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By far my favorite edibles! CBD is the 1st ingredient too. That's probably why they work so well. They are so tasty and u get 20 per bag. Thank u!!!! Love em! - Kiarra 

Product Description


99.98% CBD, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin Dextrose, Citric Acid, Starch, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Carnuauba Wax, Beeswax Coating, Artificial Colors: Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1.

Heady Harvest CBD Gummies Review

These delicious gummy bears are available in two forms: standard and sour bears. Each pack contains 20 gummies, with a total of 200, 500 or 1000mg of cannabidiol (CBD). These delicious CBD edibles are non-psychoactive, and can be used for a variety of therapeutic purposes.


In this post, we will highlight some reasons for taking CBD gummies from Heady Harvest and how to use edibles in general. But first, we’ll start by looking at the ingredients which make these gummy bears unique.

High-quality CBD extract

These gummies are made with a “pure spectrum” CBD extract, and don’t contain any THC. Products made from industrial hemp are legally permitted to have as much as 0.3 percent THC. But many CBD users prefer not to have any THC whatsoever. The THC-free nature of this product means that the CBD gummies are perfect for those who may get drug tested at work.

Made with fractionated coconut oil

Fractionated coconut oil is found in these gummies, and this ingredient brings more than just flavor. Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), fatty acids that essentially make the CBD more potent.


Usually – and this is especially the case with edibles – much of the CBD is lost because it cannot be metabolized and absorbed into the bloodstream. This low bioavailability makes the CBD very inefficient. MCTs help significantly with the metabolization of CBD, increasing bioavailability and giving you more bang for your buck.

Exploring CBD gummies effects

The effects of CBD gummy bears, as with all CBD products, differ depending on how much you take. The Heady Harvest range is extensive, covering those who like both low and high doses, with three strengths to choose from. Let’s find out which one may be most suitable for you.

200mg pack

In this pack, each gummy contains 10mg of CBD. This is considered a very low dose, and therefore perfect for beginners who haven’t experimented with CBD previously. Even seasoned CBD users may want to start here if they haven’t tried edibles before. This is because cannabinoids affect the body differently when taken this way.


A small edible dose is likely to have a rejuvenating effect, and may help to improve focus. The wakefulness qualities of CBD have not been studied extensively. But they tend to come more from lower doses. In larger quantities, CBD’s effects are more sedative.


The 200mg pack is, therefore, great for daytime use. You could even take multiple doses during the day, to sustain the effects. A 10mg dose of CBD may increase productivity at work, and also act as a useful, natural study aid.

500mg pack

This is a more potent pack containing 25mg of CBD per gummy. The recommended dose if you are taking CBD as a daily supplement is between 20 and 30mg, making this product perfect. The supplemental value of CBD are exerted on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Here, CBD has a balancing and regulating effect on the network’s receptors.


The 500mg pack may also work for new CBD users who want to take CBD for calming reasons, or to ease anxiety. First-timers won’t be accustomed to the effects of CBD initially, and could potentially enjoy the deep relaxation on a lower dose.

1000mg pack

With the 1000mg pack, each gummy contains a mighty 50mg of CBD. This stronger dose is aimed mostly at regular CBD users, who are happy taking higher quantities. Perhaps you want to use CBD gummies for pain, but have severe symptoms that can only be managed by a hefty hit. If so, these edibles are you. The same applies for those with anxiety and insomnia.


However, 50mg of CBD is a great dose if you simply want to chill out with a natural product, without experiencing the intoxication that comes with alcohol. CBD alleviates stress, and is sure to put you in a good mood.


And don’t forget, if you don’t always want the full 50mg hit, just split the gummy and enjoy it in two helpings. In Heady Harvest edibles, the CBD is distributed evenly throughout the gummy bears.

A guide to using Heady Harvest CBD Gummies  

As mentioned earlier in the piece, CBD edibles can be a little different to other CBD products you may have tried. This is rarely an issue since CBD is non-psychoactive. But knowing how to use edibles makes them more helpful for you, and cost-effective, too.

Wait at least 90 minutes between doses

Whatever dose you choose to start with, make sure that you wait at least 90 minutes before taking another. It can be really tempting to increase your intake if you don’t feel the effects straight away. But edibles kick in much more slowly than e-liquids and tinctures. The response time for these CBD gummies could be even longer if you have a slow metabolism.


Even though the only downside of a super-strong dose is feeling drowsy, it’s not an efficient way to use CBD. The effects do plateau after a certain dose, so there is no value in consuming more for the sake of it. A 90-minute wait between doses means you can really judge whether the CBD is having the intended effect, or if you need a little more.

Familiarize yourself with the effects

Learning how your body responds to CBD really helps you to get the most from your product. If you familiarize yourself with the effects of various doses, it’s possible to really hone the experience you have with CBD. Furthermore, when you are taking exactly the right amount each time, this is great financially as there’s no waste.

Final thoughts

We have lots of CBD edibles for sale at CBDVapeJuice.net. But few come with as many options as this Heady Harvest product, which is really popular with our customers. CBD gummies are legal and can be shipped to all 50 states.

93 reviews for Heady Harvest CBD Gummies

  1. Barbara

    My absolute favorite in CBD’s!

  2. Barbara

    Love these! Can’t live without them!!I take these to sleep or calm down at work

  3. Barbara

    best of the best!

  4. wendy

    Our customers totally love this product.
    Thanks so much

  5. Barbara

    Love these! Take one every morning like a vitamin and definitely notice a difference if I don’t.

  6. Barbara

    My absolute favorite!! Can’t go a day without one or two

  7. Barbara

    Absolute favorite!! Cant get thru my day without them!!!

  8. wendy

    everyone loved them

  9. Randal

    The shopping process was great. Definitely a good value however I think wholesale pricing could be a lot better if the customers were offered larger packaged purchases, 20 to a bag??

  10. Barbara


  11. Christina

    They are very bitter, but they help my pain a lot when I’m trying to sleep. My pain meds. doesn’t let me sleep like these do. Thank you! I will definitely be purchasing more!

  12. Barbara

    absolutely love these!! so much better than swallowing oil or vaping

  13. Barbara

    Love these!!

  14. Jill

    Very flavorful. The higher mg is better.

  15. Jeannie

    I sell these and they go fast ! For the price great product !

  16. deathix

    I could not get over these at 200mg. I ate every bit of it. I was super energized by them like stated. The flavonoids reduced swelling in my body and my gums (I got attacked by a drill literally…) So I can’t say no. I really like heady harvest and wish to get them in my hemplebox.

  17. Brittany

    Little pricey, but works really well and quickly.

  18. Chanda

    Love this brand and the company has great customer service . Packages always arrive on time.

  19. Brenda

    Good flavor.

  20. Misty

    These taste amazing!

  21. Benjamin

    Love the gummies! Great for on the go. They taste and work great.

  22. Richard

    work fast for a good night sleep

  23. troy stokes

    With 50mg per gummy, Heavy Harvest gummies are one of the more potent CBD products. I tried the plain bear gummies and I they’re good . A bit pricey also, but as is any health product that’s proven to be effective.

  24. Jessica

    This was my first time trying these. Taste is very good. I got a full 6 hours of sleep after trying two before bedtime.!! ***I have not slept for more than 2 hours straight in months now due to neuropathy and chronic pain.*** Convenient on the go, relaxation of muscles and less pain for a longer amount of time. Wish they were a little less expensive – I would use them more often if they were cheaper.

  25. pedirn67

    These taste great and are reasonably priced. They definitely help to relax in the evening.
    Definitely will try again!

  26. Diana

    I love these!!! I had no idea how much anxiety I had until it was gone!!! Thank you!❤️

  27. Paul

    I\’ve tried lots of different brands of CBD gummies and these are the best. Price is right and they actually work.

  28. Shane

    Great product…shipping was quick amd easy…like the freezer pack that came with it so nothing melted.

  29. Robert

    Well liked

  30. Marjorie

    Fast shipping snd a reliable, quality product eith CBD as the first ingrediant. Tasty, too. Also, the package clearly states the level of CBD per piece. Have ordered from them twice!

  31. George

    Great gummies, great taste and they tske aaay my head pain. I have chronic head pain and the cbd has helped me get off tylenol and advil.
    Just one gummy bear and im usually pain free.

  32. Susan

    These work well for me!

  33. Brenda

    Good flavor.

  34. Christina

    Hi! I have chronic pain and have been on WAY to much meds for almost 9 years now. Medication helps only temporarily and it seems the longer u take the more you need and at the same time unfortunately the medication also weakens ur pain receptors so everything hurts worse this needing more meds. It is a horrible vicious cycle. So I have been taking 1000 mg edibles 1-2gummies 3-4x per day. I can honestly say the 1st week I thought it was a placebo effect…..it is not! U do have to find wht wrks for you. So now going on several months of using CBD I have been able to come down on pain patch and I have been going 6-8 hours I between taking pain pills. Instead of taking 2 pills sometimes I can take 1pill. Sleep has improved instead of 1-2 hours at a time of sleep I am acutely sleeping 4hours at a time. CBD helps inflammation, helps pain , anxiety, sleep. These products are great I have tried several. Like them all! This product is expensive so I go back n forth between this and party pack. 1000mg $19.99. Recently I visited MJ doctor and was approved so I am excited about added benefits of THC to the CBD both effective research has said tht THC add benefit with cbd…not to get high at all. Just to manage pain and be done or minimize medication as much as possible. Amazing benefits. I will cont even with green card to get edibles with TCH and without so I can mix them together. I am AMAZED at the results and so happy my pain has improved with the help of the hemp plant. These damn politicians need to get it together make it legal so people have a choice. Medication and the baggage that comes with controlled substances is not worth it. Talking to all on pain meds, benzo, sleeping aids, ect… get off tht crap! The dependence, side effects, mood disturbances, ect….it is not worth it. It controls and ruins ur life. More at risk for people to steal ur medicine. Just say no to the doctor pushing controlled substances. It’s not worth it!

  35. Nick

    Got the 200mg sour bears and they are great tasting and nice effects.

  36. Rose

    Not sure if they worked or not! Rose Forson

  37. Christine

    Very yummy

  38. nanette

    always the best tasting, best working gummies.

  39. nanette

    Always…the best tasting and working gummies!

  40. Tanya Haggerty

    Very very relaxed feeling without being over sleepy. However the downside is they are way too good they taste great, I purchased the 20 count bag and simply felt as if I were just eating candy. Before I knew it I had eaten 9 yes 9 there too darn good easy to simply lose yourself.

  41. nanette

    best gummies out there. fast shipping. heady harvest coconut cbd tincture is great too

  42. nanette

    Best gummies! Like their cbd coconut tincture too

  43. Jeri

    Heady Harvest are my favorite CBD gummies hands down.

  44. nickie_fleming

    SO tasty. I have a hard time not eating the whole bag lol

  45. Deborah

    definitely helps

  46. Deborah

    I like these

  47. Dan

    Tastes great and definitely helps with anxiety. Fast shipping and competitive pricing. My second order and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

  48. Deborah

    Could not see a difference in my pain level, but they tasted good

  49. Deborah

    Tasted good

  50. Jeri Franks

    My favorite gummies hands down.

  51. Deniece M

    have customers that cant do without these gummies

  52. Anjilyn

    I love taking these to sleep or for anxiety. Calming feeling. I also take em when my 3 year old doesn’t stop talking. I’ll be buying them again

  53. nanette

    Always Fast shipping. My daughter loves them, uses for calmness.

  54. Jeri

    Fast service..quality products

  55. nanette

    Super fast shipping..reasonable prices…my daughter loves them .

  56. Cindy

    Great flavor and CBD is the first ingrediant

  57. nickie_fleming

    My first time using edibles. These taste fantastic. I immediately felt mellow after eating 1. I typically eat up to 4 and I sleep like a baby, and I’m an insomniac. My husband liked them as well. 2 knocked him out cold. We had the best nights sleep. I will be ordering these again, no doubt! Its hard not to eat the whole bag 😉

  58. Michael

    Had a headache, ate 2 of these and felt great the rest of the day

  59. Joseph

    Very good quality and fast acting

  60. Bryan Joy

    So tasty and so effective!

  61. Amber

    Love these. They help me sleep, which is needed being a new mommy. I also have anxiety from time to time but haven’t needed to use them for that yet. Still trying to figure out how much to take. It’s just a trial and error process. They arrived melted which was disappointing. The product had a warning message, but it’d be nice if you used different packaging – something to keep them cool. I know it isn’t impossible as I’ve received products this way before.

  62. Scott

    Pam says these gummies have helped get her off big pharma meds for her anxiety. Thanks for the great service.

  63. thair


  64. Jules

    Great product sold out quick

  65. Scott

    These really help with anxiety. Great customer service! I will be a regular customer. Thank you.

  66. Scott

    These work great for anxiety. Customer service has been outstanding. Thanks for both.

  67. Pamela

    These arrived on time and were exactly as advertised.

  68. Kyle

    Beth good experience! I would recommend y’all!

  69. Scott

    CBS Genesis is Fantastic! Great pricing but better Customer Service. Thank you.

  70. Barbara

    Fast easy timeless processing and delivery great product

  71. Scott

    I am extremely happy with your products and prompt customer service. Keep up the great work!

  72. Sandra

    These Gummies work very well at keeping your anxiety level at a minimum during the day. Since they work so well, I wish they were just a little cheaper! Great product!

  73. Scott

    These gummies help reduce her anxiety and are great. Customer service is the best. Thank you!

  74. Donna

    The gummy bears are awesome

  75. rogerboatwright

    This product is little more than an expensive placebo. I found it to be of no help at all for chronic pain and of very little help with relaxation. Would not recommend

  76. Sandra

    I’ll admit, I was a little apprehensive about trying CBD…here’s our story. Our daughter was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2, now 16-year’s old, she has had debilitating anxiety for about 5-6 years. Her anxiety level was getting so extreme that it was affecting her lungs and her sleep. The psychiatrist only wanted to keep changing meds, or increasing the dosages. We’ve tried many antipsychotics since she was 7-years old (Risperdal, Abilify, Zoloft, Ativan, Klonopin – some with horrible side effects). Recently, a friend recommended that we try CBD with her. We started with these Gummies. What an AMAZING-AMAZING difference. The racing thoughts, agitation, restlessness, insomnia and panic attacks are dramatically reduced, if not gone completely! As of today, she has been weaned down off her antipsychotics to .5 mg for the next 4 days and then she will be completely off the meds because of the effects that CBD has with helping her anxiety. I highly recommend these Gummies for anyone starting out.

  77. Court

    Great product!

  78. dominick marotta

    I am giving 4 stars cause I have just tried this brand yesterday, took 2 gummies may not be enough, not sure for my pain also coming off of ankle reconstruction surgery, stress from work, a chef working 12 hour shifts, 60 hours, and also anxiety I am prescribed benzodiazepines for over 10 years, want to see if I can eliminate taking meditative for that by using cbd. I have only tried holly green oil products, which price is similar however 1000mg edibles are 35.00 in PA at store. Will see how this works in few days and give another review

  79. Judi

    I use the Patch plus Percocet & Neurotinen for my pain. I also have PTSD with Panic Attacks. I don’t want to smoke pot since it works, but makes me stupid for the 2-3 hours it takes for the buzz to wear off. I have been looking into CBD to help me use less pharmaceuticals because of the high dose I’m taking as well as what they do to my body.
    I just bought a pack of gummies & took 3. My pain dropped down to a 1. I haven’t been that low in years! Im not sure how long they last & if the cost will be a factor for me since I’m on Disability, but WOW! I’ve also heard this can heal nerve damage. I’m definitely impressed.

  80. Deion

    I get these every time I order in here. They’re amazing.

  81. Dwight Hamilton

    Great for relaxing after a long day. Works very well! I will be getting more for the Destin store.

  82. Ellyse

    Not really effective for me but good flavors.

  83. Robyn

    For all who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, or high stress, this is the treat for you! Gentle but effective relief!

  84. tony

    my girlfriend loves these!

  85. Lorna

    The best tasting gummy bears! Some have a bitter flavor but these did not. Great to keep in my handbag for those times when I can’t vape or use a tincture.

  86. Kylee

    I wanted to try CBD for pain management and these have already helped so much. Will be an ongoing customer!

  87. Brian

    Great product has a great taste and works wonders for pain best i have tried so far

  88. dltaylor81

    Work well for my nerve pain. Fast too

  89. erinlin1971

    I am so happy to have found these. They have a great taste and really help to calm my MS symptoms on bad days. Thank you!!

  90. Tracy

    These taste better than most that we have tried.

  91. Jose c

    Taste was a little off but overall, after taking 2 bears, a quick relaxing relief took over and was some how very energetic going back into work with customers. Approved.

  92. James

    Awesome! I love them they work!

  93. Elizabeth

    I love this site! My products are of the highest quality and always arrive quickly. I would recommend this site to my friends.

  94. James

    Enjoyed thus product very much.

  95. Janet

    These gummies are smooth in third effect. I will be purchasing them again.

  96. Cody

    Works great for my anxiety. Nice flavors. Just wish there was more in the bag

  97. jessikkavegas

    I love these, they came in two days and they taste great and really help my anxiety. This bag has the most in them and the price is great!

  98. DIANNA

    These are the best Gummies that I’ve had! Love being able to take them with me and pop one into my mouth when I need to recharge or address my pain issues.

  99. jlittle478

    So far I am very pleased with the products I have received. I am taking fewer meds which is wonderful.

  100. Patricia

    They did melt in the mail, but they warned me it might melt so I’m not mad, I just put them in the fridge and now I just pull a piece off.

  101. Milo

    I found these CBD gummies to be very relaxing and uplifting. I would reccomend them to anyone who is in need of stress and/or pain relief!

  102. Sue

    I am a very discerning consumer and must say this is one of the best businesses I have ever ordered from. The product comes fresh, exactly as ordered and in usually less time than expected. Most importantly, they have the best price by far than other comparable sellers I found, and provide a good quality product. Overall I give CBD Vape Juice an A+!

  103. Stephanie Edson

    Delicious gummies with no aftertaste. I will definitely be back for more.

  104. Stephanie

    No plant aftertaste at all. Delicious gummies that do as they are advertised. Will definitely be buying these again.

  105. Nathanael

    This helps me get an edge on my ptsd and depression. Will be buying more

  106. Kiarra

    By far my favorite edibles! CBD is the 1st ingredient too. That’s probably why they work so well. They are so tasty and u get 20 per bag. Thank u!!!! Love em!

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