stephanie

    Excellent quality

  80. Lisa

    Love these cartridges! This is the only place I can find 1000 mg.

  81. Lisa

    Love these cartridges. This is the only company that carries the 1000 mg.

  82. Lisa

    Love these cartridges! I can only find the 1000 mg on this website.

  83. Charles

    I absolutely love your live chat feature. I did have a slight delivery issue but that had nothing to do with your company. I chatted with Suzie (love her) and she helped me with my order. I will continue to shop with your company when I need a new cartridge.
    You guys are awesome. More than satisfied.

  84. Kevin C

    Bought one of these at a gas station. I can’t find the brands website. Just people selling these cartridges online, or at some gas stations. Quality wise they’re okay. I have nothing to compare to because I haven’t tried any CBD only products. 5 big hits out of the vape helps tremendously with my tendinitis/carpel tunnel in my wrists. The cartridge themselves suck. Mine doesn’t leak like others, but the metal tip doesn’t screw on flush to the tank. Also when I take hits it gurgles/bubbles inside the metal tip, and if I pull hard enough I’ll get a little juice in my mouth.

    Honestly, if you have the money you are better off paying for something lab tested, or a more reputable brand. For the price though ($36 at the gas station) it’s not bad.

  85. Danielle

    Great product! Great flavor! Great price! Works wonderfully!

  86. Ryan Meyers

    Same as all the other legit reviews. Crappy made, barely any smoke, just junk.

  87. Holly

    Delicious taste of watermelon, fits the diamond brand buttonless vape.

  88. Lisa

    Fast delivery and best prices!

  89. Daniel

    Received the item I order in new condition. The item was exactly what I expected. Customer service was Excellent.

  90. Ethan

    Trash product. Fell apart first time using it. Waste of money

  91. Joseph Kelly


  92. Jimbob

    Carts seem to be put together without attention to detail. Easily leaks before unpackaging and breaks easily. Had to duct tape the tip so it wouldnt leak. Works nice though. Just wish the carts weren’t so lazily put together

  93. Philip

    STRONG and flavorFULL

  94. Michelle

    Great flavor and great for anxiety and relaxing!

  95. Vape On

    Watermelon Nice……

  96. Marshall

    Great. Love the flavor and it really helps with my pain.

  97. Steven

    Niiice flavor.

  98. Kym

    I purchased the CBD for my wife. I am told the effect of the CBD is a great relief for stomach ache and cramps. I have used the CBD for an upset stomach and it really helped! I will be back for more CBD, I don\’t want to run out! Great Stuff!!!!

  99. bruce

    UnfortunAtely one of the cartridges had leaked out in shipping. The other one was fine.

  100. Brandon

    Great tasting, and definitely does the job to relieve pain

  101. Yangequus5


    bought this cartridge and I honestly don’t think people are honest with their reviews.
    It was my first.
    Maybe because it cost 35 dollars in the store.0 I did find the same for 85 and that’s why I bought it for 35, obviously.

    IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME. Or what do I know ???
    It was my first.
    All I felt was a little feeling in my throat from the smoke. Maybe it has PG to make it smoky … which I just read to buy cbd that doesn’t have PG.

    But again, it didn’t work for me I did not feel any difference.
    I felt less angry about it cause I only paid 35. And once I came across t for 85 I almost bought it and I’m glad I didn’t.

    So I have done a good research have purchased different ones to then test how I feel and if it works for me. Other than that, kanaan is GARBAGE.

  102. bruce

    Unfortunately, One of the cartridges leaked out while being shipped. The other one was fine. I haven\’t contacted the company about this, but may.

  103. bruce

    UnfortunAtely one of the cartridges had leaked out in shipping. The other one was fine.

  104. Kathryn

    at first i was thrilled with it but after 2 days the cartridge completely fell apart. spilling the yummy mango leaving me with a mess. i even tried to figure out if i could put it back together no such luck. enjoyed it a little the first 2 days

  105. Connor

    great flavor and very relaxing.

  106. David

    Cartridge seems to be working fine.

  107. thair

    i like it

  108. Hthelovebug

    I got the Mango. The flavor was nice but very mild. I generally needed to take numerous hits to derive benefit (for pain) which is fine if you enjoy vaping. As expected there was no high at all.

  109. Herbie

    I got the Mango. The flavor was nice but very mild. I generally needed to take numerous hits to derive benefit (for pain) which is fine if you enjoy vaping. As expected there was no high at all.

  110. nayhorselover

    Fast shipping. I love the flavor and it works great! The only down side is that the juice runs out very quickly.

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