Genesis CBD E-Liquid

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Introducing CBD Genesis, our most concentrated, best-selling CBD to date. Vape it by itself, add it to your favorite e-liquid, or take it sublingual. Comes in a 30ml bottle.

Under 0.3%
No Vitamine E
Lab Certified
Great quality CBD vape juice. Nice natural taste to the vape. For the price it has more MG CBD than most other brands. Me Likey! - Raymond 

Product Description

Introducing CBD Genesis, our most concentrated, best-selling CBD to date. CBD Genesis contains no PG, therefor it can be vaped by itself, added to any e-liquid, or even taken sublingual (1-3 drops under the tongue is a good starting point for sublingual use). If you are mixing with e-liquid, we suggest starting with 1 drop of CBD for every ml of e-liquid added to your tank. CBD Genesis helps with relaxation, anxiety, stress and sleep. CBD Genesis vape products do not contain nicotine or vitamin E acetate.

Size: 30ml


  • Full-Spectrum CBD oil
  • Emulsifier (Polysorbate 80)
  • Vegetable Glycerin


(550 MG / 30 ML) = Estimated 18.3 MG PER 1 ML

(1000 MG / 30 ML) = Estimated 33.3 MG PER 1 ML

(2000 MG / 30 ML) = Estimated 66.6 MG PER 1 ML

E-liquids are among the best-selling products in the CBD Genesis range. Many people enjoy their cannabidiol (CBD) by vaping it, loving the instant relief that it provides. We have listened to what customers want, and have developed a selection of CBD vape juice products for all users.


CBD Genesis E-Liquid is made with full-spectrum CBD oil. This all-encompassing extract delivers the benefits of CBD, but has increased therapeutic value over isolated extracts. The other cannabinoids and terpenes in the extract all have helpful properties. When the compounds are used together, the relief is even more profound. Full-spectrum CBD also has a more significant effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). To give this e-juice a sweeter flavor, we have used vegetable glycerin (VG) as the carrier oil. VG is a very common food ingredient, and is typically added to products as a sweetener. It is also thanks to the VG that this CBD vape oil can be used to blow big vapor clouds.

How to use CBD Genesis E-Liquid

As you’d expect, the primary way of using CBD Genesis E-Liquid is to vaporize it. As this e-liquid is sold separately in a bottle, you’ll need a vaporizer with a tank. Why not check out some of the great value devices on our site? Then, either fill the tank purely with this e-liquid, or combine with another e-juice of your choosing. Some people like to mix their e-juices in an attempt to find the perfect flavor. The best way to vape CBD Genesis E-Liquid depends on your preferences. You can also use e-liquids as tincture oils. This is ideal if you don’t always have the opportunity to vape. The CBD is already active so does not need to be heated to have a beneficial effect. Simply apply the e-juice under the tongue, and hold it for around a minute. This is so the CBD can be fully absorbed into the bloodstream. Whether you are vaping, or using your CBD Genesis E-Liquid sublingually, the effects have a reputation for kicking in rapidly. This can be very handy if you’re using CBD for any of the following reasons.

Reasons for using CBD E-Liquid

We should note that none of these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The contents of this page are informational, and not a replacement for medical advice. If you are in need of medical assistance, contact a doctor or the appropriate medical professional. As we’ve already mentioned, people vape because the CBD works so fast this way. That is not just a bonus, but a necessity for some ailments. In particular, those that have intense symptoms that occur randomly. For a person whose anxiety is easily triggered, CBD is much more effective when the benefits come straight away. CBD users with anxiety like to take their CBD oil vape juice when they feel symptoms arise. Or, when they can anticipate an anxiety-inducing situation. This helps to prevent the anxiety from becoming overwhelming. Dosing at regular intervals then keeps symptoms suppressed. A similar case can be made for using CBD for pain. Conditions where symptoms flare up can be harder to manage than those which are more chronic. But again, when vaporized, CBD works to nip symptoms in the bud as quickly as possible. CBD e-liquid effects don’t stop at merely relieving the pain, but ensuring that its severity is kept under control. This minimizes the negative effects on quality of life.

CBD Genesis E-Liquid Review

Our CBD Genesis E-Liquid range is made up of six products: 100mg, 300mg, 550mg, 1000mg, 1500mg and 2000mg. The e-juice bottle is sized at 30ml, and the overall THC content is below 0.3 percent THC. More details on the cannabinoid profiles of our e-liquids is provided under the ‘Lab Tests’ tab. Having a wide range of e-liquid potencies is essential for capitalizing on all the advantages of taking CBD. The substance responds differently in lower quantities to higher amounts. Personal factors will also influence your CBD experience, so do bear this in mind.

CBD Genesis 100mg

The CBD Genesis 100mg E-Liquid is a brilliant way to get started on your CBD journey. This low-strength product allows you to experiment with small doses of CBD, and see how it impacts you. More experienced users will also appreciate the microdosing aspect that you get with the 100mg e-liquid. Low-dosing CBD is associated with increased concentration and wakefulness.

CBD Genesis 350mg

Those taking CBD as a dietary supplement for the ECS may enjoy this middle-of-the-road 350mg e-liquid. With this strength, you’re getting a nice balance of CBD. A standard dose will deliver substantial relief from a number of ailments, without the effects being too sedating.

CBD Genesis 550mg

We also have the CBD Genesis E-Liquid 550mg for sale at With this product, you can easily take both low and high doses of CBD. Just a single hit should do it for a small dose. For full relaxation, a longer vape session with this e-liquid is in order.

CBD Genesis 2000mg

In higher concentrations, CBD can be delightfully calming, with the comforting effects promoting improved sleep. A dose of this high-strength 2000mg e-liquid will likely leave you feeling drowsy. But for maximum pain relief and relaxation, it’s a fantastic choice.

Final thoughts

We have a wide range of CBD vape juices for sale from our CBD Genesis collection. We choose to market so many strengths so that there is a perfect CBD vaping product for everybody. Our e-liquids are also available for wholesale purchase. To find out more about our pricing for e-juices and other CBD products, create a wholesale account. We’ll be in touch soon!

812 reviews for Genesis CBD E-Liquid

  1. Michael

    Good wook Genesis !

  2. emily

    Love this CBD product , very strong and nice hemp taste

  3. LB80

    This Is THE REAL DEAL. I Really Like 2 Vape It N The Mrng With My Coffee

  4. Kerry

    I use this product for my big dog, who is a large Pyrenean Mastiff, and is turning 7 in the next month. She laps it up right out of my hand, and gets excited when I pull it out! I have seen a great improvement with the hind leg stiffness, and IBS symptoms that she has developed during the last year. I highly recommend this product for personal use, or pet use, though speak to you veterinarian before started your pet on any type of OTC product. All that being said I love this store!! They have a fantastic variety of quality products, their prices cannot be beat, especially when they offer fantastic promotions when you sign up for email updates, and the shipping is usually speedy, especially when you purchase bu”in house” products. I also have to give a huge shout out to the representatives at CBDVapejuice/Genesis particularly Suzi, Cora, and Ryan, (who each were super kind, knowledgeable, and savvy ) to instantly resolve an issue that transpired during my last check out.) I have phoned or chatted with many representatives, mostly to get advice on particular products, and every representative that I have I’ve encountered , has been extraordinary. This store certainly values its customers, and all the representatives go above and beyond. This is the only place that I buy my CBD related products, and I highly believe that you will share my opinion after you place your first order!!!

  5. Aleah

    I’m so Grateful you make the 2,000 mg strength!  It is truly the only safe CBD juice that has worked for me!  Ever since I was diagnosed with severe asthma & COPD, I had to stop vaping. The easy fix is using the vape juice under my tongue.  It is much more concentrated and lasts longer using less.  My only wish is that you begin offering deep discounts for people on disability like your competitors.  I asked about this when I first became a steady customer and was informed that you did not offer this perk.  It would be so helpful for those of us on a tightly structured income in making it more affordable to continue receiving the benefits of using your CBD products with more consistency. 

    I Appreciate & Thank You For All You Do
    Miss Aleah

  6. Nathaniel

    excellent quality, tastes and smells like dank wet cut grass. I like to add a couple of drops to my vape or sometimes as a sublingual.

  7. Gary

    I can’t stop saying enough about how great the Genesis CBD E-Liquid is. I’ve been using it for a number of years, and it totally relaxes me, and takes out a good deal of pain, and eliminates a particular med that I hate taking… Customer service? You won’t find it better than right here, and ‘Suzie’ is a very special help and very knowledgeable. Everything arrives quick and in perfect condition… Been saying all this for years, and will keep saying it cause it’s true!

  8. Ali

    Always a great product!

  9. Chad

    Great!!! My go to everytime

  10. Vishal

    Great product, very potent and works great for relaxing and pain. Vapeing is good but you can use it as a tincture w a few drops under your tongue which to me is even better. Will buy again.

  11. Daniel

    Initially thought it was a placebo effect, but I feel better and am sleeping better since using this product.

  12. kerri

    Awesome! I only buy from this site. It’s legit and honest.

  13. Gary

    Genesis CBD vape is the best cbd I have ever used. I have bought and used this product for a good number of years now, and it helps me stay off some meds, and when taken sublingual, I am super relaxed and get good sleep. I cannot imagine using anything else. This is the best CBD ever, and the customer service is excellent.

  14. Heidi

    Great vape juice! I like a high concentration of CBD. Both my husband and I have pretty severe arthritis so we don\’t want to mess around with useless concoctions of 40 mg per ounce. The brand I had been using for years suddenly decided to stop making vape juice so we\’re so glad we found yours. It works great! I like the immediacy and cost effectiveness of vaping. Keep making your great product and we will be faithful customers! Thanks!

  15. Sally

    Very pleased with the service. Thank you.

  16. Gary

    As always, Genesis CBD E Liquid, ( I use under tongue), cannot be beat! This product works, and every time… I use less or NO meds at all, and it is very potent, ‘for me,’ to relax and sleep…! Customer service is fantastic. Suzie, and ALL the gang there, are really knowledgeable and friendly, and the delivery is fast and reliable!

  17. Craig

    1000mg really takes off the edge! Great prices and amazing service! ✌

  18. Anthony

    I struggle to get good takes from my 510 thread vape, and it kills my cartridges quickly on my cartridge based. Still trying to get good vape value from it. Though, for sublingual use, it’s super good, albeit a heavy taste compared to the tincture.

  19. Thomas

    I have purchased products from this company on a number of occasions and have never been disappointed. Excellent service and quality products.

  20. Maria

    Thank you, for your prices. I believe they are very reasonable AND I appreciate your “2 for 1” sales, especially in these times of crisis. Thanks! Besides, I was paying twice the amount at the pot shops around my area. I am delighted I found this site about a year ago. I have a very rare lung disease called
    Lymphangioleiomyomatosis or LAM, for short. Your CBD Genesis vape (I use the drops) has helped me relax my lungs enough to breath without oxygen. It has actually changed my life. Thank you. I feel normal again!

  21. Jeremy

    I really enjoy this cbd vape liquid. It has an awesome taste and provides the relaxation that I was looking for. I used the 550 mg.

  22. Michael

    Take subliminal Sean to work better for me then vape take.. very thick ..

  23. Gary

    As always, I am ‘extremely pleased’ with the Genesis cbd vape, both 1000 and 1500mgs. It takes away a great deal of pain, and works fast, to help get me to sleep! The customer service is fantastic. Suzie is very knowledgeable, and sweet, and all the staff are top notch! I order my cbd, “no where else,” but Price is excellent, and shipping fast and always gets to me in perfect condition… The best!

  24. Michael

    Used as sublingual!! Works very well 👍👍👍

  25. Estela

    Thank you for the awesome offers by text! Offering many freebies and discounts keep me coming back for more!

  26. Stacey

    Happy with purchase.

  27. y.cornel48

    This was my first purchase from this vendor. I read many other reviews on this product on their site and felt it would be the best for me and my husband. I have minimal pain and anxiety with asthma and sleeping issues. My husband has had 3 back surgeries. This product definitely assisted in helping both of us with our individual health issues. It has provided a calmness and better sleep nights. My anxiety is much better and my husbands pain has minimized allowing him to sleep better. We will definitely be ordering this product again. The order came quicker then expected which was appreciated. The product itself is a bit thicker than expected for a vaping product so you need to be aware that if you are filling a tank/mod that you try a little bit at a time. You will not get an actual drop from the dropper from the thickness.This is a 30 ml glass bottle with a tincture top. Thank you!

    • Genesis

      Thank you for the great review! We are so glad to hear how CBD Genesis has helped you and your husband!

  28. Maria

    Love it

  29. Ashley

    Absolutely love this product! And your site is so user friendly! Thanks for great and fast service!

  30. April

    Great value, annd a great product. The service that I have received has always been quick and reliable.

  31. Evan

    Very enjoyable and did the job!

  32. Gary

    I cannot say enough about, and about Genesis Vape. I have been using Genesis Vape for years, and it seems to be getting better all the time. It has taken me off one med completely, and eases pain and inflamation, and helps me get really good sleep, and fast. I highly recommend, and their products, specifically the Genesis vape . Customer service can not get any better, and delivery is fast. Thanks again guys! Great job!

  33. Christian

    Very happy with everything I’ve bought I’ve been using hemp products from this site for about 2 years and I’ve never been disappointed; TOP QUALITY GOOD PRICE!

  34. Jaimee

    I use the CBD right before I do yoga and when I want to relax.

  35. Kathy

    I got this to use in my vape pen but is much too thick so using in my sub ohm mod with .4ohm coil @ 33 watts. Works great in that device! Excellent clouds and that nice earthy taste! I got the 100 mg bottle to use as a “through-the- day” vape along with Krypted juice in a pen. Also does nicely as a tincture. Helps to keep the edge off. Would buy again! Thank you Genesis!

  36. Gary

    I cannot say enough about cbdvapejuice,net, or the Genesis CBD E-Liquid. I have been using the CBD E-Liquid for a number of years now, and would buy anybody else product. Why? Because the Genesis works! Plain and simple, it works. I started with it in a vape, and have went to sublingual only, now. Either way it has knocked out stress, and got me off of meds, and reduced pain in my body, and healed abdominal issues, and really calms and relaxes greatly so I can sleep. Customer service? Fantastic! These folks are the best there is. Period! You won’t go wrong with this product, or the service.

  37. Estela

    Best stuff ever!

  38. Michael

    Excellent quality

  39. Timothy

    Been using this for over a year and it helps with joint pain in my knees and hips. I can really tell when I forget to take it before bed, as I wake up very stiff and sore.

  40. Cameo

    Love this product. I have sleeping problems every since I started vaping this I have been sleeping very well

  41. Cynthia

    I have bought several bottles of this Full-Spectrum CBD oil from Genesis over the last several years. It is always the same consistently high quality with a thick, rich liquid and earthy flavor. I definitely notice a difference when I use it. This company is the best place to buy CBD products.

  42. Julianna

    Of all the dozens of sublingual drops I have tried this 2000mg bottle beats everything by a mile. I have bottles that claim to be 3000mg and I feel nothing. This one gives me a flush of a sense of well being. Great anxiety and stress reducer! I order these a dozen bottles at a time.

  43. Maria

    Loved my oil thank you so much

  44. Rudolph

    I’ve tried this product and a half-dozen other CBD products on the market and I like CBD Genesis the best. It’s made using only vegetable glycerine and it’s a full spectrum CBR. I use it both sublingual and vape. When I vape it’s very strong and can burn your throat so if I’m vaping I dilute it with more veritable glycerine.

  45. liza

    As usual the product and service is priceless!

  46. Maria

    Loved my purchase

  47. David

    Me and my wife used to talk meds for Anxiety we have noticed a big change in how much we take. Great product I would recommend you at least try.

  48. Mike

    Great products and always fast delivery that is on time!

  49. Gregory P. & Roberta C.

    It seems to be working on my pain as oral. So going to try this.

  50. Gary

    Once again, I could not be more satisfied. The Genesis 1000mg Has always been top quality, and worked fantastic for me. Helps with pain, and keeps me off some meds. I will continue to purchase this product. Customer service and delivery time are top notch as well… Thanks Guys !

  51. Michael

    Very Nice , used orally.. Just purchased the same in a The tincture.. keep up good work !

  52. liza

    As always my product arrived on time without any hassels! Will always recommend this company and its products to family and friends.

  53. GALE

    Shipment came very fast. Have not been disappointed in the Genesis product either.

  54. Michael

    Excellent value and great service and products

  55. Rich

    Love this stuff!

  56. TERRY

    I like the natural flavor. Sometimes I mix a little regular juice, like my favorite, 🍍💯❗

  57. Deshawn

    It was fine I thought it was supposed to get me high but Thats my fault I should’ve read the description about it but it’s still a decent product

  58. Claire

    Great stuff 👍 so reasonably priced I’m disabled in alot of pain and extremely low income this is the best quality! So blessed

  59. Mike

    Great product and on time delivery!

  60. cindy

    Very smooth flavor I love it I will definitely be ordering more!!

  61. Julianna

    I have tried 6 other CBD tincture brands in the past 6 months, all in the 2000mg – 3000mg range. I take mine under the tongue. I don’t feel that 3 of them worked at all and 2 of them worked if I dropped in 3 full droppers, but that is way too much product. I decided to try this one from CBD VAPE in 2000mg. I use one full dropper of this at night and I am weening off of Ambien 10mg nightly successfully. Yay! That ended up being a great bonus, but I wanted it originally for daytime use… for pain relief (I have Arthritis and Fibro Mialgia), and to reduce anxiety. I get so much relief from this one. I get a wonderful rush of a sense of well-being with this one. I feel in a better head space and I don’t feel so overwhelmed with my deadlines. I actually feel like I become more focused and am able to tackle anything. I do prefer this version over the one (made by this company) that is made specifically for sublingual use (brown bottle). This one blue bottle) is sweeter and less earthy flavored. I am not a fan of the taste of hemp. That’s actually an understatement. lol The blue bottle is the best one for under the tongue and so far is the best one I have found. I HIGHLY recommend this particular product for sublingual use and I would only use the ones that are 1500mg or more. Anything less is useless. Remember, you can start with just a couple drops of the higher concentrate and move your way up if you like. I should add that I have ordered from this company a few times and they ship FAST every time. I recently had an issue with my order so I called customer service. You would’ve thought I was talking to a family member. They were kind, listened, were empathetic with the issue, they relieved the stress that I had built up before I called them because, let’s face it, customer service usually sucks these days. My expectations were low. They impressed me and immediately resolved it. I was blown away. Not just really effective CBD products that work, but their people are delivering top flight service to be sure you receive an excellent experience, start to finish, with them. Highest Recommendation.

  62. Michael

    Excellent products and service

  63. Jeffery

    Excellent quality and at an affordable price

  64. jill

    Excellent product! Super fast shipping. Very well packed. Great value for the money. Can’t say enough about this experience and during busy holidays how quickly received!!!!

  65. Carlos

    Got the 1000mg its amazing this stuff is strong hits you in the face like a brick


  66. Craig

    Good product, great price! Helps with the aches and pains of daily life! I’ll keep coming back!✌


    Always a pleasure to receive this product. I’ve been ordering for almost 3 yrs now and have never been disappointed.

  68. Rohnit

    Not strong at all. Maybe cause I took the 100mg one

  69. Gary

    As a long time customer, once again, I have to declare that the Genesis 1000mg is the best out there. For me, just a few drops under the tongue, and the pain is tremendously relieved, and I am extremely relaxed and chilled out! I highly recommend this Genesis CBD, and I also want to give a tremendous shout and praise, to Suzie. Always helpful. Shipping is always on time, and everything in great shape when I get it… I encourage you to try the Genesis CBD.

  70. Susan

    Great product , helps with my anxiety

  71. Derrik

    The product I purchased is wonderful. I like the thickness, so it stays under my tongue. The quality is top.notch. it helps with my sleep and anxiety.

  72. Cimu

    Great liquid. Consistent quality.

  73. Izzy


  74. Sharon

    calms me

  75. David

    Nice, naturally flavored product. The unrefined, coarse green texture is a bit surprising, but does not seem to affect quality. Strong and effective.

  76. Cimu

    Great product. Taste like you’d expect: hemp, which I like. The effects are strong, even for only 350mg/30mL. However, I have to point out that the carrier liquid or contents seem to burn through atomizer coils fast.

  77. Cimu Wang

    Great product. Has intended effects for a full-spectrum liquid. Tastes like expected, hemp. However, the carrier liquid or contents seems to wear down coils faster than normal e-juice. Overall very good; I’m buying another bottle today.

  78. Estela

    This stuff is the bomb!

  79. DAVID

    Results were better than any CBD vape tried yet. Very calming and relaxing, and helps with my ol\’ man discomforts…….

  80. John

    great, but need something to thin down liquid for vaping

  81. Bruno

    A decent honest product.

  82. Ali

    This is a great product. I will definitely continue to use it.

  83. Christopher

    Works perfectly as a vape additive. Using with Circus Candy Cotton Candy and Rams Stawberry Cannoli. When mixed has a nice golden amber color. Very thick with distinct terp smell. Definitely buying again, this time at the 1000mg variety.

  84. Estela

    Thank you!

  85. Ali

    I use this product every day. I love it. I wouldn\’t use anything else.

  86. William

    Awesome CBD e-liquid. I use it daily. My stress is LOW (pretty much 0), my heart rate is GREAT 45-48 at night and 52-62 during the day (same as it was before signs of my kidney disease started showing; which means it is REALLY helping my body as the kidney disease progresses…which slows down the progression), and I am able to focus on things now (I have ADD, so this TRULY helps with that). I will continue and only buy my CBD from this company!!! Seriously, it is one of if not THE best out there!

  87. Maria

    Loving my journey with CBD. It helps me withstand a very rare disease of the lungs (LAM) by providing energy and lung use. It has surely changed my quality of life!

  88. Thomas

    This is a quality product. I’ve made several purchases in the past and will continue to do so.

  89. Mary

    Fast shipping, nice product

  90. Chana

    it took about a week to get the full effect helping me get to sleep easier ,I love it and will buy it again the flavor is so much better then the others I have tried get product !!

  91. Jessica

    Consistent quality, great product. I ordered the vape ejuice and tried the CBD pills – helped with relaxation and muscle spasms.

  92. Tom MacMillan

    this product help me quit smoking. i started out buying the kit with the v9max now i keep a bottle of this on hand always so when i need puff i use the cbd in the vape , no more cigs

  93. Gary

    I have been a customer of for quite a while now. Their customer service is 2nd to None. Always professional and more than willing to help with all my needs. Packaging is excellent and everything ‘always’ in perfect condition when I receive it. The Genesis CBD 1000mg has been a real blessing to me and keeps me from taking some meds I was on more than I am now… It works! If you have not tried it, you should! You won’t be sorry!
    Shout out to customer service… Thanks again!

  94. Ali

    Great product! I use this regularly and will continue to do so. Thank you!

  95. Katlyn

    Mixes well with other flavored juices.

  96. Felix

    This cbd oil is great, it helps me out with my wisdom teeth pain a lot 👍.

  97. Geoffrey

    I love this product and it”s strength!

  98. Michael

    Excellent Service! 👍👍

  99. Gabriel Jimenez

    This liquid is too thick. It is making me go through pods quicker. It taste like some edible hard candies I have tried in the past. I was looking forward to vaping a cbd product that is full spectrum and no pg but I’m going back to my Koi jade flavor. It’s just smoother. I bought the 550 mg and it does the job. I’ll be finishing this as a dropper.

  100. Kim

    Love this product. Works very good. I’d highly recommend this product. Hopefully it’ll be on sale sometime soon again.

  101. Candie

    Excellent product have used for over a year now works well

  102. Dero

    Happy wih the product

  103. Samantha

    Most relax meds and help will sleep and pain

  104. Cory

    Good product, -1 star because the bottle leaks a bit

  105. Barbara

    Helps me sleep

  106. karenmatthews_59

    Still enjoying this ejuice. But I’m wondering if it burns through coils? I just changed my coil in my vape device and it is already tasting burnt. I will change out another one and see how long that one lasts.

  107. Sam

    Tastes ok, has noticeable effects, big buzz if you take a dropper full wish it had a better flavor

  108. Estela


  109. Kim

    This is a very good additive to vaping.

  110. karenmatthews_59

    My first time ordering and using Genesis E-Liquid. I ordered the 1000mg. A different texture, color, and taste from the cbd e-juice I was buying at my local shop. The e-liquid at my local shop worked, but it was clear and non tasting. This actually has a green tint to it and the slight taste of marijuana. Seems more legit than what I was buying. And, it works better. Makes me question the quality of the e-juice I was using. So far I love this product and will explore more products.

  111. Jerita

    Need a better taste but overall I think it would be better if my cartridge wasn’t leaking

  112. Larry

    Good taste mild on throat when vaped and good taste when taken orally will move up to higher mg 100 is good but need a little stronger but effective.

  113. Andrew

    This stuff is really strong for what you pay, although the dropper quality is poor.

  114. Danny

    Have a couple of people that love thi product.

  115. John

    CBD helps my pain and mood. I am amazed at how much

  116. mark

    Will bye again!

  117. king57

    Just too many reviews to read but thats what made me decide to try the cbd genesis e-liquid because you can vape or under tongue. the only one that says this so here i am rating it from vaping it. it is thick but a few hits from my vape pen and i am relaxed and fast shipping and customer service seem to be great. the ideal that you can chat with someone on line is a plus, so i placed another order for cbd flower the minute i received my e-liquid. free shipping a plus. i may have found the site that everybody seems to them a good try because i love good cbd products LOl!

  118. Charles

    This has been my favorite of the few I have tried and have reordered 3 times and have told many people of this CBD Genesis I would like to get higher then 1000 mg but my fixed income holds me back. Although I think it will work even better. One day I want to check that out.

  119. Tom MacMillan

    works well will be reordering

  120. Melissa

    I love it! I especially like the fact that I can use it as a vape and as a sublingual drop. Thank you for your amazing product and customer service!

  121. Samantha

    Relaxing,taste great, helps with my cmt pain and calms me down. best product

  122. Chrysiana

    Good stuff

  123. Gary

    I have ordered Genesis CBD vape from, for around two years or so now. I am NEVER disappointed with the product or the service. They are always very prompt, and when I need personal help, they are always willing to take the time to answer all my questions, and meet all my needs. CBD Genesis. Man, It works ! I use the 1000mg Vape. I use it in a vape mod at 43.5 watts, and have NO trouble. This product is the best on the market IMO. I refuse to shop anywhere else for CBD products. is it ! You can trust these folks, and the service, and you can trust Genesis CBD to work… Thanks cbdvj !


  124. Jessica

    Still the best I found for chronic neuropathy. It helps to relax when I have muscle spasms also. Thanks for making it affordable.

  125. pdspaulding

    My husband & I bought the 350mg Genesis months ago, and it has helped with various pains and anxiety. It helps curb my migraines before bed so I can sleep better. My husband has had issues with leg pain, he says this has helped but needs to go to the higher concentration (1000mg). We are going to try the tincture next, 1000mg. Oh, and it does seem to lessen anxiety, this is good stuff but want to try the 1000mg.

  126. Jessica

    This continues to be the best value and the best quality. Enjoy vaping or as a tincture, the 550mg helps with pain and helps relax muscle spasms.

  127. Chris

    This is far better than Hemp Bombs isolate (clear) e liquid. I wouldn’t recommend taking this orally because of taste but it is good using in a vape pen. The only issue with vaping this product undiluted is it tends to have a burn taste every so often if the heat is applied for too long on the vape pen. Price is fair but I anticipate prices being even lower in the next year or so as the Farm Bill allows farmers throughout the US to grow hemp legally. It will be grown everywhere because it is more profitable than corn.

  128. Jefferson

    It is good

  129. Curley

    Highly effective at an excellent price… I always keep some of this around.

  130. Grace

    absolutely love my cbd oil, cant live without it. vape juice is awesome!!

  131. Ali

    Great product! Will definitely order again!

  132. Anthony

    I have been using 550mg for chronic pain relief, and it had been helping. I learned just how much it’s been helping when I ran out of it for a couple of days. So far this has been the most consistent and effective brand I have tried. Thank you for providing quality products!

  133. Ryan

    Really great product, nice selection of different strengths. Tastes pretty smooth too.

  134. Elaine

    I like all of the CBD Genesis eliquids but I really don\’t care for the taste. However mix some Defiance eliquid with the full spectrum Genesis and happy taste and very effective. I use the 350 during the day and the 550 in the evening.

  135. Joe

    I love this e-liquid. I use it mainly to relax — really don\’t have any problems such as anxiety, etc., so 350mg is more than fine for me — and I really like it. Have used it every day for months and it helps in calming you if you are even the least bit stressed.

  136. Bernard

    Excellent Product. Using consistently for over a year. Good company, great service.

  137. Estela


  138. Brian

    The product is very thick. The directions are to shake well before using, but it\’s too thick. The only way to make it thin enough to shake up is to heat it slightly in hot water or a microwave.

  139. Maria

    Love it best thing I ever did what a life changing

  140. Brian

    It was ok , but juice was a little thin.

  141. Jerry

    Great product, love the flavor. Will order again.

  142. Jeremy

    I have used this every single day for the past 7 months. Since I started I have not had any symptoms of my depression and anxiety!


    Thank you, CBD Genesis for your fast delivery service and great product. I have spread the word about your products. Thank you again.

  144. Samuel

    I have been using oil for 6 months. It does more than my pain pills ever did. I will continue to use it as long as it is still available.

  145. William

    Have been using this product for over 2 years would recommend to everyone, Fast service and Great People!!!

  146. Pedro

    Great E-liquid gives a very relazing feeling, I love to use after a workout or whenever stress and/or anxiety kick in. Thank you

  147. Pedro

    Great E-liquid gives a very relaxing feeling, I love to use after a workout or whenever stress and/or anxiety kick in. Thank you.

  148. Ali

    Great product. I use this brand regularly.

  149. Ryana

    Second time buying and will buy again!

  150. Chris

    Great juice couldn’t recommend it enough!

  151. Wendy

    This is the only place to buy from! The CBD Genesis is the best I’ve ever vaped. It’s my #1 choice every time. Shipping is extremely fast. I ordered one night and had an email the next morning saying it had shipped. Within four days, my product was in my hands. Great place to do business. I know they have mine!

  152. logan

    very happy with this

  153. Melissa

    I love your products and they are priced within my budget. They are of excellent quality. They relieve my pain and anxiety. Thanks for your awesome online customer service!

  154. toya1077

    I purchased the 2000 mg bottle. I worked out that it takes about a teaspoon of the 2000 mg to feel any of the effects. Which I’m glad I got some relief but not so glad that it costs about $120 for such a small bottle because I have to take more of it and will run out of it quicker. So while I have found some relief, I basically can’t afford it for my chronic pain. Aside from that, the taste is absolutely awful which was expected. But if you are like me, you soldier through it to get the medicinal effects. It also gave me a super dry mouth when it kicked in, which of course is also something to be expected with this type of plant. Over all, it works well, I just wish it were more affordable and available in a higher milligram. The prices are making me think about learning to make my own just to save money.

  155. Elizabeth

    good for the price

  156. sharptooth321

    Okay I gave myself a couple of months before making up my mind about this. Ultimately, this particular product was not right for me.

    Let’s get one thing right though: the people over at CBD genesis have amazing customer service and always take care of me straight away. I get me product damn near immediately.

    In my love affair with CBD I was seeking what a higher dose could present to my symptoms and so I purchased a 1500mg bottle. First I vaped it by itself and before I could notice the CBD perks I had to note the taste – it was was so so bland and waxy. To my palette anyway. After a quick session it became clear that, bad taste or not, this was the mega CBD dose I was looking for. Much bolder and fuller than I’m used to. Usually I smoke HempleBox which is usually a lot more passive. CBD Genesis 1500mg was more CBD for sure. But this purchase also taught me a message plastered everywhere that i think you have to learn for yourself – that the dose might me a little higher or a little lower for some, but the feeling of CBD benefits are uncanny. I just think a dose this high makes me more prone to fall asleep during a movie.

    All in all? I got what i ordered, and a very high quality product. It was high dose CBD that was plentiful and thick. Despite the taste I still got use out of the bottle by mixing (very little in) with pre-made carts. Funny thing is that it actually suggests doing something similar on the packaging. Anyway, I’m a terrible consumer. And the service experience over all was great as always but ugh… that taste. I would be remiss if I didn’t make my opinion on it clear (didn’t like it) but if taste is neither here nor there to you… get ready for next level CBD

  157. Jerry

    Great product, nice herbal flavor.

  158. Phil Hens

    After They Ran out of MTC oil cbd I gave this Shot (Sublingual) And it work fast. and Taste even Better now . (100mg)
    but I did not know I can vape this. I will try to vape it ( In a Vape PEN?

    but the effects are almost instantly calmness within 5mins.

  159. Gary

    Once again, knocks it out of the park, with fantastic customer service, and fast shipping, and great packaging, and awesome 1,000 mg Genesis CBD Vape.
    I hope You guys NEVER quit carrying this brand of cbd. I use in a vape mod at 42.5 watts, with a .15 ohm smok “Mesh” coil, and I never blow out coils even running straight cbd. And this particular Genesis brand, works great. I hardly take one of my prescription meds, and am soon to be off completely, and believe I will be off the other two soon. I told a friend about all this, and he had a very severe issue, that was going to require a good deal of money, and medical attention. After only a few weeks vaping the 1000mg Genesis, he is free of the symptoms, and and back at work, and “no doctors.” Although, YMMV… I assure you this product is worth trying. As far as i am concerned, it works ! Also, a big Texas Thank you to the staff. They need a raise ! Great People to deal with ! 😉

    Keep up the good work guys !

  160. Diana

    This is doing wonders for my anxiety!!! Love this stuff!

  161. Rich

    This stuff is fantastic! Great price and effective… overall a great value. It does have a tendency to burn easily which can lead to a bad taste, if you don’t overheat, it’s fantastic.

  162. jacob

    Got noting but love for this company! Awesome customer service, great products, and very swift deliveries. Definately will be ordering again, and sending people your way!

    One love.

  163. Jerald

    Love this product

  164. Thomas

    I am using this as an adjunct to vaping Koi CBD. I take a few drops sublingual in the morning with coffee and it seems to alleviate my morning stiffness. A couple of drops before bed at night and I have a very restful sleep. Not to suggest any proven medical benefit, but it does help with my joint stiffness and overall disposition.

  165. Melissa

    I absolutely love this product. The quality is top shelf, and I have not yet found anything similar at this amazing price.

  166. William

    The e liquid is fine once you get it mixed up,the bottle is a darn mess two use ,I tryed the hemplebox in the white bottle and got much better results

  167. Mackenzie

    This is great to smoke as is. My only issue is that it tastes weird, but it\’s not a big deal. It helps me a lot with my daily anxiety struggles, and it helps with my chronic knee pain.

  168. Peter

    Excellent product.

  169. Krissy Dell

    Great Product Fast Shipping I Add Melon E- Liquid For Taste But this Is A Strong Oil !

  170. Krystal

    Very Great Product ! I Mix it with my Naked E-Liquid All Melon For Taste CBD Feels Great !

  171. Bruce

    Excellent product. Helps manage my pain issues.

  172. tarek.gindi

    Amazing product

  173. Robert

    Awesome vape juice !I will be buying it again thx😀

  174. Jacob

    I\’m not a fan of it 100 percent. The flavor is not very pleasant.

  175. Edward

    I was skeptical after reading about that it can be hard to find good sources of CBD. These guys had a certified 3rd party chemical analysis of contents available for view. The product was amazing and worked well beyond my expectations. My girlfriend bought some CBD from another purveyor and it has zero effect, so I sent her some CBD Genesis, she was very pleased.

  176. Felix

    Does the job very well 👌.

  177. Steven

    Very Herbal!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rich and Buttery!!!!
    Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Penny

    I use a few drops under the tongue at night before bed and I sleep like a baby! Great taste and as an added bonus it helps my muscle aches. I am a massage therapist who does a lot of deep tissue and this CBD does the trick to relax me, but I think I could use a little stronger on my bad days. I might try the 500 mg next time.

  179. Rodney

    This is really good stuff! I use only a few drops under the tongue and it calms me immediately. Doesn\’t taste too bad either. I will definitely purchase again!

  180. Crystal

    Great prices, great customer service! Will definitely buy again!

  181. Melissa

    I am very happy with this vape juice, and the starter kit that I ordered. The shipping was fast, and so was the pain relief. I am very grateful for that, and the fact that it is very affordable. Thank you also for the amazing customer service in your online chat..all my questions were answered. Thanks again!

  182. Aaron

    Always top notch servise and grate prouduts

  183. Matthew

    Seems to work but very thick so when filling a vape you lose a lot of juice from the cap and outside of the dropper. Maybe they can change bottles to ones with fill tops instead of droppers

  184. Makenna Button

    I absolutely love it!!! Has been great for my anxiety, to help me relax, and with my fibro pain!
    Absolutely recommend!!

  185. Lucas

    My order shipped 57 minutes after I placed it!
    Fantastic buying experience. Package was received very fast. I will come here for my future purchases, for sure.

  186. Eric

    I have recently started using Genesis in my vape. I have been using the recommended dose now for almost 2 months.
    I have been able to drastically reduce the amount of prescription pills I use in regards to my anxiety as well as back pain from two compression fractures in my spine.
    I was tired of “living out of a pill bottle” and this is the best quality CBD I have come across and used.
    I would highly recommend it.

  187. Shamuel

    100MG ain’t nothing. I need 15 drops under the tongue to feel something. The product is good

  188. douglas

    PTSD is a struggle….I have found a great relief in CBD….it washed away panic and in the midst my aches and pains are far less. There still is a stigma but that to shall pass.

  189. DONNA

    Works great! Thank you so much for such quick delivery! 😊

  190. Allison

    Smooth vaping, good taste. It helped my cotton mouth immensely. Would definitely buy again. Great product at a good price!

  191. Joe

    So far I’ve noticed a difference in my anxieties . They seem to be getting better…

  192. Dameontrak

    Best cbd product ever, with in the first hit I felt relief from anxiety and stress. Will definitely order again.

  193. Dean

    Ordering and delivery is great through this company. Order came in as stated on order. The drops work great.

  194. Billy

    This product is very good and i would recommend it to anyone interested in trying CBD. Thank you!

  195. Davron

    It was ight… 100 ain’t nothing

  196. Deborah

    It works wonderfully!!! I will definitely be buying again.

  197. Mary

    i have chronic insomnia, social anxiety, and pain from arthritis and other injuries. as one of my first CBD products, it has helped with my anxiety, and some of my pain. i mix this with my regular ejuice for my vape. it doesnt taste bad, either in the vape, or under the tongue, though it took some getting used to using it sublingual. will definitely be trying this again perhaps in a higher mg.

  198. j robert

    Great product. Only complaint is shipping broke one of the bottles. I will order again.

  199. Jessica

    This was my first experience buying unflavored cbd. It is not unflavored – there is definitely a distinct taste and smell. It took a little getting used to, but I found that it mixes very well with either peppermint or orange flavored ejuices (two of my favorite flavors). This is the first cbd eliquid that I can honestly say has helped with relaxation. I have unbearable muscles spasms along with severe joint and tendon issues, and I believe I get some pain relief because because my muscles do start to relax. I am still playing with dosage to see what works best for me, but I plan on purchasing this from here again.

  200. Dallas

    I vape it and put some on my tongue daily. It is fantastic, tastes great. Has the desired effect.
    When I first started using the 100mg I had a shift in my normal routine because of how well it worked and I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time.

  201. Jen

    Doesn\’t take my pain away, which I was hoping for, but it does make me happy, that\’s definitely something.

  202. Jamie

    One of my top 3 brands definitely an acquired taste.

  203. Teresa

    Very good no pain

  204. Susan

    This oil works great topically on my joints . It really cuts down the pain. The only complaint I have is the bottle the opening is too narrow and the oil leaks when you put the dropper back in so you waste product .

  205. Cherie

    doesn\’t taste the best

  206. Luis A

    Good product.

  207. Gisele

    Good quality that why I keep ordering. I order 3 and one bottle arrived broken I called and they send anther right away

  208. Allison

    The quality is pure. And the shipping is quick
    What more could we ask for in this day and age? I Highly recommend them for both quality and service

  209. Eyas

    I don’t know why this has no effect on me at all, 10 drops under my tongue and vaped 20ml on 30ml e juice, nothing happened, still have the same pain in my neck and back, and still can’t sleep well.

  210. Dennis

    This stuff is awesome.

  211. Linda

    Best cbd

  212. Sara

    I love this product and was so excited to get the bottle for about $40 during the Black Friday sales! However, since I didn’t need it yet I set it on my end table and went to work when it came in. My puppy got ahold of it while I was gone and chewed the top off. ☹️ Thankfully this product is safe and no harm to dogs 🐶 I’ll definitely be ordering again soon when I finish the bottle I already had

  213. Drew

    I adore this juice, 550mg is PERFECT for me! I love the fact that your site has a 550mg at the cheapest price that i can find for quality! I will stick with!

  214. Curtis

    There’s a ton of CBD products out there in every consumable for imaginable and there’s no shortage of CBD e-juice/vape oil/etc… What there isn’t too much of is full spectrum CBD that is meant to be vaped that contains only the cannabinoids, vegetable glycerin(VG), and propylene glycol(PG) although there are a few like that but they contain only CBD isolate and I don’t want just the isolate. If you vape or are familiar with it then you’ll have noticed that pretty much all e-juice you can buy either online or at your local smoke shop only contains VG, PG, nicotine, and flavoring. Its what I’ve become used to and comfortable with and I assume it’s probably like that for many others who vape so that’s what I want in my CBD ejuice. Not MCT oil or any essential oils for that matter. CBD Genesis was one of the only that I could find that fit my needs and on top of that it’s such a good value!! I’m still on the hunt for other CBD ejuice that fit the criteria I prefer but have yet to find anything that satisfies me which I find to be odd because I figured that most CBD ejuices would be full/broad spectrum with only VG, PG and flavorings for those who don’t like the natural flavor or don’t want to buy another ejuice to add for flavor but I have yet to find anything else aside from one other but they are not as reputable and they’re far too expensive.

  215. Alexa

    Love the taste it’s very mild, idk if it’s relieving any anxiety I have but it’s def a good replacement for me instead of smoking.

  216. Candie

    Great product have been using for long time now. Fast shipping. Only con I have is that it can be packaged a little better. Otherwise A+

  217. Jason

    My first, but not last, purchase. Using the 350mg bottle. Tried sublingual and vaping. Sub lasts longer. Vape is fast acting. Ordered on a Mon, and received Wed. Super pleased and satisfied.

  218. Joe

    Great Product. Used by my whole family now

  219. Joe

    Phenomenal product. I wont use any other brand. My co-workers and family all use this as well.

  220. Jack

    It works for me.

  221. Dean

    The customer service is great and my product came in as scheduled. Will definitely do business you again. Thanks Dean

  222. Ching Yu

    Very good stuff! Very thick with heavy terpenes? It will definitely clogs your coil and require frequent change of cotton. Best to used on an RDA. Otherwise, I am very happy with the effects. It feels great.

  223. Sammad

    The liquid is thick and should be diluted with another e-liquid. I love it!

  224. Teresa

    Love this will order again

  225. Liliana

    Fast shipping and great product.

  226. Richard

    Relaxing vibe and non over powering in taste

  227. Kimra

    A little thick and “potty”

  228. Chantell

    Great product and even greater value will definitely be purchasing again tyvm

  229. Jerry


  230. Mariano

    OMG, incredible customer service, none the less this product is amazing, well worth the money.

  231. Pamela

    Great for the price and fast shipping

  232. Josh

    High quality CBD Oil and added bonus that you can vape it. Will buy again!

  233. zieglercj85

    I decided to try CBD for minor back pain and anxiety, and tried the 100 mg. Bought it to vape but it wasn’t quite strong enough so I used it as a tincture. Worked great! I tried smoking a long time ago, but didn’t like the high. After a lot of research, I thought I’d give this a try. The taste took a little getting used to, but I really like it now. I just received my order for the 1000 mg bottle in order to vape. 5 star for the product, but 6 (if optional) for the customer service. I just contacted a rep about some questions I had and the response was immediate, informative and professional. Highly recommend this product and this company.

  234. Fretta

    Love this. My first bottle. I have chronic pain and it has cut my use of Advil by half. Have not had it but a few weeks. I’m very impressed. Have not used it under my tongue only vape. Will be buying again.

  235. Carmelle

    This works pretty well. We used it sublingually . It tastes awful though.

  236. Ronald

    I give this 5 stars base on Smell, Taste and Performance (100mg)
    I mix it with my E Juice and Bam Instant Relaxation I would buy again. oh yeah the bottle is SEAL now with Anti-Child Proof _ PERFECT!!!

  237. Master Mason 33rd BlackBelt

    ok 1st Let me Say One Thing. By far this is The Best Affordable CBD Product I have ever tried in my Lifetime, That Actually Works and Taste Amazing.
    I Vape it, I Put some in all my Drinks. Under the tongue. ( I it mix it with pain cream.BenGay) Use your imagination and Just add a few drops to ICE CREAM 🙂
    the List Goes on.
    you add this to you Pan Cake Syrup, Coffee ,Tea, Peanut Butter ect. “Cheers”

  238. Rich

    This is a great and consistent product that has helped alot with my pain.

  239. sean

    Extreamly thick. Like honey thick! Taste okay but really hits hard. Havent found a great way to vape it yet. About to try thining it with another juice 1:1 and it should work great.

  240. Barbara

    Our whole family uses your products.

  241. john

    I love it tastes so good… i use 50watts on it … i buy 2 bottles every month of 2000mg. Thick stuff spills outside of bottle but i take my finger and clean it off and i lick it so no waste there.. this company is amazing.. my bottles always come leaking but i think its because they put more product in there so i am ok with it lol. LOVE IT

  242. JZ

    I love this product.. i vape 1 to 2 ml a day with ejuice or alone.. i go through 2 bottles a month.. good taste.. my vaper i set it at 50 watts and it works best.. 25 to 50 watts depending what kind of other ejuices i mix or don’t mix with.. off of 7 prescription meds . Thank you sooooooooo much. Pain is more tolerable but i rather feel more healthy. It can be stressful for new beginners to use it. its a bit messy because its so think… Whatever spills outside of the bottle i don’t let it go to waste, i take my clean finger and wipe it and then i rub it on all over in my mouth , gums and yummm… nothing goes to waste.. 🙂 2000mg bottle i buy so its 66mg per 1ml.. The only downside is that the pipette dropper is not marked so i went to store and got a dropper and i am using that and when the bottle is empty there is still goodness in there so i don’t let it go to waste, i add a little water or alcohol and swish the bottle a few times and i drink it and squeeze the alcohol in the dropper in and out several times so the alcohol cleans it well and then i drink that also and or swish in mouth. yumm… why not.. its not cheap so might as well not let it go to waste. When i shake the bottle what i do is i take the cap off with the dropper and i place my thumb over the opening of the bottle and i shake it really good for 1 minute before each use then i lick my fingers yumm,…. nothing goes to waste here. I hope it works for you all.

  243. Carmelle

    Works very well!

  244. Eva

    I love it best sleep i ever had

  245. Rich

    This stuff is fantastic… it’s definitely a strong natural flavor (not for some people, but I like it). It’s what you’d expect from CBDVapeJuice, strong (2000mg) effective and reasonable price, will definitely be ordering again.

  246. Allan


  247. Eva

    First good sleep I had in many years

  248. CBDmama1018

    This product is awesome. It has helped tremendously with my anxiety and back pain. The only issue I have is with the bottle gets a bit messy when putting the dropper in and out.

  249. Ronald

    Great and smooth taste with my E juice

  250. Megan

    Great product! The prices are fair for what you get.

  251. Dottie

    Love this product. I have used many other brands and always come back to Genesis.

  252. Terri Aragon

    If I could give it a 0 I would. I spent $119 it is so thick it is unvapable. The taste is too sweet and it is useless. Do not spend the money unless you want to search and spend more money on more e-liquid to thin it out and good luck finding something that is not nicotine. I will probably throw it in the trash. I called them the day I got it and no help except spend more money for e-liquid if that does not work it too will go in the trash what a scam business . I tried to use it in 3 different cartridges and nothing

    • Genesis

      Sorry yo hear about that Terri. Yes Genesis vape is not meant for small cartridges. Its too thick because its full spectrum. Cartridges are more meant for isolate cbd’s which are more thin however they usually dont hit as hard. You have a 2 options. Buy a better vape setup that can handle thicker liquids or use the Genesis under your tongue instead of vaping it if you cannot afford to get another vape setup at this time. Also please note we are very far from a scam. Just make sure you speak to someone before making a purchase. We would have told you the same thing on the phone.

  253. john

    for my mom i bought this and my dad .. he had multiple strokes and it helps with panic attacks and depression. tastes yuk but we don\’t care.. we are looking for results. My mom has sever chronic pain and she said it help take the edge off of it.. already ordered 2 more bottles thank you soo much

  254. Jim

    Great product at great price, mixing it with my favorite e liquid

  255. Kathryn

    I gave the five stars despite the fact it tastes vile. And unless you have a vape tank that can handle thicker oils you may struggle with clogging. But. It really helped when it came to my anxiety and improved my focus. However the reason I’ve given five stars to all. Is less to do with the product. And more to do with the people behind the scenes. The guys on the phone. If there was a way for me to do a seperate review. Or there was a way to commend the work of particular members of staff I’d do it in a heartbeat. And if this gets read by the customer service team. Please please email me with a way to contact your bosses so I can sing your praises. The UK and in fact the majority of companies Have a lot to learn from how to treat people with regards to customer services. Your customer services representatives are gold star and deserve an award or recognition within the company. My only sadness is that due to my lack of short term memory I cannot name the female supervisor I spoke with via the U.K. phone number. Because if I could. I would definitely be sending a message to her boss to let them know how fantastic an employee they have in her.

    • Genesis

      This is the bossman here! Thank you for the praising of our workers and great customer service! We will continue to treat people exactly how we want to b treated 🙂

  256. Rob

    I’m only giving it a 3 because of the packaging. When I first received it and opened the package, the bottle had leaked and It made the inside of the package sticky, although I don’t think a lot seeped out. When I try to refill my tank using the eye-dropper built into the cap of the bottle, I actually spill more than I can get into the tank.

  257. Porn

    Mixes well with my vape juice. Finally relief. I can vape it. And relax

  258. Alexandra

    First time trying a tincture after using cbd gummies the last year. I think I’m a convert! Great taste, arrived on time and much relief.

  259. Monica

    Amazing product and shipped quickly

  260. Greg

    Very good value…great CBD and less expensive than others I have tried.

  261. Nickie

    Good Stuff

  262. Matt

    Thanks great product

  263. Candie

    Excellent product great value and fast shipping. The only thing I can think of that you guys could improve of is a little better packing. Otherwise I believe everything else is A1 top notch. Thanks Candie

  264. Charles

    I was satisfied

  265. Jimmy

    Nice product
    Recommended 100%

  266. Maria

    I am so pleased with my purchase of CBD oil. The ordering is simple and just takes a few clicks! The product, however, is what has literally changed my life! I suffer from a rare lung disease called LAM, which has no cure and is progressive. Since the discovery of this outstanding (and in my eyes, miraculous) CBD product, my lung capacity has significantly improved, my stamina has increased and my depression has literally disappeared! My qualify of life has been restored!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  267. Timothy

    The order process was quick and easy.
    I had a question which i sent to customer service, they quickly responded.
    I ordered the Genesis cbd, 2000mg.
    I wish there were other flavors as this product i found to be bitter. As far as how it works, great for anxiety, takes the edge off.

  268. Luke

    This is a great product, high potency, really gets the job done. Calming, causes you to relax and have a body sensation 1/10th of that of regular marijuana I would say, it’s different from it but it still a great feeling. Will definitely buy again once I run out of my first batch! *Oh, it some reason sometimes leaks from my vape pen, then again it’s the Smoke V8 baby stick, which is supposedly a leaker. Not sure.

  269. scott

    Excellent products, and easy to navigate through there website.

  270. Carlos

    Great Price for the CBD concentration.

  271. scott

    Very potent and no extra crap. Great vendor and fast shipping

  272. gisele6

    I’m going to buy higher mg next time if the price is lower

  273. Courtney

    Might be helping me sleep but it makes me too tired to take during the day so it doesn’t help with me anxiousness, as I thought it would

  274. Domenic

    Good relaxing vape liquid 👍👍

  275. Orlando

    Love love love

  276. Mickel

    After initially ordering the 100mg bottle, the 550mg version without a doubt blew me away. CBD Genesis is a great product, supported by CBD Vape Juice’s wonderfully expedient service. I would certainly order from you guys again.

  277. Gary

    I was super pleased with the customer service, and the excellent price of the Genesis 1000mg cbd Vape. Also, my order arrived fast, and no damage to contents. I had about a 6 month layoff from baking the Genesis, so I am taking it slow and giving my system time to adjust to it once again. I am believing for the same great results as last time. My back pain was much relieved, and stomach pain gone and off some meds and cut way back on another med. It does work folks !
    Try this product , and I know the folks at cbd vapejuice will be more than glad to talk to you. Great folks. Great CBD…

  278. Amy

    The juice is nice and thick so it lasts long. Great clouds and the taste is enjoyable as well for a CBD that’s not flavored. I actually like the flavor, tastes more like the real thing! Very relaxing and calming effect it has.

  279. Caleigh

    I’m going to buy higher mg next time.

  280. Dawson

    Received item quick used the cbd to vape and dab and I definabtley feel it it’s a great relaxer and my wife even started using and it helps her sleep I’m very happy with product and really enjoyed 🙂

  281. calperez

    I have a bunch of issues with my back and joints – arthritis, pinched nerves, muscular spasms, you name it. Started using CBD a couple of months ago to complement my pain management treatment and I use it both sublingual and in vape form. I got this product in the 2000 mg strength and use it as an additive to non-nicotine e-juice. I vary the concentration of the mix between the equivalent of 500 mg to 1000 mg depending on the level of pain I have that day or the level of physical effort I will do during the day. Would not recommend for sublingual use or pure use due to its strong herbal flavor, but if it does not bother you, take it straight.
    Will definitively buy again!

  282. Gisele

    I like it will order again

  283. kashman240

    This tastes horrible.

  284. Candie

    Very good product fast shipping. but not packaged the best. But no damage but needs more packing

  285. Juanita

    Great CBD, the flavor is awful though. Can’t describe it. Is there an unflavored?

  286. Dottie

    I have tried other CBD vape products and always come back to Genesis. I order on line, the product is always mailed out in a timely fashion. I know I can count on quality with Genesis.

  287. Michael

    Excellent quality – excellent price. Great product.

  288. Kathryn

    Fab product. It’s a little thick in consistency to be vaped with a normal tank. But there are tanks out there designed for vaping thicker liquids. Despite being sticky it works great as a topical treatment and once it’s rubbed in the stickiness disappears. Also great as a dropper under the tongue but beware. It doesn’t taste great. Does the job though.

  289. Jessica L

    I really like this product. I vaped a bit of it but Its a bit too thick so i just put a drop or two under my tongue and i find that works better for me. I use the 100mg and my anxiety has been greatly diminished also can barely feel my back pain and menstrual cramps. I will definitely keep buying this product.

  290. Sean

    Excellent quality product. Ordered the 550mg, but will be ordering 1000 mg next time. I have anxiety and have had a fusion in my neck and a laminectomy in my lower back. This has had a significant effect on the anxiety, and seems to take the edge off the pain. I discovered that vaping it and taking it sublingual have slightly differing effects, so combining seems to help . I look forward to the possibilities with the higher potency. The flavor isn’t bad, green tasting. A little flavor added neutralizes the slight bitter, if it’s not your taste.

  291. Max

    Product works great, told several people about it. Keep up the good work !

  292. Blakely

    Great !! More than I expected!!!

  293. Joslyn

    So, I want to start my review with saying that I really do enjoy the effects of this product. The problem that I have with it is it’s horrendous taste and that it is too thick for my vape coils. It is still usable with a vape but I recommend adding other juice to it, higher in PG than VG, or it will have dry hits. It does help me a lot with my anxiety though.

  294. John

    Probably the 5th or 6th time I’ve bought this. I’m glad the price has come down over the months. Quality is always good from start yo finish.

  295. Tabitha Althar

    It’s almost like I can feel this stuff changing the chemical balance in my brain. Works amazing for anxiety & depression. I want a lifetime supply. Also helps with chronic pain from a back injury that left me with nerve pain! Amazing stuff. The cream is amazing as well. I recommend this to anyone who is skeptical but serious about a remedy for anxiety, depression, insomnia, overthinking, ADD, chronic pain.. I even got my grandma some because CBD lowers blood sugar levels (diabetes).. amazing stuff! You won’t be disappointed!

  296. Jessica

    Great product and Excellent service!!

  297. Andrew

    Does exactly as it says couldnt be more pleased i suffer from severe anxiety disorder and sleep deprivation and since i started using the genesis product i sleep through the night and have had little to no anxiety

  298. Curley

    I usually buy the 550mg for myself, but this time I purchased the 100mg for my wife to try… She loved it! Will purchase again.

  299. Raymond

    the flavor of this makes it even better

  300. Randall

    1000mg, the more I try other products the more I like CBD Genesis.

  301. Eric

    This has been a life saver. My wife\’s anxiety is so much better and even I am using it to relieve stress. Will be buying another bottle here soon.

  302. Christopher

    This is a good product, but it takes 4-5 droppers to work. “That could be just for me.”

    The bottle leaks every time shaken, and that means every use. Other than that i believe that this product is a bit over priced and should be dropped about $100.

  303. Jolene

    I purchased it for my dad and he loves it …he did however have to add flavoring juice to it . I contacted the company through their website chat option with my questions and they were above and beyond helpful. 100% professional and exceptional customer service. We will be reordering again and again. We are very very happy pleased with the products, the service and the people.

  304. Andrea

    The juice helped my anxiety and some pain I had been having in my lower back, I would definitely recommend. Super fast shipping, two days for me, though my bottle was cracked and it leaks a little after sitting for a bit but it was probably just an unfortunate coincidence. Definitely plan on buying more.

  305. Dianna

    My husband loves the stuff and it works really well for him. Unfortunately I’m allergic to this brand but your customer service is so helpful I’ve ordered something different to try. Thank you a very greatful and loyal customer.

  306. Carley

    The package arrived in a short time but the dropper is crooked so the bottle leaks. The product itself seems to do the trick

  307. Hazel

    This product tested positive in a drug test that I took for a benzodiazapine. I am in rehab and wanted to try CBD as an alternative to THC so I bought this. My first drug test showed positive for a benzo. I stopped using this and it was negative for a benzo. Then I reintroduces it to my cape and it came up positive for a benzo again. I’m fully against pills and super disappointed in this.

    Overall the price is good and the shipping is fast. I’m going to try other brands of CBD oil than this one.

  308. Michael

    Amazing as always!

  309. Jason

    My shopping experience with was excellent because of great pricing ,fast shipping and it also came with freebies and in discrete packaging. I would highly recommend to friends and family! 😊👍🏾

  310. stacy

    fast delivery and great product!

  311. purush

    I’m actually not that happy with it. It gives me headaches, a weird feeling on my chest, and makes my voice sound foggy. I also develop a cough whenever I use it. Vaping it doesn’t seem to work for me so the only way I can use it is sublingualy. The taste is very strong also

  312. Anthony

    Amazing as well the best

  313. John

    Always great. Actually ordering the 2000mg for my grandfather now. He takes 5 drops at night before bed. Says he doesnt use his cpap machine for sleeping anymore and his snoring is almost gone.

  314. Nickie

    Good stuff.

  315. clem

    Wife started using Genesis 550 e-liquid sublingaully for anxiety management. It works great. She has tried other products and keeps coming back to this Genesis 550 e-liquid.
    Organic hempy flavor, *not flavorless*. This stuff is a life/marriage saver!

  316. Nicholas

    Good deal for what it is. Bottle is leaky.

  317. Aaron

    So I’ve only been able to aforde to try. The 350mg genesis e liquid . It worked well. For me as I have bad anxiety and other problems he 350mg works well for. Anxiety and. Minor akes . Was funky. Able. To get. A bottle of the 550mg and. Right off I can tell it was a lot stronger and with in a minit of. Use I feel relaxted and. Has really helped more with sum of my. Akes and pains from back problems and knees . So far the best I’ve tryed am going to bye more. Win I get more money and. Your sells always help to save. Us a little money. Grate job guys . Keep up the good work in runing a grate site .

  318. Chad

    The best tasting cbd juice I’ve had

  319. Yasser

    Arrived in a timely manner, and is a great product. Would highly recommend as an alternative to a nicotine based e-juice

  320. Michael

    Wonderful product, helps with anxiety, sleeping, and even certain pain like lower back. Highly encourage to give it a try at least once.

  321. Larry

    CBD genesis e-liquid is a medically active substance. I mix it in a vapor pen half with zero nicotine juice and half with these CDBs, this makes it vape real well. I feel the affects. In my case, there are years of studies pointing to CBDs being treatment for the \”negative symptoms\” of schizophrenia for which there are no other medical treatments; only the positive symptoms of hallucinations/voices and delusions are controllable anti-psychotics. When i use these CBDs I am uplifted from the negative symptom of not wanting to do or participate and i after a short while set down the vape pen and start moving. My Specialist said,so you have better day then.? We talked some more, and she told me now since the DEA quietly said about June 4, 2018 they are no longer targeting CBDs federally and they are legal, my Doctor told me to move right ahead with my research. These work wonderfully for what i am using them for, to function and feel uplifted out of having schizophrenia, just the way the studies been saying for some years. Thank you. I would remind you it is medically active, and possibly should only be used for medical conditions it is know to treat. Have a great day!

  322. gloria

    works but tastes awful

  323. Joseph

    Correct ratio in vaporizer with e-juice is hard to get right. Often causes dry hits. Does however work when it works; though the dose may be a bit low for me.

  324. Randall

    This is a monthly purchase

  325. Mackenzie

    It’s good! Im very satisfied with this company.

  326. Jeff stryffeler

    Works great!! Pain in my knee is greatly diminished

  327. Theresa

    Easy to order but the liquid is so thick it burns out my coils. I guess I need a different setup that burns at a lower wattage.

  328. David L

    I like the taste. I take one dropper under the tongue maybe three times a day. Makes me sleep great at night. 350mg

  329. Dani


  330. Dani

    Fast shipping, good product. Would recommend.

  331. Lore

    The Genesis 2000 mg is an excellent, extremely smooth, high quality E-Liquid that works as quickly as any I’ve used personally to reduce anxiety and relieve pain. I’ve been a loyal fan of another brand but this one is definitely it’s equal. Genesis is less expensive so that gives it a one up. This one is an easy 5+ stars.
    All reviews are my own; I receive no compensation from retailer or product manufacturer.

  332. Lisa

    Love this CBD vape juice. It’s helped with my anxiety more than any medication has. Great product.

  333. Tyler

    It is very hempy… I order flavorless but it had a hemp taste to it

  334. Lore

    CBD Genesis E-Liquid is fantastic in every way. I’ve been a huge fan of another brand and still am, but this one is right up there with it. I am getting great results for pain relief within about 10-15 minutes, and it has helped significantly with the anxiety that comes from dealing with constant pain. I just ordered another bottle and went up from the 1500 to 2000 mg dosage. I also ordered the Genesis tincture to see how that goes, especially for getting through the night, plane rides or any longer periods of time I can’t vape. I highly recommend the Genesis E-Liquid. This online business rocks, the customer service is platimun. All reviews are my own. I am not affiliated with this retailer, the manufacturer of the product or anyone working for either, and I am not compensated for giving reviews.

  335. ROLAND

    Super fast delivery. Really. Like 2 days.
    This oil is great. Anxiety and pain relief.
    Thank you.

  336. Sandra

    I\’ve had two hand surgeries, my hands hurt all the time, but since I have been taking the CBD oil my hands don\’t hurt at all. I can sleep better and I have a lot more energy !!! Love the stuff !!

  337. Bruce

    Good product, it has helped ease my pain.


    I have recommended this product to a lot of people for a variety of ailments. The genuine quality of the product is hard to find in retail stores where I live. Most of what is available is a gimmick. The 550 strength seems to be the best option for my anxiety; the 350 did not work as well but did work. I have an older friend that has had knee sx and developed arthritis. She consumed some sublingual and before she knew it, she was sitting in a recliner with her leg propped up and didn\’t realize she wasn\’t in pain. I myself do not have nearly the amount of back stiffness I used to have. I love that I can relax w/o feeling like I want to eat everything in sight and my mind remains clear. I would be willing to write a full-on testimonial if asked. This is a legitimate product. p.s For those that complain about the thickness of the product. I have found that as long as I prime my vape coil with a regular vape juice I can add this too my tank no problem. I strongly suggest staying away from RDA\’s and RTA\’s because it just clogs the cotton. Hope this is helpful to all who may read it.

  339. Raymond

    genesis is one of my favorites. like the flavor and the price is great for the mg

  340. Tamit

    Great product earthy sweet taste
    Good for skin as well

  341. Cameron

    Amazing Product. A+ For relaxation and Anxiety.

  342. Tamit

    Really great product
    The oil has great properties to even rub on skin for minor headaches and acne !!

    Taste was a bit strong but has a nice earthy sweetness towards the end

  343. Adam

    Great product super fast delivery and effective I highly recommend and will continue to order

  344. Joshua

    This product didn\’t work as well for me as other\’s i have purchased despite it being twice the dosage. It\’s very thick and doesn\’t work well in my small vape it just gums up and burns

  345. asgeir.aasen

    Fantastic product. Taste and effect is great, and fast delivery 🙂 5/5

  346. Real Review from a real person NOT FAKE or a ROBOT

    I give this 5 Stars! i have tried many CBD products and this is the best . for the Money and Taste and it Works. smells great. good for pain. it Relaxes the muscles i wish i can try the 1000mg or above to see the fx but 100 and above works very well and fast very effective and strong

  347. Pain/Lupus/cancer

    this taste very Good. i don’t know why some people here is Bad taste. this Works fast. i would Buy again bc of the taste end effects

  348. Kathryn

    very effective i thought it was great that i found something comparable to greenroads without the ridiculous price!! i have happily decided to switch over! taste isnt the best. but since using for chronic health issues taste isnt as important! i just really appreciate being able to treat my neurological pain without feeling so guilty about spending so much! xo thankyou -Danika

  349. Susanna

    Great product, really love using as a tinature the effects are almost instant!

  350. Peggy

    I am very pleased with the service I have received and will be a repeat customer

  351. Raymond

    genesis and krypted are my go to vapes. i like the earthy taste


    I have made 2 orders so far and will continue to order. Great customer service and awesome fast shipping. Their cbd oils have helped me and my girlfriend so much it is unbelievable. Been ordering 100mg, thinking about stepping it up. Thank you guys very much!!!!!

  353. Christoffer


  354. Christina

    Delivered quickly and everything was there

  355. Bianca

    Great product !

  356. Eric

    This is a great company , I am new to vape . But they had exactly what I needed this is the second bottle of Cbd genesis e-liquid it is amazing it relieved my stress I also got the koi cbd sampler pack 1000mg kit so far I tried the strawberry milkshake very good. I am looking forward to my next purchase


    You know,I’ll be completely honest in this review. When I first received cbd Genesis, and tasted it, I thought it was horrible..I decided I wouldn’t buy this one again. As I continued to use it, the shock of the taste became something tasty. And the pain it took away was well worth it. The price is one of the best I’ve found! I love CBD Genesis, will always recommend it, and will continue to purchase it. Thanks CBD make me feel 1000xs better!!

  358. Lisa

    Excellent product, service and shipping. I will be a return customer for life! Thank you for such an amazing product.

  359. Aaron

    I have. Been. Using. This CBD Genesis 350mg e liquid . Over 2 months. I’m not. A smoker so it’s sumthing I use. As. I thank I need. I can truely say. It. Dos. Help. With. What they say it well. I suffer from. Pain due to multiple surgeries and sciatica as well as depression and anxiety it definitely helps with my back and with the anxiety I use it when I go into town usually three or four Puffs will do the trick it’s well worth what they sell it for and I am ready to try one of the stronger milligrams when I’m able to afford it it’s a great product

  360. Lisa

    I am a chronic pain patients and I’ve been wanting to try CBD for quite some time. I ordered the CBD Genesis and had no exceptions for it honestly, I was surprised at how much it has helped me. My aches and pains are now tolerable and some are not even bothering me! I feel calmer as well. I started out with the 100mg for my first purchase but I am not getting any assistance for my insomnia like I’d hoped so I ordered 350mg this time and I’ll see how that goes. I vape the juice with my regular vape juice all day and I take some sublingual in the morning. I am super satisfied with this product I am a customer for life now. I’ve recommended it to several friends as well. The prices are great for me especially when there are sales. The shipping is lightening fast. Thank you for such an amazing product.

  361. Edoardo

    Honestly, it did not provide any clearly positive therapeutic effect I was hoping for…


    Pure product. Not like some that are mostly full of additive oils. Manages my anxiety and back aches better than rx poison ever did.

  363. Randy

    great vapor, good taste. The only thing is I wish it was clear instead of the milky color, but it still gets a 5 star from me.

  364. Ashley

    Good quality and a good price. I use this sublingual-ly and also n my vape. You wanna make sure your vape is strong enough for a higher wattage because this stuff is thick. The taste is natural. It definitively made me more relaxed and helped with my back pain.

  365. Sabrina

    I took to much I didn’t know how to use it the letter are so small on the Bottle but I felt so great and got tired becuase I took to much

  366. Teresa


  367. KEITHWELCH918

    EXCELLENT product. (550)mg bottle
    In my vape i mix strong 1/2 ml or so to 3-4 ml of what ever flavor depending on size of tank of course. I puff on it while at work.
    Normally start my day with 10 or so drops in the mouth and make sure to coat my lips as well ( good absorption ) leave it there as long as i can before washing it down.
    I have tried many many different bottles locally. I believe this genesis to be the best product i have found. YES it is a thick product i use a 220w mod to be able to burn/vape it
    set about 90-100 watt. my issues are to many to list hahaha but CBD products have improved my quality of life for the better. i consider myself a how ya say a CBD ambassador.
    telling all that want to listen about CBD and its benefits. wonderful product.

  368. Cancer Patient

    Hello …… Let me Say that this Has Good Taste and Good Effects. Great For Pain and Morning Stiffness, Good with Coffee also.
    Genesis CBD Far the Best CBD i have ever tryed. Good Job Genesis Thanks

  369. Allison

    Great stuff! Tastes like the real deal!

  370. Lydia

    Extremely beneficial!!!! Helped a dear friend with her pains from cancer treatments too!

  371. thair

    i love it

  372. Tiffany

    I love this stuff!

  373. Raymond

    Great quality CBD vape juice. Nice natural taste to the vape. For the price it has more MG CBD than most other brands. Me Likey!

  374. Patricia

    This is the best pain relief I have found since being implanted with mesh.

  375. Randall

    Best CBD out there

  376. Billy

    Cool so far

  377. David

    Excellent ‼️Very happy with purchase, and shipping. No problems 👍‼️

  378. DeAnna

    First timer!
    Love the price! Love the size!
    Love the SUPER FAST delivery!
    and most of all I like the fact it is multi use… With this 2000mg. Strength that I bought… I put about equal measure to the “flavored juice” I had leftover in a cartridge.. And was able to reap the “bennys” of a topical rub as well. by mixing a few sqirts in some hemp oil.. Bang! Bang!

  379. Ryan

    Super fast shipping! I love this stuff, thank you for the prompt service and the freebie! Definitely coming back again.

  380. Cameron

    awesome product

  381. Nathan

    I wish it smoked a little better. Still an amazing product that I will reorder !

  382. peggy

    I ordered 550 mg/per 15ml. I can tell it helped my anxiety.I like vaping it, but if I need it to work quick I use the drops under my tongue. Would need higher strength if I used it for pain, since I have RA. have tried others and was disappointed. Thank you

  383. Nathan

    Best price I found. Flavor is not bad. Definitely didnt absorb in my tfv8 tank and burnt the coils but worked well in an rda.

  384. Adam

    Got the 1000 mg Cbd and have to say I love it. It’s great, really helps with anxiety and makes it’s easier to relax. Will definitely get another bottle when I run out, which may be a minute as you don’t have to use a whole bunch at a time. I put about 15-20 drops in my vape and that lasts a few days. Still have more than 80 percent left!

  385. Debra

    I love this cbd juice. It is pretty thick so I mix 1/2 and 1/2 with Salted Caramel ejuice to thin out and give flavor. Oh my is that a wonderful combo. The CBD is really helpful with my anxiety. I will purchase this again.

  386. Adi

    Amazing product! Only reason I will not purchase again due to the $15 shipping + $25 customs charge given to come from america to UK. Thats an extra $40 !

  387. Salvatore J

    Good stuff –

  388. Karen

    5☆ THANK U

  389. Tiarra

    Excellent choice I made going with this ! Calms me right down when I need it. It is thick though and tastes really herby but does such an excellent job with my anxiety that I don’t mind it !

  390. Caleb

    I purchased the 2000mg to use for vaping. Unfortunately, its so thick I can hardly use the dropper to suck it out of the bottle. Its so thick that it would likely turn solid if the temperature was below 60f. Because of the thick viscosity it tends to cling to the outside of the dropper stem. When the dropper stem touches the mouth of the bottle it gets caught on the edge and drips down the outside of the bottle. The product works well but I will likely buy a lower concentration when this runs out and simply ingest double the quantity. Also, vaping the 2000mg is impossible without first diluting. It would have been nice if they had warned of this. Ive now wasted my time and $150 on a product I cant vape.

  391. nekogaarachan

    Thick as molasses. Left behind a residue in my filter and would eventually start burning causing a very unpleasant taste, coughing, and a burning feeling in the back of my throat.

  392. brandon

    this is the best CBD ‘juice’ that I’ve tried. Very mild flavor so it will mix with anything – and it really works! It has helped me with knee pain and general stress – helps me sleep deep.

  393. Scott

    Excellent! Will purchase again. I will continue to use until I grow tired of the offered maximum.

  394. gisele6

    This mixed really well with my regular e-juice. A very easy way to receive Cbd

  395. gisele6

    Very fast processing! !! Will definitely order on a regular basis. Good quality

  396. Kerry

    By far, the BEST CBD I have tried to date. I also enjoy that if I don\’t feel like vaping it, I can just take a couple drops as well. Fantastic!! Gotta get me some more!!

  397. Ariel

    This mixed really well with my regular e-juice. A very easy way to receive Cbd in your body.

  398. James

    Great taste and actually last about a month and with proper techniques it actually works great

  399. Phil

    This is the first time I have ordered the 1500mg, I have only tried the 550mg up to now. There is one hell of a difference in the intensity of both the color and the flavor. The 550mg is great and has proven to do the job it was bought for, but the 1500mg blows it out of the water & disappears way slower then the 550mg! I use this both for vaping and sublingual usage. It works wonders for all my issues (stress, PTSD, anxiety, back pain, feet & leg pain, the list goes on and on…) and I would and do recommend it to anyone that will listen to me about all the benefits.

    Next purchase, I’m going to try the 2000mg & I’m 100% confident that it is very much worth the little bit of extra money. If you look at the price per mg., you actually save a lot of cash by going with the higher strength juice, as you’ll use way less of it, to get the same or even a better result.

    I have tried a few different brands of CBD juices as vape additives. This is one of the few that can also be used as a sublingual option for that little extra boost that the vaping isn’t covering.
    It tastes great (like plant material) for sublingual dosing, and it adds a whole new dimension when added to my vape juice. I have actually come to rely on the extra flavor in my vape juice, it seems like “something” is missing when it is not in there. Not to mention the lack of all the benefits…
    I’m adding 10 big drops of the 1500mg into every 30ml bottle of vape juice, compared to 30 big drops of the 550mg. This results in roughly the same taste added to my vape juice & the same benefits as well.

    The only thing that you will feel from this is a relief from the aliments that plague your life. 0% ‘highness’, 100% clean drug screenings, 100% dependable!
    How could you ask for more? You can’t!!!

  400. Randall

    Best on the market!


    Very fast processing! !! Will definitely order on a regular basis.

  402. Alexa

    Great stuff

  403. Michael

    10/10 Will buy again

  404. Robert

    Wish i would’ve got something more potent its like i almost feel it

  405. Charlene

    Awesome product

  406. Josiah

    Great quality,nice chilling effect. Smells like some good dank

  407. Megan

    This was my first time purchasing CBD and I wanted something with no added flavor that was as close to pure as I could get without going the wax route. It smells and tastes very earthy, like a bag of stems and seeds, but it is easily covered with a little flavored ejuice. I got the 1000 mg because I had been smoking marijuana for years, and figured I already had a high enough tolerance to handle that high a dosage. It has been working really well for me. I vape it all day, even at work and it gives we the relaxing calming effect that I am used to without the high that came with smoking cannabis. The bottle has actually lasted a lot longer than I excepted as well. My friend and I have been sharing the same bottle for about 2 and a half months and it is only about half way gone. I will surely be purchasing this again.

  408. Daniel

    Great product, love it. Works wonderfully.

    This is a must buy, must try.

  409. Daniel

    This product is best around. Definitly worth getting the 2000mg cbd. Works wonderfully, and last a while. Dose does not need to be much. A few puffs thru e cig, and you good to go.
    Thank you for the revolutionary product.

    A plus, plus.

    Your valued customer

  410. Brian

    I was excited to try this stuff because I saw a lot of reviews stating incredible results. Despite this stuff supposedly being more concentrated, the 550mg version I got didn’t seem to do much for me. I haven’t been able to achieve chronic pain relief from any versions of CBD that I have tried despite everyone’s saying it’s works for chronic pain relief, but with the others I at least got that calming relaxation from even a 300mg of the hemplebox version. Didn’t get any of those effects from this Genesis version only a sour stomach and don’t know why, isn’t CBD supposed to help with stomach issues?! This stuff is super gooey too so it can get pretty messy trying to add this stuff to a tank. And this stuff tastes like a flower that a skunk pooped out…I wasn’t expecting it to taste great since I read other people’s reviews of this product, but was at least hoping the benefits outweighed the taste. Company as a whole, I love. They are very quick to process your order and get it out to you on the double. Definitely will order from CBDVapeJuice again but will not be ordering the Genesis CBD ever again.

  411. James

    This is a good product it has helped with my back and shoulder pain. The only draw back is I have to use a lot so I will get the 1000mg next time.

  412. Calvin

    Its helped me a great deal. Thank you.

  413. joe

    Phenomenal Product. My wife and myself use it for various ailments: joint pain, anxiety, etc. We use it for my son and his ADHD. I have a friend that has been using CBD Genesis, that was recently cleared of her lung cancer. This CBD product is suspect to have cleared her cancer and will be verified by medical staff in April of 2018. Awesome stuff and I recommend it to everyone.

  414. Alanna C

    I love this liquid. If I need faster relief for my anxiety, I know I can take a few drops orally, which is great. The taste is very…cannabis, which isn’t a bad thing LOL! Works very well in our vape as well. And this was shipped super fast and got to me in just a couple days-even better! I also love how this company regularly tests their products and you can actually view those lab results. Makes for a very confident purchase. Will be buying this one again once we go through our current bottle!

  415. Regina

    This is my go-to vape. I use it to handle breakthrough seizures , I usually vape it but if I’m having a particularly hard time with auras then I put some under my tongue too.

  416. Gito

    I love your delivery time super fast, your packaging is also nice, no leakage and no damage i love that, keep doing what you do.
    Now the product itself… flavour taste like a very potent herb so i am a little bit iffy about purchasing that same 1 perhaps i will try a flavored 1 next time.
    Effect? Not too sure it worked on me considering i got me a 2000mg hit i did not feel any effect, i still have my shoulder pain after work (office job) and still find it hard to sleep even after vaping it and putting 3 drps under my tounge.
    I do understand effect may vary but that is pretty much my honest opinion i am writing so i do hope other shopper does not get discouraged buying 1 from a great merchant.
    Thank you guys.

  417. sean

    This product is great! I do mix it with a flavoured e liquid and it works well. I purchased the 550mg dose and it definitely lives up to my expectations. I use it daily and it does relieve stress and anxiety, i will continue to buy products from this company! Overall great product, good price and great customer service.

  418. Chris

    Cbd is tasty you could come down on your prices a little bit

  419. Ben

    I bought this for my wife and she says it has helped a lot.
    She sufferers complex ptsd and she says it has helped a lot with intrusive thoughts/ruminations , sleep, and promoting calm also reducing anxiety related to leaving the house.

  420. Jeremy

    It honestly did not help my joint pain or anxiety with 550mg so i might need a higher dosage but it did ship fast got it in 3days and packaging was great.

  421. Swami

    The bottle lasts for awhile. It mixes pretty well with my vape juices. I do wish it didn’t change the taste as much as it does. But it’s worth it.

  422. Barbara

    Love the juice

  423. Monique

    Awesome product, mixes well with anything you like to vape

  424. Kiersten

    I like the cbd, it helps my anxiety!

  425. Donna

    Great service great product 100% satisfied👍🏻

  426. Daniel

    Love this product. It is the best I javr ever used. You cannot go wrong, and will not be dissappointed.
    I’m In my honest opinion, the best around. By now and feel the difference for sure.

  427. Julie

    Helps when I’m hurting! I like to mix it with my mint vanilla vape juice, the other flavors I’ve tried it with don’t mix well because the cbd has an herbal taste to it, but with the mint I can hardly tell it’s been mixed in. I will be ordering more when I start to get low.

  428. Brandon

    350mg- vaping was ok, a little on the thick side. I didn’t realize that one of the key ingredients in this tincture is toxic (polysorbate 80) is moderately toxic and this is a real turn off on a product that is suppose to help heal. Taste was great. I only had benefits for insomnia/ anxiety relief when taking this product sublingual. Did not get any benefits from vaping.

  429. tammy

    i love this kind it works for me

  430. Pete

    It tastes good but the juice is much too thick and cloudy for a vaporizer. Unless you have a suggestion for how to thin it out so it flows through the cotton in my vape better I really don’t know what to do about it. The last CBD vape juice I had wasn’t as strong but it was clearer and thinner which works much better. I’m disappointed to be honest and I would return it if I could.

    • Genesis

      Try mixing it with a regular e-liquid to thin it. We suggest starting with 1 drop of CBD for every ml of e-liquid added to your tank.

  431. Rebecca

    Works well

  432. Hugh

    Great product, great shipping time, awesome service. Amazing deal for the cash highly reccomend.

  433. Brooke

    Love it! Works great in both my vape pens, lasts forever!

  434. Jyle hansen

    This stuff is amazing. Although very viscous and a bit off putting in taste (imo) it sort of grows on you. So the taste is very earthern and herby with a distinct mint flavour. If vaping i recommend to dilute as it can ruin pre made coils because of how thick it is (do some research first, only some coils can be used for this stuff as its oily)

    The effects were very soothing and helped me out with my insomnia and anxiety. This is a great example of the great work thats put into the juice.

    9/10 will buy again

    Although i do recommend a differwnt flavouring substitute besides mint

  435. TERRY

    This blends in good with Lemon Tea e-juice, an enjoyable final flavor. CBD makes vaping more satisfying, with a tickling sensation in my throat.

  436. Tiffiny

    The order came fast but I ordered the lowest dose so it only works for a little while then I have to use again next time around I will go higher.

  437. Tyler

    550MG has pretty much cleared my Lactose Intolerance issue. Couldn’t be happier!! Wish I would have known about this years ago!!

  438. John

    Exactly what I wanted

  439. Michael mckain

    I’m first timer using CBD oil I have a lower back pain and the pills are just not work so I decided to start using CBD I read that Genesis CBD is the best on the maker so I’m try it and I have to say thanks to Genesis for the fast shipping I got it very fast . I’m using the 350 mg next time I’ll get the 2000 mg next but I love the taste and I vape it also love it .

  440. Dean

    Pretty good quality. Efficient.

  441. Joseph

    Love it

  442. Nick

    Pretty good stuff. Tastes a little earthy though, good for the price.

  443. Carlynn

    I started out with the 550mg bottle around 6 months ago. Unfortunately, the bottle leaked and I lost about half of it. But what I had left, really helped with my anxiety. This time when I ordered, I got the 2000mg version. I noticed a huge difference in the effect. I love the relaxed feeling that I get. I use a TFV8 Baby Beast tank on a SMOK OSUB 80W Baby. I fill my tank with ejuice and add 2-3 drops of this CBD. I’m not a fan of the flavor of the CBD. And it seems the higher mg you get, the stronger the flavor. But I’ve just started buying stronger flavored ejuices. I love using this to help with my anxiety, especially in social situations. I also have frequent migraines. It doesn’t so much help with the pain. But it does help me relax which helps me relieve the migraine. I love this stuff. I will DEFINITELY be buying more in the future.

  444. Tory

    I love this product, it helps so much with my anxiety and has helped me cut back on smoking herb. I went up a mg this time from the 350mg I usually use to the 550mg because I felt like my tolerance was building up. The 550mg made me sleepier though – which I would definitely recommend if you\’re using it for insomnia, but since my main use is for anxiety and I vape it when I go out, I think I\’ll go back to the 350mg next time.

  445. Alexander

    CBD E-Liquid works great in my vape and under the tongue. Helps me stay calm, reduces my anxiety. I think I may need a larger dosage but this was my first time using CBD. Using 350mg at the time

  446. heatherhanifan

    Suffering with fibromyalgia anxiety, and depression this product really works. I found my ideal level is 1500mg and boy what a difference it makes for me. I am actually having more good days even with the weather changes. Anyone who has any of the same conditions as myself I strongly recommend this product. I have been on CBD for over a year and this Genesis line is the only one I have found that gives great results.

  447. Abilio

    My boyfriend has a bum leg and broken collar bone, it has been killing him for years. He doesn\’t want to go on pain killers so decided to try this! It is great! Pain is managed for a whole 24 hours. He uses the 2000 mg once a day before bed.

  448. Ruby

    The absolute best. Thankh you.

  449. James Adams

    The company is great. Fast shipping and good selection of products. I bought the 1500mg and to me taste like a Dead Skunk dipped in turpentine and gasoline. Couldn’t tell it did anything for pain or relaxation.

  450. Bob

    I. Have been plagued with a very bad shoulder, short of surgery CBD has given me the relief necessary to sleep and deal with minimal pain during normal daily us. Thank you CBD (500mg)

  451. David

    Great product great staff fantastic support

  452. Andi

    The company itself, is amazing. They came thru with prompt delivery. I read reviews after I purchased the CBD genesis, and unfortunately follow suit. The genesis blend itself, didn’t really notice an effect of any sorts. I read to go in with a clear idea of what you want from the product and I wanted it for anxiety and mental clarity….I really didn’t notice whether it kept my anxiety at bay or not, since I still had the same issue. But don’t give up on cbd….

  453. Mike

    If you’re on the vape hard like myself I likes to throw in some CBD and this product is perfect for that. Get you some. All benefits of CBD in your vape. Get some today or tomorrow its up to you. I recommend ASAP. Do it.

  454. Jeff

    It was great other than the tendency to unknown need for a lower temp setting and slow absorbsion rate. But all in all very good product

  455. blohmcody

    I had some doubts right after I ordered this product after seeing some bad reviews online. So I called the store to cancel, upon doing so the girl on the phone explained everything about the product and the amount they sell and that everyone loves it which made me feel 100 % better about my order. So after only three days the vape juice has arrived and it is amazing!!!! I absolutely love it the taste is what I was hoping for and the effects i cant stress enough how good it is. I have a torn acl which leads to alot of pain and inflammation and cbd seems to be the only thing that truly helps, I can train for hours again without the pain making Me stop or half ass way through. I will definetly be ordering again. You cannot go wrong with this product

  456. Tim

    Over the past few months I’ve added this to my favorite juices and it hasn’t effected the taste at all. Yet it has provided the affects I was looking for.

  457. Donald

    great taste and effectiveness

  458. Rocksanne

    My reason for trying CBD liquid is because I have serious pains. After using this am Still having pains.

  459. Cade

    Its some good stuff. It helps me sleep better and I don\’t notice as much pain in my knees and elbows like I usually do. I will definitely be buying more of this. I use it in my vape as well, it seems to blend very well.

  460. John

    I’ll have to get used to the strong taste. I think I might have put too much in at first. It tasted very heavily of pot. I will be fair and judge it again after having dosed my regular vape juice with only a few drops. I hope there’s a benefit to smoking this CBD vape juice.

  461. Crystal

    Great Stuff!!!! I do not regret buying this! Ordering more soon!

  462. donna

    does nothing for me.

  463. Tim

    This is a very effective product! Love the taste and smell!

  464. Timothy

    This product is very effective. I love the taste and smell.

  465. Jacob

    I liked the variety of things the website has, but this CBD oil wasn’t all that I expected. The oil did help a bit with pain that I have and it just taste weird, it taste to herbal. By herbal I mean it taste like other herbs, as if I was tasting a tea bag. I was expecting it to taste simply like hemp or cannabis.

  466. Alejandro

    32/m/texas-I received my order on time, my bottle was cracked in 3 pieces in the shipping bag it came in. I quickly used a syringe and collected all the cbd oil i could and put it in a separate gorilla bottle that i had, and didnt want to wait to use it. i made sure i couldnt feel any small pieces of glass and started to vape it using a smok stik prince tfv12. you can taste the earth of the oil which is not a bad thing. placed a few drops under my tongue and vaped it and after about a week i can say my knee and hip pain was relieved a bit. it kinds smells like lemon and hemp or some light weed. I ended up mixing some with some strawberry ejucie w 6mg on nic and you get a really relaxed feeling. i would recommend this 550 mg bottle if you have a bit on anxiety and some pain, like bothersome aches and tenderness. Dont expect all your pains to be eliminated but i feel it had some effect on my sore hip and right knee from this past softball season playing in the outfield on uneven ground. I went with the 550mg because i felt <$50 would be a a decent price to pay for this concentrate. i will be making a youtube video on a review of this product, and hopefully cbd vape juice sends me other products to try. I really will try to get the strongest dose i can to compare next time i purchase this, just like anything else, you can really know unless you try. and i happy with the purchase. The glass bottle feels really thick and sturdy so im not sure what kind of impact it went through while being shipped here but luckily the bottle broke in 3 large pieces so i could easily take out the dropper and the glass. other than this i will give this product a 5 as i am happy with the taste, effect and experience. its a good alternative to smoking cigs, mj, and helps alleviate. CBD VAPE JUICE: send me some 2k mg juice and i ll make a review on you tube, Thanks

  467. mike

    Good price, fairly tasty. Kind staff

  468. Brion

    Very satisfied with my purchase and will be buying more.

  469. Thomas

    Love it . I was surprised by how organic it taste. It was my first purchase and I will buy more . It is very relaxing.

  470. nick

    Awesome flavor and strength

  471. Cody

    helps allot and ships very quickly

  472. Christina

    This brand of CBD oil is excellent! I have tried many different brands and found this to be the very best. The company is also great. They offer free shipping and though I live many states away, my product arrives within 4 days.

  473. Zachary

    Great for the price

  474. Aimee

    I bought this for my mom who has a degenerative spine disease. This product has helped her pain tremendously! A great product for a great price, and it arrived very quickly without having to pay through the nose for shipping!

  475. Evin

    Outstanding product

  476. Donna

    Shipment was quick, Started with 100mg now going to 500, great to vape, and happy with results when used properly

  477. musicman42.rt

    Got mine in today in 100mg .the taste isn’t bad as I read and the smell is minor .put three drop on my rda coils .and about 10 mins later felt calmer then I have in a bit .Thank you shipped in three days

  478. cheebalvr

    Started with 500 mg. Didn’t help much so I tried the 2000mg. Did nothing for my pain, insomnia or anxiety. But I am taking an extremely large dose of pain meds that may block it for me. I know cannabis with small amounts of thc work wonders without getting very high.

  479. Michael

    Great stuff. Have to mix it with juice.

  480. Katelin

    Got the 2000mg for the price I’m disappointed. Taste is almost like wax… doesn’t do anything for me.

  481. Jacob

    Taste is enjoyable despite what others claim. Otherwise very nice product, works well.

  482. Jacob

    I love this stuff! I vape on it throughout the day pretty much every day and it’s helped me in so many ways. Highly recommend.

  483. Bruce

    Product is great. Getting a text message at 2am on a Monday morning reminding me to leave a review is not.

  484. Hannah

    It does add to my own vape juice pretty well. But it is really thick. I also have to take like 10 draws before I feel anything.

  485. Brendon

    This is the best product to date

  486. Caressa

    This E liquid is the closest at giving the full benefits without THC that CBD liquid could do. Absolutely love this stuff!

  487. Ivan

    Tastes horrible if you tincture. Smokes great and makes you hella relaxed. Love the smell, smells like hemp. (Purchased 550mg)

  488. Merry

    I love the taste, nice to vape by itself. It helps a little bit with pain and anxiety, but I only bought the 100mg because the 1000mg is out of my budget.

  489. Charlene

    Awesome quality product

  490. Laureen

    works better than I hoped thanks for such a good product

  491. Robert

    Product far above low mg products. You can actually feel immediate relief.

  492. Tanner

    Love your stuff can’t wait to see what new amazing products Genesis comes out with!!

  493. Anonymous

    I have been taking cbd for the past few years and this is one of the best brands I’ve tried (second only to just chill cbd dabs which are now discontinued). The flavor is fantastic, though it is very harsh for me to vape (2kmg). I use it to manage adhd, chronic pain, dysthymia and anxiety and nothing has been more effective. None of the medications I’ve been on have ever worked well. It puts me in a relaxed state, relieves most of my pain, slows me down enough to organize my thoughts and focus on a single task, and curbs my depression almost completely. Cbd is currently the only thing that I can count on to keep me from having an episode. While it is a fantastic alternative medication for me, not everyone will experience the same effects. It works great for some, for others it may not work as well. With that being said there’s a myriad of benefits one can experience from using cbd and I would recommend this product to anyone considering using cbd for the first time.

  494. Jack

    This is really nice. There customer service is very good as well.

  495. fenderbender336

    Great stuff, has a really good taste.

  496. Patsy

    Love it the taste is great an smooth not much on relieving pain but helps to relax. Really would like to find something g that works a bit for pain I have had three back surgeries. This was told to me that helps with pain but I haven’t had any type of pain relief but it does reduce stress

  497. Tory

    I\’ve been using the 350mg for a couple months, and decided to go up to the 550mg this time because I felt like my tolerance was building up. It\’s a great product I would recommend and have recommended to many people! The 550mg makes me kind of sleepy though – which would be great if you\’re someone using it for insomnia. But my main reason for using it is anxiety, so I vape it while I\’m out and around people more than when I\’m trying to sleep. I think I\’ll go back to 350mg next time for this reason. But this product overall has helped my anxiety so much!

  498. Randall

    I purchased the 1500mg. Very potent! CBD Genenis is my favorite brand, I started with Green Roads then Hemplucid, which are good, but when I tried CBD Genenis I was hooked.
    The only con I have it gunks up the tank, so I have to clean it more than I would like too.
    As for customer service, I have had only one issue. I was sent the wrong item during the holidays and they sent out the correct item the same day. Outstanding customer service.

  499. Donald

    This is the first time I have tried any CBD liquids and so far it seems to be making my wife and my self a bit calmer, sleep better, and just relax. Just wish it did a bit more for my back pain. My pain management doctor told me to start around 500 mg and if that does not work try a stronger strength. Next order I may try the 1500 mg. I also just got a higher wattage vape unit so that may help to. My old unit did not work worth crap. Will review the 1500 mg once I try it next month.

  500. justinthomasbailey

    Best cbd product I have bought. Customer service is really helpful also

  501. michael

    Genesis liquid was exactly as advertised and surpassed my expectations. I will reorder when necessary and reccommend this product which helps with my depression and anxiety.

  502. Patrick

    I was hoping this product would help with anxiety, I feel as though weight loss would be better for me to not worry for heartbeat. Can’t smoke actual marijuana without experiencing high heart rate, so weight loss is definitely needed. And heart training. This product does calm down and relax me though, so 5-stars 🙂 going to either buy cbd flower or try a 100% extract from this company.

  503. Mark Holbrook

    On december 6th i had shoulder surgery. I ordered my cbd oil 2 weeks before the surgery and started taking it right away.
    After surgery, i recieved 50 pain meds. I still have 40 left.
    This stuff really works. Im happy i have this. I take this in the morning
    And again at lunch and supper.
    I am so satisfied. Thank you

  504. Avery

    Juice tasted awful by itself was some what decent out of a vape. Didn’t do anything for pain at all. Shipping was fast though.

  505. Rafael

    Been using this juice for a few months now. I love the flavor and effects the 550mg provides. If you have a high powered mod with a big tank its can be a very pleasant experience.

  506. Jody

    Great product & shipped pretty quick!
    I got the 550mg. It tastes great mixed with the root beer & blueberry I vape. You can add it directly into the tank when you refill, or mix it right in your refill bottle of juice. I don’t mix it in any bottle bigger then 30ml, as it needs to be blended well with the juice before vaping & I don’t want to spend 10 minutes shaking the bottle every time before refilling my tank. I use store bought, high vg vape juice (80/20) @ 3mg (cutting down from 12mg) nicotine & they mix great together.
    This CBD helps with keeping my anxiety and pain in check, while not containing any THC, so anyone can use it, and not worry about a dirty drug screening.

    Stop using pharmaceuticals & make the switch to an all natural pain reliever, you will see how much better this works & if your already vaping anyway, you might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone…

  507. Michael

    Good product with good results!

  508. Christina Chew

    This an excellent brand of cbd oil! It tastes pleasant and is very relaxing. I bought the 550 mg. and this brand is by far the best that I have tried. I will definitely continue to buy this brand.

  509. Jackie

    I’m a first time cbd oil user but this one helped so much with my anxiety and depression! I mixed it in with other vape juice and with in a few puffs I can already feel calm! I started with a 1:2 ratio of cbd to other flavor, but than moved to a 1:1. Like everyone else says in reviews start small and work your way up everyone is different. The flavor of the cbd was more earthy than expected but you get used to it.

  510. Marcus

    I really like this CBD. I’ve tried the low dose and high dose, both worked well. Good quality. Tastes like hemp, as expected.
    Also, this site gives coupons for holidays and things like that. Great reason to sign up!

  511. Dusty

    I really like the 550 mg that I ordered. It helped me to relax and sleep peacefully. However, I do need to order a higher dose because the 550 goes pretty fast when I am constantly hurting.

  512. Clifford

    This stuff is good quality!! Has a great earthy taste and I am more than satisfied with cbd genesis’s consistency. Definitely feel the effects of 1000mg and will purchase again!!

  513. Karen

    It truly helps. Have suffered with chronic pain for years. And this has been a heathlier alternative for pain reduction. Thankful. 🙂

  514. Tahoor

    Delivery time was a little slow but the product was outclass! Will go for another buy

  515. Daniel

    This product fills the gap between medications for pain and is great for anxiety. Very good product.

  516. Mike

    Great product is helping well. will include this in my monthly bills since its helping me to get off the big pharma meds and taking care of my health and pain.

  517. Mike

    Great product has made a huge difference in my health and pain!! Get about a month use out of a bottle. This will be included in my monthly bills now!!

  518. Richard

    Great product at a great price!

  519. Michael

    Great for vaping and has good taste. Great medicine to help you relax.

  520. Daven

    I would mix it with other juices rather that vaping it alone, however great when using sublingually

  521. Andrew

    Great for pain. I had shoulder surgery and I’m a swimmer and this helps me after practice and let’s me sleep.

  522. Sofía

    It works fine but you can definitely find something better quality for a similar price. also it tastes super nasty

  523. ivan

    Really good product i bought it for my uncle and it has really helped him.

  524. Leah

    It has really helped with anxiety the 350mg is perfect

  525. Leah

    I purchased this product to help with my anxiety and it work great! Could tell a benefit right away!

  526. Casey

    Decent price. Vapes well. Makes you feel even better.

  527. Alison

    I bought the 1000 mg this time to try…( bought 350 mg first time)… it’s brilliant!!.. relaxes and relieves my lower back age old problem within minutes… lasts for hours as well.So much better than prescription anti inflammatories….I mix it with my normal menthol vape juice… so easy!!i also sleep better… with no pain….and no side effects….I definitely recommend it…. I’m sticking with the 1000 mg from now on!!!!

  528. curley.birdsong

    Always a great vape!

  529. Erica

    Love this juice… It has helped me with my vertigo. I suffer with permanent vertigo and and this has helped me. I can lay down at night without getting the spins and turn quick without falling.

  530. Eric

    It’s ok. Kinda earthy taste, which i like… a little lemon aftertaste which i also like… all in all i give the 300mg an 8 out of 10

  531. Elisa

    The most amazing CBD oil ever. It has helped me a great deal. And it’s almost time for me to order another Genesis. Thank you for all that y’all do..❤

  532. Tanya

    High weed scent and taste, bottle was leaking when I received it. If you are not a fan of the scent and taste go with koi or hemplebox. I can not say how it works as I couldn’t deal with the smell and taste

  533. Micheal

    I really enjoy this product vaping or subliguall. Works really well.
    I have a degenerative brain disorder known as Huntingtons Disease. I’ve been taking this hoping it will help the cbd receptors in the brain. The only down side, and this goes for all cbd products, is the price. They all seem just way too expensive, but this one is the best value in my opionion.

  534. Heather

    Absolutely love this product. I have fibromyalgia and this helps take the pain down to a more tolerable level. The ordering process is so simple and delivery is always prompt. Thank you for much needed pain relief.

  535. Brian

    Best bang for the buck, helluva Stoked!!

  536. aaronbmahan

    I’m new to CBD and a friend recommended to try it. I wasnt sure what to get so I went in head first and got the 2000mg. Im loving it! I just tried it for the first time in my vape pen and it worked perfectly. I’ve got a nice buzz and my back is feeling a lot better.

  537. Cameron

    Awesome Stuff, as always. Quick arrival in AUS, will keep buying!

  538. Rhonda

    Great for pain in my hip. I have disks problems in my back. And this does help. I put 3 drops under my tongue. It does not taste to bad if you do a little at a time. I still take my meds but im going to try higher dosage and see if that helps. I also take the pills and I noticed it lowered my blood sugar if I took these both at the same time along with my diabetics meds. Going to look into that. I would love to be off all my meds. But over all I would purchase again.

  539. Vicki


  540. Rafael

    Been vaping the 350mg for a couple months now and I love this juice a lot. For full hemp flavor you want to go with a higher mg like the 550mg. I have not tried other brands but am satisfied with the quality of CBD Genesis\’s product.

  541. boilx

    Had to get a second vape pen to leave at home as cbd genesis smells a bit like dope to smoke at work. That said, for an afternoon relaxing walk with the dog. No complainants from me.

  542. kayla

    Quality product and fast shipping!!

  543. Caressa

    Seriously, I am in love with this product. I am not sure what percentage CBD is in this, nor whether or not it is indica or sativa derived, but it absolutely works to help with my Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Disease, PTSD, Depression, Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia. Works better than 1000mg of either the Koi or the Hemplebox brand. Will not repurchase those two brands again. Why should I when this does work and with less needed to make it happen too.

  544. Bruce

    CBD Genesis E-Liquid is the most incredible product that I\’ve ever seen. The fantastic benefits it provides can\’t be had from any other source and are too many to list here. I\’ve told other people about it, and they are believers now, and users. Thanks for an amazing product!!
    Bruce Gorney

  545. vampirepsycho85

    Love this CBD juice it has helped a lot with someof my pains and my anxiety a lot. It also has a great taste.

  546. gisele6

    I have the 550mg and I vape it with my favorite liquid and also take a few drops under the tongue. But I am going to try higher dose 1500mg or 2000mg because I have Fibromyalgia all over my body.

  547. Michael

    Great product! CBD has really helped my anxiety.

  548. mommabear8585

    Love this product! I’ve cut back on perscribed pain and anxiety meds by 75 % so far after 2 weeks of using this product . Started out with 100mg bottle because I’m new to CBD use.I just purchased a second bottle upgrading to 350mg . Plan on upgrading to higher mg due to formally being from California where I had legal access to other things through 420 docs & now living in Texas . Definitely needed an alternative that’s legal here !! I highly recommend this product to anyone who’s been on long term perscribed meds that are addictive. I actually feel much better using this & take it sublingual . I have my daughter to thank for sending me the info , she was also looking for alternative due to anxiety and some PTSD issues from serving in the military. Thank you so much for making this product affordable!
    Sincerely Renee Martinez

  549. Angela

    I like your product line. I was wondering if the highest amount of CBD oil what produce a more desired and effective experience

  550. Patricia


  551. Taylor

    No complaints.

  552. Taylor

    Shipped quick. Product wasn’t bad.

  553. Keith

    Smells a bit like dope, but works for my backpain. By the way i can pass a piss test after using this to 😉

  554. Jordan

    This Oil has help me so much in managing my anxiety and so many other problems on my day to day activities. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to mute There Anxiety & Nervousness.

  555. Eric

    Great product. Will be ordering more!

  556. Eric

    Great product. I’ll definitely be ordering again.

  557. Michael

    Great product!! Will be buying again

  558. Roy

    Has helped me with my chronic pain. Will definitely purchase again.

  559. MICHAEL

    Second bottle, still in love

  560. Ricky

    Great product! Will buy again!

  561. Amber

    Not big on the taste but does work to relax you

  562. Adnan

    The juice is great for vaping. However it would cause my coil to burn faster. Overall great product

  563. Curt

    Was as expected

  564. Rose

    This is a good product. It helps with my arthritis pain.I will continue to order this.

  565. Richard

    Tastes good used it in my SMOKE alien 220 with q2 and have had no problems

  566. Brandon

    We got the 350mg and we are very happy with it. We looked around a lot and this was the best price on CBD we could find so we decided to give it a try. And from now on we only plan on buying Genesis.

  567. Shirley

    Great product and price.

  568. Gregory

    Not an expert on cbd vape, but I’m pleased with this product. It works! Enough said.
    Company is awesome with speed of processing and shipping.

  569. Arturo

    It really works for stress and sleeping.

  570. michaelcross8933

    My First Order WAS A 100ml AND THIS My Friends Works better than anything else out there follow the Oil the Solution is Gold . I Highly Recommend this for everyone. Now im up to 1000ML this Works.

  571. Landon

    CBD genesis is one of the best finds on the market. Sure, CW is good, but for the price, I’m going all the way! This has truly been A LIFE SAVER for me! Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and pain all significantly reduced! Thanks y’all from Tennessee!

  572. Jordan

    My First Order was the 100ML and this My Friends Works! Like Nothing Ive ever Try Before, it work fast on My Anxiety and it Change My Life on my first Week of Use. Now I\’m up to a 1000ML I Highly Recommend this Product.

  573. Don

    tastes like extract, vapes well and has decent effects

  574. Cedric

    Works great for helping me relax does ok on anxiety and pain relief I got the 350mg strength but I think I will get the 500 mg bottle next time. To all those who said they are not feeling anything from it if you are expecting to feel something aside from being relaxed or pain relief like if you were to take a painkiller like aspirin or ibuprofen then you are mistaken on expectation and need to do some more research about CBD.

  575. Cedric

    Seems to be good got the 350mg strength and it is doing ok I think next time I will get the 500mg strength

  576. Elizabeth

    Received my order without issue. Great stuff. Next bottle will be higher ml. I got the 550.

  577. Sal

    Being new to CBD products I did not know what to expect but I did a little research and it seems well worth it. The oil was potent and good tasting with most of my friends hounding me for a squirt for their vape tanks after an initial taste. Good concentration and size, have not slept this well in a long time. I will be definitely be ordering again

  578. Justice

    I like the effects of this ejuice it is a little too thick and the taste is a little overpowering even when mixing with another e juice. It’s not a bad product though.

  579. Curtis

    Let me start by saying this is my first experience with using CBD oil for pain relief. So far so good. My elbows and hands don’t hurt as much anymore and make the pain tolerable. Will be ordering again and probably going up to the 500mg.

  580. Kevin

    trying for anxiety…so far minimal effects, but something legal is better than nothing or doin\’ time

  581. Ricky

    Idk about everybody else but didnt do anything for me nxt time ill get the strongest they got and see how tht works out other than tht great flavor for real id order again

  582. Schivonne

    Currently using 100mg CBD oil its been about two weeks and noticed a big relief in back pain will definitely order again

  583. Lauren


  584. Lauren

    My fiancé lives with severe GAD. This has reduced the amount of medication she needs and has changed her life.

  585. Caressa

    This is the fourth type/brand of CBD E-Liquid that I have purchased, and I have to say that this brand far out performs all of the previous brands including: KOI 1000mg, Hemplebox 1000mg, and a third I purchased by mistake that was a tincture, but didn’t work at all for me. I don’t know what CBD Genesis does differently than KOI or Hemplebox, but whatever it is, it is fantastic. I purchased the 1000mg vape liquid. The flavor was a bit strange at first. I really enjoy it now though. It tastes like natural cannabis infused with mint. This is my new ride-or-die CBD vape liquid.

  586. snowboardaviano

    Went from the 350mg to 550mg and have noticed a big difference. Have cut my pain med intake in half and off half of my mood meds. This is the greatest thing ever. Just which the VA would prescribe this. Definitely wont quit now that im seeing great results

  587. Brian

    Great CBD liquid! I\’m allergic to PG so I was stoked to find one that didn\’t contain any! I followed the instructions of 1 drop per ml and didn\’t have any wicking problems with my RTA\’s or subohm tanks. It does change the flavor of your eliquid but I think it\’s less noticeable with savory flavors i.e. caramel or coffee. After using this liquid I\’ve noticed less tension head aches and my massage therapist/acupuncturist (I see her once a week) noticed a big difference in my overall muscle tension. I\’m not sure if its a placebo effect but I\’ll take it and will definitely buy more.

  588. Justin

    Works beautifully

  589. Kailie

    Some of the best pricing on the web, fast delivery and an excellent product that helps with both my anxiety and my chronic pain disorder! Very happy

  590. walter

    I have received excellent service from CBD Genesis and I will continue to use their products
    thanks so much

  591. Brett

    Excellent stuff

  592. Patricia

    “Great stuff”

  593. Jack

    Your product is working well for me.I am very pleased with the results. Thank you.

  594. Brandon

    This is my first time using cbd oil. The taste isn’t that bad. I have anxiety and trouble sleeping. I’ve noticed a little relief. I’ve mostly been vaping it, and it does help relax. It’s not an incredible difference, but I do notice it. Of course you have to factor in the calming act of vaping itself, which I hadn’t been doing with nicotene prior. Will go up to the 500 on the next order for sure. I would say go ahead and start at 500… I feel it saves money in the long run. I know my mom who has neck, back and shoulder pain would not notice a difference starting at 100. Also the shipping was quick.

  595. MICHAEL

    Great product, does exactly what it\’s supposed to. I use it every day, and just ordered a 2nd bottle to have around

  596. laurie

    love the genesis e-liquid, finally sleeping after years of insomnia

  597. Kevin

    Good price and quality. Fast shipping.

  598. Rebecca

    This stuff is amazing! Really helps my anxiety and reduced my migraines. I recommend this product.

  599. Tory

    Great product! It helps so much with my anxiety. I bought a bottle of CBD vape oil from a local vape shop before this, and it was less than half the size, only 60 mg and cost me $37! This is way better, will definitely buy again.

  600. Sean

    Very good quality CBD ejuice. Shipped and arrived quickly. Enjoyed my product.

  601. Herman

    I love it so far, use it most as tincture, it’s great! Hoping to keep receiving good results. I’ve been using it to control my seizures for the past two weeks and hoping to last at least a month seizure free. If so, this will be my only med from now on as usual prescriptions have extremely negative effects. I use about 300mg CBD daily.

  602. Nicholas

    This is a fantastic product. I use it for general anxiety and help with sleep, both of which it does very well.
    I noticed the tightness in my chest and the feeling of not getting enough air go away immediately. I didn’t realize how much the stress and anxiety got to me. I am much happier without it!
    Sleep is better now. It has a similar effect to Chamomile, but I find it a little stronger than a cup.
    The taste is pretty bad, not gonna lie! But considering its effect it’s well worth it.

  603. Michaelhepler98

    Amazing, just ordered a second bottle to have around.
    No need for an effects review, it’s cbd and it definitely does what it’s supposed to <3

  604. Michelle

    Taste awful even mixed with other vape juice. I can’t tell a difference after vaping it.

  605. Art

    Shopping was a breeze. Love the product as well..

  606. Andrew

    I’m not a huge cbd vaper, just here and there for pain relief and relaxation. I will give this juice all5 stars for reals. First, the taste is very good. They did a good job incorporating the terpene flavor with a sweet base. I would recommend vaping this liquid straight, or add some PG to thin it out if you use a tank. Its very thick, and probably wouldn’t work in a sub ohm setup. I used it on a fresh dripper dual coil at about 30 watts and its great like that. The juice is sensitive to heat, and it gives harsh feedback if too many watts are applied. I take nice long deep direct lung pulls of about 10 or more seconds. I actually could feel it working before I let out the first deep pull. Course I held it in to get maximum absorption, and I got some freaking Aquaman lungs. I’ve not tried this juice in any different concentration except the 350mg/30ml. It is sufficient to help with what ails ya, and its definitely rich in buttery terpene flavor. Not something I plan on using daily by any means, because I’m sure effect is better when used occasionally, but a welcome addition to life’s toolbox for some legal good meds. Thanks, oh and their shipping, packaging, and service is top notch. I’ll use them again.

  607. Dave

    Pretty good, I enjoyed the 350mg but I think next time I’ll get higher mg. Quality stuff.

  608. David

    pretty good stuff, i think i\’d be better off with a higher mg though. quality nonetheless

  609. Oreana

    I bought a lower strength and wish I got a stronger one. Relief doesn’t last long but it was a great vape juice. Going to try other products now

  610. Randall

    I am only giving this a 4 because I am new to CBD. I have tried Hemplucid 300mg & 500mg I like the product. I need stronger CBD because of my back and knees so I bought CBD Genesis 1000mg. Very good so far and the taste isn\’t bad but it does gunk up your vape chamber. I will have to update once I finish the bottle.

  611. Sarah

    Great product. As expected.

  612. Ervin

    The liquid is thick af sorta gross to look at but Jesus does this stuff work.

  613. Shawn

    I’m disabled have a lot of chronic pain i worry a lot and also have high anxiety. my daughter told me about cbd and beings in willing to try anything just so long as not bad for me or something i should not do i went ahead and gave it a try. I was extremely amazed how fast i received my order and i tried the cbd and night . I was so happy i did not feel weird,what i did find was it calmed me down I was so much more relaxed and that night was first night in so many years I felt so at ease yet still felt like myself. I slept so Good. I intend to keep using cbd oil as also found i did not feel stress and worry therefore i also smoked.less cigarettes. Thank you so much i could not be more thankful for your product. I sincerely mean that.

  614. Cameron

    A+. Super high quality. Great for anxiety and relaxing 🙂

  615. Angela

    This product definitely works! My only problem with it, is being 100 percent VG its a coil killer with Kanthal coils, which was expected.Will definitely buy again

  616. Danielle

    It tastes good! Has a nice earthy “weed” taste to it! I haven’t been using it consecutively enough to notice any effects though

  617. Rafael

    So this is my review for CBD Genesis\’s E-Liquid. I love this E-Juice so much. Lets talk about a few things and see if this might be for you.

    So I am new to vaping but was looking for something to mix with the herb itself and to conserve as well. I did plenty of research and purchased a Smok Alien 220 Watt mod and am using the Q2 Baby Beast coils, This stuff not only rips huge clouds in this mod at 30-35 watts, but the flavor is amazing!! If you love the taste of Cannabis you will love this E-Juice because the Full Spectrum really adds all the elements of the flavor from the plant. Stick with a single or double coil though. I switched to the T8 Octuple coil and was burning through too much juice, single or double coils at low wattages worst best for flavor and conservation.

    A couple of big puffs of the 550 mg strength and the synergy with my Kratom and the herb and you can definetly tell there is some potentiation with these stacked together. Puffing on the CBD allows the herb to go longer because you can enjoy the CBD as the other element of the plant.

    The 100% VG is also something I like a lot as well. Very sweet intake hit with nice smooth draw, then full plant Hemp flavor on exhale with a lingering taste on the throat that is smooth because of the VG, but full flavor from the CBD.
    If you are picky about flavors and only like vaping fruity or other types flavors this may not be for you. This is for the plant lover who not only appreciates and respects the plant but is looking to expand their toolbox or conserve on the herb.

    Vaping in the morning during work gives me great pleasure and relaxation and completes the evening with a night cap and so far it really feels like it has helped with my insomnia after almost two weeks.

    I absolutely love this E-Juice and will be buying more and will try the CBD Wax as well! Long live the plant!

  618. Ethan

    Great quality

  619. db90integra

    Stuff works amazing!!

  620. Nicholas

    It really works I love It!!

  621. Brittany

    Great stuff! This brand is thicker than the other one I have tried; almost like honey. So I’m going through a lot of coils… but considering I went from nonstop panic attacks and chronic back pain to a rare panic attack, which this stops quite quickly, and virtually no back pain at all… I’ll gladly use a new $5 coil every week! 5 stars!

  622. Garrett

    Got the 350 mg. Works like a charm. Very calming. I would say that after that initial time you try it, the effects are not as noticeable. Possible remedies for this include taking a break for a few days or getting a higher mg content. However, I haven’t been using it regularly so 350mg is perfect for me.

  623. Misty

    This was the highest MG I’ve ever gotten and to say it’s THICK would be an understatement. However, t is extremely potent and I just mix a little in with my juice and go! Yes, I do burn through could faster but I use the CBD as a replacement for addictive narcotic pain meds after I had surgery on my shoulder. It’s fantastic and if you’re in pain then this is the way to go!!!!

  624. helvin159

    I’ve only just started using this product, wanted to thank deionpolo for his/her review! I’ve been trying to find a way to control my epilepsy and hoping this works for me. Been having trouble using this product with my vape, I have the same one you received. I’ll go check see what might be wrong with it after reading your review. Thank you really for your though, I’m really really really hoping this works. I work so hard, live in a rough neighborhood and these seizures are just the icing SMH…

  625. Jeffery

    I purchased the 550 mg harvest and it tasted wonderful. Really helped with my anxiety and hyperactivity. Much better alternative to my prescription Xanax. My only complaint is the price. I know people in the botany field that grow herb and it probably cost about 15 with overhead to produce a bottle (that price is a little high too) is like to see the prices go down about 25% other than that it’s womdeful

  626. Antonio

    It work really good..make you nice and relax..also help if you have problem with sleeping, give you a nice relax sleep..will be ordering more.

  627. Jorge

    This product works wonders. I use to suffer from anxiety on a daily basis until I ordered the 550mg genesis vape juice. I recommend this to any one suffering from chronic stress, pain, anxiety or depression.

  628. Dylan

    I like it but it tastes burnt out of a vape

  629. carolyn

    This is my first time using cbd vape oil i bought some juice i had never vaped. 8 have been able to slleep better at night i have chronic RA and NeropathyI can tell a difference i had cancer in 2001 and have had lots of nerve damage in feet and Ra advanced Im on morpine pills so im looking for a way to not take as much of my pain med. Will see ill have to keep buying 100mg and increase amount. I have a limited income but wll increase amount i can already see a good difference

  630. Jerry

    This Genesis CBD. 350mg Juice is definitely worth the little that you actually pay for, especially with a product that has for me: relaxes me if I feel any anxiety or tension coming on, helps with headaches, insomnia, and since I have taken it, within the last 7 days between taking Genesis and working at the metal shop i have dropped 10 pounds

  631. Annisia

    My only problem with my purchase is that I was expecting for my shipment to meant sent out right away but instead it sat at the companies desk for a few days, before being shipped to me. Was told you guys were going to Express ship it and I had no problems after that. Came to my home and it’s lasting a while I love your product

  632. carolyn

    This is my first of using CBD oil been using nearly 2 weeks the tingling and hurting in my feet from the neropathy and RH. Is not hurting near as much i can vape with the cbd with ju8ce ni nicotine and its helping me be able to sleep at night I had never vaped so was getting short of breath but i cut back to about 3 to 4 times a day and my body is adjusting to the vaping id love to try some other product as a tester maybe some higher cbd vape oil and would really like to try some edibles and try some of the cbd living water and a few different types of vape pens im 59 years old I had breast cancer in 2011 so anything that will help the pain i willing to try i do take morphine pills im trying to find a alternate to help with sleeping and all nerve damage pain i can tell some great difference in only 2 weeks i heard a higher strength woyld be much better u may increase my drops to see the difference in effects since im on a fixed income

  633. Kyle

    Ordered the 550 mg and found that it has a noticeable effect on muscle aches and pains. I work many hours a week doing physical activity and manual labor. This product has helped manage and ease much of the pain in my knee joints and lower back. The taste was not that good, however it was easy to mix with other flavored ejuices. Will be ordering again and increasing to 1000 mg.

  634. Adam

    This was a very potent vape juice, however vaping it wasn’t very easy due to how thick it is. Still a great product!

  635. Joseph

    Could use better flavor (maybe try different marijuana [based] flavors?)

  636. Nicolas

    When Vaped or when dropped on our under tongue, it didn’t do anything for me, but I gave it a shot. Weed had no effect on me either, so I guess I kinda knew what to expect. I got the 1000mg bottle, it arrived quick and was easy to use, it does have a bit of an odd taste though it’s easy to get used to. All in all, great product!

  637. Epolito H

    It work good 😊 but it doesn’t last to long.. but it good!

  638. lbrett514

    Great product started with 350mg will go up to 550 next. Helps with pain and relaxes ypu as well. I usually use half to a whole dropper and mix with my vape juice

  639. Logan

    I purchased the 350mg and use half to a full dropper mixed with my regular vape juice i believe it is helping. I walk 10+ miles a day with joint and back pain and i have not been in no pain really. Few others tried my cbd oil and said it also helped them as well. Going to go stronger now. Hope this helps.

  640. Devyn

    I love this strength 1000 ml it do the job I recommend this for pain relaxation and sleep I would get it again.

  641. Kevin

    I love the 1000mg Genisis CBD. It works wonderfully! Highly recommended.

  642. snowboardaviano

    First time using CBD Oil and this is work just like I was hoping it would. Might have to try a higher mg for better results. But will definitely be buying this again.

  643. Alvin

    Great service and products! Love the Genesis line it has greatly helped my arthritis and back pain!!🤗

  644. Theresa

    I like this product works go for helping me sleep. I also like the taste on its own an it also taste great taste in a vape.

  645. steve

    Works great

  646. Albert

    I bought it because I thought I’d get a buzz or at least help me relax. Very disappointed. Doesn’t work, tried a few drops on my tongue as well. Nada. I would not purchase this again.

  647. Denis

    great product

  648. tony

    love this stuff. mixes well with any vape juice but tends to settle after a few days.

  649. Customer

    Great product not a huge fan of the taste though but it’s tolerable

  650. Scott

    Been using the produce for about a week now, and I definitely notice a difference. It has helped with my migraines and my body aches. I will probably be upping the MG next time I order but I highly recommend this product.

  651. Cory

    Customer feedback. 100 mg, no good. 350mg, they like, but tastes earthy

  652. Shayla

    I really love this CBD liquid. We add it to our favorite juice and it mixes well! Keeps my husband back pain down and my anxiety levels that of s normal person. I couldn’t recommend this stuff enough!! Next time well get 500mg for bedtime vaping!!

  653. jborczynski

    Amazing product. I got the 350mg and could definitely see an improvement in my pain, anxiety, and sleep. Buying again for sure but will probably up the mg to 550.

  654. Nicholas

    Great stuff, it does what it needs to do without the high.

  655. ANITA

    first time trying this so i am still feeling my way around

  656. Braeden

    bad taste

  657. Pamela

    CBD oil has been a blessing for me! I no longer have to be in pain from dystonia , this really helps my neck tremors and relaxes me
    I am so thankful that it is available! Blessings to your company for quick shipping’s also.

  658. Heather

    This is awesome. I think I have gotten used to the 550mg though I definitely want to go higher. It really helps relax me and put me to sleep easier. Best I’ve had.

  659. Kyra


  660. Orlando

    Great product well recommended 👍

  661. k_krasinski

    What a fantastic product. It helps me sleep or just mellow out, depending on what I need at the time. I tried the vaping but I found taking it sublingual was much quicker and stronger for me. It has a wonderful earth tone flavor for vaping and a lemony taste to it. I highly recommend it.

  662. Anthony

    5 star.

  663. Anthony


  664. Anthony

    Cost effective and great product.

  665. Destiny

    I purchased the 1000mg. It works great for my pain and helps me sleep. And as usual, quick delivery. I am pleased.

  666. Gabriel

    I really enjoyed vaping this mixing it with my e juice made the the flavor taste pretty good actually I didn\’t mind the flavor at all…

  667. Kailie

    Great stuff

  668. Catherine

    Helps immensely with migraines and vapes really smoothly. Thanks

  669. Cynthia

    I recently purchased CBD oil from this company after a friend told me about them. I have 3 herniated discs in my back and take no additional pain medication. The results are good… less pain. It’s better than before. When I received my first shipment the bottle was broken. I called immediately to get it replaced… this was a few days before hurricane Irma was to hit us. Not thinking about where it was coming from… I asked for a shipment delay. No need to lose a bottle in a hurricane was my thought. The man was kind and considerate of our hurricane issues and told me he was in Florida and would be leaving after my call. He would wait 30 minutes for me to send the images… I of course sent them right away… I didn’t want him to endanger himself for me. The second package arrived a few days later. He had obviously taken the time to get it shipped while running from the hurricane! That was amazing customer service and I hope all is well with them! I will be a repeat customer! Thankyou!

  670. Yasmkn

    Great great product ! Tastes good and helps a lot with my anxiety

  671. haley

    Great product

  672. Jason

    Good stuff. Vapes great and mixes well with other juices.

  673. Russ

    Great stuff for what you pay. Really really nice after Jiu Jitsu, running, or weight training.

  674. Travis

    Works well does have a weed taste to it but works well. I gave some to a friend who has fibromyalgia and other pain and she said she felt like a million bucks a short time after taking it.

  675. Brian

    I’m thankful for your product. I have suffered severe migraine heads for years. Since I have used Genesis as part of my preventive measures, I have drastically reduced the migraine reoccurrence.

  676. Robert

    This is the second bottle that my wife and i have bought . It has been about 6WK’s and i still get a lot of realief from vapeing this GENESIS CBD E-LIQUID. I had to up the amount a little but have leveled off in that now. My wife says the same thing . For us and our pain problems it is worth the money. I have cut back on my pain meds about 1/3 and my wife has backed off of her pain meds about 1/4 .

  677. Joshua

    Great product, but will get stronger next time. 1000mg

  678. Joshua

    great product, but will get the 1000mg next time.

  679. Marcus

    Potent CBD e-juice. Great taste😊

  680. Sonseray

    I love your product and I will buy it again thank you

  681. Kip

    Excellent. Like it so well have already place my next order.

  682. Pamela

    The best stuff on Earth for pain!

  683. John

    This is an awesome ejuice

  684. scott

    Awesome stuff. Helps with my anxiety. Going to try stronger dose next time I order.

  685. Lisa

    It works well but taste horrible.

  686. Jeff

    Fast shipping!
    First time trying CBD Oil.
    Knee joint pain is decreasing.

  687. Sammy

    I really like your product it really helps me to relax my body and go to sleep I suffer from chronic back pain and hip pain and And because of my chronic pain I can’t sleep but your product relaxes my body enough so I can sleep at night you have a great product thank you.

  688. haley

    ordered a bottle and didnt receive it, contacted them amd they sent me another one, great service and product

  689. Curley

    I initially started with the 100mg, but the last few purchases have been the 350mg… After a few bottles, the 350mg still works great for my anxiety, but I\’ll be moving up to the 550mg next purchase to see how much more effective it is.

  690. Paul

    Amazing product! I suffer from chronic back pain from birth and am in a wheelchair and this is literally the one thing I’ve tried that has completely killed my pain! Thank you CBD GENESIS!

  691. Bradley

    Love it. Way better than a lot of other similar products on the market. Pretty affordable as well. Would recommend to anyone starting CBD. Works amazing with headaches and being on concrete 8-10hrs a day, just take a few drops when your back and feet hurt and it will relieve it.

  692. Jeff

    First time trying CBD Oil.
    Knee joint pain is decreasing.
    Fast shipping too!

  693. Jeff

    First time trying any CBD product. Fast Shipping!
    Product definitely works, am more relaxed and calm.
    Knee joint pain is gradually decreasing and it\’s been less than 10 days.

  694. Brian

    I’ve tried numerous CBD products and the cheaper ones never work, guess you get what you pay for. I finally came back to CBD Genesis and it’s worth every penny, free and fast shipping too, Stoked!!!

  695. STEPHEN

    Allways the best

  696. Catherine

    Vapes smoothly and, best of all, I haven’t had a migraine since I started using it.

  697. Sam

    Juice came just as promised and makes a great half to a nicotine/CBD mixture to vape.

  698. Richard

    Very good product mixes real well with custard flavors will purchase again

  699. Robert

    This review is on the second bottle of CBD Genesis Vape . It has been well over a month and a half since We ordered our first bottle and I am happy to say my wife and I are still finding a lot of relief from our pain issues . I was a little concerned that we would build up a tolerance to the CBD’s , and we have, but not in a big way. We noticed a slight drop off but it has leveled off now . All we have to do is vape a little more to achieve the same level of relief . It has leveled off now and it seams to be holding at that level . IMO the relief we get from the Genesis vape is still quite worth the money .

  700. Stan

    a tiny effect with 350 MG

  701. krystalp

    Been using for 4 days now and had absolutely no benefits for us. None of us have noticed any difference other than now we all have horrible headaches that wont go away. Used this on my my husband and daughter. None of noticed any benefits whatsoever.

  702. Robby

    Works really well. Puts me to sleep and relaxes me, I have insomnia but every time I use this and drip under my tongue I usually go to sleep within 10 minutes

  703. deionpolo

    I got the 2000mg of this from the company for free with the v8 baby kit after sending in one of my reviews and was blown away by the effects I will be buying from this company and there juice from now on. I was vaping koi 100mg but I’ve been looking for a weed taste and hit to the lungs with also the calming effects and this did it for me I would recommend this to everyone thanks CBD GENESIS

  704. Andre

    Very good quality

  705. Christopher

    This product worked very well relieving pain in my back and leg. I will recommend this to anyone looking to try cbd!

  706. Brooke

    Great product but leaked during transit.

  707. Robert

    Juice works great! Have been trying different mixtures. It’s better to just put a few drops in with your regular vape juice so the flavor doesn’t get masked and burn Your could up. CBD is honestly saving my life right now. Anxiety and sleep are so much better now.

  708. John

    Wow! Awesome product. I will be buying again.

  709. Brett

    Good stuff

  710. Brett

    This stuff is pretty good, better than other brands I’ve tried

  711. aschatz

    I’m not one to leave reviews. I just don’t have the time. But I made a special effort to make this review because I love this stuff! I tried another brand and didn’t really care for it. I just got the Genesis 550mg and I’m more than pleased! This stuff tastes great!

    I’m not sure what the medicinal effects will be, but I’m going to enjoy finding out.


  712. Filipinas

    First time I’ve tried this product. It came fast and have been taking a few drops in the morning and evening. I was very surprised how much it helped me to sleep and reduced pain in my joints. I would recommend this product to anyone experiencing trouble sleeping or pain. I will definitely keep using CBD from Vape juice.

  713. Connor

    amazing flavor

  714. Greg

    Great price, quality product and fast shipping! I\’ll be buying again!

  715. Aaron

    This product has a pleasant taste and goes well with fruit type e-liquid flavors. Not bad straight Sub-Lingual either. works really well at relieving my anxiety symptoms and very helpful easing chronic pain and helping me sleep.I got the 350 mg and will probably up the mg\’s on my next order.

  716. DIAS

    Switched from Hemplucid Vape Drip 150mg to the CBD Genesis 550 and felt an incredible difference. You use less and feel the effects faster. Love this product.

  717. jordan

    A bit low concentration for what I need but it works. Remember to actually inhale into your lungs fully for proper effects.

  718. Grace

    Absolutely love this stuff. I bought the 30 mL bottle with a strength of 350 mg and it’s amazing. Just use a few drops along with your ejuice and you’ll feel like you’re floating around. Really helps me sleep as well.

  719. Sean

    The CBD line I added to my store has had a great response. Will be ordering again soon..

  720. Callen

    Really good stuff

  721. demetrius

    Very good product and it has helped with my Anxiety.Look forward to trying 550 mg.

  722. Michael

    I enjoy your products and have confidence in the quality of them. Thank you!

  723. Jason

    This product is amazing and deeply healing. Helps easing pain, tension and anxiety giving an overall balanced feeling while relaxed. You need a good mod with this product. I use a smok32 and a powerful sub ohm mod running at about 25 watts. The folks here will answer your questions and direct you well to help you get the product that will work best for you. I was not a smoker or vaper when I found this product so I was clueless when I started out.

  724. haley

    i bought this tonsee if it helped me with anxiety and arthritis. i am trying a higher milligram for the amxiety but my hands no longer hurt and are no longer stiff. this has helped me and i will continue to get this.

  725. Denis

    Great product! Keep in mind that this product likes to settle towards the bottom. One good trick to use is get a shishkabob stick and use it to mix everything up inside which will help with the even distribution of CBD.

  726. Greg

    Great price, great product, fast shipping! I’ll be buying again!

  727. randy

    excellent CBD extract.. I personally have a lot of pain due to neuropathy arthritis and other complications and this CBD extract has been a big help for pain and sleeping it\’s been a godsend

  728. b0k29

    50 puffs, didn’t notice anything….100mg is not kicking it. It has strong after taste, tasted and smell like soap. Got this bundled with a vape pen, I may recommend getting another brand or higher mg.

  729. Daniel

    Ordered this after watching some weedtubers on youtube review it. I am not disappointed. At 550mg I start to feel really calm. It\’s great for some minor aches and pains. The is what I would describe as kind of sweet and a bit spicy on the inhale with an earthiness on the exhale. I will definitely be purchasing again in the future.

  730. Tiffany

    After researching what would be best for fibromyalgia, my husband and I decided CBD oil was the right choice. Conflicting research showed that you either did or did not need THC added to be medicinal. I didn’t want THC in my product so we decided on Genesis. Within 2 days my widespread pain was 90% better. I add it to vape juice and vape about 3-5 times a day. The price was great, the product is amazing and shipping was lightning fast.

  731. Erin

    Dosent taste that strong even when half the tank is CBD. I really like how fast it works as well

  732. Pamela

    This stuff is amazing! I have lived in pain for years with dystonia and this CBD oil takes away a lot of pain. Thank God for CBD oil!

  733. fortune100_6

    5 stars for the product but after already paying $15 shipping I got a customs charge of £28 pounds witch I wasn’t happy about. But then some friends wanted some ordered for them 3 pain creams and vape juice and I got £40.21 customs change for that one. Like I said the products are great but I don’t think I’ll be ordering again, as you really don’t know what your gonna be changed at least 25% extra on your order.

  734. Clayton

    Great stuff love this taste is alright goes quiker then youd think compared to onyx drip

  735. Thomas

    Works great, but it taste hempy. I wish it flavorless.

  736. Cory

    We\’re getting mixed reviews at our store…..some says it works for them and others say it\’s not potent enough. But then again, it is just 100mg of CBD. We\’ll continue to see if it sells, if not we may have to switch to another brand.

  737. Michael

    It’s awesome working on my pain and keeping me calm. Works well with all my vape juices, mixes very well. It’s great for helping me sleep too , Great shipping too Oder comes fast

  738. Andy M.

    I was the very first review for this product and I’m more than happy to hear all the great reviews everyone has posted. You’ll think I receive some kind of compensation for this product as much as I promote it and how excited I get by people’s feedback. But no I’m just happy to share the wealth and glad others get relief just like me. I’ve tried MANY other CBD oils but till the date, nothing has gotten close to this right here. Yes, it is thick like molasses and I haven’t found the right vape set up to enjoy it cause it does kill your coils. I have tried it on other’s drippers and that’s the best way or if you mix with your e-juice but it will dirty your tank easily. I need to learn to build LOL. When I got this for the first time I even thought it had something illegal cause it smells like it has “something” extra but trust me I’ve gotten through testing and have never come out dirty. I recommend this to vape shops from Hawaii to Florida just everywhere I go I tell people about this. When I go online to CBD groups and vape groups I’m a part of on FB and share the site with them also, so they also can enjoy this great product called CBD Genesis. Who knew the store brand will be better than anything else they sell. Thank You.

  739. Scott

    CBD Vape Juice has been a life saver, literally. I’ve gone through the gamut of therapists and prescriptions. I then bought CBD Genesis Vape. Most days are okay now. My friends say I seem better. I actually save money on Doctor visits. So thankful.

  740. joshua

    Awesome product ty very very much ecen got stronger strength than i payed for i will be back asap

  741. joshua


  742. Gabriel

    I got the 350mg and I love it!.. I really want to buy the 1,000 next just waiting for a discount code to buy it I have a lot of bills to pay but I still defiantly want to buy again thumbs up from me

  743. Jason

    Works good helps calm you down and with pain a little bit

  744. David

    Not the best tasting and kind of thick, but makes up for all of that in strength and effect. Competitively priced too.

  745. Rebecca

    Great product! Really fast shipping! I have made multiple purchases from these guys and have been 100% satisfied.

  746. CHRIS

    This stuff is great. I first tried it alone, and the flavor is a little strong for my liking so I mixed it with a non nic vape juice, and it worked great. fantastic product. I will be ordering it again for sure.

  747. Robin

    We bought a 150mg vape cbd from another company and liked it very much so I shopped around for a higher mg cause we were vaping and vaping to feel relief I ordered the 1000mg cbd genesis vape and have yet to even be able to notice effects or enjoy it because no matter how we try to vape it from just cbd in our mods to different mixtures.. half juice half cbd …to 2/3 juice 1/3 cbd genesis …different types of mods and temperatures every time our end result has been burnt tastes and ruined coils and atomizers..this has cost to much and been nothing but a hassle

  748. demetrius

    This product has helped me with managing my anxiety and keeping me relaxed throughout the day.I’m looking forward to trying the( 500mg).

  749. Anthony

    Cost effective and top notch quality product.

  750. Nathan

    This is good stuff. Very relaxing and tastes pretty nice

  751. James

    This juice really works! I drip a little in to my e-cig vape and it mellows me out and helps me relax and sleep better. It has an interesting flavor by itself (almost citrus-y to me), but it’s not bad. It also mixes pretty well with regular e-juice.

  752. Robert

    I mix CBD GENESIS VAPE 2000MG with my favorite watermelon e-juice @ 40 drops CBD to 30ml Watermelon e-juice 6nic + 15 drops ( TFA ) Koolada Flavoring . I vape this mix through a Dripper when I get up and take 4 to 6 big hits of it to get started and then vape about 4ml spread out through-out the day. I have to say that the pain in my spine has been reduced by 2/3 and it keeps getting more reduced as I use it. I have been using it for 3 wks. now . So IMO this CBD is worth every cent . My wife has been using it and she no longer has pain from her Bakers Cyst .

  753. Joe e

    Great stuff

  754. Robert

    Great stuff. Easy to use as a refill for vape pens

  755. Jordan

    Thoroughly enjoy it

  756. Robert

    Wish I got the higher strength but it still works wonders for my pain, stress and anxiety. Trying to spread the word of the amazing product. Keep up the amazing work!

  757. Scott

    Vaped CBD Genesis for the 1st time and WOW.Daily joint pain diminished greatly and slept like a baby.I use this daily and highly recommend.
    If you are on the fence,just buy it.It works. (CBD Genesis 550 mg)

  758. Scott

    CBD Genesis is the very best.
    After 1st use,aches and pains diminished and I slept well.
    Daily use keeps joint pain at bay.BUY this now.IT WORKS!!

  759. jen

    Great product great results ..

  760. joshuarhyne

    Absolutely love this stuff. Will buy again

  761. dj_jimmayne

    4 star, has a after taste
    Great for a dripper tank

  762. Amber.Carrell.0719

    Amazing product. I suffer from acute anxiety and PTSD and this helps me immensely. Try this! You wont regret it.

  763. Callen

    Brilliant stuff! Has helped with nerves and anxiety. Good amount of CBD for the price. Very fast shipping. Only downfall was the duty cost that I was unaware of when purchasing. But even with that said, it was still worth the money spent. Happy with the product.

  764. Rafael


  765. Joe e

    Amazing stuff

  766. julia

    Good product

  767. Paul

    Easily mixes with hot and cold beverages. Quality product, will order again!

  768. Kevin

    I recently bought the 2,000mg cbd genesis vape, and I didn’t really feel a difference like I thought I would compared to other brands with lower mgs

  769. Felix

    Very good stuff, not the most amazing thing in the entire world but this stuff works. I use it for my anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder and a handful of other things. CBD is very versatile so definitely a good buy for anyone.

  770. Marc

    Very good product. Would purchase again. Vendor is quick to ship.

  771. Michael

    I have pain for years from a stroke my left side been in pain for years I got to 100mg to start I’ve had it only a few day I feel much better pain is gone I’ve been mixing it with my juice but along is good too


    First time trying CBD. Experience at CBDVapejuice was pleasant and fast. I bought the 350mg bottle and have been using it for about 2 weeks now. The taste is earthy but not unpleasant. I’ve dropped it under my tongue a couple of times, mixed it with ejuice, dabbed it, and dripped it. There is no high of course, but I could definitely feel it working. It takes several or more puffs to notice a difference. I have a hard time sleeping and think it helps me feel relaxed right before bedtime. My bottle is half empty now. Call it tolerance but I feel I need to step up the dose. I’ve just ordered the 500mg CBD from Koi to see if there’s a difference.

  773. Walter

    this order was placed and came in faster than was originally posted on invoice. The quality is quite good and the taste is not to hard to take. I will reorder but at a higher concentration.

  774. Curley

    Having very little experience with CBD oil, I ordered the 100 mg…I mixed some with my e-juice, and felt the calming effects almost immediately after vaping. I have EXTREME anxiety, and this product has been very effective in managing it. I look forward to trying the 350mg, as well as CBD concentrates.

  775. Julie McDiarmid

    Highly recommend; fast shipping, and the 350mg really helps to calm my anxiety

  776. Rafael


  777. Ceili

    Love this CBD! It really helps with my back pain and migranes.

  778. pclifton89

    I would give this product 5 stars if i hadn’t had higher hopes for it. I bought the 100mg for pain and anxiety to test it. I don’t know why I expected more results from such a dow dosage, but never the less I did. Don’t get me wrong. This product did in fact help . I just feel next time I order I need to go up on the MG.

  779. Carol

    I bought this for relief of pain and muscle spasms, from fibromyalgia. Taken at bedtime, it helped me to relax, stopped my restless legs, and helped with my anxiety, allowing me to FINALLY get a good night’s sleep.

  780. Dominique

    This is IMO the best CBD Juice to vape with. Until i find a better product, this will continue to be my favorite thing to use. I have only tried to the 550mg dose, looking forward to trying the stronger mixes.

  781. Michael

    Absolutely amazing… I thought i couldnt get past the flavor but i got used to it after the first day! overall a good buy!

  782. Matthew

    The purchase process was very easy, the juice is excellent quality and works beautifully. I am going to order more.

  783. kheyth

    My favorite cbd vape juice

  784. Adam

    Mix it with my vape no added taste and works fast will definitely buy more

  785. Patricia

    I got the 1500mg it seems to help, I will buy again.

  786. Josh

    Got the 550mg bottle. Fantastic choice. Will definitely keep purchasing.

  787. Susan

    Wonderful results! Mixing with my regular e juice. Great customer service and fast shipping.

  788. Jacob

    I bought this product to help with anxiety and depression and it has significantly improved my daily life and made it much easier to get things done. I saw the instructions were the same for all doses of this product and I didn\’t have much of an effect at 1-3 drops with the 350mg bottle, but with 5-8 drops it had a good effect. I will be buying the 1000mg soon to test that as well.

  789. Taylor

    I got the 350mg and it works like a charm! No headaches or weird after feelings that I’ve heard about!

  790. Danlee

    Great product

  791. Jazmin

    Really good quality. Love this product.

  792. Julie McDiarmid

    Very happy with this product!

  793. Kevin

    For many years I’ve suffered with arthritis pain in my knees and the only remedy was high doses of Ibuprofen. There have been a number of studies released recently indicating that high doses of Ibuprofen can cause heart attacks and/or heart failure and my physician encouraged me to seek a more organic remedy. After hours of research I found several articles on the benefits of CBD and the best methods to use it. I found through a search and ordered Genesis Vape 100mg and used the product for several weeks. I was very skeptical but after three weeks the pain subsided in my knees and I can honestly say that it works for me. I have since stepped up to the 350mg strength and I am essentially pain free and can enjoy normal activities once again. I highly recommend the Genesis Vape CBD products and I’ve found them to be very competitively priced. I will be a happy returning customer for years to come.

  794. Daniel

    It’s a good vape don’t need anything to add need stronger dose after awhile

  795. John

    I’m just going to be blunt with my review. Placebo effect? No, not at all. I work construction and tore my meniscus and partially tore my acl. They had me on pain meds which after a month started to tear my stomach up really bad. I searched for alternatives for pain relief and came across cbd. I knew a little to begin with but did a lot more research than I probably needed to lol. I started with the vape bright pen which as a starter kit is fine but the cartridges price could not be justified as a routine purchase. After reading and watchint videos reviews i decided on this. It was hard to judge the % of strength vs the vape bright so i went with the 550mg genesis. It took abiut 4 daya to feel the positive effects but i can say that i went from taking 2 strong pain pills a day to ZERO, non, not one in almost 2 weeks now. The pain meds made me feel drunk and I had trouble focusing on my job. With cbd, I can go about my day with little to no pain, not to mention it makes me very calm in my stressful work environment. I plan to purchase a higher mg bottle the next time as my first puchase was just to gauge th strength of what I needed. I have no problem vaping more to get the amount I need but I want a stronger dose so I can do less next round. Also for my wife who was in a car accident a few years ago, she was ran into the back of her car at a red light. She has all kinds of issues with her neck, shoulder, back, and right arm, as well as other medical issues. When she uses the cbd, she says that her body pain, aside from injuries from the accident, is very little to none. This is a massivw improvement as there are really no pain meds that specifically target the pain issues she has. I even had my grandparents try it. My grandmother who is under a lot of stress and suffers from aniexty, within a half hour was very calm and relaxed and also said that her back pain was gone and as well was able to raise her shoulder that gives her problems without issue. My grandfather who basically refuses pain meds due to side effects, tried it. Again, within about a half hour or so, he said his neck was not so stiff, that he was also very relaxed and felt he could take a nap. I just want to say to anyone out there im not representing this company, but I will say, look for alternative pain relief. Anyone who knows me knows I dont like pain meds. But I know im also not 20 anyone, for a long time for that matter :). I’ll probably be purchasing the 1000 or 1500mg next time as well as doing more research into what I can do to relieve my wifes pain from her accident. Thank you guys for having a great alternative pain relief product.

  796. Dominique Milton

    In my opinion, this is the best CBD oil to vape with. I I use to my box vape quite a bit, and I the 550mg bottle has lasted me well over a month.

  797. Tom

    Very good product would definitely buy again

  798. Philip

    Honestly I was quite impressed, the site was well done and easy to use.

  799. Brandon

    Does help with stress and pain. I tried it, like it but really wanted my mom to try it being she has M.S. The first time she took it it was a blessing, she was so happy and calm, so very grateful. After taking for a couple of weeks , she’s been on the toilet in the middle of the night and day. I think it is a bug she got but is odd nothing changed accept the addition of the CBD oil. Benefits far out way the cons, am grateful for the help it’s given to me and my wife.

  800. Brandon

    Does help with stress and pain. I tried it, like it but really wanted my mom to try it being she has M.S. The first time she took it it was a blessing, she was so happy and calm, so very grateful. After taking for a couple of weeks , she\’s been on the toilet in the middle of the night and day. I think it is a bug she got but is odd nothing changed accept the addition of the CBD oil. Benefits far out way the cons, am grateful for the help it\’s given to me and my wife.

  801. Sarah

    The strength helps my back pain. Love it. The taste can be better however, otherwise it helps a lot

  802. Jeff

    I have found this product to be of the highest quality, and the pricing is the best I’ve seen. I would encourage anyone considering the use of CBD to buy from CBD Vape.

  803. Marie Bea

    I received my cbd juice on time and cbd juice is the best, is the best. I’m going to get some more. Thanks guys and keep to good work.

  804. Marie-Bea JeanBlantrice

    I received my 550mg cbd eliquid and i mixed with my non nicotine eliquid. This cbd eliquid helps and help with my chronic back pain and migraine headaches because of my brain tumor and all my other problems I’m dealing with. I’m more calm then before and less stress and I feel very relaxing after I vape . you are awesome and keep the good work. Thanks for your free shipping also.

  805. Marie-Bea JeanBlantrice

    To begin with I works night and I suffered insomnia ,anxiety,depression ,arthritis,etc…since I was a kid.i worked night at a retail company but when I come home I stay up until I toke some sleeping pill or liquid. I bought 30ml 100mg of cbd genesis vape juice and vape when I’m off work and the cbd vape help me relax and fall asleep. I ordered my second bottle with higher grade. I let my roommate add some and the cbd juice help as well. Thanks to A++++++++

  806. Taylor

    Fast shipping and came as described. Loved the e juice in terms of thickness, effects, and price point. This is a good starter product for those new to the cbd game. Would definitely recommend to those looking for a solution for anxiety.

  807. allana

    Wow! This is super potent! Works so well relieving my anxiety and restlessness. I’m able to be much more sociable. Able to enjoy daily life for once.

  808. Cristiano Paez

    Very good product, i’ll buy again!!

  809. Amber Barnes

    It’s ok. I have the 550mg and I vape it with my favorite liquid and also take a few drops under the tongue..I was thinking that I would feel the calmness and relaxed feeling and I do..if your looking for something to make you feel high this is not going to do it for you. It might with a higher dosage but for me at 550mg I just get a very relaxed feeling.

  810. Austin

    Really good

  811. Thomas

    Great product, helps relax my mind and body, was skeptical about weather or not it would work at a 100 mg, but it works great.

  812. Bob

    I have arthritis in all my joints and also have chronic stomach issues ,due to my stomach problems I am unable to take most medications that would relieve my pain. For the first time in 20 years I have been feeling well thanks to this remarkable product. I have used it in my vape and taken it sublingually. It has a refreshing taste when dropped under the tongue and has not changed the flavor of the eliquid when I vape it. I am so thankful to be able to feel better and it also seems to be helping my wife, she has anxiety (occuring worst in the car) and she is much more relaxed which is saying a lot for cbd oil. She has tried numerous medications for anxiety and none work as well as this product. I am awaiting my second purchase now and have stepped up to the 350mg hoping that it will be even more helpful for both of us. Everyone should try this no matter what state of health you are in as it will help in every aspect of life.

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