Jolly Green Oil Edibles – Party Pack (1000mg)

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Note: This product could melt slightly due to high heat during shipping. If your product arrives melted, we are unable to refund or replace it. You can refrigerate to make hard again, CBD will not lose its effects after melting.
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Product Description

1000mg bag of CBD edibles assorted with all our signature JGO CBD candy infused with our high quality CBD

Contains 20 pieces in total, 5 pieces of each gummy candy (Peach Rings, Blue Raspberry Puffs, Sour Gummy Worms, Gummy Worms, and Sour Patch Watermelon Slices)

85 reviews for Jolly Green Oil Edibles – Party Pack (1000mg)

  1. naylor.megan

    These taste way too good, I ended up eating the whole bag in one sitting. They did work my anxiety though so that’s cool.

  2. shescici

    My first time using cbd edibles and definitely went with a great first choice, worked quickly, relaxed and suppressed my anxiety and stress. I love Quick shipping & quality product.

  3. Carrie

    Taste so great!! No nasty grass flavor sting at the end will purchase again!!!!

  4. Alaina

    Great product and value!!!! I recommend these to anyone to like cbd gummies and will definitely be ordering again.

  5. luluhabeck

    I just recently bought the party pack 1000mg gummie edibles, which I was hoping would work well! However, I did not feel anything or get any pain relief. I made sure to wait an hour and even ate two gummies, yet felt nothing. I’m pretty dissatisfied and disappointed. Would not recommend.

  6. Luke

    Awesome sauce! Thanks for making cbd affordable for all!!!! Its really catching on.

  7. Luke

    Love the online shopping with this company and its products. Todays store prices for cbd are extremely expensive and unaffordable. Thank u for making cbd priducts easily available and easy on the pocket book. Many of my friends and family (including grandma @91 and our landlord+wife @ 74) are trying cbd to see what its about.

  8. Luke

    Thank you Jgo and cbdvapejuice for keeping your products affordable for the average person. They work great and the stores make prices very unaffordable. I\’m happy with the delivery time and order accuracy. We lobe it and so do lots of our family and friends.

  9. Luke

    Thank u JGO and cbdvapejuice for keeping a wide variety of products that work and stay affordable for the average person in today s world. Store s over inflate their products prices and make it impossible for most to keep buying cbd. I would never be able to use cbd for my overall health like I do now if I were buying at the stores. Thank u again so much.

  10. Patricia

    I buy the party packs regularly. You have a variety of gummies with different strengths. Helps me to relax, sleep and is helpful for over all well being. I\’ll take it over pharmaceuticals any day of the week.

  11. sarah

    These are the best. They taste great, and each gummy can be split into 2 individual doses of 25mg easily. So if I need more or less there is no hassle with how much I am getting.

  12. Noah

    Tastes good, definitely not 1000mg of CBD in the package though. Should be approximately 50mg pet piece, but in my experience it seems much lesson. Gummies don’t have any CBD taste like most other gummies and I couldn’t find any lab concentration reports on thier website.

  13. tinaburrell93

    The gummy worms & bears taste ok, but the others nearly gagged me. They didn’t help with my pain, but I slept better than I have in months. I’m going to try something different next time. It’s all trial & error!

  14. Dukeofpearl

    So awesome! Happy every time and they go fast around here. I like them to help anxiety -stress , back pain and muscle soreness, and a sleep aid. More people are asking to try them and so far all good feedbAck. Thanks jgo!

  15. Luke

    I am a solid repeat customer and these gummiesrAre the favorite so far in this househod! We have been using cbd for a while now and we are geting more and more friends asking about it and trying it themselves. I mainly use it for anxiety/stress, pain relief, and a sleep-aid . It does work and we keep coming back for more! Thanks everyone at JGO co. Nappy hollidayzz;)

  16. Patricia

    Great stress reliever. gives you a calming effect. Pain reliever. Trouble with sleeping. All the perks w/o the high and no messed up side effects.

  17. Brett

    helps stabilize my moods. must have!!! just take 1 gummy every other day. and 2 gummies every other day.

  18. Marianne

    Very tasty. Work well.

  19. Miriam

    Great service, great product. Helps me with sleep & pain.

  20. sarah

    It was shipped quickly and without damage. These gummies are 100% on point every time I buy them. They taste great with no medicinal after taste. They work for 4-6 hours depending on how much pain I am in. They help calm my leg muscles so I can sleep.

  21. sarah

    These taste great. They also work 4-6 hours. These are the BEST value for your money !

  22. Jeanne

    So far this my favorite item. Helps so much with my fibromyalgia!

  23. Christina

    Hi! I have chronic pain and have been on WAY to much meds for almost 9 years now. Medication helps only temporarily and it seems the longer u take the more you need and at the same time unfortunately the medication also weakens ur pain receptors so everything hurts worse this needing more meds. It is a horrible vicious cycle. So I have been taking 1000 mg edibles 1-2gummies 3-4x per day. I can honestly say the 1st week I thought it was a placebo effect… is not! U do have to find wht wrks for you. So now going on several months of using CBD I have been able to come down on pain patch and I have been going 6-8 hours I between taking pain pills. Instead of taking 2 pills sometimes I can take 1pill. Sleep has improved instead of 1-2 hours at a time of sleep I am acutely sleeping 4hours at a time. CBD helps inflammation, helps pain , anxiety, sleep. These products are great I have tried several. Like them all! This product is the most bang for the buck tho. Recently I visited MJ doctor and was approved so I am excited about added benefits of THC to the CBD both effective research has said tht THC add benefit with cbd…not to get high at all. Just to manage pain and be done or minimize medication as much as possible. Amazing benefits. I will cont even with green card to get edibles with TCH and without so I can mix them together. I am AMAZED at the results and so happy my pain has improved with the help of the hemp plant. These damn politicians need to get it together make it legal so people have a choice. Medication and the baggage that comes with controlled substances is not worth it. Talking to all on pain meds, benzo, sleeping aids, ect… get off tht crap! The dependence, side effects, mood disturbances, ect….it is not worth it. It controls and ruins ur life. More at risk for people to steal ur medicine. Just say no to the doctor pushing controlled substances. It’s not worth it!

  24. Luke

    We really love the party pack gummy edibles! Even my 91 year old grandma uses them to help her pain and sleep habits. My wife also shares them with me and we would recommend these to anyone ! Can\’t wait to make our next order

  25. sarah

    I order these every week. They are shipped quickly, and they show up undamaged.

  26. sarah

    These are the absolute best deal I have found anywhere ! They work great. They taste awesome too !

  27. sarah

    These never fail. They arrive in good condition. The shipping time is short , and they work !

  28. Christopher

    They were ok

  29. Shad

    They are great. I was shorted two pieces but i will definitely be ordering these again. Mistakes happen.

  30. Doris

    Super fast Shipping
    Best prices online shopping ,
    CBD party Pack, Doctor approved
    Helps my MS symptoms🎗

  31. Maryellen

    Loved it! Great price, quick shipping, all good!!! TY!

  32. randyscheri

    So glad they replaced the watermelons with sour bears!! Great!

  33. sarah

    I use these daily and find relief from my chronic pain , and sleeping troubles. They do not make me drowsy during the day when I need to be awake, but I need pain relief. I sleep more soundly without moving as much as I would otherwise. Great buy / Great shipping time !!!

  34. Lora

    My entire family uses these! For pain or anxiety or to help with sleep!!!
    Love love love these gummies!

  35. Danielle

    Love it

  36. Danielle

    Helps bring my anxiety to a manageable level, but didn’t help my migraines. The candies taste good, my favorite is the blue raspberry- I wish I could get a pack of just them. If you’re considering purchasing this, I’d encourage you to do so.

  37. qball

    I just got and was happy to see they don’t have the little pink ones they have gummy bears instead I hope they keep it this way that was my least favorite I gaged them down last. Please keep gummy bears

  38. Michael continues to be my source for excellent products, value and service!! They are the BEST!

  39. Michael

    FABULOUS customer service, FABULOUS selection of products, FABULOUS prices – and all around feel good experience! I recommend them highly. They promise 100% but give 150%.

  40. Lora

    My entire family uses these gummies and we all love them. I only wish they were a lil more affordable!

  41. nanette

    great variety…liked all but the peach rings.good price to be able to try different products.

  42. Christopher

    Best deal out there and definitely my favorite product from jolly green oil

  43. Cheri

    Love this I am ordering more now great product at good price!!

  44. Jeri Franks

    I really enjoyed the variety pack of gummies.

  45. Deniece M

    people go crazy for this party pack

  46. Lora

    Everyone in my family uses the gummies! My only complaint is I wish they weren’t so expensive.

  47. Lora

    I use these gummies twice a day for pain, my wife uses them for anxiety, depression and blood pressure, and all of us use them to help with sleep. We have had great results from them. Im glad that you sale them for 29.99 it helps our already limited budget to be able to get these. If they were more affordable I could use these alone without any other meds for pain. Thank you

  48. Brenda Wotta

    I have a very high level of intense pain, and can’t take pain relieving medications. These gummies are a life saver for me, they relive my pain without the side effects. I love them and will continue to buy!!

  49. Amanda

    Great product, great price.

  50. steve

    Party pack is right score AAA

  51. Deniece M

    great variety

  52. Leith

    Very good! Thank you!

  53. Steven

    I really enjoy the party pack, unfortunately they all melted together during shipping. I am just taking small bites out of the patty.. Still great taste though. Very relaxing after.

  54. Lora

    Second time ordering from this company, first time ordering the party pack gummies. LOVED THEM! Pain was gone and I slept through the night with no pain.

  55. Steven

    By far my favorite! I have ordered this item several times now and I always enjoy them. These are the best for quality, quantity, and price!

  56. Christopher

    Amazing pack
    Always helps me
    Taste great love this brand!!!

  57. Andrew

    Amazing effect

  58. Sandra

    Delicious and a great value for the money! The CBD is potent without giving the gummies an herb-y taste. These help me stay positive and focused at work. 🙂

  59. Tracey Anderson

    Great product helped a lot

  60. Debra

    Enjoyed Jolly Green Edibles, great taste helped pain! CBDVAPEJUICE is my go to place for CBD needs. Also helpful, great speedy service. CBD has really helped with pain and insomnia.

  61. zwade1013

    These gummies are great ! Love that you can try all the different ones in one pack. Flavors are amazing. They really help and are so good I have to make my self put the bag down and limit myself to only a few a day.

  62. Vanderbilt

    Once again this party pak is great!!!!Nice variety & all of our customers love [email protected]

  63. Cindy

    Good flavor and last awhile

  64. Debra

    Really delicious!

  65. Steven

    The party pack is great! I always enjoy the relaxation. I just need more of them…

  66. Vanderbilt

    Has been a great product for all

  67. Debra

    Love taste, usually takes a couple before pain relief. Thanks CBD Vape Juice for fast curtios service.

  68. Heather

    Very yummy and help me through the day.

  69. Kat9397

    I was looking for a new flavor of gummies to order, but then I saw this and to my surprise liked them all! Been reordering! 😉 😉 😀

  70. Steven

    The party pack tasted great, the relaxation was wonderful too. I will definitely reorder these!

  71. Charles

    Omg, these gummies are the best tasting I’ve ever had and being 1000mg otw a great barg at 30$ . So yummy!! I want to be able to buy these gummies separate with and without cbd! 11/10 score, very satisfied and this is a great company to deal with .

  72. Christian

    Great cbd, great price ❤ xoxo

  73. brandon

    Very nice

  74. Kathryn


  75. Tanya

    These are awesome. Just wish I could buy the different kinds separately.

  76. Gary

    Easy website to use product was great. Will use them again

  77. Michael

    Pretty tasty!

  78. Lars

    Very tasty flavors

  79. Kaleb

    Woah! I wasn’t expecting these to be so delicious! Great product, favorite edibles!

  80. Jordan

    Best gummies I have tried so far!

  81. Catherine Patarak

    First time I ordered this product … Loved it…took my pain away and just made me feel relaxed! Buying this again…and you get 20 pieces that is so awesome…….

  82. Vanderbilt

    Five 🌟

  83. Lori

    Awesome assortment of flavors… great value & quick delivery as well!!

  84. Jordan

    My tolerance is pretty high and been looking for edibles that are well worth the price. Since this was on sale, it was well worth the investment on the 1000mg and amount of variety this pack gave. When consumed after one gummy worm, I did relax a little bit, but needed more to match with my body weight. Took a second after thirty minutes and had that nice CBD feeling after which is what I needed after a work out or a long day at work. Giving it a 5 and will be buying more in the future!

  85. Jeff

    Very tasty and relaxing. I’ll be buying more for sure very soon

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