Juul CBD Peaked Pods Kit

(4.67 based on 6 customer reviews)


Contains four CBD pods with 250mg CBD each.

This product contains less than 0.3% THC and does not contain nicotine.


Product Description

Contains a Juul e-cigarette device and four Juul-compatible CBD pods with 250mg CBD each. Available in 6 incredible Flavors.

6 reviews for Juul CBD Peaked Pods Kit

  1. CRAIG


  2. Andrew

    Two of the four pods leaked pretty badly to be honest. Product Vapes very well otherwise and effects are very visible and you can feel… sad that it was like getting 3/4 cartridges which kind of makes it not worth it.

  3. Michael

    First time vaping CBD and I’ve found it really helpful with joint pain and sleep enablement. Will definitely repurchase!

  4. Michael

    Shopping experience was top notch! Even reached out and corrected an error that I made! The pods are high quality and the CBD effects are great for joint pain, sleep and stress relief. Will certainly be shopping again! Thx

  5. Mitchell

    High quality product, excellent!

  6. Tracy Nix

    First time user. This made it super simple to start up.

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