Hempmetics CBD Topical Pain Salve

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This products contains less than 0.3% THC


1000 MG of CBD packed into a 1 oz plastic jar with screw cap.

This nourishing and luxurious topical pain salve, will help ease your muscle pain with its high quality CBD, the cooling menthol crystals,  and its blend of organic essential oils and minerals, leaving your skin nourished and relief from pain!

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Product Description

How to Use:

  • Apply liberally to tight muscles.

    • *Avoid Eyes and mucus membranes (nose, mouth, etc)*
    • *WASH HANDS after application.
  • Ingredients
    • CBD
    • Hemp Oil
    • Menthol Crystals
    • Many nourishing essential oils and minerals
    • Organic Aloe Juice

7 reviews for Hempmetics CBD Topical Pain Salve

  1. Kay

    I suffer from debilitating chronic migraines and neck pain. During a migraine attack, my neck will seize and I will not have full range of motion for days or sometimes weeks. The pain is excruciating! I have tried everything from heating pads, ice packs, OTC, prescriptions, lotions, gels, etc. I bought Hempmetics CBD Topical Pain Salve and I was immediately impressed. My neck started loosening within 5 minutes. After 30 minutes the pain was greatly reduced. The next day I applied a more to my neck and 4 hours later all neck pain was completely gone. I haven’t been able to say that in 10 years. I will be ordering more within the next few weeks so they can be gifts for my family and friends!

  2. Christina Digby

    Post review to my first review. I had bought however I had not tried it. I use it often and WOW! I immediately feel better. Helps me postpone taking pain pills. All of these products have dramatically made a difference in my life. The amount of pain pills is down and I have been able to lower fentanyl patch and am doing really well. I am so happy. I have even used the cream on my 8yo neck when she was crying b/c it was hurting her so bad. It helped her too. If some says these products dont wrk. They are full of shit and just wnt something tht makes them HIGH. I am a chronic pain sufferer with multiple issues and I am so pleased being able to make some huge dose reductions and now also more time in between taking meds. I hope I can get off the toxic shit or as low as I can. It will take some time but working with my doc and using CBD products will help with me be successful. Also, CBD products help ease withdrawal effects from opioids. Amazing plants wish the GOV would get off there ass and do wht is right and best for all of us. Cbd has also been know to be even more effective with THC it. Not for gettn high purposes unless tht is ur xhoice “NOT STONED MANN”… I had some1 get me some with CBD/THC in it and i use both. I am nvr high i could eat 3 gummies and be high but if I eat 1 along with other CBD it is all antiinflamation and aid in pain control. Government REALLY…marijuana is in the same class as herion,cocaine, meth, ect…. and is preventing medical research. It is a very useful plant. It infuriates me tht decades ago some ass made money for himself when MJ was placed in tht category then hemp was not competing against his product….just killing mass amounts of trees. Anyways back to topic….product is very helpful and is one of my many tools to help control my pain and aid me to get off toxic chemicals or as low as possible. Oh wash ur hands good after application do not rub ur eyes.

  3. Raymond

    I use this on my foot for nerve pain and it is amazing. Definitely will purchase again.

  4. Brian

    Picked up at local store. Instant back pain relief. Better than over counter, herbals, Kratom, massages, stretching, or a combination of all.

  5. Steffany

    Product got here in a timely fashion. But I was a little disappointed with the size as per cost. I\’ll try something different same website.

  6. Dana

    Patients love this!!

  7. Christina

    Been trying lots of different stuff because it all has been helping me so much. I honestly have not tried this yet. Excited too and hope it is just as effective as other stuff bought and tried.

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