Hemp for Dogs (Bacon Flavor)

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Product Description

Industrial Hemp CBD, Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) and Artificial Flavors.

100% natural, containing all organic natural flavoring, non-toxic CBD for pets.  Pet CBD Food is specifically designed for man’s best friend in order to help support their overall wellness. Recommended for elderly and ill pets.


A quick search on google might show you that Pet CBD food can help your pets feel more relaxed and more in control. You might find some reviews from some of our customers saying they have seen improvement in their pet’s aggression disorders, self-trauma, cognitive problems, excessive vocalization, and urination/marking problems.

Feeding instructions

Use 8-10 drops on your pet’s food, treats, or water bowl 1-2 times a day depending on your pet’s condition.

Learn more about Hemp CBD for Dogs

An increasing number of pet owners are turning to cannabidiol-rich (CBD) hemp oil to help them with their dogs’ ailments. CBD oil for dogs is not as strange as it sounds, as just like humans they also have endocannabinoid systems.


This premium CBD mix for dogs could work wonders for your furry friend. The bacon-flavored supplement is available in three strengths, catering for dogs of small, medium and large sizes.


In this article, we will show you how CBD could help your dog’s suffering. We will look closely at the ingredients used to make this product, and cover the best ways to give it to your dog.

Why it’s vital to use a CBD product made for dogs

Before we get stuck into the benefits of CBD, we must stress how important it is to give your dog a CBD product that has been made especially for pets. If you use CBD products yourself, we appreciate it can be very tempting to give your dog some of yours.


However, there are products for pets and products for humans for a reason. Dogs have more sensitive stomachs than we do, and cannot always cope with products that are intended for humans, due to the other ingredients that may be included. Furthermore, the effects of THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid, is unknown in dogs.


But the likelihood is that it is dangerous for them. Full-spectrum CBD oil products for humans often have a small concentration of THC, whereas CBD products for dogs are always formulated to have no THC.

Ingredients in this CBD dog food

This product is made with an industrial hemp extract, and a combination of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). The PG and VG function as carrier oils, diluting the extract, making it easy for small doses of CBD to be administered.

100% natural industrial hemp CBD

Industrial hemp is one of the most powerful plants that exists on the earth. More recently, the plant has become popular because it contains a rich concentration of CBD. This non-psychoactive compound is beneficial for the endocannabinoid system, and it also seems to have several benefits for the brain.


The pure CBD extract used in this pet food may have a number of therapeutic uses, and is the primary ingredient in this product. We will take a more detailed look at CBD benefits for dogs later in the post.

Non-toxic, organic natural flavorings

Crucial to making this product safe for dogs is the non-toxic and natural flavorings. Dog owners will be well aware how difficult it is to give their pet medication. But the delicious bacon flavoring used in this pet food will have your dog coming back time and time again for their dose.

How this CBD pet food could help your dog

It is quite remarkable just how many reasons there are for giving your dog CBD. This is testament to the wide-ranging role of the endocannabinoid system. Let’s identify some of these uses, and clarify what the science says on the potential of CBD.

CBD dog treats for anxiety

Many pet owners have had to go through periods where their dog suffers from anxiety. This is sometimes short-lived (due to fireworks or other loud noises), but on other occasions symptoms can persist (e.g. if you have moved home). It is often quite easy to see if your dog is affected by anxiety, as they simply won’t be behaving like their normal selves.


Thankfully, with CBD there’s something that you can do about it. The soothing hemp extract is there to calm down your dog’s brain, so that they don’t go through as many bouts of panic. Results should be apparent pretty quickly – appetite should pick up if it has dropped, and if your dog has become unsociable this should correct itself.

CBD for dog seizures

Studies on CBD in humans have shown that the cannabinoid can alleviate seizures. The same benefit can also be used to help dogs. Seizures appear to be caused by overactivity in the brain, and CBD helps to restore balance if it has been lost.


Seizures can be one of the most debilitating illnesses for dogs, so if previous treatments haven’t worked, it may be time to trial CBD on your pet. The great thing about CBD is that side effects are minimal.

CBD dog treats for pain relief and inflammation

There is nothing worse than seeing a dog in pain, who is unable to move around and be as energetic as they were in their youth. Some owners feel that they have lost their pet forever at this point, but CBD is showing that this does not have to be the case.


CBD pet food is not as sedative as the painkillers which may be prescribed to your dog, and could have a therapeutic effect without leaving them super tired. CBD is being researched in humans for its anti-inflammatory and immune system regulating effects. If your dog has a weak stomach or gastrointestinal issues, CBD might work a treat.

How to give this product to your dogs

Ideally, your dog will sit still long enough for you to apply the oil into their mouth. But if you are not so lucky, then your best bet is to mix it into their food or water. Unlike some of the other medicines out there for pets, this product has been designed to be delicious. We know how stressful it can be to medicate your dog.

CBD dosage for dogs

There is no perfect dose, but the amount of CBD you should give definitely varies depending on your dog’s size. The small bottle contains 25mg, the medium bottle has 50mg, while the large bottle has a whopping 100mg. The guidelines suggest you should give 8 to 10 drops of CBD at a time, and no more than twice a day. If unsure, start off small and increase over time.


9 reviews for Hemp for Dogs (Bacon Flavor)

  1. George

    I dont see much of a difference with my high strung mini Schnauzer.

  2. Roberta

    I’m having repeat customers.

  3. Roberta

    Customers coming back. They swear by it

  4. Jacob K Brown

    I give it to my dog who is 14 years old she has problems walking and give her a couple drops and she runs around like she’s young again this stuff works wonders

  5. Corry

    I’ve been looking for CBD drops for my 12-year-old Greyhound to help with arthritis and anxiety. I felt confident with the company and the description of the product and it was economical. She’s only been on the drops for a week or so, but I’m expecting good results.

  6. Emma

    Certainly has calmed our adopted greyhound. She doesn’t like the oil by itself though, I have to encourage her to by placing the drops on some cheese.

  7. a.reese0239

    So far, so good. Got 3 large breeds taking it. 1 with Lymphoma, 1 with a rectal tumor, 1 with anxiety and seizures. Kinda blowing through it quickly, and wish it was a little stronger, since my babies are huge! But seems to be helping, so far

  8. Lorna

    Really helps my older cats. He was having trouble jumping up on things, now he can jump better. He likes the bacon flavor.

  9. Tracy

    Our poor dog suffers from separation anxiety when we leave for work and was scratching profusely. I put this in her food and it has limited her scratching.

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