iDelta8 – Delta-8 THC Cartridge + CBD 1:1

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Product Description

iDelta GOLD – HALF CBD, HALF Delta 8. This product is for the moderately experienced as the effects of delta8 are stronger now. The CBD is still there to save you, but this time only meets you half-way. Take a seat while both of these cannabinoids harmonize each other to give you a balanced 50/50 experience. You can hangout in the clouds for a picnic with one foot still on the ground. For those earthlings who like to stay on earth, but wish they owned an Ironman flight suit, this is the product for you. We recommend that EVERYONE try this level of potency SECOND.

This iDelta Gold Full Gram Cartridge is a disposable cart that arrives filled with a gram of our 1:1 CBD to delta8 e-liquid. It attaches easily to any standard hemp vape pen device, allowing for discreet usage and maximum reliability. The cart is thrown away when the juice runs out and replaced with a new one.


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