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Product Description

“THC FREE” Every bottle of Heady Harvest syrup is infused with monoterpenes, diteterpenes & sesquiterpenes resulting in the purest full spectrum CBD effect on the market! (Cannabidiol-terpenoid interactions amplify the beneficial effects of CBD). Mix a cup of your favorite drink on ice, pour syrup and enjoy!

What you need to know about Heady Harvest CBD Syrup

Heady Harvest CBD Syrup is a unique way of enjoying the benefits offered by cannabidiol (CBD), a hemp plant derivative that is completely non-psychoactive. More has been discovered about the therapeutic properties of CBD in recent years, as our understanding of the body’s endocannabinoid system has become more detailed. This has set the stage for brands like Heady Harvest, and their innovative range of products.


This CBD Syrup is available in two strengths – 250 and 500mg – with the latter great value for money if you’re a regular CBD user. In this post, we’ll explain more about what this syrup is made with, how it works and how to get the most from it.

What’s in this CBD syrup?

Heady Harvest CBD Syrup contains both CBD and a selection of monoterpenes, diterpenes and sesquiterpenes that occur naturally in hemp. This makes it more beneficial than if the product just contained CBD, but interestingly, the syrup is not made with a whole-plant hemp extract.


The combination of CBD-isolate and terpenes ensures that the syrup is more effective than if it was just CBD, and it is also THC-free. The absence of any THC is excellent news for those who get drug tested at work, and want to take CBD often, but cannot risk having any of the psychoactive cannabinoid in their body.


The CBD-isolate extract used is 99.9% pure – the supercritical CO2 extraction process explains why it is possible to make an isolate of such remarkable quality. This efficient form of extraction conserves all of the CBD compounds that were present in the hemp plant material, while keeping the extract and resulting CBD products free from residual solvents and any other potentially dangerous byproducts.


CBD products with terpenes are more beneficial than those without them. These compounds are found in hemp and many other plants, and bring aroma and therapeutic value to this Heady Harvest CBD Syrup. Typically, terpenes feature in a CBD product as part of the full hemp extract. But in this case, the terpenes are added afterwards – this is so the THC content remains at zero.

Why take CBD in a syrup?

This syrup is perfect if you love CBD edibles – the effects offered by these CBD products are prolonged, and ideal if you’re in need of several hours of relief. The syrup is also a very discreet way of taking CBD, as there’s no way anyone else will know that you have it in your drink. CBD syrups are also quite versatile, since you can take a dose all in one go, or steadily sup at it if your preference is for a more gradual hit.

How to use the syrup

The syrup can be mixed into both hot and cold beverages – why not have a cup of your favorite drink on ice? Just pour the syrup and enjoy. If you want to take CBD at work or when you’re on the go, stir the syrup into your drink and keep it in a flask. The syrup is ready to use when you buy it, and there’s no need to heat or chill it. This simplicity is why syrups have become a popular way of dosing with CBD.

Heady Harvest CBD Syrup review

This syrup comes in two strengths, so that users can sample all of the helpful properties of CBD. Low doses and microdoses are associated with a boost in cognition and improved attention and wakefulness, while stronger doses tend to provide more of a body buzz, with sedating effects. Let’s consider a few uses for each syrup, with an eye on the biological network that CBD interacts with, the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

250mg syrup

The 250mg syrup is designed for taking low doses of CBD, as you aren’t supposed to use the whole product in one go. The syrup is very sweet, so adding too much might make the mixture too sickly. Therefore, opt for the 500mg syrup if you’re looking for a more potent experience.


Putting some of this Heady Harvest syrup into your coffee or tea will certainly help with concentration and focus throughout the day. If you find that you daydream and get lost in your thoughts when you have work to do, this CBD syrup may help you to stay in the present.


This strength is a good choice if it’s your first time with CBD syrup, or edibles in general. The effects are not going to overwhelm you, and for this reason, if you intend to take syrup during the day, the 250mg product won’t leave you feeling lethargic and tired.

500mg syrup

The 500 mg syrup is the strength you need for managing pain, sleep disorders such as insomnia, and psychological problems like anxiety and even depression. A dose with this syrup is twice as powerful as with the 250mg syrup, and subsequently will administer more sedating effects. Those with chronic anxiety will appreciate the lasting benefits of the syrup, which will help to suppress nerves and negative thoughts throughout the day.


If taking the syrup to help with sleep, ideally do so in a warm beverage like a cup of cocoa, about an hour prior to your bedtime. This gives the CBD a chance to absorb into the bloodstream where it can begin to have an effect, before you actually settle down to sleep.

Final thoughts

In this Heady Harvest CBD review, we have showcased one of the most exciting legal CBD edibles on the market. Much different to standard edibles, this syrup is an example of how you can incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Since you add the syrup to the beverage yourself, you have full control over your dose, and which drinks you choose to take it with.


If you want something a little different and quirky from your CBD, you really need to try this syrup from Heady Harvest.

7 reviews for Heady Harvest CBD Syrup

  1. Michelle

    this is a really nice product…I have recommended you store to several folks…hoe they took advantage of it!!..HAPPY NEW YEAR~

  2. Michelle

    Thank you ….your grape CBD. is great..I have let some folks try and I gave them your web sight….

  3. Gordon

    We didn\’t know what to expect. Unfortunately we didn\’t see the results we were looking for. My wife\’s sleep didn\’t improve. We may need to try a higher dosage or go a different route. Dosage recommendations on the bottle would have been helpful.

  4. Mary

    I Love Your products And Your reliable quick service!! TY I will recommend You to anyone!!

  5. Felecia

    I first tried the 250 mg ( I bought at my local store) and I loved it! It lasted quite awhile and used it while I was pregnant with my son! I have multiple sclerosis and so I know cbds help with that. My doctor said it was safe to use during pregnancy and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, 3 months ago! Recently, I ordered the 500 mg, I haven’t opened it yet! But I am excited! The grape taste is exactly on point! I tried some gummy edibles those I love! I will order again!! Shipping time was very reasonable! Prices are great! Packaging was much, much better this time! Thank you Headyharvest! And CBD genesis! 💕

  6. Tara

    I absolutely love this product. All you do is pour in to your drink and the grape flavor makes it good for just about any drink. The price on this site is the best. They are the best company to buy any of the products you use.

  7. A Happy Reviewer

    Relaxing & calming, with good sleep.

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