Heady Harvest Energy Capsules (60ct/1500mg)

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Product Description

Are you ready for a more focused day?

60 Capsules
1500mg CBD Total

25mg CBD, 725mg Matcha per capsule!

9 reviews for Heady Harvest Energy Capsules (60ct/1500mg)

  1. michael trask jr

    i was short two capsules!

  2. Tonya D.

    Helps with my knee pain.

  3. Jonathan

    Works great in the morning when I need energy but also calms me down at night, so I can sleep well.

  4. Kim

    Love this harvest energy capsules. Doesn’t make you jittery at all. Gets me through my day perfectly.

  5. Kim

    This is really good. Gets you up and going for the day. It doesn’t give the jitters. Just the right energy to get you through the day.

  6. Kim

    Great for pain. But this is also a great way to get your day started. This keeps me focused on my every day life tasks. It doesn’t make my heart race. And that’s a good thing. Another good thing about this product is that it curbs my eating habits. Which is good for me because I’m on a diet.

  7. AV

    one in the morning and I am in such a good mood and feel focused made me giggle and thats big for me when I wake have PTSD and mornings are hard and one HH sleep at night helps even more

  8. Stephanie

    I can\’t tell if they work or not. I take another CBD cap with 20 mg, and I can always tell when they kick in, but not with this one. Heady Harvest needs to do independent, third party testing to prove the level of CBD and then post the results to their website.

  9. Lee

    Great energy

  10. josh

    The best clean energy around.

  11. Frederick

    Great product! I took 2 caps and had amazing energy for the whole day!

  12. Frederick

    The Matcha and CBD combo is hard too find. I gave away samples to my customer\’s and they love the product! Super energy all day long.

  13. Jordan Gasparetto

    Just wanted to say thank you! I ordered the heady harvest cbd/ matcha energy capsules. Love them, a great price and bargain, 25mg cbd 750 matcha for 60 caps. Also received a free 8th of cbd bud which i wasn’t expecting because ny order was 49.99 and i used 20% discount so wasnt at the $50 to get the free 8th. I appreciate it very much thank you. Will order again.

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