Genesis Twist Tube CBD Salve (500mg)

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Comes in a 2oz bottle with 500mg of CBD.

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Love this product. I proudly speak about this product to everybody cause it’s awesome. Same as the lotion too- works evenly the same. Mahalo🤙 - Brittany 

Product Description

Easy to apply 500mg CBD salve in a twist tube container for your convenience!
Feel instant relief with CBD Genesis new salve!

(500mg CBD / 2oz)

Reviewing the twist tube CBD salve from CBD Genesis

Our CBD Genesis topical range is growing, and we are delighted to introduce this CBD twist tube salve, which is made from organic hemp and beneficial for the skin in multiple ways. Cannabidiol (CBD) is making its mark in topical products, with more and more scientific studies identifying that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) has an important role in the skin.


This particular salve is infused with 500mg of CBD-isolate extract, into a 2oz tube. Plenty of other natural ingredients and essential oils have been added to this product to complement the hemp extract. The result is a topical CBD product that is mighty effective and convenient to use. The twist tube means that the salve can be conserved and will continue to work long after you first opened it.


This article will concentrate on the benefits offered by the CBD extract and the other ingredients that we have used to make the salve. We’ll quickly run you through some ECS science, before showing you how to effectively use this product. We hope this CBD salve review will enhance your knowledge of this specific product, and give you a better general understanding of CBD.  

Ingredients in this CBD salve

There are many benefits to a hemp flower extract, but we have chosen to go one better by mixing in extracts and oils from other plants too. These ensure that this CBD cream is one of the most therapeutic and effective salve products on the market right now.  

CBD-isolate extract from industrial hemp

Industrial hemp has made a huge comeback in the United States over the past few years, after being legalized by the federal government courtesy of the 2014 Farm Bill. Now, it’s completely legal to use hemp extracts which are packed with CBD to make products that are legal across the nation.


Our salve is made purely with the CBD from the hemp, with the cannabinoid removed from all other compounds, leaving a clean isolate extract. CBD-isolate products not only meet federal regulations by having less than 0.3% THC – this salve contains NO THC whatsoever!

Coconut oil

This ingredient is really nourishing and moisturizing for the skin, and also makes the CBD more potent – the fatty acids called MCTs are responsible for this. Coconut oil is fantastic for the skin for a few other reasons: it helps with alleviating inflammation and healing wounds, and the antimicrobial properties are helpful for fighting infections.


Arnica is an ancient, traditional remedy, and its extract serves to bolster the value of our CBD Genesis salve. This plant is also great for reducing inflammation and swelling. Arnica boasts analgesic properties that are brilliant for easing tight muscles, and the stiffness that comes from conditions like arthritis.

Ginger root

Ginger root is considered a superfood, but did you know that it can be just as powerful when applied to the skin? This antioxidant-rich extract may possess anti-aging qualities, by combating a notorious extrinsic aging process called free radical aging. Ginger root is also renowned for having a radiating effect on the skin, which is perfect for brightening up dull and aging skin.


This ingredient provides the skin with a protective layer, but does so without clogging pores and risking infection. Beeswax is a potent anti-inflammatory, like with many of the extracts in this product. It appears to hold further benefits for the skin, facilitating cell reconstruction by virtue of being a rich source of vitamin A.

The science behind applying CBD to the skin

CBD has been mostly viewed as a substance that you consume – therefore, why does it work for the skin? The answer is quite simple. The skin is an organ – the largest in the body – and can absorb various substances, including CBD. After the ECS was discovered in the early 90s, it soon became apparent that receptors from the system were present and active in the skin.


The CB1 receptor is mostly implicated in pain perception, as it is a part of the central nervous system. The CB2 receptor works as the link for the ECS to the immune system. CBD encourages natural regulation at these receptors, delivering its effects in this way, rather than interfering with the ECS and binding directly to CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Uses for this twist tube salve

Please remember that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). CBD oil and CBD salves are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Please use this product responsibly.

CBD salve for arthritis

Arthritis is sometimes caused by inflammation only, but in the case of rheumatoid arthritis can be a signal of more serious immune system problems. Our CBD salve may have a calming effect on the inflammation, and reduce the damage that arthritis is doing to your joint cartilage. The pain relief aspect of CBD could also help with discomfort in the joints. Salves are really good for arthritis, as they can be used directly on the troublesome area.

CBD salve for back pain

Back pain, knee pain, neck pain, leg pain, any type of pain – this CBD salve could make all the difference for you! While, once again, you could use CBD oil or an edible to manage pain, many users are reporting much better results with topical products that get right to the root of the problem.

CBD salve for tight muscles

You can make tight muscles a thing of the past by liberally administering this CBD salve to the regions which are giving you bother. If tight and sore muscles are a problem after exercise, then using the salve will help to leave you refreshed, relaxed and ready for the rest of the day, or in the mood to settle down for the evening.

Final thoughts

In addition to this CBD salve for sale, CBD Genesis also makes a pain cream that provides similarly effective relief for the skin.


11 reviews for Genesis Twist Tube CBD Salve (500mg)

  1. Brittany

    Love this product. I proudly speak about this product to everybody cause it’s awesome. Same as the lotion too- works evenly the same. Mahalo🤙

  2. MARIE

    I purchased this for my daughter-in-law and she loves it. She had surgery on her knee several years ago and has alot of pain. Since using your product, her pain is much less. I will definitely buy this product for my knees. I have osteoarthritis and can\’t wait to try it.

  3. Kim

    Great for aches and pains. I’ve had back surgery and I have degenerative disk disease.

  4. Patricia

    We love it and the convenience, quick and easy

  5. Kim

    This item is great for aches and pains.

  6. Barbara

    Use this for Arthritis. Works great.

  7. Roy

    Really works

  8. Kelly

    Love 💖 it!!

  9. Jim Tessitore

    I was recently diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my neck. X-rays and an MRI showed bones in my neck are curving around my spinal column causing my arms to fall asleep. Doctor of medicine (Spine doctor) said operating was out of the question, so I suffered for sometime until my son bought me Genesis CBD twist tube of Salve. The very first time I used this CBD cream my arms stopped falling asleep and pain was way down. Yes I was surprised that it worked and how fast too.

  10. Wanda

    This product works great for sore joints. The smell is wonderful, and the salve has a nice consistency.

  11. christian

    Nice application Absorbs quickly Takes the pain away within seconds

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