Jolly Green Oil CBD Vape Cartridge

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Jolly Green Oil Vape Cartridges combines pure hemp-derived CBD with fun flavors to inspire happiness and good cheer!

Requires a 510 threaded battery.

Under 0.3%
No Vitamine E
Lab Certified

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Couldn't be happier with this product. Great for anxiety and minor pain relief, well packaged and easy to use. Definitely will be ordering more in future! - Frank 

Product Description

Upgraded packaging with a child proof box.

High quality wickless ceramic coil cartridge.

Partnered with certified hemp farm in Colorado with organic practices and on-site chemist for formulation.

All oil is CAT 3 tested

Reviewing our Jolly Green Oil CBD Vape Cartridge

Jolly Green Oil is one of America’s most popular cannabidiol (CBD) brands, and it’s easy to see why with their premium range of cartridges. These products are designed to have great flavor which enhances the vaping experience. Moreover, they are more therapeutic than your average CBD product, thanks to the addition of various terpene profiles.


This review will focus on the ingredients and compounds used in Jolly Green Oil cartridges, and look at the benefits offered by each of the strengths available. We will also explore some general qualities of CBD vape cartridges, and discover what sets them apart from other CBD products.

Made with hemp-derived CBD

Unsurprisingly, the most important ingredient in these CBD oil cartridges is the industrial hemp extract, which is non-GMO and imported from the United Kingdom. The company tests all of the CBD that they receive before using it in their products. The extract is then mixed with propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). These carrier oils are an excellent base for any vape juice, as they promote a smooth and delicious hit.

No THC or nicotine

These cartridges are not like any other that you may have seen in the past. Jolly Green Oil products are strictly CBD, and don’t contain any nicotine, a substance that is a common feature in many e-liquids. This product is also THC-free. However, it essentially offers the same benefits that you can expect from a full-spectrum CBD cartridge.

Rich in terpenes

That’s because these cartridges are rich in terpenes, natural chemicals found throughout the plant kingdom which contribute to taste, aroma, and in the case of these CBD products, the health benefits that they provide. There are so many different flavors available from JGO, including Froot Loop, Mango, Watermelon, Menthol and Sour Apple.  We have picked out three products to concentrate on, as they offer a unique experience.

3 reasons to use CBD vape cartridges

So, you are keen to begin vaporizing CBD, but need some extra convincing on why you should use a cartridge. Here are three benefits to seal the deal.

No maintenance

With a CBD cartridge you don’t have to do any maintenance. There’s no tank to clean, and you don’t even have to fill it up with e-liquid. All you need to get started with CBD cartridges is a compatible vape battery. This product is 510-threaded, which has become standard in the industry.   

Fast effects

Cartridges are the fastest way to get the effects of CBD, bar none. Vape batteries typically come with a built-in safety mechanism, which requires you to press the on button five times before the device becomes activated. Then, just hold down the button and vapor will automatically start to be generated. You can enjoy a hit within 10 seconds of taking the vape pen out of your pocket.


The compact and slender design of a vape pen makes it extremely portable. Unlike clunkier vaporizers, pens are lightweight and fit nicely in your pocket or handbag. This just serves to improve the efficiency of vaping cartridges.

Benefits of each Jolly Green Oil cartridge

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This – or any CBD product – is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease, or resolve your medical condition. Please consult with a medical expert if you need assistance. This content has been written solely for informational purposes.

250 mg of CBD

This is the best CBD cartridge for you if a revitalising effect is what you’re after. It’s the lowest concentration of CBD available in any JGO cartridge, which makes it perfect for micro-dosers, who are happy taking just a hit or two. The positive effects that a low dose of CBD can have on cognition and concentration can be harnessed to improve productivity when working or studying. This product is also ideal if you do not want an overly sedative experience from your CBD.

625 mg of CBD

Packed with more than double the amount of high-quality CBD as the 250mg, these cartridges are meant to more effectively deliver the relaxation properties of the compound. This strength could be helpful if you are searching for significant pain relief, or want to vape CBD to improve your quality of sleep. The hefty intake of CBD that comes from vaping this product is brilliant if you are suffering from migraines or intense headaches.

Final thoughts

As you can see, we have lots of CBD cartridges for sale from Jolly Green Oil. All of these products have been lab-tested, to guarantee that the CBD oil extract used is of the highest quality.


132 reviews for Jolly Green Oil CBD Vape Cartridge

  1. Betty

    I love these CBD pens. The taste is sooo good and super smooth and effective!!!What more could anyone want?

  2. Donna

    Love your CBD Vape Oil! Helps my anxiety & depression & also calms me, I am bipolar & am doing so much better now than in my past! It was affordable & delivery was pretty quick too! Ty! Will order more in near future!

  3. Jessica

    This doesn’t taste like froot loop flavor at all. Don’t like the taste that much.

  4. Donna

    I love this CBD vape! Its smooth & affordable 👌 😎 😌 I will be buying more of your product in the coming month of Sept! Ty very pleased with your product 😊 xoxo

  5. nfiore1993

    If I could rate lower I would. The flavor is god awful. I tried two different cartridges, both disgusting- fruit loop (250mg) and sour apple (625mg). Tasted like…burning plastic and rubber, and that’s being nice. Actual product knocks me on my ass and sleep all day, doesn’t relieve any pain. Pretty disappointed after reading all the great reviews. Would not recommend.

  6. Jennifier

    I just received the strawberry flavor. It tastes horrible. The flavor is like a mix of chemicals and salmon. If you can get past the taste, it is relaxing. Other reviews speak of tasting great but what flavors are they talking about? This one’s bad.

  7. Uchendu

    got me feeling great!!!!!

  8. Barbara


  9. Alberta

    The product however gets a much lower rating. If I do purchase from your site again I will not be buying the Jolly Green product. The taste is awful and the carts leak. Thanks for the help though.

  10. Daniel

    Great product – helped with anxiety, depression, and sleep.

  11. Andrew

    Great flavor. Super chill CBD vape. Nice to have after a long day of working from home. Perfect for relaxation and helpful for sleeping.

  12. Marx

    First order I got sent the wrong product, but they totally made it worth it by sending me 2 dope ass products for the mistake! You guys are the best!

  13. Julia

    It shipped quick, but I feel like what I got was like 3/4 the way full. Still not bad tho

  14. Anthony

    They only had menthol flavor in stock which isn’t my favorite flavor, but it was a great deal and it hits super smooth. Even being thc free, the terpenes definitely provide added relief.

  15. paul

    my pain goes away and I sleep like a rock, plus the flavor is ok too!
    I use my pen each night before going to bed and am glad I bought this
    will buy another one, maybe blueberry

  16. Linda

    Your store is great and I have no service issues. I don’t care for this product though. A little too harsh on the throat.

  17. Barry

    Good stuff, will buy again!

  18. Barry

    Good stuff, will buy again!

  19. Regina

    Great product!

  20. Cala

    Amazing customer service ! My package was lost by UPS and replacement shipment came within days. A wonderful and honest company. We will use them for all of our CBD needs with loyalty

  21. Elliott

    Super fast shipping. Ordered one menthol cartridge and was surprised to see there was a second cartridge in my package that was mango. I was super excited at first but then quickly disappointed since the mango cartridge leaked a lot and doesn’t work on the 510 battery i also ordered. Other than the faulty second cartridge, super satisfied and will be ordering from here again!

  22. Kathryn

    Fast shipping! Great Taste!!

  23. Kimberly

    Good. not the menthol flavor I was looking was expecting its actual pretty fruity

  24. Carolynne

    Cannot believe how fast this order was filled and delivered. Very intuitive web site made ordering easy even for this 72 year old user . Thank you for both your excellent product and speedy service.

  25. james

    Had an issue with a faulty cartridge. A replacement was sent out immediately, no questions asked. How cool is that

  26. Linda

    Good flavor. I prefer the Kanna cartridges but these are okay.

  27. paperclippe

    The juice itself is excellent. Great taste, nice and smooth, really helps with my headaches. But the carts these guys are using are garbage. You can only get so many hits before you have to unscrew the top to release the seal so that the wick can draw in more juice. I almost burned out my first one because I didn’t realize I was gonna have to uncap it every ten hits or so.

  28. Maggie

    JGO is a really quality product. Delivery is always so fast. I will definitely be purchasing again!!

  29. Jim

    Always great service, shipping, product, and quality! This is the ONLY company I buy my CBD from.

  30. Maggie

    The product is great and delivery is always so fast. I will definitely be purchasing again!!

  31. Seth

    Overall, good product. I could of used better email communication. Confirmation, shipping ECT. I will be making this order again

  32. Kami

    Loved them, great!!

  33. William

    Great prices,good products.they sent something extra it didnt pay for,a gift if you will.

  34. Tabbatha

    Great price, great product. Adult son has anxiety issues. This product as well as others ordered helps him adjust much better than prescription drugs alone. Thanks!

  35. Lucinda

    My husband loves it fantastic price could not find it anywhere on the market except for your store. Thank you very much fantastic bargain

  36. Andrew

    Flavor is great and clouds are nice, especially considering I use an Ooze pen. Only four stars because the first few hits came with lots of liquid and it took a while to clean it out but now it hits well consistently.

  37. Chris K

    This is the best product of there. I have used JGO 625mg Froot Loops exclusively for 2 years and have never felt more relief from my years of neck and back pain. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Customer Service I have received from this company. All companies should model their Customer Service like they do. Thank You!!

  38. Maureen

    You guys rock!!! Love my Kanna!! I’ll definitely be ordering again 😎😎👍🏼👍🏼

  39. Wiletsy

    Great product. I love it because it quickly relaxes me so I use this when stressed or to help me fall asleep faster. I also noticed I sleep better at night when using this product.
    No bad aftertaste. No headaches like with other products from other sellers that I have tried.

  40. Riley

    The cart is alright but the service you guys have is absolutely phenomenal! You guys are great!

  41. Christian

    Quality stuff. Definitely got more than what I expected! Probably wouldn’t order again because I want to try others but do recomend trying

  42. Israel

    Great taste arrived in good time

  43. ANN


  44. curtiselko54

    It was leaking when I got it. Doesn’t taste nothing like strawnana. It was fast shipping I’m glad about that. I just don’t like how it leaks. When I hit it, the juice went in my mouth. 🤮

  45. Patricia

    JGO tastes great and works great. High potency means less time to vape to your correct dose, and the flavor isreally good!

  46. Jim

    The best as usual. Will continue to buy from you!

  47. Amy

    The flavor is amazing and relaxes me instantly. I will purchase again.

  48. Paul

    I am starting to stick with the Jolly Green Oli Gelato as my go-to cartridge. It is a solid flavor and provides some calming. I definitely recommend it.

  49. Aolani

    Not quite like froot loops but still great!!

  50. Michael

    This stuff was very very watery I would not recommend it. The viscosity of the oil seemed off I took my first draw and get a mouth full of juice..

  51. Regina

    Granddaddy purp is a good flavor work really well I would definitely order again.

  52. Ronald

    Great product, viscosity is very thick so it lasts

  53. Athena

    I liked the flavor, and it relaxed me.

  54. Daniel

    Love this product!

  55. Myke

    Awesome flavor, body relaxing, pain relief

  56. ROY

    So far this one has worked the best in helping me sleep.

  57. Elliott

    The quality is very low

  58. John

    As always great service and fast shipping

  59. Margaux

    tastes super yummy!

  60. Margaux

    smelled exactly like from loops! love it

  61. Beverlee

    Awesome taste and really helps me with pain and stress

  62. Richard

    The taste is great and pricing is fair. Just wish the cartridge held more cbd oil.

  63. Whitney

    Love these, good flavor

  64. Paul

    I had the Jolly Green Oil cartridge in Gelato and really enjoyed the flavor and stress relieving results. Back here to order another!

  65. Ray

    Am enjoying the relief from my pain and seems to have a better effect than what I was using.(granddaddy perp)was my choice and I picked well

  66. Cynthia

    didn’t help much with my sleeping or anxiety like i thought it would

  67. Rhonda

    This one was ok I liked the high milligrams but it didn’t have much flavor and it doesn’t have the best atomizer

  68. Whitney

    Not much flavor but still really good

  69. Richard

    The taste and pricing is great. Can\’t say yet is the oil is helping with anything.. but worth it.

  70. Anna

    This cartridge didn\’t hit well, at least with my pen. It might work better with a different device.

  71. Stephanie

    I like Berry Blast the best.

  72. Cassandra

    It was alright but doesn’t work as well on the pen like a funky farm cartridge

  73. Tyler

    Good flavor and works well.

  74. Shelley

    Amazing product and super fast shipping!! I’ve been on meds for anxiety for years, but I’ve slowly been able to decrease the amount I take over the last several months thanks to these cartridges!!

  75. Whitney

    I love it , works well, only wish a Lil more flavor

  76. Jim

    Awesome as always – I love these guys and they always have a great product and fast shipping.

  77. Brian

    got 2 and only 1 worked. The one that did was good.

  78. Ashley

    Great item the taste is perfect not too strong kind of a fruity taste fast shipping!

  79. Gene

    Nice flavor but there was something wrong with the cartridge and it wouldn’t draw… like some excess plastic was plugging it. I had to transfer the contents to a different reusable cartridge I happened to have on hand. There was some loss and it was a major hassle. It’s overall effect wasn’t worth all the trouble. I will not be reordering this product.

  80. Michelle

    I absolutely love this!!!

  81. Stephanie

    Good stuff.

  82. Audrey Rodriguez

    Was really excited to get this product in the mail but the Post Office lost it so I bought a second one came in the mail in on time very fast shipping This product helps a lot with tension headaches thank you !!!! I hope they restock on watermelon soon really wanted to try the watermelon

  83. Samuel

    this stuff is amazing

  84. Jake Bayuk

    really good!

  85. Dave

    Great stuff

  86. Jake Bayuk

    i’ve been using the granddaddy purple and plan on buying more. it’s very good. taste isn’t my favorite but it’s good quality cbd! love this shop

  87. Samuel


  88. Dave

    I loved it

  89. Angela

    Love this vape! The flavor is awesome! Getting ready to make my next purchase!!

  90. Nathan

    Very nice, I was able to get a good night sleep!

  91. Michelle

    I tried Gelato and I honestly didn’t feel a difference in pain or in anxiety at all.

  92. Zachary

    Fast shipping and excellent value. 700 mg cartridges were definitely effective.

  93. Adam

    These are awesome cartridges. I’ve tried a handful of these, and JGO got it right. Smooth flavor, not rough.

  94. Richard

    This is great stuff but my opinion is that it has quite a bit more flavor than CBD but that’s what I bought.

  95. Kayla

    Amazing. Great tasting and long lasting nice Aroma

  96. sandy

    like the price but but a big fan of the flavor

  97. josephaschoeneck

    Update website with correct information please, I’ve had positive interactions with both representatives I’ve chatted with!

    I ordered 2 of the 1 mL cartridges (1 OG Kush and 1 Pineapple Express).
    *The Pineapple Express tastes sweet, but the OG Kush didn’t taste like much of anything.*

    Both were a strength of 700 mg.
    *Effects were mild compared to some 250 mg cartridges I purchased at another store*

    Be aware of the fact that there are no lab results with this brand, others on the site do and I think I’ll be sampling those brands.

    Happy Vaping!

  98. Brandon

    Wierd taste, and felt no CBD effect

  99. Lisa

    Really like the fruit loops flavor. Works well for me at night time.

  100. Lisa

    Like the flavor of this cartridge! I will order again!

  101. Josh

    Not the cheapest option or highest dosage for the price but still works well.

  102. Jennifer

    I honestly love these cartridges. I feel just a sense of wellbeing after i have inhaled. I inhale a few times a day at my desk.

  103. Kim

    Love the pineapple. The concentrate really lasts. The pain relief is excellent and the taste is very mellow.

  104. Matt

    Cartridge fell apart first day. Terrible

  105. Yelissa Darn\’a

    The taste really isn’t there but it can Aalivate some pain but not all unless you have to take a lot of hits

  106. stephen

    Tasty but not effective

  107. Benjamin

    Best customer service I’ve ever had! I called and talked to Suzy and let her know one of my two cartridges wouldn’t pull and she apologized and sent me a new one. Took up a whole 1 minute of my day and was very kind and understanding. She Did what it took to make it right. She asked me to call her back and let her know how much i enjoyed it! I still have the note on my desk to call you Suzy! Just wanted to use for a few weeks to give the most honest feedback i could first. Great product, fantastic customer service. Great overall experience. Thanks Suzy and team! I will be buying again! 5 stars ++

  108. Ryan

    Great Taste…very smooth. Would Recommend

  109. Laura

    Great store! 250MG Product was average. Next time will get the higher MG.

  110. Eric

    awesome cartridges…super consistent

  111. Matthew

    Oil Catridge leaked and broke the battery after only 3 uses. Not satisfied with this product at all.

  112. Ty

    I had very high hopes for this product. Unfortunately I must have gotten a dud cartridge. There was little to no vapor when hitting it,Even at numerous heat levels. It was hard to suck on the cartridge and it started to leak. The leaking wasn’t major but enough to feel on your fingers. The watermelon flavor was subtle and sweet. I may give JGO another try.

  113. vapehard1991

    I bought this cartridge with high Hope’s due to the rave reviews of other jolly green products I have read. I’m a heavy CBD consumer/ self medicator with some pretty rough health issues. I
    have tried a plethora of different products to find what keeps me up and moving and out of pain. The CBD I take is not by any means recreational at all that is why products like this disappoint me so much. I got no effect and in no way any relief from this product seems to me that the CBD in this product was improperly dissolved into solution resulting in complete ineffectiveness. It was highly apparent evidence of recrystallization on the glass section of the cartridge at first I believe the glass was cracked but this was not the case after using this product I noticed that there was a little to no flavor at all only a mild sweetness The Vapor that came off at no matter what setting I used very light and wispy, but decided to give this product a fair shot I continue to vape about half of the tank which is way more than I would ever use in one sitting and still nothing unfortunately this is just a poorly created product in general I will try another jolly green oil product sooner or later to hopefully let the company redeem itself in my mind sorry for the long-winded review just stating my mind

  114. Bruce

    I have osteo arthritis in both knees, and your Jolly Green CBD vape cartridge gives me significant relief from that pain.

  115. Angela

    Just tried Pink Lemonade and worked to calm anxiety in minutes… So far so good… Oh…and taste great and smooth. Able to purchase at my smoke shop for a bit cheaper… Will be ordering more products!

  116. Frank

    Couldn\’t be happier with this product. Great for anxiety and minor pain relief, well packaged and easy to use. Definitely will be ordering more in future!

  117. Frank Bortone

    I purchased both Froot Loops and Mango in 250MG strength. The cartridges are great, and the CBD is great for anxiety and pain relief. Mango flavor is amazing, the froot loops is good on inhale, and a little funky on exhale. Next time, definitely going to be getting the 625. Big fan of this product!

  118. sls87m

    Tried the mango JGO and watermelon JGO, absolutely fast acting and great for back pain! But the best flavor hands down is the honey cartridge, if you like these, you’ve got to try that one (if you like honey, that is).

  119. Rebecca

    Great taste, relaxes me when I’m stressed out or my anxiety kicks in.

  120. Rand

    I love the fruit loops flavor and the 650 mgs really works for me. This is a great product!

  121. Jordan

    Less stars because I am curious about whether you should actually order the pen battery this brand produces. I tried it on three different pen batteries, one of which is nearly identical to the one they make and two couldn’t sufficiently heat it so there was minimal vapor coming out, and the third heated it well, but after a few hits (not chain hits) over 10 minutes I got a seriously burnt one, and I’m not sure what was burning because I have continued to use it holding the button down for a shorter period of time (which is producing much less vapor and annoying) but it’s not giving me burnt hits and the flavor is still fine? So the heating seems to be finicky but maybe I’m just a n00b and should have looked at the recommended batteries first. Flavor is good, but it’s too expensive to be so annoying.

  122. Kyle

    Fantastic I have recommended it to several friends

  123. Derek

    Very tasty, just like wildflower honey. Fast shipping. Great quality!

  124. Michael

    I didn’t expect a lot but I have to say, I was very impressed by the flavor, quality of tank and the amount of CBD that comes through. Wonderful for on the go relaxation

  125. kathrynelizabeth21

    Love it ! But the Fruit Loops flavor (to me) is gross! Definitely going to try watermelon next !

  126. Chris

    Froot Loops taste amazing and the pain free results are unbelievable This is a product worth it at an affordable $$

  127. Sandra

    Works well. Good value for the money. Flavor could be better, but would order again

  128. billpridey

    sounds like poss. i got a bad cartridge bcause woulf puff and pufff and puff and barely get any vape.not the batteries either bcause i use same ones for a diff. vape and batteries are with barely any vape smoke wasnt getting any good results.koodos for genises as replaced it pronto..thrive works well

  129. Elizabeth Niejadlik

    Great taste, shipped fast. Love the watermelon!

  130. Elizabeth

    Product was great and came in 3 days.

  131. marcellis6811

    I am blown away by the fruit loops they taste great and I have chronic back pain and have been on all sorts of prescribed meds for this pain with no relief but with this jolly green CBD I immediately felt relief I am now a true believer and now a loyal customer to JOLLY GREEN CBD PRODUCTS! Thank you JOLLY GREEN!

  132. chris k

    This stuff is UNREAL!! Im almost 50 and have not felt this GREAT since I was 21 Amazing product and a great website with super fast shipping. Cant say enough about this product and taste is right on

  133. fabian

    Seriously disappointed, didn’t last long at all, and was extremely weak. My local head shop has the same size which lasted longer and is more potent it seems for half the price.

  134. Stuart

    The JGO cartridges, deliver great potency, and provide nice vapor. They work well..

  135. Eric Brisman

    Love the JGO watermelon tincture! Works almost instantaneous. I use about 20 drops under my tongue twice a day. Tried Hemplucid hated it, it actually gave me bad headaches and increased anxiety also tried Hempworx which is another solid choice

  136. Justin


  137. Michelle

    The taste is great! Always quick with order processing and delivery! I will definitely order more.

  138. Stuart

    Great value.. above average potency..JGO products are effective for me.

  139. Rick

    Loved it really a great product also the flavor is spot on.

  140. Jason

    It works very well but it doesn\’t taste like fruit loops to me. It actually tastes more like popcorn.

  141. Dan

    it has helped me with leg and back pain tremendously. jolly green is awesome

  142. harmonnie401

    Love the cbd oil, pink lemonade is very smooth tasting and smell, I will be buying more products.

  143. Dan

    Product worked great but being on disability and not covered by insurance can only afford once a month will buy another next month your product did help with lower back pain and legs pain

  144. Reyna

    Runs out quick

  145. Judi

    Awesome cbd oil! Love the plain and the menthol .. the menthol is very mellow and not overpowering like a menthol cigarette is! So worth it 🙂

  146. Judi

    Great oil!! Love the plain and the menthol is very mellow and not overpowering like a menthol cigarette would be !

  147. Canek

    very good prodcut , good tasty and affordable

  148. keamadams

    Love this stuff. Great taste and works SO well.

  149. dwasek

    Great product. First off; the oil contained inside the cartridge is practically clear, and has a nice mellow flavor to it( I had watermelon) second thing; the cartridge is a very nice and resilient heavy duty glass and metal using a center flow atomizer coil instead of a bottom wick, I wound think you could reuse it a few times. If you liked this product I would reecommend checking out the other Jolly Green Oil products
    Overall 95/100 (price)

  150. kheythcalhoun

    Love the taste

  151. Patrick

    tastey, worked well in multiple pens.

  152. John

    Works great

  153. Kyle

    Taste just as described

  154. John

    Pretty solid gives quick relief

  155. Austin

    Clean, easy to use. Overall great product

  156. Arnedra


  157. Michael

    I thought this vape was really good. Was sceptical about CBD but tried this for my sciatic nerve and it worked. Would recommend!

  158. Ryan

    Great price. Wasnt disatisfied if you have a little more go for koi.

  159. annabercik

    Good value, the waffles and syrup was amazing! Lightning fast shippping. Just wish I could get a higher strength, but still a great product

  160. Jacob

    This cbd right here is bomb and a must get.A+

  161. James

    Great product, shipped fast.

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