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This product contains less than 0.3% THC

The Green Roads CBD Oil Tincture is a sublingual oil that is vegetable glycerin based, infused with pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD). Green Roads CBD oil is made in America and compounded by a licensed pharmacist with 20 years + experience.


Product Description

Tips for using Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads CBD Oil has acquired a fantastic reputation as one of the purest and highest quality CBD tincture oils that you can buy. This is thanks to the advanced and scrupulous methods adopted by Green Roads World. All of their products are made in a cGMP-certified, pharmaceutical-grade facility with a licensed pharmacist on site to oversee matters.


In this post, we’ll show you what goes into making this tincture oil, and how you can get the most out of your product. We have five different Green Roads Oil tinctures at, with strengths of 100mg, 300mg, 550mg, 1000mg and 1500mg.

What’s in the Green Roads CBD Oil Tincture?

This tincture oil is made with CBD-isolate and has vegetable glycerin as the carrier oil. This product contains no THC, as confirmed by the lab report accessible by clicking on the ‘Lab Tests’ tab. Let’s find out more about these two ingredients.

99% Pure CBD Crystalline Isolate

CBD-isolate is used when the manufacturer wants to make a product with zero THC. Legally, hemp-based products can have as much as 0.3% THC. However, by keeping the oil THC-free, those who are against taking any THC are catered for, as are those who are worried about failing drugs tests because they have traces of THC in their body.


CBD-isolate is made from a high-tech extraction process called supercritical CO2 extraction. Cheaper methods of extraction often involves the use of solvents. In contrast, the CO2 process is solvent-free, which helps to create a pure CBD tincture. This extraction method also ensures that any toxins and heavy metals present in the hemp plant material are removed.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

VG is regularly used as a carrier oil in e-liquids, and is commonly found as a sweetener in foodstuffs. This viscous liquid is completely safe for human consumption, and helps to make the oil more palatable.


Hemp extracts have a potent, earthy flavor which can be difficult to get used to. In using VG, Green Roads are improving their product while keeping it natural. VG may also have a positive effect on the bioavailability of CBD.

Maximize the Green Roads CBD Tincture

You’ve taken the first step and purchased the Green Roads CBD tincture for sale at But what are you meant to do with it?

Take sublingually

Sublingual absorption is by far the most common way to take a CBD tincture. This is really what the product is designed for, as it facilitates a quick delivery of CBD into the bloodstream, where it can begin to provide therapeutic effects for the mind and body.


Simply fill up the dropper and administer the CBD oil under the tongue, where it can be absorbed by the numerous blood vessels. The longer that you hold the oil, the more CBD will be absorbed. Feel free to swallow after holding the oil for a minute or two. It may be worth keeping  a glass of water to hand to swill it down.

Add to food

This CBD tincture can also be used as a superfood ingredient. The beneficial properties of CBD are wide-ranging, with the compound helping to alleviate inflammation, strengthen bones, improve reproductive health, cognition and mood, and even relieve stress and anxiety. Think of how great it would be to get these benefits on a daily basis!


Whatever you choose to add CBD oil to, keep in mind that the cannabinoid has a boiling point of around 320°F (160°C). If you are boiling or baking, add the CBD in after you’re finished with the high temperatures.

Boost bioavailability

Taking CBD with fatty foods can help to make the cannabinoid more bioavailable. This increases potency and efficiency, and is particularly helpful if you choose the swallow the CBD oil directly. Coconut oil is also rich in the MCTs which make it easier for CBD to be metabolized.


Finding ways to increase the bioavailability of your CBD product can be very cost-effective. Essentially it means that a 10mg dose could do as much for you as a 15mg dose. Over time, these benefits mount up, and ensure that your tincture lasts for longer.

What dose should I take?

CBD tincture effects vary a lot from low to high doses. This isn’t merely a case of a stronger dose producing a stronger response. CBD is biphasic, which means that small and large amounts can initiate much different reactions. We’re going to look at the 100 and 1000mg tinctures in this Green Roads CBD Oil review.

Green Roads CBD Oil 100mg review

The 100mg bottle is generally considered as a starter. The CBD tincture dosages from this product are likely to be very low, which is indeed ideal for those new to CBD, who are just getting acquainted with the effects.


However, the 100mg tincture doesn’t just have benefits for CBD novices, but also for those who thrive off lower doses, which is where the energizing qualities of CBD come out to play. Small doses have been linked to improved wakefulness and focus levels. This is not unlike caffeine or nicotine, except CBD is much safer and isn’t addictive. If you need a pick-me-up when toiling at work or studying for exams, try microdosing CBD.

Green Roads CBD Oil 1000mg review

The 1000mg tincture is on the other end of the scale, as the second-strongest tincture in our Green Roads range. The doses that this product offers are not recommended for new users, as it can take time to become familiar with the potent, relaxing properties.


However, it is these benefits which make higher doses of CBD effective for managing sleep disorders, severe pain and psychological problems like anxiety. If you have a busy daily routine, it’s best to save this oil for the evening. But when you get chance to relax, a large dose of CBD is sure to leave you chilled.


62 reviews for Green Roads CBD Oil

  1. Rebekkah

    I’ve read complaints about the taste but, truly, the taste isn’t that bad. The fact that it can be used sublingually is for when I get migraines. I vape this as well. Both ways help with easing the aches of osteoarthritis while also working wonders on migraines. Shipping was fast – definitely 5 stars!


    CBD Oil has come through again. A good nights sleep when my previous nights were full of pain. Most nights the pain does not present itself. Thank you for CBD OIL. Sincerely, Anthony Ruvolo

  3. Kimra

    First time ordering this brand, and I’m impressed. Mixes great with vape juice and isn’t overly “green” smelling which my family finds offensive. Will order again!

  4. Noah

    Good taste works well for anxiety.

  5. Brian

    I really like this product. It has helped a great deal with my sciatica and arthritis in my knees and neck.

  6. Alston

    This is a very good product. I use it daily for my anxiety, ocd and depression and it has provided relief. Also has helped regulate my appetite and helped with arthritis and inflammation. I get it locally but recently found it available on this site and was very satisfied with the purchase and will definitely consider reordering in the future from here.

  7. Martin

    great product thanks martin waldron

  8. Nicole

    great product at great prices, everything arrives quickly and FREE SHIPPING! Best deals I’ve found:)

  9. martini1945

    really a great product,martun

  10. Donna

    We do like the CBD ͏Oi͏l

  11. Ramon

    First time using cbd from Green Roads liking for treat me panic disorder don’t work for me, but my girl using for back pain ; work perfect

  12. Allison

    Green Roads has a great taste! It is helping me with my stress, anxiety and depression. It is also helping me with my chemotherapy side effects. I definitely recommend Green Roads CBD Oil!

  13. CBDmama1018

    This was amazing for helping with my anxiety. I definitely will be ordering again.

  14. Eftihios

    Taste weird but I like it

  15. Eftihios

    The CBD oil tastes weird, but I like the taste and it gets the job done,it makes me feel relaxed.

  16. Kat9397

    I love the new way of dispensing it!! Now I don’t have any kind of mess, and dosage is even easier!!!

  17. John Sims

    I tried the 1500 and WOW! No more hip joint pain, no more back pain, no more ‘stressed out’ feeling, no more headaches, and I feel great!

  18. Domenic

    Good stuff 👍

  19. Lori

    I find so far that the 100 effects me better than the 350. Taking the 100 once a day, apx. 4 drops, and I feel like I can manage better and I don\’t seem to be as anxious (nor am I freaking out trying to do a hundred things at once). I was nervous, but I am happy to report I don’t feel like I am drugged using this, I just feel more relaxed. Highly recommend to anyone who feels like they are just always “wound up” to try the 100, you will notice a difference.

  20. Margaret

    Great product fast delivery

  21. JOHN

    first time trying cbd drops and really enjoyed the benefits of them.

  22. Kat9397

    I have been going through a rough time,and my neurological pain became really intense. So I went back to the tried and true. The difference is clear the price is still a problem for me.

  23. rcgillis

    Great product but still prefer Genesis

  24. Mindy


  25. Mindy

    This stuff is good,especially for vape. I started out with 100mg I personally think i should have sent with a higher but wasn’t sure what to expect being new to cbd. I would buy again

  26. Sybil

    I had previously tried a different brand and was happy with the results, this time I decided to increase the mg’s and went with this brand. I like the texture but a little different and flavor is good.. The only recommendation I would have is a different type of dripper or something because of the thick texture a lot sticks to side and you have to let it drip off first.

  27. Heli

    I was in terrible pain every bone on my body was hurting This deep horrible terrorizing pain that truly effected everything not only physically but emotionally and I was ready to quit my job when I decided to find the best quality cbd oil and give it a try . I had nothing to lose well other then money but I was desperate and after some research I decided to get 350 mg but since I didn’t know what to expect and I was desperate for one pain free moment I also got 550mg as well . I was sure it was going to take awhile to feel anything at all but to my pleasant surprise it gave results right away. I’m still in disbelief honestly. It’s my 4th day and today I’m at work feeling fine no pain, I can stand I can walk I can sit nothing hurts nothing locks up . I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I’m . I’m hopeful it will work like this forever because I never want to be in that much pain again.

  28. Tanya

    We bought this to help handle side effects of chemo as well as treating existing pain which couldn’t be treated with other pain relievers during chemo treatments. This has helped to relieve pain and allow for better appetite.

  29. Ahmed

    This product is amazing. Really felt the benifits after a couple of days of use. Great service and quick response time is always appreciated as well! Definatley will buy again!

  30. Clyde Kassens Jr

    I’ve used Green Roads 1500 for six months now for severe back pain and arthritis and am pain free and able to get completely off narcotic pain meds. Don’t expect everything instantly as it takes 2-3 days to start getting some pain relief but all of a sudden you will realize you don’t hurt. Very good product.

  31. Canek

    I have been tried 350 mg and when i take it I sleep like a baby ,

  32. partylitelv

    This stuff worked decent. I ordered the 1000mg, it was good for anxiety and helps with pain.

  33. Tiffany

    I love the cbd oil I purchased. It’s been a blessing. As someone who suffers from Ptsd and chronic anxiety is a godsend. I feel no need for any benzodiazapene or any other anti anxiety medication aside from this. What a blessing to have the opportunity to try. Thank you so much!

  34. kheythcalhoun

    Really good works great for me keeps me relaxed at work haven’t had any anxiety at all

  35. steve

    Works great

  36. Kenneth

    CBD green roads is a great mix of CBD isolate ( like cbdxf) and full spectrum ( like hemplucid) hemp oil. It has a light flavor very similar to cbdfx but with more punch to it due to the added benefit of the full spectrum CBD, all in all a great product!!!

  37. Audrey

    This is my favorite CBD oil ever never disappoints me

  38. Donna

    Your prices are always great and your products work well on my pain. I have fibromyalgia & Parkinson’s. Thank you getting them to me quickly

  39. Eric D

    Have taken sublingually and noticed no effects and for the price i was expecting and apparent change in mood and pain but those didnt change nore did I have a since of peace or calming however shipping was fast and it is cbd just not potent enough for personal use unless very very large amounts are consumed. Like 10ml before potential of product is noticeable. That of which is brief and minuscule. Make it stronger please.

  40. kevin

    This stuff is amazing great for pain and anxiety

  41. Michael More

    Great product and fast shipping every time. I highly recommend!

  42. Francesca

    Still trying to figure out what is good for me, but it is helping me with my pain and my sleeping. I would recommend this to someone.

  43. John


  44. John


  45. Eric

    Just giving an update of this product. I have realized I get more of an effect vaping this rather than taking it sublingually under the tongue. For one, the liquid is too thick and I feel for me, the vegetable glycerin doesn’t help as much taking it under the tongue. So using this for vaping or dripping it is more effective for me, though you want to add something like I said in my previous comment about 2 or 3 drops of distilled water, terpenes, or PG to get the liquid to thin out more for vaping without putting too much strain on your vape device. From my personal experience, the companies that have the cbd in MCT oil seem to absorb under the tongue way faster and seem to be more effective if taking that way.

  46. Mae

    I am so glad you have this product, it has helped me pain & anxiety! Thank you!

  47. Eric

    I bought a bottle of 100mg Green Roads CBD for my eGo AIO vape pen with 2mL tank. This help’s me with my stressful days and if I feel I have a headache coming on. I was thinking the taste was going to be more on the hemp-like, but it has more of a slight tart lime fruit taste. It is rather thick to put straight into my vape without anything else. I have to add something to thin out the liquid. I add a little less than 2mL of CBD liquid then either will use a mix a few drops of distilled water, true-terpenes, or VG/PG and it vapes really well. This can be also taken sublingually with 1 to 3 drops for 10 seconds to one minute. For me it helps the best with 2 to 3 drops of cbd liquid for at least a minute under the tongue before swallowing. This is a good value for the money when you compare to many of the competitors. This is effective for me and I look forward to buying more.

  48. Leslie

    Love the cbd

  49. Janet

    Very pure mixture. Simplest way to administer.

  50. Alice

    This product has helped me with anxiety and helps me cope with aches and pains. I recommend it. I have tried other brands, and Green Roads has worked best for me. Good price at CBD VAPE JUICE also.

  51. Ralphy love

    I think it will help me very much my doc said I should try it .

  52. Rafael Rosado

    I think it looks great for me and pain I have ptsd.war vet

  53. Eric

    GreenRoads 350mg CBD is an amazing product. I prefer a few drops under the tongue (sublingual use), I felt an immediate sense of warmth and calmness. When your surrounding and mind become content, that is how you’ll know that the CBD is working. It immediately eliminated anxiety. The CBD concentrate in junction with cannabis produces a very nice and long lasting high. SOLID WEBSITE, SOLID PRODUCTS, and SOLID SERVICE! VERY FAST SHIPPING TO HAWAII!

  54. Darlene

    Can’t wait to try this for pain!!!!!

  55. TC

    Have purchased this a few times and have been 100% satisfied. I usually take it sublingually, and the taste is pretty good — sweet with just a little aftertaste. Excellent results with pain management. Very quick shipping as well!

  56. Brayan T.

    works like it should, you’ll notice tolerance building about every two weeks though, so you can’t really over do it

  57. Sarah

    Great Value and a great Price for the quality you receive. I love that this is VG so I can add it to my vapes.

  58. Mamma Berg

    I have been able to get some relief from my MS with this CBD. It has been nice not having to take so many pain relievers to ease my spasms.

  59. Shane

    Works great for anxiety an head aches was shipped fast. Will be making all my purchases from from now on

  60. Geoffrey

    Ordered this product multiple times and is some of the best CBD I have tried. Great service as well. Have went beyond to answer all my questions and help me any way they can. Highly recommended

  61. Karl C.

    I recommend this product without hesitation. Calming and soothing.

  62. MaxChill

    So I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD I’ve also been in a major motorcycle accident with severe injuries I’ve been prescribed many narcotics both for pain and for the anxiety this product has been amazing for me

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